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Aug 23, 2006

The Phantom Tollbooth part 2

Sometime over the summer, I became a bit of a news junkie. Not necessarily writing about it here because it’d only emphasis how little I exactly know about what’s going on in the world. What I know is that Bush is fucking things up; I’m not sure if Joementum will work as an Independent candidate, but it’ll definitely fuck things up for that dude, Ned and the cease fire is still holding, but you know with that particular situation, it’s like sticking a piece of gum in a crack of a dam. Yet, it seems like over the last week, news has gotten pretty bad as the newsmen devote hours and hours of coverage to the ongoing John Mark Karr saga. Not even the Daily Show is covering this mess or at least, maybe they did and I just missed that episode. When you watch the news or at least cable news, you can see in the faces of the newsmen that they don’t want to be covering this story. You know, Lou Dobbs could give a shit; the dude would rather be hanging out with the Minutemen protecting our borders; Keith would be rather trashing O’Reilly again and a individual like Tucker Carlson would rather be dancing with the stars, then talking about some creepy guy. And the coverage of the story has been so mixed thus far. The day that the story broke, it was all this guy is guilty, but of course, nobody had seen him. Then about 18 hours, we see that the guy wears his pants all the way up to his armpits and the guy probably did it, but we’re not sure. Then, the world hears his press conference and his story as it unfolds makes no sense. I just don’t understand why there’s so much coverage dedicated to this story when there’s insanely more important things happening in the world.

But it doesn’t matter any more because the way I’ve scheduled my classes, I’m going to be watching less news. All of my class except for one start in the late afternoon cause the parking lot is less crowded and it generally means I only have to go once a week for a class. So I feel like I know nothing about what’s going on in the world right now and looking up websites just takes up too much time. So I just feel a bit out of it right now.

Not to mention, nothing really that interesting is happening right now. The new Outkast album is pretty “eh,” but I still like the single, “Morris Brown,” quite a bit. Who gives a shit about Britney Spears and her husband’s shitty performance on the Teen Choice awards? Even X17 is currently unavailable because they realized how many more times can we get away with positing photos of Lindsay Lohan walking out of night clubs before we want to shove our hand into a blender? Things are going to be pretty boring for the next couple of weeks. Yeah, “Laguna Beach” is back, but, tonight’s episode is the make it or break it episode. Are people are going to stick around and watch the misadventures of sexual predator Jessica and a slutty girl named Kendra (but it’s spelled with a ‘y’)? I’m already thinking of bailing, but at the same time, I think this is the cast that I could probably see more often in public than any previous cast. So I may have to stick it out, so if I’m at the mall or go to a nice restaurant, I’ll be on prowl.

That Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover of Sonic Youth’s epic, “The Diamond Sea,” is pretty great.

Cory Kennedy and Crazy Frog are doing a record together. It's going to be real hot,but I'm just wondering if anybody's a fan of the NYC version of Cory K? Where's her livejournal community?


At 4:07 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

agreed that outkast album is pretty eh..they just dont have any quality control...up through track 14 it's pretty solid then I want to jump off a cliff..I really hope this is their last album, it's getting ugly. Though not DJ Shadow The Outsider ugly.

At 7:34 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Honestly, my opinion of "The Outsider" is starting shift a little bit. It's a bit of a grower.

At 8:00 PM , Blogger spencer said...

"That Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover of Sonic Youth’s epic, “The Diamond Sea,” is pretty great."

can we get some mp3 action?


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