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Jul 11, 2006

Fear Of Sleep

Unlike that song by Le Shok, Katharine McPhee appears to be a lot of fun at the beaches in spite of her what other may claim as diva like demands. For years or at least what feels like years to me, I’ve been complaining that the American Idol winner never is a babe, but I think this year, even though, she’s a runner up, America still went with a babe as their idol. And don’t tell me that Kelly Clarkson is a babe because if you tell me that, then I’m going to say, go fly away with some balloons, okay? Yeah, she had a bit of a backdoor and nowadays, she’s using proactiv, but she’s never a full fledge babe. If this was a teen movie, Kelly Clarkson would be Katharine McPhee’s cooler best friend who’d talk to you about The Minutemen and how Stephen Colbert is the funniest person alive.

Speaking of babes, take a trip down memory lane as Only Drink High Life breaks down all of the girls from the 80s. They go beyond the Phoebe Cates of the era and focus in on the forgot and missing like Andy from The Goonies. The depth of research is quite fascinating.

And while slightly on the subject of beaches, I made my way back to the beach after how many years of boycotting it. Well, I was at a beach sometime in 2004 to film something for a class project, so that doesn’t count. And the time before that, I believe I was filming something for Robin Brown and my self’s TV show (I swear one of these days, we’re gonna ‘YouTube’ some clips of it, but it’s a matter of finding a camera and actually remembering to bring up the matter the next time I run into Robin Brown), so that doesn’t count either. So I want to say again that the very last time I went to the beach, to you know, go to the beach and have a good time may have been during the early days of the Bush administration. I didn’t stop going to the beach out of some protest of Bush, I just think I stopped going because of my mild case of ADD and a little bit of protest because nobody was into going to Lakers Day parades in Downtown. Never the less, I went back to the beach over the last weekend. You know in an attempt to play it where it lays, I went there and I finally understood why some many people come out to California each year. The beach is extremely relaxation or at least, standing there in the water I realized that people go there to relax. Personally, I’m an individual who can never quite relax unless I’m in front of a TV or watching a movie or had a couple of beers in me. Yet as I stood with the waves crashing onto my legs, I started to relax a bit and figured that if I want to be a semi normal person from Southern California person and enjoy the beach, I’d just have to swim and chase after waves with the toddlers who are wearing diapers. Then that’ll open up a whole other can of worms that I’m not ready to deal with yet.

But of course, after, I left the water and returned to the sand, I didn’t know what to do again.

The thing about the beaches in California, if you grew up with it always being close to you. No more than a 20 minute drive then you’ll be at the beach, there’s a certain level of resentment to the beach that develops over time. Well, if something’s always there, one will develop some a reaction to it with good or bad. People who grew up in more of the inland parts of Southern California, you know, it takes them 45 minutes or more to get to the beach, love it more than those live super close or we’re just bitter, crazy people who can’t sit and relax at the beach and go into the water without worrying about somebody stealing the money we left in our shoe.

Also, it should be noted: that the man with Rachel Bilson in the photo above is not me. Honestly, wouldn’t you think I’d break my stance about not posting photos of myself if I was in a picture with Rachel Bilson, come on? Get on the trolley, Molly. Well, if I ever was photographed wearing really horrible flip flops with Rachel Bilson, I’d probably not post it.

Is the soccer community in an uproar because everybody’s favorite Zidane was named best player of the World Cup? Zidane for a majority of the tournament was pretty solid and you know, I think over time except in France and Italy, people will forget that Zidane head butted that dude the same way people have sorta forgot that Kobe Bryant sexually assaulted that one girl.

Fangoria reviews Lucky McKee’s The Woods which for some reason, will never see the light of day in America.

Apparently, Saturday, July 22nd is the day to go to Comic Con this year. Robert Rodriguez and his cast talk about Grind House and the cast of “Veronica Mars” will be there as well, say what? And there’ll be bootleg DVDs and conversations where people tell me why I should read such and such Alan Moore book.

Semi related, “Veronica Mars” star Kristen Bell in a bikini. I hear that she’s a very tiny woman, so if you want to see her in person at Comic Con, you may want to leave now and just camp out in that particular conference room. One shouldn’t worry about smelling because you’ll fit right in. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to start looking for affordable parking in downtown San Diego now because you may have to take out a small loan to pay for parking once down there.

If you haven’t already, I’m going to suggest that you check out this week’s song of the moment: the “Chevy Ridin’ High” remix featuring an extremely awesome verse by Pusha T of the Clipse; basically, Pusha T is the Kerry King of the remix. I heard the song oddly enough when I was coming home from the beach and listened to it about four times in a row cause my radio has a rewind button. I can safely say that the remix improves greatly upon the original, but how hard is it to improve a couple of verses by the “Paris Hilton” of rap [trademark Straight Bangin’], Rick Ross?

It’s probably been said already, but I think Dave Chappelle walked out on his contract because he knew in his heart that Season 3 was going to suck. I think a majority of us or at least the ones who had already seen Pirates over the weekend will pretty much agree that these “Lost Episodes,” should remain being lost. Granted the sketch where Tron was attacked by Method Man was pretty funny, but only if you know your rap music. Chappelle left because he didn’t want to make an inferior product. So, let’s start a petition to make these lost episodes lost again.

Anybody else hear that copy of the new Mars Volta album floating around? Unsure of legit status, but never the less, I must admit that I’m a rather large fan of it, but it should be noted that upon first listens of anything by the Mars Volta, I’m a fan. It’s just the follow up listenings and creepy bad things that happen after listening to said albums that turn me sour to them. Right now, no weird things have happened since my listening to “Amputechture,” but I missed a couple of minutes of “Fast INC,” if you want to call it a bad thing cause I was jammin’ to a 11 minute song. The album reminds me a lot of the Italian prog rock group and frequent Argento collaborators, Goblin. A array of sounds going on all at once and some how it manages to be compelling. I’m not sure if it’s a concept record like the previous two albums, but everything on the record just flows better together. Also, the lyrics continue to make no sense and most of the songs are still in Spanish, but it’s got a good groove and if you’re stoned, the lyrics will make a lot of sense to you.

A professor of mine once told a story about working with Harry Dean Stanton. In this scene they were filming, Harry Dean was playing a detective or something and Harry thought it would be authentic if his character had a glass of scotch during the scene. They told him that he couldn’t have any real alcohol, but they would use ice tea, then Harry Dean suggest that they still use ice tea, but with a little bit of scotch in it. Naturally, the producers say no. Then Harry Dean suggests just a glass with a tiny bit of scotch in it and once again, they say no. So Harry Dean storms off set, screaming, “What’s the fucking point of the scene then?” Harry Dean Stanton is one of our great American treasures; way more important than Oprah or anybody like that.


At 5:19 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

As I was scrolling down the page reading, I only caught the top half of the Kristen Bell picture (namely, her head) and I swear to god, I thought it was Suzanne Somers.

At 8:15 PM , Blogger Ian said...

That's strange...if I were to think of anyone in hip-hop that brought Kerry King to mind, it'd be Rick Ross. Of course, that's only because of the beard.


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