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Sep 14, 2006

Underwear Eliminations aka Chin Up

Here’s the standard, somewhat traditional reference to the Howard Stern Show, so let’s push things forward.

I don’t know where exactly to begin other than I got used to not having a computer. I felt a bit out of things, but at the same time, it felt good to not know about any of the trivial bullshit going on for the last week or so. And this week, I started to slowly develop a new routine. Watch some show I recorded, followed by my man, Keith and close the evening off with a little Colbert. I was starting to figure out what was going on with the world, but instead of the latest incident involving such famous person doing such and such thing, I know about this amazingly profound campaign ad from Vote Vets. I was starting to keep abreast of what was really going on in the world. You know, we don’t need to care about article of clothing Jessica Simpson bought at Kitson the other day or if Owen Wilson & Kate Hudson are a couple (although, it should be noted that Kate Hudson has developed a bit of a black belt in body karate). The following statement will probably do about as much good as pissing in the wind does, but you know, let’s actually take a moment to focus in on what’s going on with our world and our government and how important the upcoming mid term elections are. Republicans are the only ones who come out to vote for these elections, so we, being the royal we of young people who complain about things without doing anything about it, this is our moment to take action and rattle the cages a bit.

I’m done being political for the moment, but you know, this current president blew a moment to bring the country back together again and I can’t help but talk about it. It’s just an issue that I’d like to get off my chest and will more or less justify a rather little rant about “Laguna Beach,” or at least, it’ll make me feel better than I could use far too many words to talk about a bunch of chesty high school in sweat pants than I use to talk shit on the president. That’s all.

Back to the computer thing for a moment and for those keeping score, what happened was on Monday night, I suffered back to back blackouts and my G5 couldn’t hang with back to back (Oakland) blackouts. There were some panic attacks and things thrown and names called. Not my best moment because I thought I had lost 30 pages of sold gold new rewrites on my script, but the guy at the Apple store flipped a switch inside the computer and boom bazooka joe, all of my stuff was there. But then, he heard a funny noise and wanted to take a look at it. As I had mentioned earlier, the computer wasn’t exactly fixed because they were so backlogged with other repairs and when they went to fix the computer, they didn’t hear any noise. Of course, once I got my computer back, the noise returns and I just figure, I’ll fix everything during Christmas break, but even then, I’ll probably get my computer back in February. So back in business and it feels good to be back.
Anything is better than using public computers. Public computers in a way are this generation’s pay phone. While they are not necessarily dirty and disease traps, there’s a certain stigma attached to them. They may not necessarily be the most modern or coolest computer, but at least it’s not an Apple 2 E. Well, the keyboard might be from the late 80s, but still things are a bit nice. Yet, there’s an attitude or at least, I gave myself this attitude that I didn’t feel good enough because I had to use a public computer to check my e-mail and go onto MySpace. I was rushing to school everyday in order to keep tabs with MySpace and the e-mail updates I’d get from X 17. Even in those situations, I was rushing throw it, so other people could use the computer, but here’s the kicker, I realized that I don’t get any important email at all. I’d just go on line and check to see if I got any emails from professors explaining that class had been canceled or something, which would’ve made that 45 minutes I spent in traffic so worthwhile. Not to mention, that one’s internet activities are slightly monitored; so, sorry for all the swears, dudes, but I just felt weird about doing my normal internet routine.

Anybody else disappointed in the new Rapture album? I dug “ Get Myself Into It,” but the rest of album seems to be lacking something for me. The last two songs: “The Sound,” and “Live in Sunshine,” are good as well, but you know, it just felt as if there’s passion or energy in the music they are making. When the DFA produced the Rapture’s stuff it felt more urgent and danceable. I can’t see myself getting sweaty to “Pieces of the People We Love,” if I’m being honest.

Also, the official version of “Return to Cookie Mountain,” is out. I still love the album in particular the EL-P remix of “Hours,” but every time I listen to the album in my car, I’m stuck in traffic. So either the album is cursed or I’m throwing stones at Amber Alerts. Why does everybody have to slow down to read the sign? It’s meant to be read while going at 70 miles per hour.

That one girl from MySpace with like a million friends that's in Playboy has scary, big pepperoni sized nipples.

Anybody else on the iTunes 7.0 trolley yet? It's kinda scary.

The thing about the new season of “Laguna Beach,” is that it makes my head hurt. I don’t know why, but these girls or at least the tone of their voices just cause some chemical in my brain to shut off or at least cause the blood to quit flowing in my brain. It’s this brilliant mix of catty and nails on a chalk board with big words thrown in the mix to make things sound so much cooler. Yet what’s interesting about this season are a couple of things: one, Kyndra’s Mom; the two times she’s been on the show this season has spoken volumes. I wish for an episode, we could just watch her relive her high school glory days through her slutty daughter. There was a scene where Kyndra and Big Boobs McGee are sitting together, you know talking shit on Rocky and what not and the show would occasionally cut to a reaction shot of the mother on the couch in what seemed like the same room, but the two girls are talking as if a parental figure isn’t in the room. You know, so I’m wondering if the mom wants to be like Nancy Botwin and be that cool mom or does she just sorta sneak into her daughter’s conversations? The other interesting about this season is the way these girls handle themselves, especially last week’s episode. Remember that scene where L.C.’s sister, Breanna “The Chin” Conrad has that Lifetime Movie of the Week moment with Rocky at some restaurant. The Chin is on the verge of tears, but yet she manages to politely smile and say thanks to the waiter. Wow, way to put a brave face in such a dramatic moment. Clearly, the Chin subscribes to the theory that you should never let them see you sweat or cry unless there’s an MTV camera crew in front of your face.


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