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Aug 4, 2006

Cotton Balls

Driving home the other night, I was flipping around the radio and heard that song, “I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night” by The Federation and I think it was the second or third time I had heard the song that day or at least within the past couple of days. Never the less, driving fast, going 85 (that’s fast for me, even though I was taught to drive that fast) and anxious to get home, so I can watch The Report and I’m listening to this song again and I’m starting to like the song actually. You know, I was beginning to enjoy this hyphy business or at least this song and was wondering perhaps am I making a turn and start to enjoy the new movement. Then I started to think about all the other times over recent memory where I’ve switched stead fest hard stance against something and started to like and dare I even say, appreciate certain things. Recently, I switched my position on Cobra Snake muse and jail bait, Cory Kennedy; I’m a fan and I may start an online petition so she could have her own reality show; I’d never thought I’d be a fan of 16 year old emerging fashion icon.

And over the last couple of months, I’ve changed my stance on Nicole Richie. You know one of my goals for this year was to only refer to Nicole Richie as the daughter of Lionel Richie because she’s never done anything cool or interesting to me. Then I caught a couple episodes of “The Simple Life,” and saw photos of her at Jamba Juice and realized that Nicole Richie was pretty cool and surprisingly funny. I switched my position. I’m not saying that I want to marry the girl or anything of that nature, but you know, I dig her a little bit. Thinking about this while driving home the other night made me realize that if I were to be kidnapped, I’d undoubtedly become a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. After a day or two, I’d probably help the guys who kidnapped me out and make them some sandwiches and of course, upon release from my captors, I wouldn’t want to press charges on them. If they were political activists, we could probably rob banks together as a form of protest.

Just a warning for y’all that if in a couple of weeks from now, I start talking about how Turf Talk is my dude; it’s just that I’ve been brainwashed by lazy programming directors that run rap stations.

While I’m not there this weekend, I will attempt to bring the faithful some reviews from this weekend’s Lollapalooza. My girl is there and I’ve been bugging her to go and watch Broken Social Scene, the Flaming Lips and My Morning Jacket for me. I also loaned her my iPod for the flight back & forth and I feel a bit naked without it. It’s just a dumb iPod, but still, what if I wanted to go on a walk and listen to Band of Horses while in a parking or something? Oh well. It’ll be a couple of days.

For those missing the classic, old DJ Shadow sound from the new album, it’s recommend that one dusts off their copy of “Preemptive Strike”. With songs like “High Noon” and the whole “What Does Your Soul Look Like” saga, it’s a great album even if it’s a singles compilation.

The token thing about Mel Gibson for this week: So earlier this week, I suggest that one form of punishment for Mel Gibson in addition to being shunned by Hollywood, would be that Gibson has to hang out with actor Justin Long for a month. Well, I take that back, a far worse punishment for Mel Gibson would be not only hang out with Justin Long for an extended period of time, but also hang out with “The View” co host/reality TV show and ultra conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck and forced to watch “Malcolm in the Middle” reruns while stuck in a motel in Tampa Bay, Florida during a hurricane. Sure, Gibson and Hasselbeck will bond with their mutual crazy beliefs, but you can imagine the wacky arguments they’ll get into with hip, ‘cool’ guy Justin Long about MACS and morning after pills. And of course, they’ll stop talking about politics and Hasselbeck will bring shoes or something and it’ll drive the guys nuts and they’ll probably knock her off using the ice bucket; basically it’ll be like that scene in Sydney but if it was directed by the dude who made The Descent

Speaking of The Descent, anybody else looking forward to this film? When I first heard about it last year, it sounded pretty interesting and looked pretty good. The British trailer just hinted at the fact it was a gore film, but with Lion’s Gate ad campaign make it out to be the goriest movie in a long time, I’m extremely interested and if the dudes at a site like Bloody Disgusting call it the best horror film in years, you know it has to be good. Then again, they loved High Tension.

L.C. is perhaps the dumbest woman in the history of faked reality TV. You’re telling me that she gave up a free trip to Paris and to hang around with a bunch of snotty, tastemakers to spend the summer with Jason in Maliboobs? Sure, nowadays, Maliboobs is happening, but come on, it’s Paris and it’s a working vacation. I think that if I were to be in a similar situation that my significant other would understand how important and how much of a big deal it would be to go to Paris or just anywhere for a job. Didn’t she also consider the up and down nature of her relationship with Jason? When things are good, everything has a rose colored tint to them and no wrong can be done, but with a relationship as toxic as Jason & L.C., they could’ve potentially broken up a day or two later. Come on, Paris, the birthplace of the New Wave and baguettes for a summer off of PCH with a dude who looks like one of the dudes in Color Me Badd.

Also, can some one please explain to me why Playboy magazine is having a Paris Hilton look a like in their magazine? Are there men out there who still haven’t seen without any clothes on? Hit up Google image search and I’m pretty sure they’ll see whatever they didn’t see in the sex tape already. The woman, Natalie Reid only slightly looks her, so what’s the appeal?

Did you guys hear that the Game got dropped from Aftermath? Sure, one could say that the Game left Aftermath, so 50 Cent wouldn’t take his money, but one could also say and honestly believe that 50 controls Dr. Dre and got the Game dropped from Aftermath and Interscope (even though, Interscope owns Geffen Records, the Game’s new label) and if 50 has this level of power, why can’t he remove George W Bush from office and have Al Gore as our new president. Or maybe the Game got dropped because “It’s Ok (One Blood)” is really shitty and I’m a fan of the Game.

BTW, I like the new Fat Joe track; who cares if the beat sounds exactly like “Hustlin’,” I like the Runners stuff. Sounds good out of car speakers while stuck on the 91.

Now that TMZ has endorsed Zayra Alvarez as the reason why to watch “Rock Star,” will anybody else watch it besides me? I’d vote, but to me, voting for “Rock Star” is worse than voting for the next American Idol.


At 12:26 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laguna Beach Jason is a prick for not insisting that LC spend her summer in Paris. Plus, he's been giving off a heavy Teen Wolf vibe for the past several episodes. He's Teen Wolf appearance-wise, but also behavior wise--you know, like when Teen Wolf was out of control and boozin' it up all over town.

At 7:05 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Funny that you mention Preemptive Strike, seeing as how I just pulled that out and threw it on last night for the first time in probably a few years.

Of course, it was because I had been complaining to my girl about how the new Shadow is a back alley abortion and he used to be so much better and he's wasting his genius and what not.... so of course I had to attempt to demonstrate.

I don't know if she quite understood, though. Still, I did get a kick out of dancing around our apt to the extented take of Organ Donor. Ummm, yeah...

At 10:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you mentioned your lady/girl twice in this posting...we get it;)

At 1:58 PM , Anonymous JMar said...

This is my first time seeing this blog, coming to you from Sexy Results and intrigued by the blog name, and I just wanted to comment on the Descent. B/c it actually came out in Scotland or something back in 2004, I downloaded it and saw it this past winter. It's definitely one of the best horror films I've seen in a long time. It's not gorey in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sense; most of the gore is in quick, really awesome, moments. And as a bonus, it's all women, all the time. I was recommending this film to people before I had any idea it was coming to America; now I tell anyone who brings it up to see it. Definitely worth getting excited about.

At 5:49 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks One Blood is pretty mediocre. If the Game's entire next album name drops as many names as the first (and sounds like it will) it might even exceed Killa Season as the disappointment of the year


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