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Sep 19, 2006

Teen Driver

Remember that bit in the movie, Swingers where one of the characters explains how he tells his parents that he plays one of the aliens on some Sci-Fi show? I just have to wonder if the all American girl who made her way from cheery and bright heartland to the din of broken dreams and harsh realities known as Los Angeles tell the folks back home that she is a model on “Deal or No Deal”? Honestly, it’s a good cover story because the audience never gets the absolute best view of the models; in a way these women are the new aliens except the make up has been replaced with a cocktail dress. The girl in question from the heartland, whose made her way over to the valley and either working on late night Skinamax fare or heaven forbid, videos with ATM could provide a legit cover to her working by simply calling back home and telling the folks, “Oh, I’m holding suitcase #20 tonight” and her parents are comforted because they know she’s working and what not. One just has to worry if the parents are going to go on the website and realize that their daughter isn’t suitcase #20, but it’s Miss California from Little Miss Sunshine.

It should be noted that Monday or at least Mondays at 10 o’clock from the next couple of weeks may be the best hour of television with “Weeds” & “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” airing at the same time. Most people will say that “The Wire” is the best show on TV and they’re probably right, but I tried to watch an episode and I had to stop after a couple of minutes because I had no idea as to what was going on. The complexity of “The Wire,” hurt my head and just made me realize I should’ve watched some of those catch up shows HBO was running in order to understand what was going on. I’m sure it’s an amazing show, but there’s just this great quality to a show like “Weeds,” where it’s pretty structured out, but you can pop in and just laugh at the jokes about a guy getting analy assaulted. And with “Studio 60,” you’re just getting in on the ground floor of a show before it gets too confusing with bullshit and back story; it’ll save space on the Netflix rental que and on DVD boxsets. I still don’t understand the god complex that these actors have for Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme, but “Studio 60” is a good show that’ll probably get a lot better. The style of the show; the stedicam got a bit old after a while, but you have to commend a show that makes Amanda Peet likable.

Anybody else happen to catch the recovering drug addicts/male models, Tyler & James on the new season of “The Amazing Race”? Perhaps the funniest intro of a team in the history of that show. Real serious voice over: “Tyler and James who are male models and recovering drugs addicts from Los Angeles”. It’s brief and right to point; it’s basically the Snakes on a Plane equivalent of a introduction on a reality show. Within those three seconds, you know if you’re going to hate these guys or if you’re going to be a big sap and wish them well. Me, I just wish the guys will get so stressed out that while on a challenge or whatever, one of the guys says that they could sure go for coke right about now.

Has anybody been to a Tower Records since they announced they were filing for bankruptcy or at least on the verge of bankruptcy? I heard something that most Towers weren’t even taking new orders anymore. I wanted to pick up the new Will Oldham album and I know that it’s probably easier to just order on line, but I like going into a store and finding it. Best Buy isn’t going to be carrying that album and with the way they stock their music section, it’s no fun to find anything in there. Then again, with the way my taste in music has been going lately…

Don’t forget to check out The SCEPH radio show tonight from 9 to 10pm (California time); if I had some bullet points, I’d probably call in. Not everything can be about Rachel Bilson photos and complaining about "Laguna Beach," and talking about amazing DG Yola is, but you know, life goes on.


At 5:58 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

The only bad part of Studio 60 is that D.L. Hughley can't even play someone who's funny.

What makes Sorkin and Schlamme so good at TV is that they really make me want to watch the next episode and, on the business end, that's all you can ask of a TV show.

*semi-spoiler if you watch the reply on Bravo*
Like they kept dropping little lines about the press conference on Monday and the meet and the greet with the cast and crew that when the show ended I was bummed that neither happened, and now I really wanna see that.

At 8:12 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

I guess that Sorkin & Schlamme are that good because the show has already been brought up in my class on American TV and will probably have an essay question about it on the mid term.


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