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Sep 15, 2006

Rear Window

This weekend, I believe that I may have to end my self imposed band of all things related to Zach Braff (I still need to sell that “Scrubs” season 1 DVD) and go out and watch The Last Kiss. I’m not a fan of these films; these romantic comedic dramas because, well, nobody uses a chainsaw or like nothing funny super funny to me happens. Like an Albert Brooks romantic movie, I can hang with because, it’s Albert Brooks and Albert Brooks is really funny to me. Zach Braff is no Albert Brooks and will never be an Albert Brooks, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to laugh at jokes. I don’t know, but I just hate to say that I’m watching a movie because of a girl in it; I’m a fan of Rachel B, but you know, I’m not even watching “The OC” anymore. Oh well.

Has anybody seen the trailer for the film, Sherrybaby yet? I’ve seen a couple of times and you know, some times, there’ll be a sketch on one of those shows poking fun at Oscar bait films, but you know, they amp things up a couple of notches for greater comedic impact. So when I first saw the trailer for Sherrybaby, I thought it was a comedy because it has every single Oscar bait cliché in it right down to the quote from some critic who says, “this smells like Oscar bait to me.” Why would anybody bring attention to the fact that the film is full of clichés and hackey moments? It looks and should feel like some serious drama, you know the kind where people probably sing along to pop tunes in between scenes of crying and emotional breakdowns, but once the audience hears that voice over artist saying, “this smells like Oscar bait to me,” they’re completely lost. Honestly, one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen, but it’s a little bit better than that abortion known as The Grudge 2 (If you want to save some time, just click here cause that’s pretty much the whole trailer.)

Speaking of movies, This Film Is Not Yet Rated while discussing an important subject, the MPAA and how their rating system doesn’t actually work slightly misses the mark. It’s interesting and entertaining to listen directors like Kimberly Peirce talk about what was okay in her film, Boys Don’t Cry and what would’ve given her film that dreaded NC-17 rating. Yet the film its self just feels incomplete by the time it reaches its conclusion. I’m not sure if I was supposed to be knocked out by the revealing of the names of those on the Appeals board, but it just left me, thinking, ‘okay, this is pretty shitty, but you know, oh well.’ This Film Is Not Yet Rated should’ve been more of a call to action against the MPAA as opposed to look at these douchey people who are paid by major corporations to give decent ratings to major studio films as opposed these tiny independents who get fucked over. But does the MPAA really matter anymore with the way the movie industry is going?

For example with the launch this week of iTunes 7 and the ability to download and watch movies using iTunes and the marginal success of Soderbergh’s Bubble, is anybody going to the movies to watch movies anymore? I know that I do because I love watching things on a big screen, but you know for the general audience, they’d just rather watch the film on In Demand or pick up the DVD from Netflix or whatever, so what’s the point of actually having ratings cause if the filmmakers know that their final product is going straight to formats like cable and DVD, then why not release their films unrated? Fuck it if Wal Mart won’t carry it and for the most part, Blockbuster carries unrated films or at least the last time I was actually in a video store, I believe I saw some softcore porn with Tera Patrick (pre boob job, you know the classic Tera Patrick) on the shelves; so unrated is kosher with Blockbuster. Sure, a full frame copy totally ruins the film, but you know, at least more people will have access to their material.

Back to This Film Is Not Yet Rated for a moment, you know the film comes off as a whiney because it’s mostly brilliant and amazing independent filmmakers complaining that they can’t the rating they wanted for the film. Sadly, that’s the price they have to pay for working outside of the system and making the film they want to make. Bobbi Flekman said it best when she said, “Money talks and bullshit walks.”

One of the skeet on… empire’s favorite albums of the year, “Young Machetes” by the Blood Brothers is now available for pre order. If you order now, you’ll get a special surprise from the Blood Brothers, but I’m not sure it’ll be as cool as the surprises you get when you order Reflections of Evil from Damon Packard, who sends like a couple copies of Reflections of Evil with each order. But seriously though, you should order a copy of both Reflections of Evil and “Young Machetes”. Support people who make great art.

Are these two the new Cory K? They got a leg up on her because these two look like they can at least vote and maybe get into a bar that DJ Kid Millionaire isn’t spinning records at. Perhaps, the new trend is to be of legal age and what not these days.

I’m working on a drinking game for the show, “Two-A-Days”. Every time you see some football player with a stupid haircut, take a shot. All that show is weekly version of Varsity Blues, but with madder, radder hair. Although that one cheerleader is a bit of black belt in body karate; bad dresser, but then again, not every one could pull together an outfit quite as well as the aforementioned Cory K, but I digress.

Part of me wants to hear a new Jay-Z album because you know the world could really use a good Hova and Neptunes collaboration (More like “Excuse Me Miss,” and less like whatever bullshit that Skateboard P has been up to lately, but then again I sorta like the track they did with Lupe Fiasco), but then I think the Jay-Z who recently showed up on the “Hustlin’” remix and I’m not sure if the dude is ready to go back onto the mic. Let alone, does hip hop really need Jay anymore? I mean, 50 has said hip hop is dead and as we all know that he’s the George W of hip hop, but I think we’re getting to that point where Hova coming out on the stage is going to be like when you see the Sugar Hill Gang perform nowadays. It’s more of a novelty act than anything else. T.I. has replaced Jay in my mind has that one rapper who could rap rather well and still have that cross over appeal.

Also, let’s not rush out the Jay comeback record. You know, whatever happened to Saigon’s album? I say this not as a person who watched Saigon on “Entourage” but as an individual wanting to hear an album with 11 tracks produced by Just Blaze, that’s all. And that’s another thing about the Jay record, he’s not working with Just Blaze or Primo. It’s not a Jay record without either of those guys on it. Chris Martin of Coldplay over DJ Premier? Is Beyonce helping him pick beats or some corndog intern over at Def Jam? What’s next that Joe Budden and Death Cab for Cutie mash up album?

I’ve never watched “The West Wing” and I tried to watch “Sports Night,” once, but it wasn’t funny, so I’m having trouble understanding the god complex the actors of the new show, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” have for the creator, Aaron Sorkin. The way these actors talk about in promos you would’ve thought that the guy cured cancer, traveled back in time to kill Hitler as well as fixing the 2000 presidential election so that Gore won. I just don’t understand how well these actors toss his salad. Also, I don’t understand how everybody believes that Bradley Whitford is like free TV’s version of Brando or something. Granted, the dude said my favorite line in Billy Madison, but from the clips I’ve seen here and there of “The West Wing” on like E!, I wasn’t wowed by the dude. And you see this is why everybody wants to be famous because if you’re on a hit show and do an okay job, people will figuratively toss your salad in the press. It’s great. I want to be famous, so I could work on some TV and have some actress like Amanda Peet talk about how great I am and how the words I write flow like off the page like tears down god’s face. Come on, people, let’s get rich. But knowing my luck, I’ll just end up becoming a youth soccer coach and deliver confusing half time pep talk speeches.


At 7:52 AM , Blogger christa t said...

have you seen this?

At 8:55 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

No, I have not and thank you very much,

At 10:12 AM , Anonymous David: Hero to Millions said...

Zach Braff is now everyone's punching bag . Why is that? He's not that bad. Although I do like Zach's new and slightly cooler clone, Justin Long.

At 10:19 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Justin Long is far worse than Zach Braff. That guy makes me want to get a PC and buy a Zune. Although, Long was funny in Idiocracy

At 11:19 AM , Blogger Wade Word said...

T.I. is not the new anything. he has neither the skill or crossover appeal of Jay-Z. A very disappointing simile.

At 3:53 PM , Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Having seen the pilot of "Sunset Strip," I can say that while Sorkin may not have cured cancer, he has, once again, created perfect television, and that's all I've ever asked him to do

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