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Aug 14, 2006

Alone Again Or

As I was watching TV the other day (“Laguna Beach” marathon, dudes), there were a couple of ads for the film, Step Up. These ads claimed that Step Up is the film that will define this generation. With all of that’s being going on with the world in, I don’t know, let’s just say the last month and half; new terrorist threats, even more restrictions when flying, and that situation between Hezbollah and Israel. Increasing temperatures, oil companies accidentally forget to replace rusted out pipelines, and some other thing that bummed me the other day while watching the news. You know, all of that stuff going on in the world and a film tackle even one of those films just slightly won’t define a generation as much as a broke ass miss mash of every single movie about a dancer that has been made since Fame and every other teen drama about a romantic relationship between somebody from the wrong side of the tracks and some stuffy shirt person with a silver spoon since Pretty In Pink. I can see somebody saying that Footloose defined a generation because that film was about normal kids who lived in a shitty city that banned dancing and they just wanted to have fun for once; honestly, how many times can one play a game of tractor chicken while bumping Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero”? That film dealt with kids attempting to fit in where as Step Up or at least from the commercials I’ve seen and that brief bit of that awful Sean Paul/Keyshia Cole video, just deals with people who live and breath dance. Not a whole generation, just a small niche of people, Disney marketing execs. Granted, the film will play well with pre teen girls and the film opened a close second behind Ricky Bobby. So, maybe, I’m wrong, but the marketing department shouldn’t be the ones to call it a defining film of an era. To me, a film that defines a particular era has to be something of a universal experience, not a singular experience. Sure, the under dog story is something that we all go through, but it’s not enough to be a film that defines a generation. A film like Mean Girls defines the high school experience as well as Gus Van Sant’s Elephant.

Perhaps, I’m just calling bullshit on the whole thing because it’s such a shitty act of marketing on behalf of Disney. Just because a film doesn’t get any decent reviews, not even a quote from Earl Dittman doesn’t mean that they have to make some bullshit up. You know, just keep on pumping that dumb Sean Paul/Keyshia Cole song cause the kids love it.

Of any film currently in theaters, I think that Little Miss Sunshine comes the closet to actually saying something about families today. Over the weekend, I watched the film for a second time and I’m still in awe of the writing in the film. Does anybody know Michael Arndt is working on next? It’s bound to be interesting to say the least. The feel of the film is a bit skewered and perhaps more realistic, most likely due to the direction of Dayton & Faris, but the structure of the film is similar to any other family comedic drama. There are those clichéd moments that Donald Kaufman would love to see in a film, but the way it unfolds in Little Miss Sunshine feels anything but cliché, It’s organic and natural. It’s the feel good film of the year, but without being syrupy and forced.

I honestly don’t know about movies anymore or at least, marketing departments. Perhaps, I’m just cranky because my back looks like a lobster, which explains why I rarely drink. I was at a pool party and I had like three beers within an hour and I’m a bit of a light weight because I never drink or if I do, I’ll just nurse a Guinness for a long time at sports bar, so I seem a bit more masculine to the rest of the dudes there. So, you know, fairly buzzed, in a pool for like four hours and kaboomba,, my back is on fire like the Dodgers as of late. Yeah, I should’ve worn sun block, but I’m going to blame the booze. Although, is there a greater feeling than floating around in a pool, shades on and a beer in hand? Now, I have a different perspective on those who wear t-shirts while swimming, it makes a whole lot of sense in terms of protecting one’s back in addition to wearing sun screen. It’s not very fashion forward, but I do believe Cory Kennedy was photographed swimming with her shirt on a month or two ago, so maybe it’s becoming cool. Probably for his spring collection, Marc Jacobs will make gigantic over sized white v neck t-shirts with Al Gore on them specifically designed to be worn while swimming. It’s bound to happen sooner or later.

Anybody else sick of those stories about how Outkast is not breaking up? The dudes are becoming the Suri Cruise of hip hop. I say Suri Cruise because nobody should care about whether or not they ever see a photo of the kid. Who gives a shit. She may be deformed, she may be a cute kid, and she’s whatever. Who gives a shit. And the same thing goes for Outkast. Quit talking about how you’re not breaking up because we all know that you’re going to break up any ways. If you want to shut people up about the matter, making a video together or release a single in which Big Boi and Andre3000 rap together (Yes, I heard “The Mighty O”, but where’s the video?) or even to a lesser extent, Dre sings the hook to the song. Sure, “Morris Brown,” is a great catchy tune and if Big Boi’s solo album sounds a lot like and probably will, I’ll buy it before I’d buy a Andre3000 solo album. Just break up already and then rap nerds will spend every other after the break up talk about the potential reunion tour/album like they do with A Tribe Called Quest.

New Mos Def ““Boogie Man”. I have to say that I like the sound of this single more than I did anything I heard off of “The New Danger”. I heard that Kanye West and the Neptunes were doing some beats on it, but also read on another site, maybe some Madlib stuff. Mighty Mos and Madlib sounds like quality music to my ears.

I’m not an 80s baby because one of my favorite rap albums (“Midnight Marauders” by A Tribe Called Quest) is Native Tongues related.

Photographic proof that Dr. Dre’s “Detox” is actually happening as Just Blaze & Dre are seen in the studio together along with the D.O.C.. I thought I read something about a bunch of other people working on the album like Fred Wreck and the Phil Spector to Paris Hilton’s Ronnie Spector, Scott Scrotch. Although, most likely these recording sessions will be vaulted and never see the light of day. Kinda like Prince.

Semi related, the song, “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes, which was produced by Phil Spector, one of the greatest songs of all time.

Hopefully, the theme for this week will have a bit more legs to it than our tribute to TGIF opening credit sequences. Each day, this week or at least until Wednesday, we’re going to look at a cast member of the new season of MTV’s “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and we’re focusing in on Breanna. Breanna is L.C.’s little sister and from the looks of the publicity photos, she has even less personality than big sis. Also, she has Eddie Munster hair and I don’t know understand how this look became popular with woman lately. Perhaps, some stylists are just so sick of bangs that they just wanted to get out of people’s face and show off some sexy forehead. Call me crazy, but I’m not that into foreheads. Not the sexiest part of the female body; the female body is a work of art, but they must’ve had a lunch break on the mind when crafting the forehead. I have yet to hear the tone of Breanna’s voice, but I’m assuming that monotone-ness runs in the Conrad family, so I’m thinking that if you’re suffering from sleeping problems, pop half an ambient and just listen to her opening voiceovers and intros and catch those precious eight hours you’ve been missing as of late. I’m just wondering if she’ll be wearing as many as headbands as her sister did on “The Hills”?

In the wake of Death From Above 1979’s recent breakup, like a nerd, I’ve been listening to a lot of their stuff lately. Great band and all, but I was just wondering what’s Sebastien Grainger been up to? There’s that MSTRKRFT album, but Grainger has such a great voice for rock to waste it away making obscure dance records.

I’m assuming that y’all have heard that Swan Lake tune by now? If you haven’t heard, I have to say it’s just left of the John Mayers and Jack Johnsons of the world and with more insightful lyrics. Shout outs to Robin Brown.

While the shtick of Buckwild as well as the lisp of Nibblz, irregardless of what the super annoying Hairapy guys have to say has already worn thin, there’s still something interesting to watch each week or at least, probably two more weeks on this season’s of “Flavor Of Love” and that is Toastee. Besides reminding me of the glory days of “Mortal Kombat,” but Toastee isn’t even into the dude and will probably throw up on somebody before she leaves the show. Although with this season, I don’t believe that vomiting is that shocking. You know once a person takes a shit during the elimination process, where do you go from there? For those who are looking for info on the women of “Flavor of Love”, check out the Flavor of Love blog.

American Apparel Santa Ana is open for business and allow me to say this, any staff has to be better than the staff at American Apparel Huntington Beach store

Kristen B dons a wig for her next film, Fanboys. Normally, I’m into brunettes, but I have to say that Kristen B as one isn’t working for me. I think the Fiddle has the right idea or at least the seed for the right movie for Kristen B. a bartending picture. Get Rian Johnson on top of it cause those two would make a great cinematic duo.

And finally, as some may know that I’m a die hard anti Yankee fan. Just the other day I referred to Derek Jeter as the scum of the earth. I can’t tell you why I dislike them, but it’s probably the same reason why people hate teams like the Dallas Cowboys, L.A. Lakers and the Raiders. Well, I wouldn’t call Lakers fans die hard and passionate. There are some that stay the course, but you know, when the team is hot, people will be there. You know, it’s that whole ‘let’s buy everybody whose good, so we can win’ attitude. Perhaps the biggest purchase the Yankees recently made was Alex Rodriguez. It’s been two seasons so far without a ring and the die hard Yankees are getting restless and rightfully on his case about not coming through in the clutch. He makes all that dough, it’s the least he can do. So I was talking to somebody the other day about the Yankees/Angels game the other day and how Tim McCarver was giving A Rod an on air blow job on par with Riley Mason’s [NSFW] work about how A Rod shouldn’t have been charged with an error or something. Then my friend talked about how A Rod while on the field was puffing his cheeks out a lot and doing what appeared to be a lot of heavy breathing. I realized that in the midst of all the pressure he must been facing, Alex Rodriguez is having panic attacks on field. It takes one to know one and believe you me, I know a thing or two about panic attacks. So, the following statement is a bit shocking for me to make, but I slightly feel A Rod if the dude’s legitimately having panic attacks and anxiety freak outs while on the field. Does this mean I’ll root for the Yankees to do better, so A Rod will stop freaking out, nope. It’s just a statement of I feel ya, blood and you have to push through it. I’ve taken steps to become comfortable with backing out of a parking spot. I’ve down a few times recently and you know, knock on wood, nothing bad has happened to me.


At 12:33 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

Skeet On Mischa is to the left of John Mayer and has much more insightful lyrics. A-Rod was doin' some serious lamas breathing techniques during his play vs. the Angels. It has actually kind of sort of worked for him too. Multiple home runs and doubles against the Angels thus far... but he could not solve the Weaver Yankee Eater. On pitching at Yankee stadium against the bronx bombers Weaver said something along the lines of "it was like playing video games."

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