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Oct 13, 2006

A Point to all of this Power

To make things extremely brief and straight to the point; this one while you may need a wide screen for it, is an homage to power point presentation. Now, the only thing that I ask of you is that you click on the “yeah baby” button on this particular Austin Powers soundboard in between photos. I have yet to figure out how to incorporate sounds into a power point presentation, but if I could I’d assume it would be Austin Powers saying “yeah, baby!” because it’s so cutting edge that we’re all still bleeding from it.

Ellen Pompeo is really weird looking. Forget the fact that she doesn’t eat, the lady looks as if she’s from the same planet that Bowie came from in Nicholas Roeg’s surreal masterpiece The Man Who Fell to Earth. I bet she tells Katherine Heigl to stop being so hot all the fucking time.

I love getting press releases in my e-mail especially when it’s rather large photos of Borat. Check out the soundtrack for one of the funniest films of the year on Downtown Records at the end of this month. It’s got “In My Country There is Problem” on there. If we all buy it, maybe then they’ll release a second volume with “Bing Bong” on it.

Gael Garcia Bernal needs to be in more movies because the dude is too good. Or at least, I’m really impressed by him because I rarely watch films with him in them.

Crushing on Isla Fisher thanks in part to Goldenfiddle (also I’m ripping off Spencer Sloan)

I liked it when the Cobra Snake would mostly take pictures of Cory Kennedy, but I guess she hangs with cooler & better photographers these days.

The poster looks cool, but let’s hope Fincher doesn’t pull another Panic Room on us. Heck, I’m just be happy if the film is on par with The Game.

Can’t explain it, but I’m really digging this album. Cold War Kids have that same level of cool that the Kills has/had and the song, “Robbers” is weirdly great to air drum to.

Making Jeffrey Tambor act with a laugh track is just wrong and cruel. I don't need the laughter of dead people to tell me when to laugh at something Tambor does. I like to laugh at my own pace. Also, John Lithgow is too over the top; it may have earned some Emmys, but jeepers creepers, it's okay to be subtle on TV.


At 12:22 AM , Blogger mega said...

you are right abt pompeo now but see when i saw her in 'old school' and such she was really beautiful. surely something happened to her face

At 6:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

lot's of love for the aussie girls at the moment?


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