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Aug 1, 2006

Mashed Dundee Cake

The thing about Mel Gibson and the whole scandal surrounding him is this; it doesn’t surprise me at all. Wow, you mean the guy whose father is a holocaust revisionist in a drunken ramble drops a bunch of anti-semitic lines. But even before I knew that Mel’s pops was cut from the same cloth as Fred Leuchter, I knew that Mel Gibson was crazy because the dude made Braveheart, which is one of the most overrated films of the last 10 or so years. Anybody who would’ve made a film like Braveheart has to be a major drunk and nut job. If Mel Gibson just stuck to making good films like The Road Warrior, nobody would’ve give two shits about him. In a perfect world, Gibson would have probably played the Harry Hamlin part in “Veronica Mars,” if he just stuck to making cool, good films, but no, he has to go and make Braveheart and become a ‘filmmaker’. Ugh. The dude is a modern day D.W. Griffith, except Griffith’s views and opinions weren’t blasted all over the media. Gibson will be partially black balled by the mainstream Hollywood community, but if he wants to continue to make films, he can always pedal it to the Christian audiences that made The Passion of the Christ so successful. That’s how Kirk Cameron feeds his family these days.

I’d like to see Gibson after his rehab stint get the Errol Morris treatment and explain himself in that way. Sure, more people will see the public apology on Oprah or Larry King, but it won’t be hard hitting or that interesting. Let’s not even think about the fungo bat session that he’d get if he did a public apology on Jay Leno. Morris is going to bust his balls a lot more, which will be infinitely more interesting. Gibson should do that or have to hang out with Justin Long for a month.

For those keeping score, my ear problem has gotten worse. Bought some medicine, which was supposed to clear ears clogged with water, but the medicine only made my ear worse. So, I went from not going to the doctor in nearly 10 years to two trips in less than a week.

I wanted to see V for Vendetta when it was in theaters, but it was during the period where I stopped watching movies. So I was wondering if it was something I should pick up on DVD since, it’s coming out today and what not.

If The Like dressed like this more often, I think more people would buy their records or at least see them in concert. I used to go a lot of their shows and I remember seeing the Cobra Snake way back in the day and we probably thought that same thing about each other, but that’s neither here not there. But you know if they wore crazy costumes and rocked a little harder and basically continued on where Rilo Kiley would have gone if they made more songs like “The Furg,” they would’ve gone platinum or at least gold by now. Just remember what happened to Rooney. Playing with Weezer one year, then opening up for Kelly Clarkson a couple of summers later. Don’t be poppy for too long. They don’t have to rock like Mastodon, but that would be pretty killer

Speaking of rock, don’t forget that RockStar: Super Nova is on tonight. I wonder who’s going to ruin another Nirvana song tonight. Last week, they did something pretty incredible ruined a Bowie tune, so I’m wondering if given a chance, would somebody like Zayra while wearing a hot outfit could ruin a Slayer song? I’d love to see that because to me, the show isn’t about finding the right singer for some stupid band, it’s to see how badly some girl can ruin a Radiohead tune. Better than Slayer would be the Arcade Fire. I’d just to love see somebody destroy one of their tunes followed by the shirtless commentary by Dave Naravvo of that was great, but not right for Supernova.

It should be noted that probably some time later this month, I will start to live in a cave and it may last a couple of months. Most likely, I’ll have carrier pigeons, so I can keep tabs on things here and there, but overall, I just assume that if I pull a UNA Bomber move, I might, just might miss the media push and onslaught by the new albums from Beyonce & Justin Timberlake. I don’t listen to regular, normal radio all that much, so luckily, I’ll miss the tunes. Although, Stern may play the respective songs during the top 5 songs, so I may hear them that way, but I don’t know how I’ll miss the stories about whatever interview they did in such and such magazine or great revelation made during an interview with Oprah or Diane Swayer. Sure, I could stop watching “The Daily 10,” and miss all of this business, but I need my Catt Saddler fix and you know that my man, Keith Olbermann will talk about it on his show, too. There’s no way to escape the madness of two so-so solo performers (Sure, I have a copy of “Justified”, but I haven’t played that thing since 2003). I just don’t understand why everybody flips out over them. Yeah, “Crazy in Love” was the jam, but the rest of the singles from that album blew or at least what I remember of them; she doesn’t make memorable music. Timberlake made some memorable records, but “Sexy Back” just blows. So I may be away for a while because I don’t want to hear about Timberlake doing lines while listening “Harvest” nor do I want to hear about Beyonce’s not really dating Jay-Z. I blame her for making Jay a horrible rapper these days.


At 1:12 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I personally really enjoyed V For Vendetta and thought it was really good. However, I know a lot of people who didn't think it was so hot. If you do see it, try not to think of it as an allegory to the Bush administration, because that's too easy and Moore didn't write the original that way anyway (although it was about Thatcher). Nevertheless, I dug it, and I'd say its worth a Netflix (Full disclosure: My love of Natalie Portman is fairly well known and may cloud my judgement and provide bias).

At 4:30 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Like Dan, I really enjoyed V. I am not that much of a Natalie Portman outside of LEON and EPISODES 1, 2, and 3. They have some great scenes where buildings are blown up with the 1812 Overture in the background. I have always enjoyed blowing things up.

Go buy the DVD; it will help cheer you up.

At 6:30 PM , Blogger Najork said...

i still haven't seen V, though i've read it and enjoyed it, although not as much as Watchmen or even From Hell. i've got this whole theory about scifi and in particular, the whole futuristic dystopic subgenre, that basically breaks down along the lines of the american vision of a dystopic future and the european version. V fits squarely into the latter category along with 1984, Brazil, etc -- the european socialist state grown out of control and regulating every facet of life. in contrast, the american dystopic is much more anarchic -- the dominating force, if there is one, is often corporate, as in the case of Neuromancer and some others. i'm not sure where the matrix fits into all this; also, philip k. dick is something of an oddity in that his ideas of dystopia were so pervasive that they ran from one end of the spectrum to another. (A Scanner Darkly is an odd hybrid, featuring both a surveillance state and a sinister corporate conglomerate.) anyways. don't get me going on sf.

this is all sort of beside the point; the real point is that a couple days ago you uttered the following:
I want to believe Southern accent talk about how he loves mojitos and then the female lead talks about how Havana has the best mojitos

whoah whoah WHOAH. that's gong li, son, and besides being an absolute fox in this film she was cranking out awesome period epics for Zhang Yimou (exh. A, exh. B, etc) when you and i were practically still in short pants. so no more of this "female lead" business.

i've got a little more to say on that film, but i'm going to save it for now.

At 10:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, 'sexyback' aint that great but it kinda grows on you. like i get a feel for what timbaland was trying to do but it just feels like a instrumental track...w/words. if that makes any sense and that beyonce track is weak but i do like the bassline.

At 11:13 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Najork: I'm not dissing Gong Li; I'm dissing on the dreadful dialogue by Michael Mann; Collin Farrel's accent drove me bonkers. I have seen Raise the Red Lantern and Li was in 2046, so I have respect.

At 11:49 PM , Blogger Najork said...

ok, I was just giving you a hard time. farrel's accent sucked in a big way; he was in that film to look sleazy, and I guess he succeeded in that, but not much else. grambo's love letter to the performance has me confounded. i can't help liking the film, though, i don't think i'm wired to be able to really dislike anything mann does. or, strangely enough, jamie foxx.


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