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Jul 21, 2006


I’m fairly tired, but I want to say something while I remain extremely passionate about the film Little Miss Sunshine. Without a doubt, one of the best films of this year thus far and I was extremely lucky to get into one of the numerous free screenings that Fox Searchlight is doing. Kudos to them, but next time around, can we please get an Orange County area screening? Parking in downtown Burbank is too stressful for my little heart.

All that aside, Little Miss Sunshine is a rare film that manages to pull off both the humor and drama so effectively. One scene in particular had me on the verge of tears, then about a minute later, I was laughing my head off. These are the types of film we need more of in this world. Less films about pirates and supermen and whatever hit video game; it’s starting make films about interesting characters again.

Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris on their first feature length film crafted a film, thanks in large to a wonderful script by Michael Arndt and an amazing cast (Carel is great, but for me, Alan Arkin gives the film’s best performance); that few directors will achieve in their entire career. It’s moving when it needs to be, it’s funny in the right spots and the audience isn't drowned in style and flashy camera moves.

As the film slowly rolls across the country, find this film, it’ll be worth your time. I plan on watching it again, and of course, paying this time around.

And if you're going to Comic Con on Saturday, say 'hey,' if you're at the "V.Mars," panel.


At 5:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Douglas,

I read your posting, thanks for saying such nice things about our film.

Jonathan Dayton

At 9:17 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

Most comments are nice to get but holy cow. Coolest comment ever. From directing rad music videos like "Tonight, Tonight" to directing "The Story of Everest," one of the greatest episodes of Mr. Show ever, Jonathan Dayton rules.


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