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Oct 3, 2006

Damn Busters

I’m sure most normal people are sick of the “Little Superstar” video by now. Me, it honestly cheers me up and doing impressions of the little superstar in question got me through a rather hellacious class. It wasn't hellacious as much as it was just rather long. Never the less, this is the first viral video that I can actually get behind me because it’s actually funny. The biggest problem that I have with this video is actually finding a copy of the film because I want to see the full film. It’s not a want, it’s more of a need. I need to see the rest of the film because well, the movies have been dropping the ball lately and I think we all could use the cinematic pick me up known as 85 minutes of some midget guy popping and locking. Yet, the downside and I’ve realize the downside of the matter rather quickly is that by the time the film is actually released by some company out here, it’ll be too late. You know the buzz will have already passed but people on “Attack of the Show” (is that still even on the air?) will be talking about still in six months from now (does that one dude still talk about Snakes on a Plane too?). So I’m looking at the fine folks over at Mondo Macabro to put the movie out on DVD, but it doesn’t have to be a quality transfer or anything; just put it out there. Don’t worry about finding the cleanest print, just put the film out there and bring in some cash.

Who doesn't love the midget on the bed dancing as well? With the mullet, it's amazing. For those interested in seeing more of the film: go here first then here and finally here. It's been said before, but M.I.A. should get these guys to be in her next video.

Anybody else catch “Heroes” last night? Yeah, fuck “Lost,” dudes. In spite of being a show where I hate a majority of its characters and features some rather awful acting from the lovely Nora Zehetner, I will still come back to the show the following week because A) it feels like the creators behind the show know exactly where they’re going with the storyline; we, being the audience aren’t going to be strung along for a bunch of episodes that negate the past couple of episodes and secondly, there’s no Charlie & Claire. Sure, there’s a recovering junkie on “Heroes,” but the dude doesn’t sing some shitty song in some stupid accent, screaming about some other stupid girl’s baby. “Heroes” gets bogged down in bullshit, but at the same time, when it’s golden, its really golden. The cheerleader stuff is great; the Japanese guy is great; the guy from all those J.J. Abramas Lincoln shows is pretty okay, but that guy who flies, I just want to hit fast forward because there’s this weird, mopey Zach Braff vibe guy, but at the same time, I think he’s the Jack character, so he’s the leader of the group, when they become a group, of course. Then again, Cyclops was never anyone’s favorite X-Man in the first place.

Yes, the rumors are true. During a recent look through my vast archives, I found the first few episodes of yours truly and Robin Brown’s public access TV show, “PTR! Variety Hour Half Hour” will soon make their way onto the internet. Just as soon as I get a moment of free time, probably in mid November, they’ll make a happy home on line. I’m not promising it’s going to be anything spectacular or groundbreaking, but it might be funny or at least a minute. Cause watching those old shows, gives me the chills because it needs so much more editing. Things on the show ran for days and weeks, man. Just all sorts of bad editing.

Does one have to live in NYC to be apart of Product Shop NYC’s radio show on Sirius? It’s kind of not fair; some of us get panic attacks when we hang around those Misshapes types and networking is rather difficult. Then again, what music am I going to bring to the table? “Prom Quiz” by Grayskul, a Nation of Ulysses tune, some Sleep and maybe some old Morricone score (gearing up for massive rewrites, dudes). I’m not sure that my other plan to get on Sirius would work; find pictures of Kay Slay with a white woman, then black mail him into promoting the hell out of me in spite of being rather shitty rapper. This theory could explain the success of Papoose.

Speaking of internet related radio shows, the SCEPH is on tonight from 9pm to 10pm (California time). It’s a tough call because the season premiere of “Veronica Mars” is on at the same time, but I do have a DVR, so I’m good, but one could also download an episode of SCEPH a day or two later. Who knows, tough call, dudes.

I'm working my way into the groove of this. Give it a couple of days.


At 9:21 AM , Blogger poor man said...

Yes, "Heros" is a fun show. The Japanese guy and Ali Larter's butt are fine performers, but I've got a grip with NBC. I dunno what it's like in southern CA, but in NYC there were approx. 4 minutes of commercials/NBC promos for every 7 minutes of show.

That's just f&%#ing rude. I'll wait for the DVD if they keep that up.

At 9:33 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

The commercial breaks are a bit rough out here, too. Just as you start to get into things, there's another commerical break.

At 1:34 PM , Blogger Shy Violence said...

i definitely agree on the commercial gripe, although that first episode had limited commercial interruption and it was much better. i think the policeman who hears thoughts is going to become my favorite character, outside of the japanese guy.

and even if she acts horribly i will watch Nora Zehetner every week.

At 3:56 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

I liked Papoose much better the first time I'd heard him...when his name was Big L. Are you going to the Madlib show in LA next friday...should be a good one me thinks.

At 10:08 AM , Anonymous Jason PSNYC said...

email me at productshopnyc@gmail.com. Let's get you on sirius....


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