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Sep 26, 2006

Starving Nachos

After some of the events from yesterday, I felt like asking an individual, “Is your name J.R. Writer and do you enjoy grilling me?” Although, I assume that reference would’ve been missed on the masses; if I were to go there, I should’ve made a reference to grilled salmon, but even then, the reference is more of a stretch than Stretch Armstrong. I don’t know I thought yesterday was going to be one helluva of a tester with this one class project, but listening to that David Banner/DG Yola track, “Get Money,” put me in a good mood. Not necessarily bullet proof, but it changed my frame of mind. I’d told some body in the class a line from the song (“so fuck it, I gets some doughs”) in order to calm them down, but it didn’t work.

So with the current state of the world, let alone my own personal welfare, it only makes sense that a film like Jackass: Number Two reigns supreme in our multiplexes. It’s a film that even heated rivals like Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and George Bush could both agree it’s funny and honestly, I think if these two did actually watch the film together, they’d become the best of friends, as they laugh uncontrollably at the antics of Steve O. Jackass: Number Two along with November’s release of Borat marks an weird, but much needed trend in commercial filmmaking. Films that are actually funny from start to finish. Maybe there are a couple of moments during the film were the audience wasn’t laughing too hard, but for the 95 minutes, I want to say that the audience as a whole laughs for about 93 minutes. The film goes for the jugular and I couldn’t be more happier walking out of a film, on the verging of throwing up because I’ve been laughing too much or hearing a tale that a friend nearly peed himself from laughter. Most comedies or at least most studio comedies aim so lowly for that young male audience that either they tone everything down, so it’s not funny anymore or they’ll save the good material for the unrated DVD a couple of months later. Why can’t they just make a film that’s funny and pulls no punches? It’s not like we’re asking for infamous never nude Kari Sweets to be nude or something. It’s like we’re asking for a prenup before marriage, that’s all. We want prenup and a comedy that’ll not only have dick jokes, but they’ll show a couple of dicks as well.

I remember when I was in junior high, for English class, we had to read a script for an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. Great piece of writing and I understood the point of it, but I think that our collective junior high English teachers should also incorporate Cory Kennedy’s blog into the teaching plan. Junior high is a very crucial point in a young person’s life because this is when kids develop their musical tastes and their cool personas. If some impressionable junior high kids read about the adventures of some underage girl whose listens to Ratatat gets to party with Paris Hilton and the dude from Maroon 5, then we’ll develop some cooler high school kids, which’ll translate into even cooler college kids and progressive thinking 30 year olds who’ll only shop at Whole Foods; granted, that’s a bit of a bad thinking, but for the most part, it’s kind of a good. Cory Kennedy could be the savior of our youth. So, now that we have a Cory Kennedy blog, how far away are we from her own reality show? If they’re going to give people with blogs a TV show, give it to her. But you know, don’t make the cameras that obvious; obscure some stuff and you know, hidden cameras, other wise how else are we going to know about the partying habits of Maroon 5?

Never thought I’d say this, but I was sorta disappointed by Rachel Bilson in The Last Kiss. She was good in an other wise shitty film. Sorry, but I can’t watch people argue for a 100 minutes; sure, I’ll watch “Cheaters” from time to time, but I’ve never been a fan of fights between lovers. Not to mention the film was written by the man behind the greatest film of this young decade, Crash, so I think I came in with a chip on my shoulder. But I digress, the problem for me was the digital blurring applied to her sex scene. That was about as much bullshit as the writers of “Zoey101,” writing out Nicole of season three. If one’s going to do a sex scene, then go all the way with it or at least, if one of the performers in that scene wasn’t willing to be expose, then shoot it from a different fucking angle. What’s the point of spending unnecessary dollars and cents to blur a couple of nipples out of a shot? Nudity in films could be one way to break out of TV.

Are any metal dudes pissed off that Pitchfork wrote a rather favorable review of the latest Mastodon album? Cause some of the metal dudes that I’ve ran into seem to not care about the band.

I love Keith Olbermann.

Sep 21, 2006

On the Phone Part '92

Just a reminder to y’all that the best comedy on network television, “The Office” starts it’s extremely pivotal third season tonight. Coming fresh off an Emmy win a couple of months ago, the show still has a lot to prove. We already know that Steve Carell, besides being one of America’s finest sweaty people, is a comedic genius, but I think this is the season where John Krasinski replaces Zach Braff as America’s lovable nerdy, indie guy and Jenna Fischer becomes every guy’s secret crush.

Why can't this girl become the new official logo and or mascot of Southern California?

Sep 20, 2006

Stalker Blocker

First and foremost, well to be honest, there are a couple of things that needed to be discussed before we go into the meat of the situation. One, I’m just ashamed that I’m so facial hair challenged that Clay Aiken has better facial growth than me, but then at the same time, Clay Aiken these days looks a lot like one of those transgender kids from the Sundance show, “TransGeneration,” trying way too hard to be macho and masculine. So, I must apologize for the creepiness of this photo and if it’s early in the morning, I’m sorry that I may have made you spilt out your coffee. I bring this up because Clay Aiken has been giving nightmares lately, especially if I flip around the TV and catch brief bits him performing his new single, a cover of the tune, “Without You.” First off, when I heard the song, I instantly think of that suicide scene in the dreadful Rules Of Attraction, and then I start to think about Aiken standing outside my window late at night, watching me sleep and holding a knife. This song is sending out the completely wrong message. Well, I’ve never been sure if a song of this particular nature ever sends out the right vibes, but the way Clay Aiken performs it, it’d be more comfortable in early 80s Brian De Palma high class slasher film than anything else.

Another thing I’m unsure about: is which is better: the fact that the lovely or you love to hate her, Casey is on the new season of Road Rules/ Real World challenge, The Duel. Or the fact that MTV has finally woken up and now offers their MTV Overdrive for the Mac. So now I can finally watch the “Laguna Beach: The After Show” and get a tour inside the house of Rocky/Raquel. Dare I even say, old episodes of “8th & Ocean”.

Speaking of “8th & Ocean,” the first season just came out on DVD, which might be a good indication that a second season is coming very soon. But only one question remains, will Brianna Hicks be back for another round?

Please check out Shots Ring Out if you’re like me and into checking out music videos by bands that make good music (although, they could step up their hip hop game, but that’s nether here nor there) and quality commentary to go along with them.

That new Bonnie “Prince” Billy album, “The Letting Go,” is extremely beautiful and haunting. It’s a album that doesn’t necessarily at first command or begs for your attention, but the further along one gets with the album, the listener is placed into a bit of a trance. The occasional duo vocals from Oldham and Dawn McCarthy just sucked me into the record; McCarthy doesn’t necessarily add anything to Oldham’s vocals nor does she take away or distract, if anything, it’s like getting crushed up Oreos on an ice cream sundae. Or in other words, it’s the exact opposite of the Watson Twins on that Jenny Lewis solo album.

Capote director Bennett Miller is making another film. I was beginning to wonder what was going on with him? Because besides being a solid and well-acted film, Capote had visual style to spare. So it’ll be interesting to see what’ll do next. The world of movies will be all right and back to normal if more people like Bennett Miller are making films and less people like Jessica Simpson are making films.

This was a failed topic in the pop culture debate I held the other day, but I’m just wondering did anybody catch the Dane Cook “Vicious Circle” special on HBO a couple of weeks back? Here’s the thing, I watched about half of it; or to better put it, I came in during the start of the ‘B&E’ bit. I’m not a fan, never been a fan and will never be a fan, but I have to admit the ‘B&E’ story was actually pretty funny. Cook, at times, has the ability to be a great storyteller, but he just gets bogged down in the ‘how cool am I because I made up some new word?’ shtick. Just stick to telling stories and adding the appropriate sound effects. The topic failed in class because people wanted to talk about other comedians and then somebody said that they thought Carlos Mencia was funny and you know, I didn’t want a fight to break out.

Sep 19, 2006

Teen Driver

Remember that bit in the movie, Swingers where one of the characters explains how he tells his parents that he plays one of the aliens on some Sci-Fi show? I just have to wonder if the all American girl who made her way from cheery and bright heartland to the din of broken dreams and harsh realities known as Los Angeles tell the folks back home that she is a model on “Deal or No Deal”? Honestly, it’s a good cover story because the audience never gets the absolute best view of the models; in a way these women are the new aliens except the make up has been replaced with a cocktail dress. The girl in question from the heartland, whose made her way over to the valley and either working on late night Skinamax fare or heaven forbid, videos with ATM could provide a legit cover to her working by simply calling back home and telling the folks, “Oh, I’m holding suitcase #20 tonight” and her parents are comforted because they know she’s working and what not. One just has to worry if the parents are going to go on the website and realize that their daughter isn’t suitcase #20, but it’s Miss California from Little Miss Sunshine.

It should be noted that Monday or at least Mondays at 10 o’clock from the next couple of weeks may be the best hour of television with “Weeds” & “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” airing at the same time. Most people will say that “The Wire” is the best show on TV and they’re probably right, but I tried to watch an episode and I had to stop after a couple of minutes because I had no idea as to what was going on. The complexity of “The Wire,” hurt my head and just made me realize I should’ve watched some of those catch up shows HBO was running in order to understand what was going on. I’m sure it’s an amazing show, but there’s just this great quality to a show like “Weeds,” where it’s pretty structured out, but you can pop in and just laugh at the jokes about a guy getting analy assaulted. And with “Studio 60,” you’re just getting in on the ground floor of a show before it gets too confusing with bullshit and back story; it’ll save space on the Netflix rental que and on DVD boxsets. I still don’t understand the god complex that these actors have for Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme, but “Studio 60” is a good show that’ll probably get a lot better. The style of the show; the stedicam got a bit old after a while, but you have to commend a show that makes Amanda Peet likable.

Anybody else happen to catch the recovering drug addicts/male models, Tyler & James on the new season of “The Amazing Race”? Perhaps the funniest intro of a team in the history of that show. Real serious voice over: “Tyler and James who are male models and recovering drugs addicts from Los Angeles”. It’s brief and right to point; it’s basically the Snakes on a Plane equivalent of a introduction on a reality show. Within those three seconds, you know if you’re going to hate these guys or if you’re going to be a big sap and wish them well. Me, I just wish the guys will get so stressed out that while on a challenge or whatever, one of the guys says that they could sure go for coke right about now.

Has anybody been to a Tower Records since they announced they were filing for bankruptcy or at least on the verge of bankruptcy? I heard something that most Towers weren’t even taking new orders anymore. I wanted to pick up the new Will Oldham album and I know that it’s probably easier to just order on line, but I like going into a store and finding it. Best Buy isn’t going to be carrying that album and with the way they stock their music section, it’s no fun to find anything in there. Then again, with the way my taste in music has been going lately…

Don’t forget to check out The SCEPH radio show tonight from 9 to 10pm (California time); if I had some bullet points, I’d probably call in. Not everything can be about Rachel Bilson photos and complaining about "Laguna Beach," and talking about amazing DG Yola is, but you know, life goes on.

Sep 18, 2006

Clap Trap

I tried to watch The Last Kiss this past weekend, but something more fun and interesting came up and for what seemed like the first time in a couple of months, didn’t make it to the movies at least once during the weekend. Although it should be noted that a few weeks ago, I did happen to watch Mike Judge’s Idiocracy. Jeff from Passion of the Weiss makes a good point about how the internet community has failed to get behind a funny, smart film like this one, but they’ll go apeshit over a shitty movie like Snakes on a Plane. The only difference between Idiocracy and the current crop of big budgeted comedies is probably no cameos by members of the Frat Pack and Idiocracy is rather smart; not to mention, the film features a mini reunion of the Lawn Wranglers. The biggest shame of this film is that we’ll probably never get to see another film made by Mike Judge. I can’t understand how Judge continues to work with a studio like Fox. First, they dump his film, Office Space, which and not to toot my own horn, I saw in the theaters twice, but it became a cult hit and loosely inspired two critical acclaimed as well as highly successful sitcoms. Then his show, “King of the Hill,” airs at such random times that for me, I have lost track of when to tune in and of course, there’s the year long delaying and just dumping Idiocracy like a mobster dumps a dead body into a river. I assume that Judge has enough fuck you money from “Beavis & Butt-Head,” but there’s a part of me that wants to believe he’d like to be out there, making movies and expressing his weird political views of where this country is going. Idiocracy, I believe through word of mouth will develop once again, a strong audience on DVD and cable. It’s a film full of quick one liners and sight gags that require a couple of viewings to catch and to remember so you can quote them with your friends a couple of days later. Not to mention the film features the best work by Luke Wilson in my humble opinion since The Royal Tennebaums as well as a great performance by one of the skeet on… empire’s most vile villains, Justin Long. If I was able to laugh at something Justin Long said, then the film has to be worth your time. So if you’re lucky to be one of the towns that the film is playing it, go out after work or school tonight and check it out. And if not, add it your Netflix que, then proceed to purchase a couple of days later.

Anybody got any thoughts on RJD2’s decision to quit hip hop? Did he hear that new Shadow album and thought there’s no hope for the genre or does he want to see more cooler than actually he is? You know, will it allow him to get more money from commercial licensing e because now, he makes instrumental music instead of music where he used to chop up a bunch of breaks? This reference may be a bit of stretch for some, but does anybody remember the intro for the Kut Masta Kurt/Kool Keith/Motion Man album, “Masters of Illusion”? Some random guy calls bullshit on the Trip Hop movement of the late 90s, for those who haven’t heard the album (and frankly, you should because Kool Keith’s verse on “Time 2 Get Right” blows my mind wide open) and the random voice goes onto say that people said they made or were into trip hop because they were scared to say they were into hip hop. I’m just wondering if RJ is ditching hip hop because you know, the dude wants to make Moby money. Granted the tracks that RJ makes me where he sings have a bit of a Postal Service vibe to them, but you know the dude still and will always make hip hop music.

Speaking of rap music, may I direct you towards this week’s songs of the moments. Two songs from both ends of the hip hop spectrum; you have the Juelz Santana/Lil’ Wayne collabo, “Rubber Burnin” featuring a nice vocal sample of T.I. and the other track is Lupe Fiasco’s “American Terrorists,” which I have to say that Fiasco made two great albums this year; chalk one up to the bootleggers. So please check those tunes out; there may be no babe of the week, but two great songs.

Also, I think I have to switch my vote of producer of the year from Timbaland to Cool & Dre. In spite of Timbo returning to that classic sound on “My Love,” Cool & Dre have some songs this year that stay in your head forever and ever, even if it’s one of the worst rappers on the beat. The other night when I was writing this mess, the iTunes shuffle played “Boss” by Rick Ross and for the next two days, I had the song in my head. It drove me insane. Sitting at a table, with a beer in my head and all I’m thinking about is Ricky Ross calling himself the boss for the 30th time in the matter of 45 seconds. Nobody shouldn’t be paying attention to Rick Ross, but because of the production by Cool & Dre, I can sing along to his verses when I hear his stuff on the radio.

Then again, I just think my taste in music has gone to shit. I heard half of that Fergie album and thought it was pretty decent. Granted, I was walking around at school, but it’s pretty good for what it is. For as much as shit, people, myself included give Will I Am; the dude can produce a quality pop, dancey number.

Dueling size zeroes. I remember hearing a story many moons ago about John Bleushi attacking Brian Wilson when he was hiding out and telling him that he needs to go surfing. Now, I think we need to do a similar thing with Adam Brody, except with hamburgers. In an attempt to lose weight, I’ve drastically reduced my intake of red meat. Maybe one or twice a week, I’ll have some red meat, but it’s mostly chicken or pork or turkey. So I crave the fuck out of hamburgers nowadays, but here’s the problem, my cravings is always greater the hamburger its self with exception to that time a month or two ago when I had Fatburger; you know my hamburger desires are satisfied and I want to believe that I force feed some manorexia hamburgers it’ll make me feel better. I think that’s what I really want to do, is just force some skinny kid to eat like a pastrami one pound burger from Carls, then watch them explode after wards.

The thing about the meeting of Cory K and Vincent Gallo is that you only wish they would’ve meet up with each other a couple of years earlier. So, Cory K could’ve been one of those girls Vincent Gallo picks up and drives around the block in The Brown Bunny or at least, that’s how I remember the film. There’s something to this collaboration. The Cobra Snake should’ve kept his grip a little tighter because I think Cory K is probably going to be in Gallo’s next movie about a couple hiking in the woods and perhaps, camping and that’s all. 90 minutes of people literally and perhaps figuratively pitching a tent. It’ll put so much shame in the Brown Bunny’s game.

Can anybody confirm or deny that this is the same girl that had this NSFW website a couple of years back?

Movie nerds are crapping their pants over the news about Bertolucci’s The Conformist is finally coming out on DVD this year. Sure, it’s not a Criterion release, but at least the film will finally available to own and watch instead of hearing people talk about how great the cinematography is.

Sep 15, 2006

Rear Window

This weekend, I believe that I may have to end my self imposed band of all things related to Zach Braff (I still need to sell that “Scrubs” season 1 DVD) and go out and watch The Last Kiss. I’m not a fan of these films; these romantic comedic dramas because, well, nobody uses a chainsaw or like nothing funny super funny to me happens. Like an Albert Brooks romantic movie, I can hang with because, it’s Albert Brooks and Albert Brooks is really funny to me. Zach Braff is no Albert Brooks and will never be an Albert Brooks, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to laugh at jokes. I don’t know, but I just hate to say that I’m watching a movie because of a girl in it; I’m a fan of Rachel B, but you know, I’m not even watching “The OC” anymore. Oh well.

Has anybody seen the trailer for the film, Sherrybaby yet? I’ve seen a couple of times and you know, some times, there’ll be a sketch on one of those shows poking fun at Oscar bait films, but you know, they amp things up a couple of notches for greater comedic impact. So when I first saw the trailer for Sherrybaby, I thought it was a comedy because it has every single Oscar bait cliché in it right down to the quote from some critic who says, “this smells like Oscar bait to me.” Why would anybody bring attention to the fact that the film is full of clichés and hackey moments? It looks and should feel like some serious drama, you know the kind where people probably sing along to pop tunes in between scenes of crying and emotional breakdowns, but once the audience hears that voice over artist saying, “this smells like Oscar bait to me,” they’re completely lost. Honestly, one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen, but it’s a little bit better than that abortion known as The Grudge 2 (If you want to save some time, just click here cause that’s pretty much the whole trailer.)

Speaking of movies, This Film Is Not Yet Rated while discussing an important subject, the MPAA and how their rating system doesn’t actually work slightly misses the mark. It’s interesting and entertaining to listen directors like Kimberly Peirce talk about what was okay in her film, Boys Don’t Cry and what would’ve given her film that dreaded NC-17 rating. Yet the film its self just feels incomplete by the time it reaches its conclusion. I’m not sure if I was supposed to be knocked out by the revealing of the names of those on the Appeals board, but it just left me, thinking, ‘okay, this is pretty shitty, but you know, oh well.’ This Film Is Not Yet Rated should’ve been more of a call to action against the MPAA as opposed to look at these douchey people who are paid by major corporations to give decent ratings to major studio films as opposed these tiny independents who get fucked over. But does the MPAA really matter anymore with the way the movie industry is going?

For example with the launch this week of iTunes 7 and the ability to download and watch movies using iTunes and the marginal success of Soderbergh’s Bubble, is anybody going to the movies to watch movies anymore? I know that I do because I love watching things on a big screen, but you know for the general audience, they’d just rather watch the film on In Demand or pick up the DVD from Netflix or whatever, so what’s the point of actually having ratings cause if the filmmakers know that their final product is going straight to formats like cable and DVD, then why not release their films unrated? Fuck it if Wal Mart won’t carry it and for the most part, Blockbuster carries unrated films or at least the last time I was actually in a video store, I believe I saw some softcore porn with Tera Patrick (pre boob job, you know the classic Tera Patrick) on the shelves; so unrated is kosher with Blockbuster. Sure, a full frame copy totally ruins the film, but you know, at least more people will have access to their material.

Back to This Film Is Not Yet Rated for a moment, you know the film comes off as a whiney because it’s mostly brilliant and amazing independent filmmakers complaining that they can’t the rating they wanted for the film. Sadly, that’s the price they have to pay for working outside of the system and making the film they want to make. Bobbi Flekman said it best when she said, “Money talks and bullshit walks.”

One of the skeet on… empire’s favorite albums of the year, “Young Machetes” by the Blood Brothers is now available for pre order. If you order now, you’ll get a special surprise from the Blood Brothers, but I’m not sure it’ll be as cool as the surprises you get when you order Reflections of Evil from Damon Packard, who sends like a couple copies of Reflections of Evil with each order. But seriously though, you should order a copy of both Reflections of Evil and “Young Machetes”. Support people who make great art.

Are these two the new Cory K? They got a leg up on her because these two look like they can at least vote and maybe get into a bar that DJ Kid Millionaire isn’t spinning records at. Perhaps, the new trend is to be of legal age and what not these days.

I’m working on a drinking game for the show, “Two-A-Days”. Every time you see some football player with a stupid haircut, take a shot. All that show is weekly version of Varsity Blues, but with madder, radder hair. Although that one cheerleader is a bit of black belt in body karate; bad dresser, but then again, not every one could pull together an outfit quite as well as the aforementioned Cory K, but I digress.

Part of me wants to hear a new Jay-Z album because you know the world could really use a good Hova and Neptunes collaboration (More like “Excuse Me Miss,” and less like whatever bullshit that Skateboard P has been up to lately, but then again I sorta like the track they did with Lupe Fiasco), but then I think the Jay-Z who recently showed up on the “Hustlin’” remix and I’m not sure if the dude is ready to go back onto the mic. Let alone, does hip hop really need Jay anymore? I mean, 50 has said hip hop is dead and as we all know that he’s the George W of hip hop, but I think we’re getting to that point where Hova coming out on the stage is going to be like when you see the Sugar Hill Gang perform nowadays. It’s more of a novelty act than anything else. T.I. has replaced Jay in my mind has that one rapper who could rap rather well and still have that cross over appeal.

Also, let’s not rush out the Jay comeback record. You know, whatever happened to Saigon’s album? I say this not as a person who watched Saigon on “Entourage” but as an individual wanting to hear an album with 11 tracks produced by Just Blaze, that’s all. And that’s another thing about the Jay record, he’s not working with Just Blaze or Primo. It’s not a Jay record without either of those guys on it. Chris Martin of Coldplay over DJ Premier? Is Beyonce helping him pick beats or some corndog intern over at Def Jam? What’s next that Joe Budden and Death Cab for Cutie mash up album?

I’ve never watched “The West Wing” and I tried to watch “Sports Night,” once, but it wasn’t funny, so I’m having trouble understanding the god complex the actors of the new show, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” have for the creator, Aaron Sorkin. The way these actors talk about in promos you would’ve thought that the guy cured cancer, traveled back in time to kill Hitler as well as fixing the 2000 presidential election so that Gore won. I just don’t understand how well these actors toss his salad. Also, I don’t understand how everybody believes that Bradley Whitford is like free TV’s version of Brando or something. Granted, the dude said my favorite line in Billy Madison, but from the clips I’ve seen here and there of “The West Wing” on like E!, I wasn’t wowed by the dude. And you see this is why everybody wants to be famous because if you’re on a hit show and do an okay job, people will figuratively toss your salad in the press. It’s great. I want to be famous, so I could work on some TV and have some actress like Amanda Peet talk about how great I am and how the words I write flow like off the page like tears down god’s face. Come on, people, let’s get rich. But knowing my luck, I’ll just end up becoming a youth soccer coach and deliver confusing half time pep talk speeches.

Sep 14, 2006

Underwear Eliminations aka Chin Up

Here’s the standard, somewhat traditional reference to the Howard Stern Show, so let’s push things forward.

I don’t know where exactly to begin other than I got used to not having a computer. I felt a bit out of things, but at the same time, it felt good to not know about any of the trivial bullshit going on for the last week or so. And this week, I started to slowly develop a new routine. Watch some show I recorded, followed by my man, Keith and close the evening off with a little Colbert. I was starting to figure out what was going on with the world, but instead of the latest incident involving such famous person doing such and such thing, I know about this amazingly profound campaign ad from Vote Vets. I was starting to keep abreast of what was really going on in the world. You know, we don’t need to care about article of clothing Jessica Simpson bought at Kitson the other day or if Owen Wilson & Kate Hudson are a couple (although, it should be noted that Kate Hudson has developed a bit of a black belt in body karate). The following statement will probably do about as much good as pissing in the wind does, but you know, let’s actually take a moment to focus in on what’s going on with our world and our government and how important the upcoming mid term elections are. Republicans are the only ones who come out to vote for these elections, so we, being the royal we of young people who complain about things without doing anything about it, this is our moment to take action and rattle the cages a bit.

I’m done being political for the moment, but you know, this current president blew a moment to bring the country back together again and I can’t help but talk about it. It’s just an issue that I’d like to get off my chest and will more or less justify a rather little rant about “Laguna Beach,” or at least, it’ll make me feel better than I could use far too many words to talk about a bunch of chesty high school in sweat pants than I use to talk shit on the president. That’s all.

Back to the computer thing for a moment and for those keeping score, what happened was on Monday night, I suffered back to back blackouts and my G5 couldn’t hang with back to back (Oakland) blackouts. There were some panic attacks and things thrown and names called. Not my best moment because I thought I had lost 30 pages of sold gold new rewrites on my script, but the guy at the Apple store flipped a switch inside the computer and boom bazooka joe, all of my stuff was there. But then, he heard a funny noise and wanted to take a look at it. As I had mentioned earlier, the computer wasn’t exactly fixed because they were so backlogged with other repairs and when they went to fix the computer, they didn’t hear any noise. Of course, once I got my computer back, the noise returns and I just figure, I’ll fix everything during Christmas break, but even then, I’ll probably get my computer back in February. So back in business and it feels good to be back.
Anything is better than using public computers. Public computers in a way are this generation’s pay phone. While they are not necessarily dirty and disease traps, there’s a certain stigma attached to them. They may not necessarily be the most modern or coolest computer, but at least it’s not an Apple 2 E. Well, the keyboard might be from the late 80s, but still things are a bit nice. Yet, there’s an attitude or at least, I gave myself this attitude that I didn’t feel good enough because I had to use a public computer to check my e-mail and go onto MySpace. I was rushing to school everyday in order to keep tabs with MySpace and the e-mail updates I’d get from X 17. Even in those situations, I was rushing throw it, so other people could use the computer, but here’s the kicker, I realized that I don’t get any important email at all. I’d just go on line and check to see if I got any emails from professors explaining that class had been canceled or something, which would’ve made that 45 minutes I spent in traffic so worthwhile. Not to mention, that one’s internet activities are slightly monitored; so, sorry for all the swears, dudes, but I just felt weird about doing my normal internet routine.

Anybody else disappointed in the new Rapture album? I dug “ Get Myself Into It,” but the rest of album seems to be lacking something for me. The last two songs: “The Sound,” and “Live in Sunshine,” are good as well, but you know, it just felt as if there’s passion or energy in the music they are making. When the DFA produced the Rapture’s stuff it felt more urgent and danceable. I can’t see myself getting sweaty to “Pieces of the People We Love,” if I’m being honest.

Also, the official version of “Return to Cookie Mountain,” is out. I still love the album in particular the EL-P remix of “Hours,” but every time I listen to the album in my car, I’m stuck in traffic. So either the album is cursed or I’m throwing stones at Amber Alerts. Why does everybody have to slow down to read the sign? It’s meant to be read while going at 70 miles per hour.

That one girl from MySpace with like a million friends that's in Playboy has scary, big pepperoni sized nipples.

Anybody else on the iTunes 7.0 trolley yet? It's kinda scary.

The thing about the new season of “Laguna Beach,” is that it makes my head hurt. I don’t know why, but these girls or at least the tone of their voices just cause some chemical in my brain to shut off or at least cause the blood to quit flowing in my brain. It’s this brilliant mix of catty and nails on a chalk board with big words thrown in the mix to make things sound so much cooler. Yet what’s interesting about this season are a couple of things: one, Kyndra’s Mom; the two times she’s been on the show this season has spoken volumes. I wish for an episode, we could just watch her relive her high school glory days through her slutty daughter. There was a scene where Kyndra and Big Boobs McGee are sitting together, you know talking shit on Rocky and what not and the show would occasionally cut to a reaction shot of the mother on the couch in what seemed like the same room, but the two girls are talking as if a parental figure isn’t in the room. You know, so I’m wondering if the mom wants to be like Nancy Botwin and be that cool mom or does she just sorta sneak into her daughter’s conversations? The other interesting about this season is the way these girls handle themselves, especially last week’s episode. Remember that scene where L.C.’s sister, Breanna “The Chin” Conrad has that Lifetime Movie of the Week moment with Rocky at some restaurant. The Chin is on the verge of tears, but yet she manages to politely smile and say thanks to the waiter. Wow, way to put a brave face in such a dramatic moment. Clearly, the Chin subscribes to the theory that you should never let them see you sweat or cry unless there’s an MTV camera crew in front of your face.

Sep 13, 2006

Back in Business

So I’m finally back in business. I didn’t even end getting my computer fixed because the Apple store was too back logged with people’s iPods and other stupid stuff. I would’ve waited a bit longer but I have a paper due next Tuesday and it needed some polishing touches. Not to mention, I just couldn’t stay away for that long.

Hopefully, I’ll get myself in that familiar position of slouching in front of a computer and talking about how everything sucks and why aren’t there any promos of the Stones Throw/Adult Swim album, “Chrome Children” floating around? I need to listen to the full version of Jaylib’s “No $ No Toke (Blaze Up),” because the minute version on the Stones Throw 101 CD isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. That beat haunts me; it’s so good. I heard it on Adult Swim a couple of nights back and forgot where it was from. It drove me nuts; I even bugged people if they had it on their iPods, but no luck.

How great was that ending on “Weeds” the other night? I had to order Showtime to get up with things because downloading shows is such a crap shoot. The beauty of "Weeds," is that the ending of each episode is so amazing that it forces you to come back next week even though the opening is rather lackluster, but by the end of the episode is brilliant.

Don't mean to be witty or clever or anything here, but holy shit. Maybe, L.A. is better than everywhere else in the world. So laidback and fancy casual, it puts everybody else to shame like George W's supposed non political 9/11 speech from the other night.

Back to business by tomorrow, hopefully. Back to the regular routine by Monday morning.

Sep 9, 2006

Begin to Hope Part 2

Honestly, I'm just mad at myself for being at the DVD store the other day and completely forgetting to pick up the first season of "Weeds". It's probably my new favorite show of the day of the week of the month of the year of the moment. It's filling the void of "Arrested Development". And Showtime should put new episodes on InDemand sooner rather than later. Build a buzz, dudes.

No word from Apple yet, but their automanted help system knows my case number by heart nowaday.

Cheyenne Kimball is more gangster than the Game.

I miss reading Spencer Sloan quite a bit and I wonder what Jeff from Passion of the Weiss is passionate about this week. Also, I wonder what girls have been naked lately on Gods Girls [NSFW].

Hopefully Probably back in business by Wednesday Thursday morning.

Sep 6, 2006

The After School Special

The one thing about not having a computer, and this is perhaps the best part about it, I'm completely missing everything that's being said about Tom Cruise's baby and it's great.

But at the same time, I have to be careful of what I'm writing because somebody could look over my shoulder and see what exactly I'm up to and at one point there was a line to use computers at school and I'd feel bad if I was taking up somebody's time because I had to goof off on a blog while somebody needs to put the finishing touches upon a paper. Bummer, dudes. Doesn't matter, everybody else is on MySpace, goofing off.

If anybody has access to a pitcher of Sangeria and a copy of "Z" by My Morning Jacket and the sun is setting, I'd take full advantage of that situation, my friends.

Also, I think I want to do a show for FX nowadays because after watching "Nip/Tuck" for the first time last night, I realize that as long as you're slightly 'edgy' you can get away with a lot on that network.

Sep 5, 2006

Rome is Burning

As it stands, my computer is in the shop for who knows how long. Probably a week at the most. So I may be bumming computer sessions off friends and at school.

So the empire will not be back this week. Hopefully next week.

Sep 1, 2006

Clearly, Justin Timberlake's extremely early performances of "My Love" & "Sexy Back" was the highlight of the VMAs, but you know it would've been ten times cooler if some dude just shouted, "Atlantic Records for T.I. Clearance" like every 20 seconds during the performance of "My Love". I mean if a couple of dudes who started a blog, overhyping a shitty movie, could get a major studio to reshoot the film according to their desires, then why didn't this guy's shirt get MTV into the concept of having somebody chant "Atlantic Records"? I thought MTV was all about the internet and reaching out the youth market and shit?

Oh well.

More to come.

Hopefully or it's going to be a bunch of wacky captions about the Like hanging out with Kelly Osbourne.