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Oct 31, 2006

Grey Gardens

Is it August of 2007 yet? I know that the new year is only two months away, but it’s still far too long to wait for the conclusion of “Weeds” season finale. That episode was pretty damn close to perfect. Not a wasted moment and magically, series creator, Jenji Kohan and her staff of writers managed to make an extremely outdated reference to Snakes on a Plane work. Well, not only did it work, but also it was actually funnier and oddly profound as Shane read a riot act to the youth of America. Don’t want to go into further details of the episode, but it was a home run to say the least. Also, Zooey Deschanel’s character needs a spin off or something. It’d be a smart move on the behalf of Showtime; “Weeds” at 10, then the Cat spin off at 10:30 as opposed to running back to back episodes of “Weeds” in-between promos for that show that sucked with that guy from that one show on HBO.

Also, it should be noted that I’m pretty close to quitting on “Heroes.” SPOILER WARNING FOR THOSE WHO TIVO & TORRENT THE SHOW.

Cool, the girl from Brick is a sneaky Pete and works for Clara’s creepy dad, but her performance is still beyond awful. She should only be in Rian Johnson films or give her a lot of dialogue to say, but make her say it really fast, like Howard Hawks screwball comedy fast. That was fine and all. It should be noted that my recording of the show cut off at the very end, so I may have missed something extremely cool involving that character and if you saw the full episode last night, fill me in, please. Cause she could have affected another thing I wanted to complain about. The fucking loose end involving the missing piece of the panting about saving the cheerleader. Each week, this show manages to wrap every shitty story line up, but for once, they let something go, but I mean, they just completely forgot about the d story all together and it’s not something that demanded resolution, but it would’ve been nice to find out if that Conor Obsert lookin’ wiener kid got the painting or not as opposed to watching that horrible scene with Ali Larter acting against her reflection. Maybe, I’m the one person who isn’t into Ali Larter’s character, but none of that was interesting or entertaining or moved any of the major plot points forward. So, her husband has super powers and I guess, their kid is like the Golden Child? I read an interview with one of the writers of “Heroes” who said the show is like Magnolia meets the X-Men. That’s completely inaccurate because in Magnolia things happen, events take place and with the X-Men, Wolverine goes nuts on Sabertooth every couple of issues. “Heroes” is like as if Terrance Malick directed an adaptation of “The Watchmen” without the beautiful cinematography and good actors who’d do anything to work with Terrance Malick.


I know it’s last minute and all, but if you’re still looking for a great costume for that last Halloweener party, may I suggest going as Haylie Duff. Nothing can be scarier. Although, my advice for Halloween will always be, stay home and watch Suspiria.

Speaking of last minute, that new Joanna Newsom album, which I think I’m the last person to listen to it, is good, but it’s draining. I need to take a nap or something after listening to it.


At 3:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Duff photo makes me think I want to spend Halloween costumed as Haylie Duff costumed as Hillary Duff costumed as a silent-movie pirate. Or is that too much meta?

At 9:45 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

End of Heroes...

As I recall you see Ali Larter after being choked through her chest by her husband laying on the ground looking almost dead, the she spy girl talks to the cheerleader's dad saying that conor oberst said to the indian dude "save the cheerleader save the world" and they are going to "bring in" the cognizent? i think. No attempt at wraping up the painting issue. I don't have a dvr so that's the best I can remember at this point.

At 9:49 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

The Snap of the week is from that show "Shark" right?

At 10:00 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Nope. Videodrome.

At 1:37 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

you shouldve seen the war on the stylus message board that went on over the joanna newsome album...half of the staff thought it was incredible the other half of the staff unleashed the most visceral loathing you've ever heard in your life. I happen to be on the latter side. Its not that shes untalented but that voice is like the larynx of death, it's so grating that it could deafen small animals. I guess you either can get past it or you can't.

And by the way nice choice with Uffie...everything about her is hot...well, except for the fact that she's named uffie...guess you can't win em all.

At 12:53 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

NO DUDE... Shark

I'm so hyped about Shark right now. Almost as hyped as when I watch night at the appollo drunk.

At 9:51 AM , Blogger Uncle Grambo said...

Looks like we had the same thoughts about "Suspiria" last night ... bravo on the Argento propers.

At 3:20 PM , Anonymous David: Hero to Millions said...

You're always picking on that poor girl from "Brick".

Is it because you don't like her new haircut?

BTW, it's waaay too short.


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