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Oct 10, 2006

Clothing Opitional

The releases of the Blood Brothers’ great new album, “Young Machetes,” as well as the full-length debut by local heroes, Cold War Kids could not have come during a weirder period for music. Now some may say that the iPod, commercial radio and the iTunes store in a way has killed the album. People will just download the tune they want to hear either legally or illegally and not explore the rest of what the artist has to offer. Sure, we’ve all been guilty of this practice because well, who wants to buy the new JoJo album because all you want is the single to put on a mix cd for a friend as a joke. It makes sense, but at the same time, I really can’t subscribe to the theory that iPod has marked the death march for album because when I was the most active with my iPod, I’d either buy or download albums every week or at least every other week. My appetite for music grew quite large and the only place that could feed my musical appetite was the local Tower Records.

Even before my iPod days, I spent every other week during my summer vacations between 7th grade and 8th grade and 9th grade, walking all the way down to Tower Records just to stare and marvel at the laserdiscs and read magazine and talk about Rancid and always putting off buying that Op Ivy CD. Tower Records was the place that shaped my rather shitty taste in music. And I just have to wonder what the future holds for the next generation and their musical choices. I grew up with Tower that was about 10 minute bus ride from my house and looked how I turned out, so you have to wonder how a bunch of kids that are growing up with Best Buys on every other block are going to turn out. Best Buy isn’t going to help some kid find a Le Tigre CD; they’ll just direct the sucker to the Latin music section.

And I’m well aware of on line ordering of music and getting stuff from the iTunes store, but it’s not the same as going into the store, finding that album and instantly putting into your stereo. There’s a greater sense of satisfaction in that then placing an order on insound and waiting a week or two to put it in the stereo and drive around with the album.

So, Tower Records, you’ll sorely be missed, but at least with Best Buy, I check ahead on their website and see if the store has what I want to pick up.

Also, you have to wonder what’ll become of the Tower on Sunset? It’s kind of a big deal in L.A. or at least Sunset it seemed like a pretty important and significant landmark. Its in the heart of young Hollywood, but what’ll happen to it?

I’m starting to see through the fog about ”Heroes”. It’s “The Watchmen” minus the depth and likable characters. I know that one of the requirements for a success show is to have likable characters but a majority of the characters on “Heroes” are terrible or just mopey and dull. I’m not sure if the blame for that is to be placed on the writing, it could be on the direction and casting because whoever cast the show blew it. Yet what’ll bring me back next week to the show is the fucking ending. Each week, the episode ends on such an interesting cliff hanger that it total negates the past 40 minutes of bullshit and I have to come back the following week to see what happens. I know that they won’t resolve anything and the promos cut by the crack staff at NBC pretty much ruins the surprise for the following week. Don’t they realize with an ending that the show had last night would just drive people bonkers, trying to figure out what’s going to happen next week; pardon me for being a bit vague because I wouldn’t want to spoil things for those who have yet to watch this week’s “Heroes” yet. But if there’s a promo immediately following that stunning ending showing that the character featured in the amazing cliff hanger makes it out okay, then where’s the point in tuning? I know that everything is okay and the how it happened question isn’t as interesting as the simple, “how the fuck are they going to get through this?” question. Cliff hangers are there for a reason. And that guy who thinks he can fly, needs to think he can fly, then leap off a building and then die because the dude sucks the life out of the show with his half assed mish mash of Zach Braff mopeyness and 'i don't want to be the leader, but i have to be leader' attitude he co opted from Jack on "Lost".

That’s how “Lost” hooked me back in for this season or at least for a couple of episodes, then I’m waiting for it to get shitty.


At 11:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Battlestar Galactica pulled a horrifying version of the promo-spoiler last week with their "this season on BG" meta-promo, in which a character who has supposedly just been executed by firing squad is seen up and about. Unless she's just another figment of Baltar's imagination, at this point.

Also, the comment about the Op Ivy CD is hysterical. I stared at that damn thing all through high school. I finally went out and bought it just for the hell of it three or so years ago.

-- Najork


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