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Aug 21, 2006

How The West Was Fun

The last couple of things I’ll say about Snakes On A Plane here; I have to be a political talking head and argue about the film on the S.C.E.P.H., so tune in or download on this Tuesday. It’s been a bit of a hot button topic leading to near blow-ups at malls and what not. I’ve been accused of missing the point of the film, but to me, it just seems like I’m missing an even larger picture. This incident has lead to the conclusion that either I don’t get irony or I’m completely over the concept of irony and I don’t mean to be ironic in that statement. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to believe a studio dropped a small amount of money (33 million dollars) just to be ironic. Or that I’m supposed to enjoy a film because how ironic and shitty that shot where the guy holds snake in his hand before it attacks him. If you’re going to have such a great drive in title, sure, make it a goofy, but at the same time, try to make a cool movie. That’s why I’m excited and appreciative of what Tarantino & Rodriguez are trying to do with Grind House . Yeah, their film(s) are going to throwbacks to the films of the 70s and early 80s, but we have a respect and love for the genre. They’re going to make a movie that first and foremost is cool and fun. There’s nothing cool in Snakes On A Plane or maybe I’m missing the irony of the fact that there’s nothing cool in the film. Is that the point? It’s good because it’s so anti climatic?

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the film is the impact internet buzz had upon it and that’s about it. With a rather lackluster opening, internet hype continues to send Hollywood mixed messages. This was the first real test of a film that has been altered not due to test screenings, but because a couple of people on some message boards thought it’d make for a cool movie if such and such said one line in the movie. Did it pay off? Theatrically, nope, but the film is going to become a hit via DVD sales. I’m just wondering if the semi success of this film is going to affect Borat. While completely different types of film, both films appeal to the same demographic and I think Fox is/was counting on internet buzz to help Borat break into the mainstream more. It should be noted that there’s a great difference between the two films, Borat is actually a good film. It’s probably the funniest film you’ll see all year.

Enough with the negative, let’s focus in on the positive like driving fast on the freeway while listening to “Notorious Thugs”. So, for the past two years, MTV camera crews have infested one of the local Orange County beaches with the show, “Laguna Beach.” Those goofy kids live about 15 minutes away, give or take, but I’ve never seen them nor have I ever seen a camera crew. The closet I came to an Orange County reality star was a lady from “The Real Housewives of Orange County, which still rates as the worst celebrity sighting of my life. I’ve always wanted to see a Laguna Beach kid in real life because it seemed as if everybody I’d run into, would have either gone to school with them and hated them or knew their mother or was at the same beach they bonfire at. You know, I never get to see the celebrities I care about, yet finally, I saw a real life cast member of “Laguna Beach,” this weekend at the aforementioned mall. As the picture indicates, I saw Lexie. Granted, she’s no Kyndra (with a ‘y’) or even to a lesser extent, Raquel, but never the less, I saw a real life cast member of a show I watch. Her head in real life is just as big as it seems on TV and in photos. She walked around confused by the locations of stores and if I wasn’t at the mall with somebody, I would’ve probably followed her around a little bit longer because it was the day before school started (I have classes on Sunday) and I figured people would want to know what Lexie purchased at such such store.

How bad was that episode of “Entourage” last night? Granted, they did play “At the Helm” by Hiero; would’ve been ten times cooler if they played “Oakland Blackouts” instead. I just don’t get this show how quickly they came from being great to being the worse show in the history of HBO since “Arli$$”. A couple of weeks back, we had E beating up Seth Green, a dream that we’ve all collectively shared at one time or another and Turtle about to become a mini mogul, but two weeks later, we’ve witnessed a really bad reference to that Vanilla Ice episode of “Behind the Music,” when Suge Knight held Vanilla over the ledge of a hotel room and bad jokes about Drama jerking and $20,000 dollar sneakers. What happened to that show? Was it take your daughter to work day when they were outlining the rest of the season? And where’s that episode with Artie Lange in it? Season 4 of “Entourage” has to be the role reversal where everybody loves Johnny Drama and nobody will take Vince’s calls.

I’d say the same about “Flavor of Love 2,” but at the same time, that’s kind of why one watches the show.

I don’t want to step upon the toes of the Thigh Master, but The Quiet looks to be a really good movie.

Apparently, Rachel B got wind of the X-ray photoshop scam and still wore slightly sheer clothing.

Where as Kristen B looks really bummed out to be at the Teen Choice awards; I’m a fan, but what’s the deal with the Joker style lipstick?

A side note to the regular readers: things will be a little bit off this week, seeing as it’s the first week of school and all. I have to figure out to juggle everything. I usually manage to pull it off, but be prepare in a couple of months where I’ll be talking about how I’ll be taking a week off to work on something, which in turns, I’ll only update three times instead four or five times. So give me a couple of days while I learn how to skate. The only thing that I’ll say is it’s going to be great to learn about writing for TV for a dude who worked on a cult classic.


At 7:27 AM , Blogger Thigh Master said...

dude, the quiet is a bigger epic than Ben Hur and Ben Hur 2 combined!

full review/spew this week
for shazzle

At 3:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

but if you had campaigned hard enough you could have gotten those snakeskin lines in the movie, so its your fault!

I think thats the real potential for this model of filmmaking: to get the audience so involved in its creation that they all feel too guilty to critisize the final product. You see the same thing in open source software.

At 12:55 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

I had faith in that the filmmakers would've made a cool movie and that the writers would've worked in some more lines about snakeskin boots other than that brief shot of Dave Koechner wearing snakeskin boots way too early on.


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