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Jul 29, 2006

The trailer for Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men, which can be viewed here is nothing short of breathe taking. The trailer played before Michael Mann’s Miami Vice and well, it ruined the film for me. I don’t know what it is about this particular trailer. The story line, the fact it’s a new film by Cuarón, maybe it’s cause Clive Owen is in it, maybe it’s the rich visuals of Emmanuel Lubezki or all those above combined with the use of my favorite Sigur Rós song, “Hoppípolla”. I’d watch the trailer again, but I want the rest of the film to be a surprised.

Much respect to the people over at Universal for putting together such a great trailer.

Also, I’ve never asked before, but if anybody out there who reads this mess that works in the film industry, gets their hands on the script for Mr. Machine, could you please send me a copy? I’d love to read David Gordon Green’s take on a mainstream comedy.


At 8:38 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

I saw the same trailer and the visuals were stunning. I think the film's premise is also absolutely fascinating.

I also saw the trailer for THE BLACK DAHILA and i really liked the feel of the film. It had a clear L.A. CONFIDENTIAL look and feel. What surpised me was the brief shots of Hilary Swank as the Black Dahila.

At 11:39 PM , Blogger chris said...

Hi, I just crash landed here for the first time. Thanks for sharing the link to the new Cuarón film - looks to be amazing!

Anyway, I like what you've got going on here so I thought I'd leave a fingerprint.


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