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Jul 14, 2006

Silver Surfer

I still can’t understand why I get so frustrated at these MTV reality shows. For the most part, I know they’re fake and all, but I just get suckered in each week and I’m left at the end of each week’s episode completely frustrated and upset on too many levels. Upset because I fell for it again and frustrated by the stupidity of the people on the show. For some reason, I have become engrossed and moved by the ongoing romantic saga with L.C. and Jason on “The Hills.” I can’t explain it, but it’s so compelling that I have to watch each week; these two together are extremely toxic. There’ll be moments of where they act like a normal couple, but then again, what is a normal couple and how does a normal couple act? That’s beside the point, but for like five minutes for each episode, they seem like they would be a good and cute couple, but by the end of the episode, they’re at each other’s throats. Or Jason does something completely stupid and goes off on L.C. for no reason. I slightly understand and I can understand Jason yelling at L.C. for not having any inflection in her voice when she talks, but it’s a phone call. It’s a simple phone call and dude, L.C. drops all sorts of cash on the guy.

I know it’s the 2000s (I’ve been working on an article on the 2000s and it’s like crossing 110th street) and all and you know women’s lib and other bullshit and women buying stuff for her man is acceptable and all, but the amount of money L.C. spends on Jason is mind numbing. Golf clubs and diamond incrusted dog tags, holy macaroni! It’s not a Bentley or an autographed Crimes & Misdemeanors poster, but still, that’s some really nice stuff if you’re into that thing. And hey, if a girl is willing to spend large amounts of money on things that I’d be into, I’m not going to be upset about a phone call from some other dude. Jealousy is something is that we have and sometimes, it’s for the best, if we learn how to keep it in check. You know use it when it feels right or when it’ll actually be the source of a problem, then you rap it and hopefully issues will be resolved. Yet, Jason should just let shit slide and see whatever stuff he could get out of L.C.

Yet the real person I feel for in this situation is L.C. .Why does she continue to let this guy back into her life? Jason, we understand because he’s got a real boss Ed Hardy mesh hat on his Amazon wish list. L.C. must be into S&M because she loves to be dragged through the mud week after week by this guy. The guy yells at her in a nightclub on New Year’s and threats to break up the next day, but it’s all smoothed over because he shows at midnight with a cigarette in mouth and some flowers? Finally, “The Hills,” have ripped off an episode of “The O.C.””; remember that episode where Ryan was running up those stairs in slow mo to kiss Marissa at midnight in Olivier’s hotel room? Yeah, I got douche chills, too. Or does it simply take a bouquet of flowers to win a girl back over? I just don’t understand it and this is where I feel bad again because I’ve become so wrapped up in a bunch of bullshit that has be so tightly edited that it bears no resemblances to reality at all. Each week, I’m gonna be a sucker. So next week, I’ll be in the same position, asking myself, why do I care about Aundria and Brian, Jordan’s roommate’s relationship?

Of course, I could just not DVR it, but I bowled my best game ever the other night (151; I got a turkey; didn’t listen to “Talking to You,” by T.I., but I did listen to “Province” by TV On the Radio). So I don’t want to bowl for a while; have to go out on top, naturally. Does anybody else do that? And quite frankly, that statement really makes no sense.

Another thing that made me upset about “The Hills,” from the other night was Heidi and her puppy. Perhaps, I’m still a too sensitive to matters regardless of dogs since the passing of my beloved and the greatest dog in the world, Nelson, but I just felt so bad for that puppy because when the novelty of having a puppy wears off, whose going to be the person looking after that dog? Animals shouldn’t be an accessory like a brand new Chanel bag.

Anybody else feel bad that they know the name of Jessica Simpson’s hairstylist?

Man, if I lived in Northern California, I’d totally go to that Massive Attack show at the Greek Theater in Berkley cause I heard DJ Shadow is opening up and if TV On the Radio is playing the bill as well like they are with the Hollywood Bowl Massive Attack, it may I just die and go to heaven. Holy guacamole! Mark of Hella Awful saw Radiohead at the Berkley Greek and saw it was amazing. So I’m assuming that Shadow playing on his home court would be just mind blowing. I wonder if Tricky is touring with Massive Attack on this thing because that’d be intense too. Doubt it though.

Anybody heard that David Banner / Yola The Great track, “Get Money,” yet? Might be the song of the moment next week, but I have to say David Banner is a slept on as a producer. Depending on which side of the fence you ride on, you love the fact that the Banner produced single, “Rubber Band Man” was what broke T.I. into the mainstream. Not necessarily sure if this track is going to break Yola into the mainstream (he just signed with Grand Hustle) only because Yola is only good is bits and pieces and pretty much covers the same material over and over again on his stuff out there right now (still love “Aint Gonna Let Up” to death though). What Yola’s strong suit and it’s on put perfect display in the song he did with Banner, he sings a great hook. His voice is great for saying some catch phrase and that’s about it. Not sure if there’s a great future in it, but you know, give it a couple of months, the Fader will be all over it like they are for Ricky Ross.

It should be noted that we second the Fader’s notion and comment about where the abouts of Dre’s album. The dude whose jamin’ Christina Milian must be making good music.

Another item of note, probably the best rap song out there these days is “Don’t Do That,” by Saigon.

Anybody else get weirded out when they heard Spank Rock on “Entourage” last week? Nerdin’ out over at HBO.

For all fans of “The (American) Office,” they have started the webisodes starring my favorite accountant and drummer for the best Police cover band, Kevin. It should be noted that these webisodes will be on the season 2 DVD which will be out in September.

By the by, since the cast of “Veronica Mars,” will be appearing at Comic Con next Saturday afternoon, I figure I’d finally watch the last four episodes of season two and wowee zowee, people. What a finale. Ties up a majority of the UPN loose ends and leaves a big one wide open for the new season on the CW. As I was watching these episodes in the morning (Stern has been on vacation for the last two weeks and I feel like a zombie because of it), I felt like crap because I saved these episodes for later and harped on and obsessed over the season finale of “Lost,” which blew. This should teach everybody a valuable lesson, never quit watching a show near the end of the season and save it for later while watching a show that had been consistently letting you down. Is there a way that we can get the singer, Rob Thomas to change his name because V.Mars creator, Rob Thomas deserves to be the only Rob Thomas out there.

This may be a Stretch Armstrong like stretch, but is anybody who reads this mess work in the Paramount Home Video department or know somebody that works in the home video department at Paramount? I ask this because I might be taking a class on Sundays in the fall simply because I believe the professor might show The Conformist and if it’s coming out on DVD in a couple of months, maybe I won’t have to take a Sunday class after all is said and done. I could just buy the DVD, watch the film, naturally be disappointed because the hype I created for myself will not be matched, but then again, Vittorio Storaro is an amazing cinematographer.

If this week seems slow, it’s because I’ve been working on this thing on the films of the 2000s thus far and honestly, this decade would totally suck in the terms of films if it wasn’t for David Gordon Green. Although, I’m still waiting on Amazon to send my copy of George Washington, but from the body of work, Green has thus far, he’s only going to get better and better and if we the people support work by people like David Gordon Green will get more great films and less films like Little Man. People frequently complain about the state of films and how come nobody makes good movies anymore. Well, people still make great films, it’s just that people would rather watch a film with 800 special effects shots in it and the effects look like shit instead of good storytelling. It’s the same way we get rid of Paris Hilton, people. Just don’t look and they’ll go away. Although, keep Nicole Richie because she’s funny.


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Little Man is a work of modern art.


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