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Oct 23, 2006

Diggin' a Hole

While I thought the film was fairly entertaining and what not, The Prestige felt like a Merchant Ivory style adaptation of Spy VS Spy. Aside from all of the plot twists and turns and handsome production design, and rich visuals, it just remains a film about two men who are determined to destroy each other by any means necessary. Yet those pesky twists and turns which make the film a bit of fun to watch, makes it rather difficult to successfully talk about the film. The performances are good and it’s a Christopher Nolan film, so you know that the visual elements are solid.

Hey, who hasn’t heard the new Shins album yet? If you haven’t yet and you don’t use Internet Explorer, then check out Shots Ring Out. At press time, they had some ‘samples’ of the new stuff. I’d say something about the new stuff, but I’ve only listened to a couple of tracks and thought it was pretty good. No wow, but perhaps, it has to be the right moment and entanglements for it to be enjoyable. I’m just wondering how come the new Clipse album hasn’t leaked yet. The Shins isn’t out until January and every kid in the dorms at Columbia University has a copy, but the Clipse album, which comes out next month and there isn’t a leak in sight. That’s pretty shitty. Man, those people over at Jive really are dropping the ball. One, they don’t know how to promote and two, they have yet to realize that through leaking and the internerd community at large, will promote an album much more than crappy videos where Pharrell doesn’t wear a shirt.

That album needs to leak as well as The Good, The Bad and The Queen album.

The past couple of years, my Halloween costumes have been, well, rather obscure references from movies and the like. One year, I went as an Orphan from The Warriors and for the whole night, I had to explain that I was a character from the film and it just got really frustrating after a while. The same thing happened again this year at a Halloween party, but more on that in a moment. Now, women, for the most part, can get away with being anything for Halloween. Generally, there’s no explanation required or at least, there shouldn’t be an explanation. Perhaps, it’s better if I state that women as an adults, don’t really need to explain their costume for the most part because, it’s usually a successful attempt at being sexy. I kinda want to call bullshit on this only because I’m sick and tired of explaining my costumes each year. You see, I thought, my costume was fairly self explanatory. I wore giant Jackie O sunglasses and a skeleton costume, but I still had to tell people that I was Nicole Richie. I mean, isn’t it obvious? Maybe I should’ve brought an issue of US weekly with me and held it up every time somebody asked me about my costume.

The new question for Monday night shouldn’t be how much worse can “Studio 60” get this week, but how great will the ending for “Heroes” be? I know that I keep on bringing this subject up, but I’m still confused as to how they manage to make only 5 minutes of great TV each week. There should be some spill over into the rest of the show and it should be good, by default, right? Logic breaks my heart frequently, but I’m correct in this logical line of thinking. With the knowledge that next week’s episode or at least the sixth chapter in this story is going to pay something off, does anybody want to go out on a limb and say that this episode is going to pull it together and be a consistent episode from start to finish. And by consistent episode, I mean, good from start to finish.
[Image via November Eight]

Much thanks to Passion of the Weiss getting me hip to that Peter Bjorn and John album. Check out the tune, “Young Folks,” it’s rather catchy.

What’s the deal with the weather in Southern California the last couple of days? Everybody (by which I mean, two fairly important people in my life) have colds and it’s in the 80s. It’s just not fair to be complaining about wearing shorts in late October especially after watching the World Series the other night.

The new tradition or at least until I run out of photographs, your Monday moment of Diora Baird.


At 1:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm usually the last person in the theater to figure out plot gimmicks, but somehow I had unravelled pretty much all of The Prestige by the time the film was halfway done. Then I talked to a friend, and she had the same experience, so now I'm wondering if the film is just easy. Still, it was fairly enjoyable. D. Bowie as N. Tesla was an excellent treat. (As is the general Tesla renaissance we seem to be going through.)

I had been skipping Studio 60 because, while I was a big Sports Night fan back in the day, I'm not enough of a Sorkin fan to overcome the lethargy with which I usually greet new tv shows. But I saw episodes 4 and 5, so I went back and watched the others, and I think the last two weeks have actually been stronger than the two that preceded them. I still suspect the show is doomed much -- shows about shows always seem like a great idea to people in the media business, but I'm not sure anyone else actually cares. That leaves just the people who would show up if Sorkin did a show about a video rental store. Though I guess that includes me, because that sounds like a pretty awesome show.

At 1:03 PM , Blogger Shy Violence said...

i think i am with you on this week's episode of Heroes, i really hope that they can pull it together. i think we will see more of sinister glasses dude and hopefully more of Hiro as a ninja.

i think this is the episode where they need to drop some revelations on us, give us a bit more of the story arc. otherwise i think people are going to lose interest.

At 12:01 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Worst episode of "Heroes" ever. Nothing happened. I don't even want to write about it cause it sucked so much.

At 9:43 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

Just saw "The Prestige" and I agree with Najork. I knew how the movie ended at the beginning and I came into this film as I do any film I want to see solely based on the director, completely in the dark. (I even skipped your short paragraph about it.) And as the movie was continuing, I was becoming more and more depressed that I was right at the beginning because it felt like such a cop-out. The explanation for how The Transported Man trick works was pretty fucking lame for a movie about magic and magicians, and so easily guessible, that it made the ending so anti-climactic that it became climactic as I was on the edge of my seat wondering if they were actually going to use that as the explanation.

The only thing I guessed wrong was that at the end they didn't reveal the movie's true title to actually be "Insomnia II: The Prestige" because it was the same exact film but with magicians.


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