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Sep 26, 2006

Starving Nachos

After some of the events from yesterday, I felt like asking an individual, “Is your name J.R. Writer and do you enjoy grilling me?” Although, I assume that reference would’ve been missed on the masses; if I were to go there, I should’ve made a reference to grilled salmon, but even then, the reference is more of a stretch than Stretch Armstrong. I don’t know I thought yesterday was going to be one helluva of a tester with this one class project, but listening to that David Banner/DG Yola track, “Get Money,” put me in a good mood. Not necessarily bullet proof, but it changed my frame of mind. I’d told some body in the class a line from the song (“so fuck it, I gets some doughs”) in order to calm them down, but it didn’t work.

So with the current state of the world, let alone my own personal welfare, it only makes sense that a film like Jackass: Number Two reigns supreme in our multiplexes. It’s a film that even heated rivals like Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and George Bush could both agree it’s funny and honestly, I think if these two did actually watch the film together, they’d become the best of friends, as they laugh uncontrollably at the antics of Steve O. Jackass: Number Two along with November’s release of Borat marks an weird, but much needed trend in commercial filmmaking. Films that are actually funny from start to finish. Maybe there are a couple of moments during the film were the audience wasn’t laughing too hard, but for the 95 minutes, I want to say that the audience as a whole laughs for about 93 minutes. The film goes for the jugular and I couldn’t be more happier walking out of a film, on the verging of throwing up because I’ve been laughing too much or hearing a tale that a friend nearly peed himself from laughter. Most comedies or at least most studio comedies aim so lowly for that young male audience that either they tone everything down, so it’s not funny anymore or they’ll save the good material for the unrated DVD a couple of months later. Why can’t they just make a film that’s funny and pulls no punches? It’s not like we’re asking for infamous never nude Kari Sweets to be nude or something. It’s like we’re asking for a prenup before marriage, that’s all. We want prenup and a comedy that’ll not only have dick jokes, but they’ll show a couple of dicks as well.

I remember when I was in junior high, for English class, we had to read a script for an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. Great piece of writing and I understood the point of it, but I think that our collective junior high English teachers should also incorporate Cory Kennedy’s blog into the teaching plan. Junior high is a very crucial point in a young person’s life because this is when kids develop their musical tastes and their cool personas. If some impressionable junior high kids read about the adventures of some underage girl whose listens to Ratatat gets to party with Paris Hilton and the dude from Maroon 5, then we’ll develop some cooler high school kids, which’ll translate into even cooler college kids and progressive thinking 30 year olds who’ll only shop at Whole Foods; granted, that’s a bit of a bad thinking, but for the most part, it’s kind of a good. Cory Kennedy could be the savior of our youth. So, now that we have a Cory Kennedy blog, how far away are we from her own reality show? If they’re going to give people with blogs a TV show, give it to her. But you know, don’t make the cameras that obvious; obscure some stuff and you know, hidden cameras, other wise how else are we going to know about the partying habits of Maroon 5?

Never thought I’d say this, but I was sorta disappointed by Rachel Bilson in The Last Kiss. She was good in an other wise shitty film. Sorry, but I can’t watch people argue for a 100 minutes; sure, I’ll watch “Cheaters” from time to time, but I’ve never been a fan of fights between lovers. Not to mention the film was written by the man behind the greatest film of this young decade, Crash, so I think I came in with a chip on my shoulder. But I digress, the problem for me was the digital blurring applied to her sex scene. That was about as much bullshit as the writers of “Zoey101,” writing out Nicole of season three. If one’s going to do a sex scene, then go all the way with it or at least, if one of the performers in that scene wasn’t willing to be expose, then shoot it from a different fucking angle. What’s the point of spending unnecessary dollars and cents to blur a couple of nipples out of a shot? Nudity in films could be one way to break out of TV.

Are any metal dudes pissed off that Pitchfork wrote a rather favorable review of the latest Mastodon album? Cause some of the metal dudes that I’ve ran into seem to not care about the band.

I love Keith Olbermann.


At 9:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to check out that Banner/Yola track. Have you heard Rep Minnesota by rapper FIC? Good stuff man:


At 6:52 PM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

There is some buzz over on my blog about your upcomming PTR! Variety Hour Half Hour project. It seems strange to think that The State beat PTR in putting our shit out on the internet.

At 11:59 AM , Blogger Natali Hopkins said...

hey doug,
I really wish I was around to do some cory kennedy stalking. Im hoping she goes international soon, then I can get some in over here. And the blood brothers? That would be a night.
ps. please get some ptr on the internet asap. That would make me super happy and would force my lips to curve up into something resembling a smile when Im homesick over here. Old school doug and robin=my favorite doug and robin. How many semesters do you have left? I really want to take a class with you nexzt semester. We'll talk. I added the z in next to make it extra cool.


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