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Nov 9, 2006

3 am Eternal

The mini season finale of “Lost” was good and all, but the only question that I still have about the show this season. Where’s Michael and Walt? I know that they left the island and all, but we can’t get a brief shot of them sailing the seas? The bubble in terms of the world of “Lost” has been broken. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a scene or two at the end of the season two finale where some weird dudes discovered the island in Antarctica and wasn’t there a scene where Desmond’s special lady friend received a phone call about how they found the island in question? Not to mention the scene this current season where Ben, the head of The Others shows Jack footage from the World Series. So, the bubble has been burst and there could be a storyline about Michael and Walt coming ashore onto some island in Hawaii or whatever. Just a hint of what’s going on with them.

Then again, if those characters are shown returning to civilization, then it would be implied or rather, inferred that Michael and Walt would send people to rescue the rest of the island and thus would ruin the rest of the show. Or it could go the way of “The Nine,” which oddly, I’ve stopped watching. There’s just a bunch of them collecting dust on my DVR. Perhaps during winter spring break, I’ll catch up.

The problem and there’s a downside with anything that’s ever done, irregardless of how well thought it is and good intentions, but you know that people are going to be complaining that “Lost” was off the air for too long and how they’ve lost interest in the show. You know, America may be too wrapped in the exploits of whatever dumb southern girl and nerdy, undercover gay guy is on “American Idol” that particular season it’ll happen. We’re all creatures of habits.

British critics will tell you that the guys in the Artic Monkeys are this generation’s greatest songwriters or they’ll talk about the brilliance of Pete Dougherty or whatever the heck his name is. Then there are others who’ll talk about the brilliance of Colin Meloy of the Decembrists, which I regret to say I have yet to check out. Then there’s me who knows nothing about music, but I have to say that Spencer Krug is probably the best songwriter of this generation. One could go by quantity in regards to Krug’s songwriting output with last year’s rather excellent “Apologies to the Queen Mary,” by Wolf Parade as well as this year’s “Shut Up I am Dreaming” by Sunset Rubdown to the most recent, “Beast Moans” by Swan Lake. Granted, I may be a bit biased in terms of the Swan Lake album since I’m not that familiar with the other two thirds of the project: Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes and Dan Bejar of Destroyer. Never the less, it’s the Spencer Krug penned song, “All Fires” that makes Swan Lake’s “Beast Moans” worth listening to. For all the projects that Krug is involved, his songs always retain the same sound and they’re just so comforting and just good.

Thinking out loudly here, but can I be a successful blogger if I don’t understand all the hoopla surrounding the Knife? Maybe, it’s just not for me. Then again, I like Jim Jones, so you know, I have shitty taste in music.

Related: There's a guy at my school who has a similar hair style to Jim Jones in the "Certifited Gangstas" video and some other dude yelled "Jones" at him the other day. The guy with Jim Jones hair didn't get the reference.

TV used to be winning the war against films, but now, it’s losing and losing the war rather quickly. Kellie Pickler: The Sitcom. Jeffrey Tambor is soon to be out of a job, yet Kellie Pickler is going to have a job. Next week, they’ll probably be canceling “V. Mars”.

Quick thought on the whole Britney Spears/Kevin Federline break up and I mentioned the following thought the other night on the The Super Chocolate Eruption Power Hour, but this divorce means that K Fed will not disappear into oblivion, but become a permanent fixture on VH-1’s celebreality Sunday night line up. He’ll be on there on “The Surreal Life” mixing shit up with the chick that played Evie on “Out of This World,” and like Jamie Farr from “M*A*S*H*.” Then he’s going to be on that celebrity paranormal show running away from fake ghosts with the likes of Victoria Silvstedt and Emo Philips. Then he’s going to be on Howard Stern, there’s always a Howard Stern appearance where he’ll say something about how Britney Spears was shaven and gave so-so head. Then like three weeks after that, the sex tape will be released. And some how, K Fed will make his way onto a season of “Dancing with the Stars” or make a full time commitment to professional wrestling. This divorce isn’t going to be the end of K-Fed, it’s only the beginning. I don’t understand why people are happy about this. Sure, it’s funny, but at the same time, we’re going to see a wave, a tidal wave of press releases for events at nightclubs about Shanna Moakler and Kevin Federeline divorce parties. Sure, Britney Spears has big bazooms effect going on right now, but she just opened Pandora’s box for tell all books, interviews on the Big Deal with Donny Douche, sex tapes, the Ryan Seacrest interview, and his own reality show. It’s probably the worst thing she could’ve ever done. [Image via Splash news]

And finally, see ya laddle, Rummie!


At 2:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for going comment crazy these days, but I'm up late working and need some sort of outlet.

The Knife played SF last week and I decided to show up because nothing else was happening. My knowledge of them was limited to having watched the video for 'Heartbeats' about four times, so I am a big poseur, but whatever, it was a Thursday.

Swedish electronica, or whatever the appropriate genre label is here, is not even remotely my thing, but here is what I think is going on:
1) 'Heartbeats' is a great song, even better in the original Electric Swedish than the Jose Gonzales acoustic version
2) the live show is completely insane
3) I have never -- and keep in mind that I live in SF -- seen so much pot smoked in a public place at one time

I enjoyed the show, although I would have enjoyed it more if this girl in front of me hadn't kept elbowing me in the gut.

I guess I'm in the Colin Meloy camp, because I'm listening to "The Crane Wife" incessantly the last two weeks.

At 10:25 AM , Blogger christa t said...

the decemberists are like neutral milk hotel but not as good. they use literary allusions in their songs. THAT'S SO CLEVER.

the british press also called take that the most successful british band since the beatles and declared the sugababes to be the best female act of the century. they also called ash the next beatles. nme LOVES superlatives. I am still suspicious of the arctic monkeys because as their name also implies they sound like they're still reading "what's happening to my body? for boys."

At 11:28 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

I was gonna say that they have a handful of good songs eg: Heartbeats. Ya can't go wrong with that song. Perhaps their albums are the ones you have to just admit you don't like certain songs and just skip through to all the good ones.

At 12:01 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

I'm seriously biased due to my personal tastes being identical to what you just said, but that post was fantastic.
Krug is also the best songwriter of this generation in my book and while Swan Lake is uneven you're right that "All Fires" stands out head and shoulders above the rest of the songs. I also don't like the Knife all that much. They've got a few good songs and all but they're nothing mind-blowing. They just sound like they should be. And lastly, Jim Jones always will be awesome in a weird way.


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