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Nov 30, 2006

Selfish with the New Romance

I’m not sure why the fine folks over at Universal decided to recut or release a new trailer for the eagerly anticipated or at least eagerly anticipated by me, Smokin’ Aces. The first trailer that most of us saw before that funny movie about a foreign guy (shout outs to Andy Kaufman, unrelated though) was amazing. Some one had finally outdone Tony Scott in creating the most hyperactive and over stylized action film or at least it appeared to be. The first trailer presented its self at first as a Guy Ritchie knock off, and as I’ve said before, once the DJ Shadow song, “Artifact” kicks in, it’s a completely different animal and more importantly, a visually exciting and fun action film.

This new trailer is a pathetic throwback to the mid 90’s shit storm of Tarantino knock offs. With this trailer, they might as well call it, 3000 More Miles to Graceland. “May the Best Hitman Win,” what kind of tag line is that? Sure, Ben Affleck is in the film, but it doesn’t mean that the ad campaign has to be similar to Reindeer Games. The new music cue, what the fuck is that? A rap ‘n’ roll remix of an old Ludacris tune? Is this an attempt to be edgy while both appealing to all demos? If they wanted to use an edgy music cue, why not use “Slizzerrd” by Nump? It’s fast paced, edgy and trendy (hyphy is all the rages). Shots of Alicia Keys shooting people would probably look a lot cooler with samples of Inspector Gadget theme song and dudes shout “Slizzerrd” blasting out those Dolby Digital systems as opposed to Ludacris going, “Geek, Geek”. Or the studio could’ve used some Clipse music and get the support of that ever elusive Pitchfork audience.

I’ll still see the film because frankly I believe that American action films need to be more stylized and more hyperactive than American horror films. But it’s getting increasingly hard to support a film with a bad tag line, a shitty music cue, and oddly doesn’t want to emphasis the strong cast.

Somewhat related, can we get a moratorium in the commercial rap world on comparing the kilos aka the keys they move or know to Alicia Keys. Yeah, her last name is also slang for drugs, but come on, it’s been done to death already. Let’s think out of the box and create some new terms or look at other celebrities, perhaps ultra conservative Alan Keyes or talking about one’s customers have the sniffles like a class of third graders with the flu. I don’t know, let’s just think out of the box more.

I need to make a correction to an earlier statement. I no longer have a small degree of contempt for the film The Comebacks (produced by Fox Atomic) as I realized today that the people from their production who took over one of my school’s parking lots is used for the crew, the below the line guys. I love the below the line dudes and they can park anywhere on campus cause they’re the only guys who actually work on a movie set.

Not one, but three characters to be killed off on upcoming episodes of “Heroes”? Hot dog!.

Sorry again, dudes, but I’ve been writing all day for other stuff. I wish I was like this guy [via Spencer “I hate For Your Consideration” Sloan].

Nov 29, 2006

Pier Pressure aka Velouria

I've been cranking out pages for a class late into the evening. In other words, my mind is else where. The Only thing on my mind, other than my frustration and small degree of contempt for the film, The Comebacks or at least, I think the production is called The Comebacks. Anyways, I'm upset at the production because their base camp (trailers, craft services, make up, etc) took up an entire portion of my school's parking lot, forcing me to park even further into the boonies than usual. Like I haven't had to park this far way since late August. Perhaps, I'd be more forgiving if I had seen one of the film's stars, but I digress.

It should be noted that I still love the studio behind The Comebacks, Fox Atomic. They're doing great things and if they're looking for a cheap, weird teen script, contact me.

Any ways, the only thing that I wanted to say was and it's probably been said before, but the best part of these Britney Spears' upskirt photos is the c-section scar. Sure, these incidents have put a rock the size of Gibraltar in the middle of her comeback plans, but at the same time, here we are talking about her again. She must be doing something right. Cooter cappers get computers putin' to paraphrase Cam'ron, if you will.

Another piece of very important news: David Gordon Green to direct a Judd Apatow produced comedy co written by Seth Rogen. This could be amazing or it could be very bad. David Gordon Green, an extremely poetic director with a keen eye for visual storytelling doing a major studio film about pot smokers. Even if it's bad, at least, it'll look amazing. Not to mention Judd Apatow is producing more films; I think he's one of the writers who taught what was funny back in the days of "The Ben Stiller Show."

Also, without spoiling it because I'm an episode behind, but was the finale of the Hearst rapes story arc good on "V. Mars"? I want to believe it was good, but I've lost so much patience for the story line that I don't really care any more.

Nov 28, 2006

Rattled by the Rush

Does a Lindsay Lohan cameo on the Cobrasnake signal the end of captions or at least me doing captions? Granted, it’s been a mean while since I’ve done a caption, but how interesting or exciting is it going to be to link to a photo of some kid wearing a Palestinian scarf at the beach or some drunk girl at Cinescape with her boobie hanging out. Where do you go from here? America’s favorite or at least new favorite occasional ginger headed actresses drinking and being one of the few people bold enough to admit in such a high profile forum that she actually likes the music of Mickey Avalon? You know, where do you go from here? Sure, there could’ve been photos of her chopping white up with Flavor Flav and Pete Wentz, but if such photos existed then what would people actually dream about at night? I know that what’s I dream about when I fall asleep each night and hoping that I’ll get read about it in the morning on X17splashnewshiltonisthefadedpink or something like that with wacky, colorful watermarks and graphics on the photos, too.

Perhaps the second to worst episode of “Heroes” ever or all the back story you could ever want for shitty storylines that will continue to go nowhere with the inclusion of the new back story. Then again, it was interesting to see perhaps the worst wig in the history of television on Nora Zehenter’s head. Another decent part of the episode was the promo for next week where they promised a character would be written off. I want to believe and I strongly hope that they don’t pussyfoot around the issue and like kill off the Japanese guy’s friend or the Sylar or Claire’s Dad. They actually go for the grand slam and take out the Ali Larter character. I know that they won’t because to most, normal people, they dig her for some reason. “Oh man, she’s hot.” Being hot, and I feel rather strange for saying this, is a not strong reason to keep a character around. It’s like firing an actor who’s not funny from a sitcom; it just makes sense.

The Passion of the Weiss is better than everybody else. Seriously.

Did anybody see “Studio 60” last night and can explain why Howie Mandel and Jim Jones have the same stylist? Sure, Jones may be killing Jay-Z in their beef, but Jay has his number on the fashion front.

Michael Cera may be returning to television. This is very crucial, seeing that there’s very few extremely funny people left on television today and Michael Cera is brilliant.

Speaking of funny people and TV, Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant wrote this week’s episode of “The (American) Office”. That’ll be cool.

Nov 27, 2006

Homer to the Max aka Cooking with Gas

There’s a part of me that feels as if I have to defend my decision to watch the film Déjà Vu over the thanksgiving weekend. First off, Tony Scott directed it and I love me some Tony Scott movies. Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned how to appreciate quick cuts and the use of multiple film stocks and canted angles. It’s one thing to blow something up, but it’s even more interesting if it’s done from about 15 different angles, slow motion and some hand held stuff and a mess of color reversal film stock. Not to mention, the audience sees all 15 angles in a matter of 7 seconds. There’s a certain beauty that only after years and years of movie watching one learns to enjoy. Or at least, a couple of film studies classes; one learns how amazing movies are when stuff blows up as opposed to those herky-jerky silent films. Also, one of the film’s co writers went to my college, so I have to support that even though in recent years or at least ever since I’ve been there, neither the department nor Mr. Money Machine have reached out to each other and arrange a speaking engagement or just coming down to a class and delivering some words of encouragement. But that’s nether neither here nor there.

As I was watching Déjà Vu, I felt like Homer Simpson, but mostly the film made me feel like I was a 5th grader watching an episode of “The State” and a “Doug” sketch. Sure, the character of Doug may have been a rebel without a clue, but at least, we shared a name and soon afterwards, a catch phrase. Mere moments after Denzel Washington introduces himself on screen as a fellow Doug, I was hooked into the film. After an extremely long drought of cool characters named Doug, Déjà vu delivers and then some. The film could’ve been an utter mess and I’d still say I liked it because there was a cool character named Doug in it. But the film is good, surprisingly good. Tony Scott toned it a little bit. There’s still a lot of cuts, weird angles, over saturated, but it actually makes sense for this particular film. There are elements of time travel in the story, which if you know me well, I absolutely love time travel. Adam Goldberg delivers a weird performance primarily based on randomly shouting old ironic t-shirt slogans and having a hair like a Bee Gee. It’s a near perfect popcorn film and should keep any over stylized action film nerd satisfied until the release of Joe Carnahan’s epic shoot ‘em up Smokin' Aces as well as Shoot ‘Em Up are released.

This shouldn’t come as a real surprise, but the show, “The Nine” has sorta been canceled. I could see it coming, since I believe I gave up on the show after the third or fourth episode. Okay, they were involved in a bank robbery, which is interesting, but their lives post bank robbery aren’t that interesting after all. Just a lot of political mambo jumbo or something that was really boring. There goes my plan for a script about some guy after a traumatic moment in his life. Maybe, there has to be a fair amount of tension in the script. It’s all about tension.

As the post below indicates, the Nintendo Wii is a lot of fun. Although, I’ve already said, “Fuck the Wii” it’s still a lot of fun and I don’t even really like video games. The Wii makes game play a lot more interactive. Fuck great graphics, I love the fact that when I swing the controller while playing home derby, the character swings for the fences and usually misses as well. It’s much, much more interesting than just smashing a bunch of buttons to get some alien with a chainsaw. The Wii makes one work for that victory and provides for a legit excuse for an gamer to wear a sweatband while playing Super Smash Brothers or something.

As I’ve stated from time to time that I have horrible taste in music and find weird things funny. In other words, I have bad taste. I’m not proud of it, but that one My Chemical Romance song, “Welcome to the Black Parade” is pretty good and sometimes, I sing along to it if it’s on the radio or iTunes. And the only things that I laughed at it during Christopher Guest’s latest For Your Consideration of course was Fred Willard’s all too brief appearances in the film and the cameo by British comedian, Nina Conti as a wacky weather woman. It’s hard to explain why I found a woman doing the weather with a stuff monkey was funny, but I honestly laughed at her cameo for the whole rest of the film. For Your Consideration as a whole is a miss and at that point in the film, maybe I was just too eager to laugh and it was the first thing that I found remotely funny. At the same time, For Your Consideration isn’t a film that’s bad or awful. It’s just only pretty funny. I don’t know if it’s possible to release a successful comedy the rest of the year. What film is going to be able to be as funny as a certain film that will remain nameless or even Jackass: Number Two ? Fred Willard is brilliant as always, but something was just missing from it to put it over the comedic top.

Then again, we were in a theater with only 6 other people and two of them walked out at the ten minute mark, I want to believe. Maybe the film needed a larger audience to work with. The weirdest aspect of watching the film was that the theater was completely empty, yet these two old broads decide to sit right in front of us. An empty theater and a few seconds before they sat down, these two saw my dirty, smelly sneakers hanging over the top of the seat. Now, I’m no Pigpen or anything, but my kicks are fairly dirty and not sure if anybody should rest their head where my sneakers were just hanging out. Granted, it’s not right to put one’s feet up at the movies. But if the theater is completely empty, then it’s fair game. Sell out or nearly full, can’t put the feet up until the bitter end(usually ten minutes into the film); everything else is fair game. What would make someone take seats right behind somebody in an empty theater anyways? Granted, it would’ve been worse if they were sitting right next to us, but still, I couldn’t put my feet up at all.

Can anybody explain why Jay-Z is responding to Jim Jones in diss records? The only interesting thing I’ve heard in this non war of words is Jim Jones’ comparison of Jay-Z & Nas to the Golden Girls.

I was talking with a friend the other day about how its frustrating that reruns of “Arrested Development” are on G4 because you know, who actually has that channel and if they do have it, they couldn’t tell what channel it actually is. Yet on Saturday, G4 aired six hours worth of “Arrested Development”. Quality episode after episode and it was amazing. I have a new favorite episode of the show thanks in part to this mini marathon (“Shock and Aww”, in case you were wondering). It’s actually a good thing that G4 is rerunning “Arrested” because they are so devoid of quality/original programming that they have nothing better to run then episode after episode of one of the greatest comedies in recent memory. I found myself watching episodes I’d just seen a few hours earlier again because I wanted to hear some amazing line by Michael Cera. If a network like Comedy Central had the rights to “Arrested Development,” it’d be cool and all, but they wouldn’t rerun in four hour blocks. Comedy Central bought the rights to too many shitty movies from Miramax to do that. So, if you have G4 and are too lazy to break out your “Arrested Development” DVDs, then you’re going to be stoked on the weekends.

Nov 26, 2006

Super Monkey

Personally, I don't know how many times I've watched this video myself and I was the one who recorded the following videos in question. Never the less, there's something quite magically in watching Robin Brown play on the Nintendo Wii. It probably helps to know the guy. Well, it probably helps a lot to know him and to fully enjoy the video. You know, a frustrated Robin Brown is hilarious to me.

As a side note, if Robin and myself were still doing a public access show, this would've been a reoccuring segment.

Nov 22, 2006

Pretty Vacant

While the end result of weeks and weeks of hype and bad promos was a wee bit anti climatic, I still have to say that “Heroes” was surprisingly good. Sure, the stripper storyline is getting shittier and shittier each week, but that Peter guy wasn’t that bad for a change. Okay, so that Hiro dude was a little annoying as well as that guy talking about his dad in India and that hallmark moment between the cheerleader and the brooding nerdy guy was cheesy, but the rest of it wasn’t awful. Nora Zehetner was good, too. It was a good episode for a change. Although, I still thoroughly and highly disagree with this article though. “Lost” is still better than “Heroes” because “Lost” actually rewards its viewer with decent payoffs where as “Heroes,” which only has had nine episodes hasn’t really had the chance to confuse an audience, but it’s certainly has disappointed audiences with it’s weak climaxes.

I’m all prepare to be disappointed by next week’s reveal of Sylar. I don’t even believe that a writer like David Mamet could deliver on the hype of the Sylar.

I’m not sure if Harvey Pekar’s friend, Toby is stoked that the Revenge of the Nerds remake got canceled. I can you tell one reason why it got canceled: Nick Zano was supposed to be in it. Doesn’t matter that the dude was probably perfectly cast as a douchey guy; anything that dude is involved with just falls apart.

Country Coachella might be cool. Hanging out in the sun, listening to Willie Nelson with the country music scene’s version of Cory Kennedy. You know that every scene has one.

What’s the deal with airplane food and racist freak outs and rather shitty apologizes on network television by former co stars? Sure, Michael Richards had his own show shortly after “Seinfeld” went off the air that quickly got canceled, but I really want to believe that the “Seinfeld” curse is finally getting him. I’m not sure why it’s biting him so hard, but never the less, the Seinfeld curse has struck again.

Did not see “V.Mars” the other night; it was pre empted by a Clips game (not ready for hoops yet though). Hope it was a good one because they certainly could use a good episode. Ain’t It Cool says it got picked up for 20 episodes.

I was thinking this out and hear me out, is it possible for the producers of “30 Rock” to trade Jane “Comedy Killer” Krakowski to “Studio 60” for Ayda Field? She may not be that funny, but at least Ayda field doesn’t have a lazy, unfunny eye.

This year, my music listening habits changed rather drastically. Perhaps for the best, perhaps for the worst. I used to be an album kid; driving all over the place, listening to the whole album; not just the song on the radio or whatever. I’d give new music a full spin before passing judgment on it. But this year, something changed. I spent less time wandering around campus, listening to stuff and I spent more time in my car, killing time, listening to satellite radio. While being a commercial free as well as censor free service (still have to pay for a subscription though), satellite radio is no different than regular radio as it’s a single orientated medium. And basically, I’m flipping from station to station to find a good song and hence, why the best singles in 2006 is coming so early in the year in review season.

Counting down from 10 to 1, naturally:

10. “Wet Wipes” by Cam’ron (Produced by the Alchemist)
Listening to this song makes me wonder what happened to “Killa Season” all over again. Cam was going off being shot and the Jay-Z beef was just starting to bubble up, then this song comes out. The beat feels like a rarity for the Alchemist since there’s no speed up soul samples in it and it’s rather straightforward. Lyrically, Cam is funny and charming. It basically “Killa Season” set up to be an instant classic, but I don’t know wha happened. At least, there’s this song.

9. “Make It Rain” by Fat Joe Featuring Lil’ Wayne (Produced by Scott Storch)
I haven’t been a fan of Scott Storch’s work and probably won’t be in the future, but with this tune, the dude has made the “Raining Blood” of strip club anthems. It’s fast, easy to dance and more importantly, it sounds good while driving around with the windows down.

8. “(Just Like We) Breakdown” [the DFA Remix] by Hot Chip & “Slide In” [the DFA Remix] by Goldfrapp
The beauty of a remix by Tim Goldsworthy & James Murphy is that they completely strip the song bare only leaving the vocals to survive. Then in a matter of moments, like Ty from “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” they vastly improve upon the original frame of the song. Crafting a much more infectious groove that demands one dances to it or at least begin to work out in order to obtain the stamina to dance all thirteen minutes of the “Slide In” remix.

7. “The Funeral” by Band of Horses (Produced by Phil Ek)
Lyrically and perhaps musically, Ben Bridwell is filling that happy hippie void left by My Morning Jacket. Bridwell manages to make an upbeat song about one of the most depressing aspects of life.

6. “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado & “My Love” by Justin Timberlake Featuring T.I.
Sure, these two Timbaland tracks don’t have as many tempo changes as I’d like out of my Timbo beats. But they’re good, really good. “Maneater” has pretty much (for the good or for the worse, depending on which street you live on) reinvented Furtado as dancing, sweaty sexpot and more importantly, made her interesting again. Where as “My Love,” especially around the chorus/bridge sounds like a rough draft of the Aaliyah classic, “Are You That Somebody?”.

5. “Aint Gonna Let Up” by Da Great Yola
I’d like to say that during my one-week stint in Atlanta this summer has greatly influenced the inclusion of the largely unknown DG Yola on my list, but honestly, it’s not true. Sure, I heard it on the radio a couple of times when I was out there, but I just appreciate the fact that an emerging artist from a high profile scene such as Atlanta isn’t rapping about snapping fingers. While Yola isn’t the greatest rapper currently out there, the beauty of this song is that there’s no special dance that goes along with it; he’s just being completely honest about haters in the clubs.

4. “Cannon” by DJ Don Cannon Featuring Lil’ Wayne, Freeway, Willie the Kid, T.I. and many more (Produced by DJ Don Cannon)
I don’t know how many times I’ve written about this song. Granted Busta Rhymes’ verse on the song is stupid because the dude was on “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest, so he knows about the same as me when it comes to guns and moving drugs, we all learned it from Raekwon and better rappers. Yet every other rapper or at least of the various versions I’ve heard of this song, each one of the rappers rhyme with an intensity that is missing from mainstream rap. I’ll say it again, it’s an awful a lot like the Marley Marl classic, “The Symphony.” Listen to Freeway’s verse on it, the dude sounds like he’d still be rapping right now over that beat.

3. “Rise Up With Fists” by Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins (Produced by Mike Mogis)
Probably the best song Jenny Lewis has written thus far in her career.

2. “Wolf Like Me” by TV On The Radio
Perhaps best known to internet seekers as “Playhouses,” TV On the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me,” is a great song flat out. It’s one of those songs that’ll create new fans while at the same time, not turning off old fans.

1. “State of Grace” by Raekwon (Produced by the RZA)
This song plays out like a great movie trailer. It doesn’t spoil the whole story; it just gives a taste of things to come (hopefully) with “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II.” All the things that audiences loved from the original are back, right down to the Scarface audio drops, but more importantly, Raekwon sounds determined to regain the title of the King of Coke Rap.

Songs by Artists That We’re Not Supposed To Like, But This One Song Is Good:
-“Hustlin’” by Rick Ross
-“Van Helsing Boombox” by Man Man
-“Fergalicous” by Fergie
-“Grammy Family” by Kanye West Featuring Consequence & John Legend
-“I Wear My Stunna Glasses at Night” by the Federation featuring E-40
-“Wind It Up” by Gwen Stefani

Under Two Minute Gems:
-“New Drug Queens” by Pink Mountaintops
-“No $, No Toke” by Jaylib

Spencer Krug Jam of the Year:
-“All Fires” by Swan Lake

Love the Singles, Not Sure about a Full Album:
-“Pop the Glock” & “Hot Chick” by Uffie

Love the Single, So Where’s the Album?
-“Herculean” by The Good, The Bad and The Queen
-“Everything Must Go” & “Smithereens (Stop Cryin')” by EL-P
-“The Letter P” by Saigon (produced by Just Blaze)

Whatever happened to:
-“Kruger Gangster” by the Clipse

Nov 21, 2006

4th Time Around

While I may have not seen all of his film, but Robert Altman still was one of my favorite filmmakers. In particular his cinematic output in the 1970s with films like McCabe & Mrs. Miller, 3 Woman and The Long Goodbye. Yet one from his long and storied filmography continues to baffle me, entertain me and most importantly inspires me as a creative being, Nashville. Altman used every square inch of his, frequent wide screen frame as well as every piece of sound to construct a portrait of the American landscape and culture. Overlapping dialogue, multiple storylines occurring at the same time.

The influence of Robert Altman is still felt in the cinema today from the works of Paul Thomas Anderson to the recent release Babel. Even bad films that have ripped off his technique have sadly gone on to win more Academy Awards than he has. Altman will always be an American original and one of the greatest filmmakers.

Nov 20, 2006

Nobody Likes Painting

Before we get started, I have to shine some light on an issue. Now, the image above is your humble narrator and no, I didn’t get all evangelical during the brief break. Former Pastor Ted Haggard parties way too hard for me, but that’s beside the point. Now, what this is, according to Goodbye Mailbox, this is me, basically freaking out on the Coachella DVD. I have yet to see it personally, but apparently and by the looks of it, I look like an absolute madman. I believe I was watching LCD Soundsystem, which would explain the slacked jawed expression upon my face. Never the less, check it out and see me spazz out this holiday season on your HD TVs and what nots.

I’m a fan of the series, “30 Rock.” The writing is solid and the cast is fairly solid as well. Alec Baldwin, check. He’s funny. Tina Fey, check. She’s funny. Tracy Morgan, check. He’s funny. Jack McBrayer as Kenneth, double check. He’s funny. Everybody on the show is funny except for one actor, Jane Krakowski. She’s the show’s single and perhaps greatest fault, besides time slot and what not. Granted, Krakowski may have been in funny Doug Liman’s criminally under rated or depending when you went to film school, criminally over rated, Go, but not even Tina Fey’s writing or doing scenes with a beautifully over the top Alec Baldwin can save her performance. This Krakowski is a comedic succubus with not only the power to make what ever scene she is in on “30 Rock” not be funny, but she also managed to make Ghost Deini seem uncool and that’s like impossible. Watching Jane Krakowski ruin scene after scene makes me beg to see Rachel Dratch on the show in the very same part. At least, Rachel Dratch is funny and can do interesting voices to save a scene. Whose idea was to replace Dratch with Jane Krakowski? I hope that person was a victim of the numerous NBC lay offs recently. And it’s not like there’s a lot of funny shows left on television or at least regular TV. It’s like this and “The (American) Office”. So, NBC needs to realize in order save a potential comedic gold mine, fire Jane Krakowski. Seriously, take a page out of last week’s “30 Rock,” and lose her or at least, have her in an episode for like a minute, talk about how she has to go back to her home planet, then like during the second act, it’s revealed that she’ll never come back or something. She’s the show’s Poochie and it’s only four episodes old.

I’m on Thanksgiving (spring) break, so it’ll probably be a lot of complaining and reviews as I’m either catching up on stuff or finally making my way to the theater. Maybe one of the eighty five year in review lists will go up this week, too. Who knows? Play your cards right. It should be noted that the “Actually Interesting People in 2006” list is taking a little time to get together.

So, tonight on “Heroes,” it’ll finally be revealed why they have to save the cheerleader in order to the save the world. There shouldn’t be any expectations for this episode to be a home run or even a solid double. That Conor Obsert lookin’ wiener kid is going to be in it, so that’s an automatic let down and we know that he won’t get killed off cause that Japanese guy said so or at least the future version of the Japanese guy implied it. None of the major characters are going to be killed off, which the show could use. There are too many characters on this show and it just seems with the characters that the feature on every episode, I.E. the aforementioned Japanese guy; it’s just hitting the same notes over and over again. Nothing new is added to the storyline each time we see him. He’s just traveling across the country, becoming more annoying and less cute. The Japanese guy is like that one hot girl in high school. From a far, she’s amazing and the conversations that you assume she has are spectular, but you know, once you have that conversation or have a class with the girl and hear her talk about stupid shit, you want to slam your head into a wall.

Hey, did you hear that Tom Cruise got married this weekend? Wild.

Did you also hear that the Zune zucks? Not to mention that the Band of Horses song that comes with it isn’t even “The Funeral”.

Babel is brilliant when nobody speaks in English. The Brad Pitt/Cate Blanchett storyline is the weakest of the four stories because, well, it’s boring. I understand that their scenes are built around romantic hope and optimism, but how interesting is it to watch Cate Blanchett lay down on the ground for fifteen minutes before moving onto another portion of the film? Granted, I admire how Guillermo Arriaga’s screenplay in the beginning, allows the audience to make their own assumptions about the dynamic of Blanchett & Pitt’s relationship, then slowly revealing their situation as the film reached it’s conclusion. It’s a smart and well crafted film. It’s not insulting like Crash is; the audience is allowed to think for themselves and make their own conclusions as opposed to Paul Haggis hitting it over the audience’s head with a fungo bat.

What makes this film work so well in comparison to the most recent film involving interlocking stories about social issues, is the decision by director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Arriaga to not base the film around stereotypes and big speeches. Sure, the Border Patrol officer is a stereotype, but it’s played so brilliantly by Clifton Collins Jr that one has to forgive the stereotype. The editing in the film by Stephen Mirrione and Douglas Crise is breath taking. The sequence in the Japanese night club nearly had me in tears.

So, in a round bout, Babel is one of the best films of the year when there are subtitles or people communicating with each other via sign language.

Why did Gwen Stefani or at least who ever produced the track, “Candyland” have to sample Ennio Morricone’s “Theme from A Fistful of Dollars”? Also, when did the Neptunes get into Grime cause that “Wind It Up” sounds like something off of the first volume of “Run the Roads”. Also, why are her vocals burried so deep into the mix?

Nov 15, 2006

We Got It For Even Cheaper

It's leaked or at least I finally found a leak. I'm already in love with the track, "Keys Open Doors," and its leaps and bounds beter than "Kingdome Dunzo"

Nov 14, 2006

Shin Guard

Maybe if I went the DVD route with this show, I wouldn’t have that strong of a reaction. Then again, it may be a much harsher reaction. You know, who were the idiots that told me to check out this show cause clearly, they’re into shitty visuals and piss poor acting. This week’s episode of “Heroes” while being leaps and bounds better than the previous week’s shit storm, is, well, I believe Artie Lange said it best when he was talking about a guest who came in pretending to be a hemrophidite, “ you’re what we call a jerk off”. “Heroes” or at least who ever the show runner is, is a total jerk off. So the fate of humanity, all this time has been about stopping some super hero serial killer who looks like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable? What a jerk off move, but then again, I can’t all the way hate the show because there was no moment with that stupid guy with the worst powers of anybody on that show, talking about how he can fly again. That was good and for once, Nora Zether was good on the show. Maybe it was her L.C. esque headband that really honed in the performance for her, but still the acting on the show is just so painful.

It should be noted that I spent a good portion of Monday afternoon falling down, sometimes fairly hard onto the floor in my directing class (I really got into this scene I was acting in), so my knees and hands are rather sore, but it doesn’t hurt as much as watching the acting on “Heroes”. It’s so bad, but I’ll be back next week because I need to know why they have to save the cheerleader or at least, allow me to rephrase, how are they going to save the cheerleader, in order to save the world because if they’re just saving her from some dude whose killing peoples with powers cause of government reasons or he’s just some wacky super villain.

Starting work on year-end lists already. Sad, I know. Also, I have to save a bit of my brain for this paper I’m about third and goal on. Due date looms large, but not much is left with it.

Nov 13, 2006

The Prelude

Hopefully, this will be the last mention of Borat until the DVD comes out. It’s amazing to see how well the film continues to perform. It’s playing well and hopefully, people are digging it. Or has the Little Miss Sunshine esque backlash already started? That’s besides the point any ways, what’s important is the amount of money they’re going to make off DVD sales. I don’t know why I remember this, but I was at the physical, real life version of DVD Planet and a couple of people walk in and out of the store, visibly frustrated because the store had just sold out of Napoleon Dynamite and the DVD had only been out a couple of days. The thing is going to move fairly quickly, but what’s the worst part about it, is that undoubtly Fox will release a couple editions of the film on DVD. There’ll be a regular version that’ll be labeled as uncut & uncensored with maybe a couple more minutes added back in, a couple of deleted scenes and a behind the scenes feature. Then around Christmas time 2007, there’ll be the deluxe two disc “Wow Wow Wee Waa!!” edition with even more deleted scenes and best of Borat’s appearances around the world. Maybe even a whole other film cut together from deleted footage; probably enough to do that. Either way, I’ll probably be a sucker and buy however many editions that they release of the film onto DVD.

Also, Borat’s success is just setting up the enviable failure of the Bruno film. Not sure if the rest of America is ready to laugh at their homophobia just yet. Then again, it can be an “Ich don't think so” moment.

In case you aren’t hip to leaked material and what not, but the new Bloc Party album is out there. Good, but not great. Needs another listen or two, but there’s no song on there that’ll commands your attention the way “Banquet” did all those years ago.

Also, that new Jay record is out there. While I haven’t heard the whole thing; just little bits of each song, but I can safely assume that it’s a shitty comeback. Remember how after the brilliance of “The Blueprint,” Jay-Z released that really shitty double album, “The Blueprint: The Gift & The Curse,” with way too many guest appearances and just as shitty production save for “Excuse Me Miss”. Then the next year, Jay released “The Black Album,” and I don’t believe I need to say anything else. With “Kingdom Come,” it’s “The Gift & The Curse,” all over again in spite of having most of the album produced by Dr. Dre & Just Blaze. Too many kids singing the hooks or something. Although it should be noted that the album’s opener, “The Prelude” reminded me of one of my favorite Madlib tracks: “Axes Puzzles” off of “The Unseen”.

Sidebar will be updated later.

Nov 10, 2006

Social Networking

The one thing that I don’t get about the whole marketing campaign behind Microsoft’s Zune and I’m not saying this because I’m an Apple goon. But at least for me the whole point behind an mp3 player is to be alone with the music. You know, here I am, with my headphones, walking around, listening to whatever. Maybe some Ennio Morricone scores because it makes my life feel like an action film, but that’s besides the point. Granted, I’ll have conversations with people while I’m listening to my iPod, but that stops after a minute or so. When I realize that it’s going to be a longer conversation than excepted. Portable music devices should be for the most part, a singular experience.

Yet with the Zune and it’s ad campaign, Welcome to the Social. Which means, apparently, just hang out with other people who have Zunes and talk about how cool it is and actually never use the damn thing to begin with? Causes in these commercials, I never see anybody actually use their Zunes. It’s just a bunch of cool kid dancing at BBQs or random concerts by the Eagles of Death Metal. So it seems as if the Zune is a merely device in which one pretends to listen to music on in order to make friends with other people in the same ship? I thought that’s what MySpace was for, any ways.

Also one has to wonder with the Zune’s capabilities to send music to other Zune users near by, if like guys with shitty demos outside the Rainbow bar are just going to sending their demos to any Zune in the region.

Nov 9, 2006

3 am Eternal

The mini season finale of “Lost” was good and all, but the only question that I still have about the show this season. Where’s Michael and Walt? I know that they left the island and all, but we can’t get a brief shot of them sailing the seas? The bubble in terms of the world of “Lost” has been broken. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a scene or two at the end of the season two finale where some weird dudes discovered the island in Antarctica and wasn’t there a scene where Desmond’s special lady friend received a phone call about how they found the island in question? Not to mention the scene this current season where Ben, the head of The Others shows Jack footage from the World Series. So, the bubble has been burst and there could be a storyline about Michael and Walt coming ashore onto some island in Hawaii or whatever. Just a hint of what’s going on with them.

Then again, if those characters are shown returning to civilization, then it would be implied or rather, inferred that Michael and Walt would send people to rescue the rest of the island and thus would ruin the rest of the show. Or it could go the way of “The Nine,” which oddly, I’ve stopped watching. There’s just a bunch of them collecting dust on my DVR. Perhaps during winter spring break, I’ll catch up.

The problem and there’s a downside with anything that’s ever done, irregardless of how well thought it is and good intentions, but you know that people are going to be complaining that “Lost” was off the air for too long and how they’ve lost interest in the show. You know, America may be too wrapped in the exploits of whatever dumb southern girl and nerdy, undercover gay guy is on “American Idol” that particular season it’ll happen. We’re all creatures of habits.

British critics will tell you that the guys in the Artic Monkeys are this generation’s greatest songwriters or they’ll talk about the brilliance of Pete Dougherty or whatever the heck his name is. Then there are others who’ll talk about the brilliance of Colin Meloy of the Decembrists, which I regret to say I have yet to check out. Then there’s me who knows nothing about music, but I have to say that Spencer Krug is probably the best songwriter of this generation. One could go by quantity in regards to Krug’s songwriting output with last year’s rather excellent “Apologies to the Queen Mary,” by Wolf Parade as well as this year’s “Shut Up I am Dreaming” by Sunset Rubdown to the most recent, “Beast Moans” by Swan Lake. Granted, I may be a bit biased in terms of the Swan Lake album since I’m not that familiar with the other two thirds of the project: Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes and Dan Bejar of Destroyer. Never the less, it’s the Spencer Krug penned song, “All Fires” that makes Swan Lake’s “Beast Moans” worth listening to. For all the projects that Krug is involved, his songs always retain the same sound and they’re just so comforting and just good.

Thinking out loudly here, but can I be a successful blogger if I don’t understand all the hoopla surrounding the Knife? Maybe, it’s just not for me. Then again, I like Jim Jones, so you know, I have shitty taste in music.

Related: There's a guy at my school who has a similar hair style to Jim Jones in the "Certifited Gangstas" video and some other dude yelled "Jones" at him the other day. The guy with Jim Jones hair didn't get the reference.

TV used to be winning the war against films, but now, it’s losing and losing the war rather quickly. Kellie Pickler: The Sitcom. Jeffrey Tambor is soon to be out of a job, yet Kellie Pickler is going to have a job. Next week, they’ll probably be canceling “V. Mars”.

Quick thought on the whole Britney Spears/Kevin Federline break up and I mentioned the following thought the other night on the The Super Chocolate Eruption Power Hour, but this divorce means that K Fed will not disappear into oblivion, but become a permanent fixture on VH-1’s celebreality Sunday night line up. He’ll be on there on “The Surreal Life” mixing shit up with the chick that played Evie on “Out of This World,” and like Jamie Farr from “M*A*S*H*.” Then he’s going to be on that celebrity paranormal show running away from fake ghosts with the likes of Victoria Silvstedt and Emo Philips. Then he’s going to be on Howard Stern, there’s always a Howard Stern appearance where he’ll say something about how Britney Spears was shaven and gave so-so head. Then like three weeks after that, the sex tape will be released. And some how, K Fed will make his way onto a season of “Dancing with the Stars” or make a full time commitment to professional wrestling. This divorce isn’t going to be the end of K-Fed, it’s only the beginning. I don’t understand why people are happy about this. Sure, it’s funny, but at the same time, we’re going to see a wave, a tidal wave of press releases for events at nightclubs about Shanna Moakler and Kevin Federeline divorce parties. Sure, Britney Spears has big bazooms effect going on right now, but she just opened Pandora’s box for tell all books, interviews on the Big Deal with Donny Douche, sex tapes, the Ryan Seacrest interview, and his own reality show. It’s probably the worst thing she could’ve ever done. [Image via Splash news]

And finally, see ya laddle, Rummie!

Nov 8, 2006

Everything Must Go Part 2

Hey, great the Dems took over the House. Let’s not fuck it up this time around, okay? Is any one really surprised that Arnold took the governor race in a landslide? It just seems as if Phil threw in the towel as soon as he won the primaries. The weird thing about California is that nobody is paying attention to what’s happening with our local government. We’re too focused in on saving the rest of the country to realize our own problems. Well, take that back, unless a celebrity says that we’re fucking things up locally, then we finally start to pay attention to the matter, but it can only be Conan. Only Conan or the Terminator will get California voters to wake up. Cause I got a call from The Sundance Kid about voting yes on 87 and I want to believe that many others got the same call and as it stands, 87 didn’t pass or at least at the time this was written, it didn’t pass. Enough politics. Let’s move on.

I don’t know what it is; perhaps, the movies are finally starting to get better than TV, but TV has truly been real shitty these past couple of days. I was nearly attacked by an angry classroom the other day by declaring that “Heroes,” is a show with a great storyline, but with awful characters, terrible actors and even worse direction. The classroom including one of the professors was at my throat, but they could not defend the show. Thinking about it, it’s not even a nice looking show; it just looks cheap, but I come back because I want to understand why they have to save the cheerleader. And they never get to it on the show; it’s just a bunch of bullshit about that Ali Larter character looking into a mirror. When did the show become a Sofia Coppola film? Is the show just going to about the Japanese guys on a road trip to New York and that fucking wiener guy talking about how he and his brother flew together?

Back to a point for a moment, maybe if the show had better production values, I’d take it more seriously. I’m not expecting the thing look like “Deadwood,” or even “Lost,” but come on, “Weeds” has better production values. If “Heroes” is supposedly the show that is saving NBC, then it should look like it. Spend less money on the clothes for those “Deal or No Deal” girls. “Heroes,” by what, its sixth or seventh episode has already reached that plateau “Lost” during its second season. Nothing happening for episode after episode. There’s no reason why the storyline should be dragging through the mud like it is now. Bottle rocket that shit up.

The superhero related show one should be watching instead of “Heroes” or at least in tandem with “Heroes” is Adult Swim’s “Frisky Dingo”. Consistently funny, but it’s tucked away on Sunday nights. Set your DVRs or at least torrent a couple of episodes.

“V.Mars” was pretty shitty, too. Man, I think everything in terms of TV just sucks. Everything else in the world, is pretty solid, but TV blows.

Nov 7, 2006

Don't forget to vote and if you do vote, vote democrat!

More importantly, does anybody know if the new Bloc Party album has leaked yet? I've heard that advance copies have been sent out.

Editor's Note: Frequent Commentor Najork's Political Endorsements:

Honestly most of it's pretty simple. My default in these things is generally to vote no on everything, because I think the system is stupid. That said, the important ones for me are no on 85 (parental notification), no on 83 (sex offenders!), and no on 90 (eminent domain), which is written really badly. I'm also not fond of 1A, though others may disagree. Of the bonds, 1E (flood prevention) is probably the most critical; beyond that, they're typical bonds. I will probably also vote for 84 (the other water one), but I'm not sure about the others.

A couple notes on random props that are probably dead in the water already:

87 -- This one is funny, because it really is free money. The marginal cost of pumping more oil is so low that nothing will happen except that Chevron (mostly) will pay more to the state of CA. (The prop is written so that the cost can't be transferred to consumers.) This stinks a little bit of the classic "we're going to nationalize the industry after you build your rigs" maneuver, but other states already have this kind of tax in place, and at this point, I think big oil can QQ more, as they say. Another entertaining bit about 87 is the opposition of that firefighters' group, which has apparently declared themselves up for sale -- they've taken in a couple hundred k in donations from Chevron recently.

89 -- This is interesting for two reasons. First, they really made an effort to learn from the ways that this sort of program has failed in other states. It's a really strict (possibly unconstitutionally strict) public funding law. The problem is, any functional public funding system in CA would just drag us further into the hell that is the proposition system, since those can clearly be bought. 89 tries to cope with that too, except that they became overwhelmed by the need for revenge -- it contains a big fuck you reversal of the attempt to hamstring union/non-profit contribution power in Arnold's special election. The way it's written, non-profits get unlimited contribution rights to proposition campaigns, while individual and corporate donations are strictly limited. I find this hilarious. Anyways, it's doomed.

88 - This appears to be an attempt to make and end-run around prop 13. Intriguing.

I better stop now. I don't really care about the governor's race. I actually was more fond of Wesley as a Democratic candidate, but oh well. Also, what is up with the SF Chronicle endorsing Arnold?

Nov 6, 2006

Hicks Donuts

Not sure if I’m going to be able to pull off a full week of updates or at least the new weekly standard of four updates, if I’m lucky to find enough material to write about. School is kinda nagging me right now.

In case, anybody was wondering, I have yet to watch a new episode of “The OC,” and probably won’t watch a new one in the near future either. Robin Brown said it was “weird” the other day via a text message.

Jay Z’s lead single for his comeback album should’ve been “Lost Ones” as opposed to the back to back Just Blaze produced, “Show Me What You Got,” and “Kingdom Come.” Sure if anybody else was on either one of those Blaze produced songs, it would’ve been pretty hot. Yet since, it’s Jay and Blaze, it needed to be better than that. Am I the only one who remembers “Public Service Announcement” from “The Black Album”? Also, why is everybody making a big deal about how Jay is being introspective and reflective on a record? I mean, haven’t they ever heard a record with Slug on it?

Granted, I had to pull out the Monty Hall card in order to see the film again, but Borat still holds up a second time around. I still laughed fairly hard at the same jokes I laughed at nearly six months ago. More importantly, the theater was fairly packed for a late Saturday afternoon matinee and they were laughing extremely hard too and quite often as well. You see, I think that this one of those rare instances where internerd buzz actually helped a film succeed at the box office. With that other film from this past summer was ruined by hype, Borat wasn’t because, well, we kept on writing about it and people who look to blogs as tastemakers, saw that we as a whole were really into this whole Borat business, so they kept on talking about it and well, this crazy thing happened where the final product was actually a masterpiece. I’m just wondering what’s going to be on the DVD. I’ll try to watch it one more time between now and then, but I’m looking forward to the DVD; cause there’s a scene in the trailer where Borat is in a civil war reenactment and I feel compelled to watch it.

Also, does anybody else think that with the success of the film, more people will go and get the “Da Ali G Show” DVDs and in a way, potentially ruining the beauty of the Bruno film?

The trailer for Smokin’ Aces I saw before Borat is a work of art. It can be viewed here. I don’t know if writer/director Joe Carnahan got into my brain one night while I was asleep, but thankfully, he answered my thoughts and provided us with what appears to be the other half of the double feature that Tony Scott started last year with his much maligned and an skeet on… empire favorite (and not because a professor I had who gave me an A in his class worked on it) Domino. It also looks like what Wayne Kramer was attempting to do earlier this year with Running Scared, which I would’ve caught if it wasn’t for Paul Walker as the male lead and I may check it out over winter break, but that’s besides the point. The trailer its self is a throw back to the days of grind house trailers; if this film was made in 1974, it’d be a perfect fit right in between the trailers for Rolling Thunder and Kiss The Girls and Make Them Die on 42nd Street Forever: Volume 2, but at the same time, it has that really, weird desperate, ‘let’s try to be cool like a Tarantino film’ 1995 vibe to it. Lot of fairly good actors playing bizarre and unusual characters. At first, it feels like I don’t want to say this, but it felt like a Guy ‘I’ve never seen a Tarantino film’ Ritchie, but as soon as the drums from the DJ Shadow track, “Artifact” slams across the speakers, you realize that you’re watching the trailer for a film that’ll be magical and with an extremely large body count. Honestly, it’s the best use of DJ Shadow’s music in a film that I’ve ever seen. People may take a shit on them, but there’s a certain degree of artistry in making an action film or at least an action film that’s worth our time. And because it’s such a good looking film, it’s rather easy to ignore the fact that a person like Ryan Reynolds is in it.

And well, we need a film like this because by looks of it, the new Tony Scott film, Déjà vu took some ADHD medicine or something.

And finally, this goes out in particular to the California kids, who happen to be register voters. I’m pretty much voting down party lines; I got a thing in the mail from Dianne Feinstein and the Dems telling me how I should vote and most part, I agreed. Most importantly, I agreed with the Dems position of No on 85. That’s pretty much the only reason I’m voting this week; to vote no on 85. We can’t sleep and let California turn conservative all of a sudden. Granted, Arnold will sadly be re elected as the governor because everybody loves that joke, but let’s just stop there. Let’s keep things crazy out here. Vote No on 85 and elect Jerry Brown. I bet if Cory Kennedy Gallo endorses a candidate for this election, more people would get out and vote this year.

Nov 3, 2006

Post Post Post Post Post Post Modernism

There’s a certain point in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette where it just lost me. Up until that point, the film had been a solid double legged out into a skittish triple, but perhaps, my hunger got the best of me, but I just tuned out and kept on wondering how much longer? The film is for the most part is Barry Lyndon as if it was directed by Terrence Malick with a few wet t-shirt contest scenes (maybe NSFW) to spice things up a bit. Yet to compare Coppola’s work to Malick and Kubrick just isn’t right because Coppola really wants to be like Antonioni and Wong Kar Wai, but that’s besides the point. The film until it reaches the point where the audience just can’t stand to see another shot of Marie running around in the tall grass. Sure, the cinematography is beautiful and the production design is outstanding, but this film needed more than rich visuals to hold the audience in. When a film has no real plot or at least pretends to be a character study, then the characters and the performances need to over power the visuals.

For an hour or so, I can deal with Kirsten Dunst wandering around, feeling aloof and disconnected with the court, but there needs to be more significant development in the story than that. Lost In Translation worked for some people, myself included because of the performances by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson were strong and engaging. In that first hour or so, the performances in the film were funny and interesting, but as soon we see Marie dancing around in the grass for what seems like fifth or sixth time, I was ready to check out and get some dinner. It just stopped being funny and wanted to be slightly serious, even though, the film remains rather neutral about Marie Antoinette. Maybe, I just lost interest in the film because there were no more Kirsten Dunst wet t-shirt moments and Steve Coogan would appear in a scene for thirty seconds.

Marie Antoinette is an interesting mess. While Coppola is a minimalist filmmaker, she manages to fill the frame well and made a film full of rich colors and costumes, but in terms of a content, it’s just not there. If Coppola wanted to that ever elusive “If Kubrick directed a teen movie….” type of film, then she should’ve had Daniel Waters work on the script.

Nov 2, 2006

So, what exactly does if Brazil can do it mean to California voters? I'm a fan of Clinton and all, but I'm still attempting to figure out exactly why the success of Brazil and their change to ethanol should affect us.

Man, I gotta figure who and what I'm endorsing for this election. I just know that Kerry may have fucked up it for the Dems and that's a total bummer.

Goose Steps

Sacha Baron Cohen and his various in character interviews as Borat has probably reached the point of annoyance and tedium, especially for those who don’t dig. Yet, I have to point out the interview Cohen gave as Borat on the Howard Stern show the other day and this may sound weird, but it felt like the most honest interview the character of Borat has ever given. During this media onslaught, it feels as if Borat has been saying the same thing over and over again, but with the Stern interview, Borat was a little bit fresher and just plain funny. Or maybe it was the fact that Borat said, “what?” a lot and that’s been making me laugh a lot lately. Who knows, but check it out on In Demand, if you got it.

And this is why you shouldn’t wear lingerie as your Halloween costume.

I think I’ve held my tongue for long enough, but once again, I have to be honest with you. This new season of “V. Mars” just isn’t clicking with me. Maybe it’s the new opening credits sequence, maybe it’s horrible Piz character (thankfully, he wasn’t around this past week), maybe I was too distracted by the pock marked skin of Weevil (I’m not even watching in HD) or maybe, just maybe, it’s the fact that this season’s major mystery just isn’t that compelling. It’s still funny and there has some great casting this season; mostly the extended cameo by Richard Grieco, but there’s no real sense of high drama with the Hearst rapist business. It was good for one episode in season two, but for mini season? There’s just not a lot there to keep interested; you know, which red herring is Veronica going to discover this week and what reference will be made to “Battlestar Galactica.” You know, I need more than this.

In a weird move, I’m actually enjoying “Lost” more than any other show this season. Well, “The Office,” and “30 Rock” are still really funny, but I’m actually looking forward to watching an episode and I’m no longer instantly considering an episode to be the worst episode in the history of the series just because one of the first characters I see is Charlie and or Clare. I’m slowly learning to move past that. For some reason, the writers enjoy killing characters off; just not the ones I’m into. Although the thing about this season is that it seems with the last couple of episodes, it’s an attempt to appease the audience and their complaints about season two. We’ve seen the return of the smoke monster and the polar bear thus far and it’s been interesting. Yet at the same time, it just feels like Damon Lindelof is a frustrated parent yelling, “Are you happy now?” after we, collectively broke a new toy or something.

Anybody else find it distracting to talk to somebody with one of those spetum nose piercings? Just throwing it out there.

Also, the first single from The Game's should've been the Just Blaze produced, "Remedy" instead of "One Blood," and that god awful Scott Storch produced, "Let's Go". More on that album in a couple or somebody else has written about it.