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Oct 31, 2006

Grey Gardens

Is it August of 2007 yet? I know that the new year is only two months away, but it’s still far too long to wait for the conclusion of “Weeds” season finale. That episode was pretty damn close to perfect. Not a wasted moment and magically, series creator, Jenji Kohan and her staff of writers managed to make an extremely outdated reference to Snakes on a Plane work. Well, not only did it work, but also it was actually funnier and oddly profound as Shane read a riot act to the youth of America. Don’t want to go into further details of the episode, but it was a home run to say the least. Also, Zooey Deschanel’s character needs a spin off or something. It’d be a smart move on the behalf of Showtime; “Weeds” at 10, then the Cat spin off at 10:30 as opposed to running back to back episodes of “Weeds” in-between promos for that show that sucked with that guy from that one show on HBO.

Also, it should be noted that I’m pretty close to quitting on “Heroes.” SPOILER WARNING FOR THOSE WHO TIVO & TORRENT THE SHOW.

Cool, the girl from Brick is a sneaky Pete and works for Clara’s creepy dad, but her performance is still beyond awful. She should only be in Rian Johnson films or give her a lot of dialogue to say, but make her say it really fast, like Howard Hawks screwball comedy fast. That was fine and all. It should be noted that my recording of the show cut off at the very end, so I may have missed something extremely cool involving that character and if you saw the full episode last night, fill me in, please. Cause she could have affected another thing I wanted to complain about. The fucking loose end involving the missing piece of the panting about saving the cheerleader. Each week, this show manages to wrap every shitty story line up, but for once, they let something go, but I mean, they just completely forgot about the d story all together and it’s not something that demanded resolution, but it would’ve been nice to find out if that Conor Obsert lookin’ wiener kid got the painting or not as opposed to watching that horrible scene with Ali Larter acting against her reflection. Maybe, I’m the one person who isn’t into Ali Larter’s character, but none of that was interesting or entertaining or moved any of the major plot points forward. So, her husband has super powers and I guess, their kid is like the Golden Child? I read an interview with one of the writers of “Heroes” who said the show is like Magnolia meets the X-Men. That’s completely inaccurate because in Magnolia things happen, events take place and with the X-Men, Wolverine goes nuts on Sabertooth every couple of issues. “Heroes” is like as if Terrance Malick directed an adaptation of “The Watchmen” without the beautiful cinematography and good actors who’d do anything to work with Terrance Malick.


I know it’s last minute and all, but if you’re still looking for a great costume for that last Halloweener party, may I suggest going as Haylie Duff. Nothing can be scarier. Although, my advice for Halloween will always be, stay home and watch Suspiria.

Speaking of last minute, that new Joanna Newsom album, which I think I’m the last person to listen to it, is good, but it’s draining. I need to take a nap or something after listening to it.

Oct 30, 2006

Gates of Eden

For those who’ve been keeping score for a fairly long time may be rather familiar with my obsessions: Rachel B, Howard Stern, Ghostface, Willa Holland Cobrasnake captions, “Laguna Beach,” Cory Kennedy, and films by Dario Argento and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Well, the skeet on… empire on a whole is built upon obsessions. But getting the point at hand, if you’ve been keeping score here, then you’re probably well aware that I’m rather obsessed with the Italian actioner, Raiders of Atlantis. I fell in love with the film by watching the trailer at least a dozen times a day after discovering the film on 42nd Street Forever DVD (can’t wait for Volume 2, which is out tomorrow). I couldn’t tell you then and I still can’t explain why this film speaks to me in a such way very films can. I think I just imagined how great it could be based on the trailer or at least, I knew it was going to be shitty and I just filled in the blanks with my mind and what other wonderful things the film could hold for me.

Well, finally, I have seen Raiders of Atlantis and to say it’s a perfect film wouldn’t be right. I would say it’s pretty damn close to being perfect. Granted, my expectation levels for low budget Italian action films is rather low, but there’s just something about Raiders of Atlantis that few b pictures reach, let alone most mainstream films. The filmmakers subscribe to that great theory: “These are my tits. Take ‘em or leave ‘em.” Nobody is trying wow the audience with nifty camera moves (although, it should be noted I watched a full frame version of the film; bootlegs, man!) or clever dialogue. If a new character is introduced into the film anywhere after the twenty-five minute mark, then that character will probably be killed off in about ten minutes. There’s no attempt to be a cool or witty; it’s funny by the sheer randomness of it and just happens to be cool because there’s a guy using a flame thrower and another guy wandering around town wearing a fish bowl on his head. Perhaps, the greatest aspect of the film and two things could’ve affected this: a) the version of the film I saw; it could’ve been shorter than other cuts and secondly, budget reasons, but thing just happen in the film without any reason or expectation. And oddly, this is a good thing because our heroes have no fucking clue as to what’s going as well. I don’t mean to contradict myself because probably in a couple of paragraphs from now, I will, but sometimes, it’s more exciting to figure things as our characters do.

I just wish that people would make more movies like Raiders of Atlantis. You know have some guy with salt and pepper hair, run around on island with huge gun blasting off a couple of rounds at some guy who looks like a reject from the “Wild Boys” video whose carrying a rocket launcher.

Better than that Saw 3 bullshit or at least I’m assuming better than that. I’ve never seen a Saw film. Well, I watched five minutes of the first one the other night and it was boring. Who wants to watch a ugly horror movie? Whatever happened to the days of Blood and Black Lace?

Killer! They’re making a Bruno film after all is said and done. Hope Bruno goes to spring break again.

Let’s leave famous people alone for a moment, now. We don’t need pictures of every single thing they do. Give them some space and let them do their Dirk Diggler in Rahad Jackson’s house while Cosmo sets off fire crackers esque freak outs alone in peace. If they take it to the street like Martin Lawrence, then it’s fair game, but until we see Lindsay Lohan running around in nothing but a headband and carrying that Wolfmother cd she does blow off of, then go nuts and have Amanda Bynes parody the incident of an episode of “30 Rock”.

The bigger issue at hand is why are people who live in the Southern California area so fucking into Wolfmother? I was listening to regular radio a couple of days ago and on KROQ, they were just done playing a Wolfmother song and I flip on Indie and they just started to play another Wolfmother song. What’s the deal? People can’t find Led Zeppelin cds?

You know that you go to Coffee Bean too much for Pumpkin Pie drinks when people who work at one Coffee Bean are called over to cover a shift at another one recognize you.

Your Monday moment of Diora.

Anybody else into that sunn0))) & Boris collaborative album? If I’m one of the 5.000 who gets a copy, I just may have to move to Tennessee, buy a pair of black jeans, hang out with weird looking metal kids and drive around with the windows down all the time.

Or I’m moving to France so I can hang out with people who make music for Ed Banger Records

“Heroes” tonight. A professor of mine said that tonight’s episode should be something special, but then again, this is the same person who says that “Studio 60” won’t get canceled because the audience it attracts spends lot of money. Why not just cancel it cause it’s shitty? I don’t even want to talk about “Heroes” hopefully being okay or even have a solid ending; I just looking forward to an episode that’s only okay and isn’t a complete waste of time.

Who ever fucking designed or redesigned MTV’s website is fucking retarded. Nearly as retarded as Cami and Kyndra come out in this L.A. Times article.

And finally, I have to admit something, here. I watch “Grey’s Anatomy,” and weirdly, I’m starting to like it.

Oct 27, 2006

Outlet Mall

Even though, the current fire in Southern California is probably 40 miles away from my house, it still smells like a really bad bonfire out here and in the morning, there's little pieces of ash on my car. Just sucks cause I finally washed my car the other day.

I'm just wondering if the fire has affected the outlet malls near Cabazon. Got a sweet Burberry scarf there.

Been havin' fun elsewhere, dudes. Sorry about that. Maybe next week, yeah?

Oct 24, 2006

Simple Pleasures

You've heard it once before and you'll hear it a few more times until the end of the year, but Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius and quite frankly, if he's not making a Bruno film next, then I don't know what. It only makes sense to have a Bruno film. Trilogy and what not.

By the by, worst "Heroes" ever.

Oct 23, 2006

Diggin' a Hole

While I thought the film was fairly entertaining and what not, The Prestige felt like a Merchant Ivory style adaptation of Spy VS Spy. Aside from all of the plot twists and turns and handsome production design, and rich visuals, it just remains a film about two men who are determined to destroy each other by any means necessary. Yet those pesky twists and turns which make the film a bit of fun to watch, makes it rather difficult to successfully talk about the film. The performances are good and it’s a Christopher Nolan film, so you know that the visual elements are solid.

Hey, who hasn’t heard the new Shins album yet? If you haven’t yet and you don’t use Internet Explorer, then check out Shots Ring Out. At press time, they had some ‘samples’ of the new stuff. I’d say something about the new stuff, but I’ve only listened to a couple of tracks and thought it was pretty good. No wow, but perhaps, it has to be the right moment and entanglements for it to be enjoyable. I’m just wondering how come the new Clipse album hasn’t leaked yet. The Shins isn’t out until January and every kid in the dorms at Columbia University has a copy, but the Clipse album, which comes out next month and there isn’t a leak in sight. That’s pretty shitty. Man, those people over at Jive really are dropping the ball. One, they don’t know how to promote and two, they have yet to realize that through leaking and the internerd community at large, will promote an album much more than crappy videos where Pharrell doesn’t wear a shirt.

That album needs to leak as well as The Good, The Bad and The Queen album.

The past couple of years, my Halloween costumes have been, well, rather obscure references from movies and the like. One year, I went as an Orphan from The Warriors and for the whole night, I had to explain that I was a character from the film and it just got really frustrating after a while. The same thing happened again this year at a Halloween party, but more on that in a moment. Now, women, for the most part, can get away with being anything for Halloween. Generally, there’s no explanation required or at least, there shouldn’t be an explanation. Perhaps, it’s better if I state that women as an adults, don’t really need to explain their costume for the most part because, it’s usually a successful attempt at being sexy. I kinda want to call bullshit on this only because I’m sick and tired of explaining my costumes each year. You see, I thought, my costume was fairly self explanatory. I wore giant Jackie O sunglasses and a skeleton costume, but I still had to tell people that I was Nicole Richie. I mean, isn’t it obvious? Maybe I should’ve brought an issue of US weekly with me and held it up every time somebody asked me about my costume.

The new question for Monday night shouldn’t be how much worse can “Studio 60” get this week, but how great will the ending for “Heroes” be? I know that I keep on bringing this subject up, but I’m still confused as to how they manage to make only 5 minutes of great TV each week. There should be some spill over into the rest of the show and it should be good, by default, right? Logic breaks my heart frequently, but I’m correct in this logical line of thinking. With the knowledge that next week’s episode or at least the sixth chapter in this story is going to pay something off, does anybody want to go out on a limb and say that this episode is going to pull it together and be a consistent episode from start to finish. And by consistent episode, I mean, good from start to finish.
[Image via November Eight]

Much thanks to Passion of the Weiss getting me hip to that Peter Bjorn and John album. Check out the tune, “Young Folks,” it’s rather catchy.

What’s the deal with the weather in Southern California the last couple of days? Everybody (by which I mean, two fairly important people in my life) have colds and it’s in the 80s. It’s just not fair to be complaining about wearing shorts in late October especially after watching the World Series the other night.

The new tradition or at least until I run out of photographs, your Monday moment of Diora Baird.

Oct 20, 2006

Make It Rain

Something happened to the empire over the past couple of days. Not sure what to blame it on, but the main suspects are the tune, "Make It Rain" by Fat Joe & Lil Wayne, the DFA remix of Goldfrapp's "Slide In" (13 minutes of pure sonic bliss), the Pumpkin Pie blended from the bean and...

Alec Baldwin. The dude steals "30 Rock" each week. It's not even funny. Well, its really funny, but you know what I mean.

Oct 18, 2006

The Girl Next Door

Cameron Diaz, back in the day was all right, but nowadays, it's still all right. Yet the question is who's the girl next to her and what show on The CW is she on or at least what CW pilot is she going to be on? Or is she MyNetwork material?

Anybody else hear that new Jay-Z track with that beat Just Blaze made/posted on his MySpace a couple of months ago cause he was bored? It was a pleasent surprise to hear it on the radio last night, but I don't know, it just didn't feel like a Jay-Z beat.

Oct 17, 2006


Sure, Conrad is still my dude and I may have been yelling at the TV when Peter finally taught Silas (fucking hate that kid) a lesson, but something had been off the last couple of weeks in regards to the misadventures of Nancy Botwin. Just wasn’t hitting the mark, but with last night’s guest appearance by Zooey Deschanel brought the show back to what made it so good in the first place. Weird stoners doing weird and funny things; come on, who’s buying the love affair between City Council Doug and Celia? Also more Sanjay on the show; his appearance as Alec Baldwin’s assistant on “30 Rock” didn’t cut it. I don’t mind how the writers basically forgot that the Botwins have a housekeeper for a majority of this season, but this whole affair business and forgetting about Sanjay, I dunno.

Also, I’ve finally figured out why I hate that one guy on “Heroes” so much. Besides being one of the worst actors ever, that Peter guy looks exactly like that scam artist, Conor Obsert. Not exactly as much as that guy looks fairly similar to Conor Obsert and that guy whines all the time and you know, unless it’s so extremely dense and complex story by Alan Moore, then I don’t want to hear about a hero complaining about his powers. Still on the fence though about the show; there are moments where it’s great and interesting, but then it’s just awful for about 10 minutes straight. And fuck watching the promo for next week; let’s be surprised.

Oct 16, 2006

Butcher Boy

I’ve said it once before and I’ll probably say it a whole bunch of times in the future and it’s largely inspired by TCM Underground to feature a Russ Meyer double feature this Friday night (set your DVR and Tivo accordingly), but with actresses like the lovely Diora Baird, I just have to wonder that they were probably born in the wrong era of cinema. Like most people, I only know of Baird’s work from photographs and it’s mostly photos of her without any clothes. I saw Wedding Crashers, but I don’t really remember her from it (the only thing I do remember for that film is that scene where Christopher Walken asks Vince Vaughn about his dance moves) and I haven’t seen the new Texas Chainsaw film in spite of being me star struck in front of the hero prop sometime last year. Up until last Friday, I hadn’t her say a line of dialogue or anything. Then I saw her on “The Soup” (which I feel is a better show than “Best Week Ever”) and I don’t know, man, I just wish there was a filmmaker out there making cheapie, fun exploitation films about girls with big boobs on motorcycles or whatever. These films are being made today; where would Cinemax be without late night programming featuring the Busty Cops series? But these films aren’t good (what a shock) and well, they are made just for to provide a quick bit of skin at 2 in the morning.

Yet I have hope for the future of big breasted actresses in mainstream films because they probably want to move beyond being the girl with the great rack in American Pie 29 and quite frankly, we don’t need another American Pie type even if Eugene Levy’s cameos in the films help send his children to Harvard. What we need is for the filmmakers behind Grind House to make a fake trailer for a Russ Meyers style of film and have Diora Baird in it, then bingo bango, people dig on that and there’ll be a demand on weirdo melodramas about oversexed girl gangs terrorizing small towns. We need that level of excitement back in the movies again. If we can somehow manage to juggle (pun intended) multiplexes full of trashy, drive in fare with the high borrow art films, then we’ll be in good shape.

Granted, I’m using the same type of logic that was applied to Coupon: The Movie. Also, it should be noted, I have very little material for today; I found that photo and felt like sharing and I wanted to mention how good TCM Underground is.

Once again, apologizing for being political and it’s rather short notice, but if you’re over the age of 18 and live in California, you have until October 23rd in order to register for the November 7th election. Go here to figure out the specifics for your own counties and what not. I was going to work the election this year, but weirdly, I’m busy and you know, standing on my feet for 15 hours while I have a panic attack just isn’t worth the 90 bucks they’re offering. Not to mention, I couldn’t be unbiased because I’d wear a giant t-shirt that says: “No on 85". That and I’m not sure if the old ladies I’d be working with would be familiar with Cory Kennedy ‘s blog cause that’s like the only thing I like to talk about these days.

“Heroes” will under whelm us again tonight. Roughly there’ll be about 10 minutes of great TV surrounded 33 minutes of mind numbing crap. Although I don’t think the problem is the acting or the writing on the show, it’s the directing. Because the writing is there, but actors don’t really sell the dialogue; they believe it’s as ridiculous as the audience does. Okay, so maybe it’s a bit of both; bad directing and bad casting, but never the less, the episode will have a great ending that’ll be ruin a minute later by the promo for next week’s episode.

While he may take a shit on what the skeet on… empire considers to be the best new show on TV right, now, “The Nine,” it’s still highly recommend that if given the chance, one should watch “It’s Showtime at the Apollo,” with Robin Brown.

I can understand why Fox fired Steve Lyons, but at least, he kept things interesting and quite frankly, I’d watch more games now, just to see what he’d say next; Lyons with this firing has become a Howard Stern type figure; not necessarily funny or socially biting, but one wants to hear what he’s going to say next. You know with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, they’re going to say the same bullshit over and over again; “How much more awesome would be this game if Derek Jeter was playing and like he hit 10 grand slams.” It’s boring and more harmful to the game of baseball its self. With Lyons calling a game, you don’t know if he’s going to make some racial slur or make fun of somebody in the stands or even heaven forbid, say that Derek Jeter is a wee bit overrated.

Rachel B. to star in a Doug Liman film, which is a good and bad; good cause you know more film work, but a bad cause it’s a post Go Doug Liman and he hasn’t made a decent film since 1999.

And finally, we have Tessa from MTV’s “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and for a moment, let’s forget about her split lower lip and the fact that her parents have disowned her, forcing her to live at her friend’s house. Let’s leave that to side even though it might shine a little light onto things, but the thing I notice or at least, I finally figured who Tessa reminds me of. She reminds me of this girl on “Made”. On her particular episode, she, being a nerdy, shy girl who wanted to become beautiful and popular, but you have to say that you want to be made into a beauty queen, but that’s beside the point. At one point in the episode, the girl with a fresh make over, goes all over campus talking about she’s going to have a boyfriend by the end of the day. The girl tells everybody, including teachers, so the whole school is rooting for her. Naturally when the girl asks the guy if he wants to hang, he says yes, but then like a couple of minutes later, he tells the girl that he has a girlfriend. He could’ve been bullshitting; you know we don’t know, but at least he was honest with the girl. Now bring it to a point, Tessa is that very same type of girl except she’s built like a swimsuit model; she puts all of her eggs in one romantic basket and really hopes that this date with such and such random surfer dude will work out. I don’t know, it’s just frustrating to watch her each week try to make something happen with a guy, only for the guy to break it off for a sluttier girl. I don’t know why but I’m feeling compassion for a character on a fake reality TV show.

Oct 13, 2006

A Point to all of this Power

To make things extremely brief and straight to the point; this one while you may need a wide screen for it, is an homage to power point presentation. Now, the only thing that I ask of you is that you click on the “yeah baby” button on this particular Austin Powers soundboard in between photos. I have yet to figure out how to incorporate sounds into a power point presentation, but if I could I’d assume it would be Austin Powers saying “yeah, baby!” because it’s so cutting edge that we’re all still bleeding from it.

Ellen Pompeo is really weird looking. Forget the fact that she doesn’t eat, the lady looks as if she’s from the same planet that Bowie came from in Nicholas Roeg’s surreal masterpiece The Man Who Fell to Earth. I bet she tells Katherine Heigl to stop being so hot all the fucking time.

I love getting press releases in my e-mail especially when it’s rather large photos of Borat. Check out the soundtrack for one of the funniest films of the year on Downtown Records at the end of this month. It’s got “In My Country There is Problem” on there. If we all buy it, maybe then they’ll release a second volume with “Bing Bong” on it.

Gael Garcia Bernal needs to be in more movies because the dude is too good. Or at least, I’m really impressed by him because I rarely watch films with him in them.

Crushing on Isla Fisher thanks in part to Goldenfiddle (also I’m ripping off Spencer Sloan)

I liked it when the Cobra Snake would mostly take pictures of Cory Kennedy, but I guess she hangs with cooler & better photographers these days.

The poster looks cool, but let’s hope Fincher doesn’t pull another Panic Room on us. Heck, I’m just be happy if the film is on par with The Game.

Can’t explain it, but I’m really digging this album. Cold War Kids have that same level of cool that the Kills has/had and the song, “Robbers” is weirdly great to air drum to.

Making Jeffrey Tambor act with a laugh track is just wrong and cruel. I don't need the laughter of dead people to tell me when to laugh at something Tambor does. I like to laugh at my own pace. Also, John Lithgow is too over the top; it may have earned some Emmys, but jeepers creepers, it's okay to be subtle on TV.

Oct 12, 2006

Snark Sandwich

One has to imagine how much funnier the movie, Man of the Year could’ve been if writer/director Barry Levinson pulled a Ali G Indahouse and made a film about Stephen Colbert becoming president instead of you know, two hours of Robin Williams shouting out punch lines. A film about a president that finally embodies truthiness and a country free of bears with a B.L.T. on every plate; wait a minute, I could actually get behind that kind of president. At least, Colbert would probably do something about North Korea other than a strongly worded warning against the country.

I don’t mean to get too political here, but is anybody else wondering why we haven’t taken any stronger actions against North Korea this week? There were some rumors a couple of years ago about nuclear weapons possibly being in Iraq and we launched a war without an exit strategy. Now, North Korea may have tested nuclear weapons a couple of days ago and may have a few more weapons of mass destruction, but we’re just going to sit this one out; where the fuck are we? At the roller rink and the DJ is playing some Jessica Simpson song, so we’re just going to sit this song out and hope maybe the DJ is cool and will play the Clash in a couple of songs from now? It makes no sense or is Bush just so kabuki’ed out on the matter that he doesn’t want to start another war without cold hard evidence. It makes sense and all, but if a member of this infamous axis of evil is testing nuclear weapons with the potential to fuck our collective and metaphorically couches, what’s the deal?

Perhaps, I should just stick to talking about how awesome “The Nine” is and sadly admitting that “Lost” is getting good again. For some reason, I liked last night’s episode of “Lost,” a lot; a lot more than the season premiere. Maybe it was due to the casting of Michael Bowen and Trixie from “Deadwood,” and that added to the fun of the show. Or simply because the writers made everything just a bit more confusing. It’s good kind of confusion or at least a sense of confusion that won’t resolve its self with a cop out ending.

It’s weird because TV shows are actually good. “30 Rock” is funny; well everybody but that lady from “Ally McBeal,” she feels like a comedy chaperone or like one of those ladies at lunch during elementary school that’d make sure nobody fought and dismissed everybody to recess with their bullhorns. You can have your fun, but within reasons.

Drawing a blank on other things that are going around these days. That Cold War Kids album is pretty good. I listened to it instead of listening to my third favorite thing on Sirius: DJ Kay Slay’s show on Shade 45. I can take or leave Slay’s musical selections (who wants to shitty remixes with Papoose on them anyways?), but I love to listen to Kay Slay talk about how awesome his myspace page is and compare how friends has as well as how many friends Papoose with the in studio guests. And some how it all gets turned into Kay Slay talking about how he hates white people. It’s great, but that Cold War Kids album is just a little bit better.

Ever run into somebody from high school or at least see somebody that went to your high school and now, a couple of years later, they resemble somebody slightly famous? I saw this girl from my high school the other day and she looked a slightly more retarded version of Paris Hilton.

With the closing of Towers this week or at least the start of the going out of business sales, has anybody found any good deals yet? I was trolling around a Tower the other day and the discount was only 10% off the sticker price, but the store had so kindly removed the sticker prices from all the products. So I had no clue if I was dealing with Monty Hall or some dime store Monty Hall. How are they going to clear any product if I don’t know how much of a deal I’m getting?

If I could have a moment with the world’s DVD nerd population, in regards to Tower, the liquidation sale and Criterion Collection DVDs; let’s wait a couple of weeks before we clear them out.. The discounts will get lower and lower and we’ll save a couple more bucks.

Oct 11, 2006

Scar face

As long as “30 Rock” doesn’t featuring a storyline involving the romantic entanglements between Sarah Paulson and Matthew Perry that goes nowhere and brings the show to a grinding halt, it’ll probably be a hit. Tina Fey is bound to knock it out of the park or at least a little funnier than Aaron Sorkin and his little show. Well, Tina Fey thinks of comedy first and fore most, so she would get bogged down in the much known as a shitty love story between two actors who absolutely have no chemistry together whatsoever. Not to mention that “30 Rock” has amazing cast: Fey, Tracy “I’m the king of Scores” Morgan, Alec Baldwin, and Judah Friedlander. Not to mention that there’d probably be a ton of jokes about how dumb Jimmy Fallon is. So, here’s to hoping that Tina Fey comes up with some “Larry Sanders” type of magic.

It should be noted that there must be a rather large buzz or at least in my neck of the woods for those Cold War Kids. Had to go to two Best Buys to find their album and by the time I found it, it was the store’s last copy. So either they’re under distributing the album or only putting out a couple of copies at a time or people are just into the music and want to buy an album.

The Thigh Master thighally gets to see Borat and guess what? He loved it!

Not sure if many caught this, but last night during Spike TV’s Scream Awards, they showed some footage from the Rodriguez / Tarantino double feature Grind House. If you were at Comic Con this summer, then you saw a majority of the footage already; just a couple more shots of gore here and there. If anything the footage they showed down plays the fact that Rodriguez’s portion of the double feature, Planet Terror looks and feels like an old John Carpenter film. The footage was shown right around the start of the second hour. I taped it and just fast forwarded to the point in the show where they were giving an award to Tarantino and Rodriguez. So if you flip by Spike and catch a hastily put together montage of the works of the directors, stick around for a little bit, cause you’ll be treated to some footage. Or one could just wait until it’s on YouTube or whatever. [Editor's note: the footage can now be seen here]

Has this happened to anybody else before because I feel as if this happens to me all the time. So, the one part of the day I go outside because it’s nice and what not; you know, it’s Southern California and I sit outside and read the paper or do a bit of writing, but the minute I take something out of my backpack, the wind starts to blow rather hard making it either difficult to read something because the pages are moving in two different directions. It defeats the purpose of enjoying nature or at least from my perspective. Perhaps nature is telling me that I shouldn’t be reading. You know, you can’t make a cow any prettier by putting a top hat on it, so why am I reading? I’m already dumb enough.
I had a conversation with a friend of mine a couple of months ago. More than a couple of months ago; probably like 6 months ago. Any ways, my friend, she’s a big fan of American Apparel and I made a joke saying, “oh, man, I can’t wait for them to make jeans”. Well, check it out, we got American Apparel jeans coming in the next couple of weeks. I’m not a fan of co signers unless it’s regards to talking about answers on multiple choice tests after class (‘did you get a lot of true answers, too?’ ‘yeah, i did.’), but I think I’m going to wait for somebody like Cory Kennedy to co sign for them before I even think about considering buying those jeans.

Then again, how important in this day and age is a co sign from a celebrity? I was listening to a nameless hip hop show and one of the guys on the show was making a deal about how 50 Cent was on “106 & Park,” talking about how he liked that “Chicken Noodle Soup” tune as well as the new Jim Jones single, “We Fly High,” (which by the way, sorry, Capo status, blows). Does a thing like that really affect one’s musical tastes? In a way it has sorta affected my film viewing habits because directors I like talk about their influences and I want to watch those films, but I’m a film snob and what not. But for normal, regular people, is an individual on the level of 50 talking about how he likes a particular song going to affect anything?

Fuck Brooke Skye and free Bubba even though he’s not locked up

It should be noted that last night’s “Veronica Mars,” while getting the show back on track and what it does well. Being funny, weird and presenting more questions than answers, but also the episode featured a shout out to frequent commentor, Najork (V. Mars said, “holy smokes,” for those who weren’t keeping score). Now, we just need to make sure that we never ever see that Piz guy again (why can’t Wallace’s roommate be the guy from “Freaks & Geeks”?) and getting rid of those American Eagle girls; yes, I fast forward through those things, but I caught the tail end of one and it just makes the show it’s made only for girls. It’s a show that can be enjoyed by anybody.

Oct 10, 2006

Clothing Opitional

The releases of the Blood Brothers’ great new album, “Young Machetes,” as well as the full-length debut by local heroes, Cold War Kids could not have come during a weirder period for music. Now some may say that the iPod, commercial radio and the iTunes store in a way has killed the album. People will just download the tune they want to hear either legally or illegally and not explore the rest of what the artist has to offer. Sure, we’ve all been guilty of this practice because well, who wants to buy the new JoJo album because all you want is the single to put on a mix cd for a friend as a joke. It makes sense, but at the same time, I really can’t subscribe to the theory that iPod has marked the death march for album because when I was the most active with my iPod, I’d either buy or download albums every week or at least every other week. My appetite for music grew quite large and the only place that could feed my musical appetite was the local Tower Records.

Even before my iPod days, I spent every other week during my summer vacations between 7th grade and 8th grade and 9th grade, walking all the way down to Tower Records just to stare and marvel at the laserdiscs and read magazine and talk about Rancid and always putting off buying that Op Ivy CD. Tower Records was the place that shaped my rather shitty taste in music. And I just have to wonder what the future holds for the next generation and their musical choices. I grew up with Tower that was about 10 minute bus ride from my house and looked how I turned out, so you have to wonder how a bunch of kids that are growing up with Best Buys on every other block are going to turn out. Best Buy isn’t going to help some kid find a Le Tigre CD; they’ll just direct the sucker to the Latin music section.

And I’m well aware of on line ordering of music and getting stuff from the iTunes store, but it’s not the same as going into the store, finding that album and instantly putting into your stereo. There’s a greater sense of satisfaction in that then placing an order on insound and waiting a week or two to put it in the stereo and drive around with the album.

So, Tower Records, you’ll sorely be missed, but at least with Best Buy, I check ahead on their website and see if the store has what I want to pick up.

Also, you have to wonder what’ll become of the Tower on Sunset? It’s kind of a big deal in L.A. or at least Sunset it seemed like a pretty important and significant landmark. Its in the heart of young Hollywood, but what’ll happen to it?

I’m starting to see through the fog about ”Heroes”. It’s “The Watchmen” minus the depth and likable characters. I know that one of the requirements for a success show is to have likable characters but a majority of the characters on “Heroes” are terrible or just mopey and dull. I’m not sure if the blame for that is to be placed on the writing, it could be on the direction and casting because whoever cast the show blew it. Yet what’ll bring me back next week to the show is the fucking ending. Each week, the episode ends on such an interesting cliff hanger that it total negates the past 40 minutes of bullshit and I have to come back the following week to see what happens. I know that they won’t resolve anything and the promos cut by the crack staff at NBC pretty much ruins the surprise for the following week. Don’t they realize with an ending that the show had last night would just drive people bonkers, trying to figure out what’s going to happen next week; pardon me for being a bit vague because I wouldn’t want to spoil things for those who have yet to watch this week’s “Heroes” yet. But if there’s a promo immediately following that stunning ending showing that the character featured in the amazing cliff hanger makes it out okay, then where’s the point in tuning? I know that everything is okay and the how it happened question isn’t as interesting as the simple, “how the fuck are they going to get through this?” question. Cliff hangers are there for a reason. And that guy who thinks he can fly, needs to think he can fly, then leap off a building and then die because the dude sucks the life out of the show with his half assed mish mash of Zach Braff mopeyness and 'i don't want to be the leader, but i have to be leader' attitude he co opted from Jack on "Lost".

That’s how “Lost” hooked me back in for this season or at least for a couple of episodes, then I’m waiting for it to get shitty.

Oct 9, 2006

Gimme Shelter

It’s not surprising that The Departed is Scorsese’s biggest opening film to date because it’s probably his most mainstream and commercial film to date, but oddly, this isn’t a bad thing. The Departed is extremely entertaining and engaging film; as soon as I heard the opening cords of the Scorsese soundtrack staple: “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones, I knew that Scorsese was going for the fences. Thankfully this wasn’t the Scorsese who thought he could turn a period piece remake of Walter Hill’s the Warriors into Oscar bait or the Scorsese that did a decent job directing cinematographer Robert Richardson’s demo reel. This is a Scorsese just wanting to make good movie. The majors, you know DiCaprio, Damon, Nicholson are all good, but what makes the film work and I think Michael Mann should take note of this for his next grand crime epic, is the supporting cast surrounding the three leads.

While I was watching The Departed, I started to think about Michael Mann’s mess of a film known as Miami Vice and how much better it would’ve been Mann did what Scorsese did. While The Departed is a fairly dramatic film filled with some rather tense moments, it’s rather funny. The film’s scene-stealers are Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin. Sure their character help move the story forward, but for the most part, their performances interject some great one liners and sight gags, then get out of the film. It breaks a bit of the monotony of the story; with a run length of two and half hours, the audience is going to need not only time to breath, but a good laugh or two. Alec Baldwin’s performance as Ellerby, is well one of the finest sweaty American characters since Steve Carell’s Michael Scott on “The Office”. Mann could have used of that humor and brevity to make up the endless parade of shit dialogue by actors with horrible southern accents.

The Departed, if such a thing exists, plays almost like a collection of Scorsese’s greatest film techniques. He’s using all of his tricks; he’s pumping a lot of Rolling Stones; some sly editing techniques, although no great stedicam sequence. Not to mention, this was the first time I watched a Scorsese film where the audience actually talked back to the screen. I won’t say where in the film, but one woman said a single line back to the screen about 6 or 7 times in a row.

Yet the one thing that intrigued the most about The Departed was Scorsese’s decision to feature Miike’s masterful Audition in the back of a scene. I can’t understand why that film would be featured in the film, let alone, I can’t understand how the characters aren’t glued to their TV watching that film unfold. Granted, it appeared they were at thirty minute mark in Audition, but its about to getting interesting. Is Scorsese giving a sly nod to Asian cinema by featuring that film or is making a connection between The Departed and Audition or is he just a fan of Miike? It bothers me.

So, in conclusion, watch The Departed and rent Audition. Don’t read the box or look up any details about it. Just find it at the store and blindly walk yourself to the cash register, pay for it and somehow manage to not read anything about it before you watch it. Well, the same goes for both films. Just watch them and support quality filmmaking.

In spite of all the hot water, the Pope has currently got himself caught up in, I bet you dollars to donuts that the dude could probably get behind the whole barely legal girls from the Valley wearing nun habits. It’s an interesting image for the Catholic Church and probably one that Bunuel did in a film that I have yet to discover on DVD. Shorty shorts and habits, I guess, are cooler than a polar bear’s toenails and my new favorite show, “The Nine”. .

Related: learn how to dress up like a nun here.

Semi related: if it’s not “The Nine”, then it’s bullshit.

And so it begins, the countdown to when the Yankees will get rid of A Fraud. Rodriguez’s career with the Yankees reminds me a bit of the most recent Cam’ron album, “Killa Season.” I was driving around the other day and on the radio, some DJ had taken the a cappella of T.I.’s “I’m Talking to You,” and put it over the beat for “Wet Wipes”. I remember when I first heard “Wet Wipes,” and all the hope that I had “Killa Season” would be a classic album. How could you go wrong with a street single produced by the Alchemist, the rest of the album should be amazing? Then that day came when the album leaked on line and everybody or at least all of the rap nerds were bummed. “Killa Season” had its moments, but it was a mess and if the album went to the post season, it’d be strike out as often as A Rod did. So I can understand the frustration and angst of a Yankee fan, A Rod was supposed to be this god that’d take the team back to the promise land. Granted the dude can kill it in the regular season, but A Rod is the Karl Malone of baseball. Malone was never meant to win a tile and the same goes for A Rod. Unless, the Yankees want to trade him to the Angels, then yes, the dude is bound for a ring. He needs to play for the Angels because there’s absolutely no media pressure on the Angels, even from the Orange County press. Living in the shadows of the Dodgers will do wonders for his confidence and psyche. It’s cool if the Angels have to give up Ervin ‘Santana’s Town’ Santana for him.

The obligatory mention of the new Jay-Z single: It’s okay, but I’d rather listen to an album of Justin Blaze instrumentals instead. Just a thought, but don’t you think the new Rapture album would’ve been a lot more interesting if Just Blaze produced it? He’s using a lot of live instrumentation, so the next logical step would be for him to produce at least a record with some rock band. No Velvet Revolver bullshit either.

Okay, so a week ago it seemed like I was confused by the rise in popularity of cupcakes as the choice dessert of celebrities and rich people. I did some research and discovered that one of the ‘it’ cupcake spots called Sprinkles had a location in the orange curtain. So I cruised down there, paid an arm and leg for six cupcakes and learned that their cupcakes are amazing. Even a couple of days old, they still taste good; like a Bordeaux bar from See’s.

Don’t forget Plan 9 From Outer Space this Friday on TCM Underground. Probably more laughs than a Dane Cook stand up routine.

And finally, I really have nothing to say, but it just felt weird that there wasn't a photo of a babe in a majority of this update. So, shout outs to Diora Baird and her red hair; she doesn’t look like that much Catherine Deneuve anymore, but more like a hotter version of Bryce Dallas Howard. Just in general, a shout out to big boobs.

I’m like Showtime as a network. It’s the home of “Weeds,” and quite often, they show movies letterboxed. They try, real hard to stand out of those large gigantic shadows cast by the rival premium network HBO, but I don’t understand the show, “The Underground”. Since when was a parody of “Pimp My Ride” that’s about two years too late considered to be edgy and crazy sketch comedy? Then again, I always fail to realize that a member of the cast is/was featured on “Wild ‘N’ Out.” Showtime needs to step it up quite a bit or at least, look for funnier comedians. A show with Damon Wayans uncensored, maybe in 1994 would’ve been outta hand, but you know, it’s just about 10 years too late.

Oct 5, 2006

Finna bars

Is it me or does it seem like the new Scorsese film The Departed flown rather low under the radar? Granted there were those stories about Nicholson on Defamer a week or two ago, but for the most part, it doesn’t seem like there’s the right amount of hoopla behind the film. Sure, Scorsese is still working with DiCaprio, but you have to admire Scorsese for going back to the crime epic well one more time. And at least this time around, it’s not just a variation on the style and techniques from Goodfellas, he’s aiming for the fences. Could’ve done better casting, but hey, who am I judge?

I want to believe that with the release of The Departed, it marks a shift to a point where films are finally better than TV shows. Right now, TV is winning that battle; there’s just too much good TV out there right now and very few films that are worth trip out to the theater. Or people like myself get so excited and over hype our selves on the fact that Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has a new film out, then we watch it and think it’s only okay. Honestly, we gotta stop doing that or at least, I have to stop doing that because it makes going to the movies suck. With TV shows and why become addicted to certain shows is because generally, exception levels for TV is so low. If a show like “The Nine” was a movie, I’d probably never watch it because what are they going to do in two hours with that particular story? Interesting concept, but as a movie, it wouldn’t work. Yet watching it after “Lost,” I was on the edge of my seat. It’s great TV and the writers can spend 22 episodes developing character arcs. With film, the writer has a couple of pages to establish a character.

I dunno. I just hope that movies get better rather quickly.

Speaking of “Lost,” I wasn’t blown away by the episode, but the conclusion of the episode left me wanting more, a lot more. A solid episode and I’ll be back next week, eager and waiting to hate upon it.

Forget about a Hilary Clinton run for president in ’08, I think what America needs theSean Lennon/Cory Kennedy campaign. And you know that America would become the best-dressed country, but we as a nation would be riding on our famous father’s coat tails, too.

Anybody see “South Park” last night? My Comedy Central feed exploded last night because all I saw was a black screen; no
Colbert Report either. Sucks.

I'm kinda of crushing on Captain Ahab and their song, "Girls Gone Wild" as featured on last week's "The Office". Get into it.

Oct 4, 2006

Blues Got the Muffin

Despite it’s beyond awful new opening credits, “Veronica Mars” made a somewhat successful debut on the CW. Granted the new season opener lacked the punch of season two’s magnificent opening (how does one really top an bus crashing into an ocean?), but there was enough on the plate to make a few mouths water. The problem though with the show or perhaps it’s with TV in general lately, too many commercials. I watched a recorded version of the show, so I could fast forward through commercials and what not, but it’d be like five minutes of show, then another commercial break. The same thing happened during “Heroes” the other night as well. I understand that networks and stations have to pay the bills, but at the same time with the frequent commercial breaks, the rhythm of the show is completely thrown off. The fade outs are so rough and well, unnatural. The writers write the show with a particular structure in mind and granted things get shifted around in the editing process, but the writers write with the commercial breaks in mind. Why are there huge gaps between acts in my Final Draft template for a TV drama script? That’s where the fucking commercials are supposed to go. Or just run a show with limited commercial intruption and rather blatant product placement. I’d be willing to forgive an episode of “Heroes” if in every other scene a character is drinking a can of Pepsi or any Pepsi related product just as long as it ran mostly commercial free.

It would be difficult for a show like “Lost” to have product tie ins, but that doesn’t matter as much as “Lost” is over or at least, potentially over. Season two was a lot of bullshit and I have a rather strong feeling it’s going to be more of the same. J.J. Abrahams Lincoln said that he’s going to focus in on the show this season, but you know with two other shows on the air and movie deals, the guy is going to be ice skating in regards to the show. Damon Lindelof is a great writer and all, but I think it’s time to pull him away from the table just a moment. Let him go write an episode of “Heroes” or something, but the show needs to figure out where, when and how they’re going to wrap things up.

The thing or at least things that have been bothering me about this current season of “Laguna Beach” are as follows:
-Is Tyler a closet case? Cause what dude wears Gucci loafers to the fucking beach? Let alone, Gucci loafers in the first place? I understand the notion and concept of being wealthy and what better way to rub it in by wearing expensive kicks to the beach, but there’s another way, a more fun way to rub it in that you’re wealthy than everybody else. Just order an expensive meal and not finish everything. You know take a couple of bites, then have the rest taken away.
-This is probably the biggest issue I have the season, does Tessa actually have a family and house that she calls her home or does she live with Raquel/“Rocky”? We’ve never seen her parents; take that back; saw her moms briefly, but other than that, there’s never a moment at her house or a friendly chit chat amongst moms of daughters with spending problems. If Tessa’s parents don’t like her, then it explains so much more about her and it needs to be the focus of at least one episode; it even could be a ‘b’ story.

It's highly recommended to listen to "Something's Got to Give" by the Beastie Boys off the sometimes underrated, "Check Your Head" while driving into Hollywood. It'll only make sense once you do it.

Oct 3, 2006


In spite it’s solid conclusion last night, I honestly have to believe that “Weeds” jumped the shark last night with its brief cameos by Snoop and the arch Bishop Don Magic Juan. Sure, a show about pot should have a cameo by one of America’s most blunted (although, the show would’ve gotten more cool points if it was Madlib in the studio, rapping about MILF weed); it only makes sense, but you know to have him rap was just bad. Like all sorts of bad that I can’t even begin to understand. Snoop used to be a great rapper and sure, he’s made a couple of tunes over the last five years or so, but that had to be the most uninspired performance done by a professional rapper in the history of movies and television. The guy who played Professor Murder on “Mr. Show with Bob & David” was more convincing.

Don’t forget to watch V. Mars tonight. It’s the CW, but come on!

Damn Busters

I’m sure most normal people are sick of the “Little Superstar” video by now. Me, it honestly cheers me up and doing impressions of the little superstar in question got me through a rather hellacious class. It wasn't hellacious as much as it was just rather long. Never the less, this is the first viral video that I can actually get behind me because it’s actually funny. The biggest problem that I have with this video is actually finding a copy of the film because I want to see the full film. It’s not a want, it’s more of a need. I need to see the rest of the film because well, the movies have been dropping the ball lately and I think we all could use the cinematic pick me up known as 85 minutes of some midget guy popping and locking. Yet, the downside and I’ve realize the downside of the matter rather quickly is that by the time the film is actually released by some company out here, it’ll be too late. You know the buzz will have already passed but people on “Attack of the Show” (is that still even on the air?) will be talking about still in six months from now (does that one dude still talk about Snakes on a Plane too?). So I’m looking at the fine folks over at Mondo Macabro to put the movie out on DVD, but it doesn’t have to be a quality transfer or anything; just put it out there. Don’t worry about finding the cleanest print, just put the film out there and bring in some cash.

Who doesn't love the midget on the bed dancing as well? With the mullet, it's amazing. For those interested in seeing more of the film: go here first then here and finally here. It's been said before, but M.I.A. should get these guys to be in her next video.

Anybody else catch “Heroes” last night? Yeah, fuck “Lost,” dudes. In spite of being a show where I hate a majority of its characters and features some rather awful acting from the lovely Nora Zehetner, I will still come back to the show the following week because A) it feels like the creators behind the show know exactly where they’re going with the storyline; we, being the audience aren’t going to be strung along for a bunch of episodes that negate the past couple of episodes and secondly, there’s no Charlie & Claire. Sure, there’s a recovering junkie on “Heroes,” but the dude doesn’t sing some shitty song in some stupid accent, screaming about some other stupid girl’s baby. “Heroes” gets bogged down in bullshit, but at the same time, when it’s golden, its really golden. The cheerleader stuff is great; the Japanese guy is great; the guy from all those J.J. Abramas Lincoln shows is pretty okay, but that guy who flies, I just want to hit fast forward because there’s this weird, mopey Zach Braff vibe guy, but at the same time, I think he’s the Jack character, so he’s the leader of the group, when they become a group, of course. Then again, Cyclops was never anyone’s favorite X-Man in the first place.

Yes, the rumors are true. During a recent look through my vast archives, I found the first few episodes of yours truly and Robin Brown’s public access TV show, “PTR! Variety Hour Half Hour” will soon make their way onto the internet. Just as soon as I get a moment of free time, probably in mid November, they’ll make a happy home on line. I’m not promising it’s going to be anything spectacular or groundbreaking, but it might be funny or at least a minute. Cause watching those old shows, gives me the chills because it needs so much more editing. Things on the show ran for days and weeks, man. Just all sorts of bad editing.

Does one have to live in NYC to be apart of Product Shop NYC’s radio show on Sirius? It’s kind of not fair; some of us get panic attacks when we hang around those Misshapes types and networking is rather difficult. Then again, what music am I going to bring to the table? “Prom Quiz” by Grayskul, a Nation of Ulysses tune, some Sleep and maybe some old Morricone score (gearing up for massive rewrites, dudes). I’m not sure that my other plan to get on Sirius would work; find pictures of Kay Slay with a white woman, then black mail him into promoting the hell out of me in spite of being rather shitty rapper. This theory could explain the success of Papoose.

Speaking of internet related radio shows, the SCEPH is on tonight from 9pm to 10pm (California time). It’s a tough call because the season premiere of “Veronica Mars” is on at the same time, but I do have a DVR, so I’m good, but one could also download an episode of SCEPH a day or two later. Who knows, tough call, dudes.

I'm working my way into the groove of this. Give it a couple of days.

Oct 2, 2006

Heaven is a Truck Stop

The thing about the new ‘meaner & leaner’ season of “Saturday Night Live,” is that they or at least new head writer, Seth Myers and his staff tried to combat the weekly diet Paddy Chayefsky attacks from Aaron Sorkin and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.” They just tried a bit too hard to be political and in your face about what’s going on with the world today, but here’s the thing, just because some writer is doing a show about a shitty sketch comedy show, doesn’t mean one has to stop being funny. What happened to funny, weird skits like that Will Forte water delivery guys skit? I dunno anymore.

I’m just coming to the conclusion that I’m understanding less and less about the world around or at least popular culture. You take off the month of September and apparently to be taken seriously as musicians, one has to dress up like nerdy cowboys and name drop Bruce Springsteen in about every interview one does. How come nobody has said that the new Killers album sounds nothing like a Bruce record and more like a fucking Cars record? Did Brandon Flowers steal Ric Ocasek’s voice, which could explain why Todd Rundgren is the singer of the New Cars? That first Killers album, which I’ll admit I was a sucker for, but it came out at the right moment where it was okay to buy albums with some dancey tracks on it. The Killers in the summer of ’04 were on the level or at least the same reason why DJs will play shit like “Laffy Taffy,” cause stupid girls will dance to it. Perhaps, the biggest problem I have with the Killers is that their new image instantly reminds me of the guys in the Devo video for ”Whip It”; not Devo themselves, but the other people in the video. And you know, what’s wrong with making dancey, fun songs in the first place? Why do most musicians assume that they have musical genius or prowess of a Lennon/McCartney or even to a lesser extent, Bono to expand and diversify their sound after one album? Stick with a particular style for at least two albums, then, I think it’ll be okay to change up the sound a bit. Or just come out the gate like the late great GoGoGo Airheart who could never pick a particular style, so pretty much all of the albums were beautiful messes. One has to earn the radical shift in tone and style; putting up a bowler tie and growing a shitty mustache isn’t enough.

Before I get any further, I have to apologize to the reading audience at large for taking off pretty much the whole month of September and well, probably the next couple of months as well. Things actually got busy for me and honestly, I was losing my love for this shit. Besides, there are far too many better blogs out there that y’all should be reading like Passion of the Weiss. The final nail in the coffin known as the skeet on… empire was nearly placed after the discovery of the Cory Kennedy blog. Who wants to read my bullshit thoughts on “Heroes” when you can be reading about some girl partying with Maroon 5? So, I’m going to make an attempt in the month of October to actually regularly update this week (4 days a week). I just worry that I’m going to be hitting the same subjects over and over again. I hate ‘Best of’ Stern or at least old fashion ‘best of’ Stern and I just feel like the skeet on.. business is in best of mode. The same people I dug a couple of months ago are still the ones making cool stuff, so I can’t be blame for going on and on and on, but I’ll attempt to cut down on the Rachel B references.

If anything, I think I came back just to remind everybody that the other best show you’re not watching: “Veronica Mars” starts it’s third and most likely final season. I’m not sure if the TV viewing community or at least TV nerds can handle another loss of a beloved show. Just check it out for an episode or at least record it and watch it after “Gray’s Anatomy” or whatever.

Speaking of new TV shows, so I was watching “Dexter” the other night and I couldn’t help but thinking how much more interesting the show would be if one of the victims that Dexter kills is played by Rick Ross. Miami is a hip hop hot bed right now and you know it would make Showtime seem more down with the hip hop community, if you know Dexter took out Rick Ross.

Then again, what do I know? I’ve totally slept on the whole cupcakes as the it dessert trolley. Can anybody explain how that happened? Back in elementary school, I remember getting cupcakes every now and then when it was somebody’s birthday and they had a stay at home parent, but past elementary school, a cupcake became a rather rare thing. Are Americans are finally waking up to the concept of having smaller portions, but only have decided to focus said activity to dessert? The three extra big Big Gulps of soda isn’t doing all that damage?

Anybody else bumming that Children of Men isn’t coming out until the end of December? That’s too long of a wait.