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Nov 7, 2006

Don't forget to vote and if you do vote, vote democrat!

More importantly, does anybody know if the new Bloc Party album has leaked yet? I've heard that advance copies have been sent out.

Editor's Note: Frequent Commentor Najork's Political Endorsements:

Honestly most of it's pretty simple. My default in these things is generally to vote no on everything, because I think the system is stupid. That said, the important ones for me are no on 85 (parental notification), no on 83 (sex offenders!), and no on 90 (eminent domain), which is written really badly. I'm also not fond of 1A, though others may disagree. Of the bonds, 1E (flood prevention) is probably the most critical; beyond that, they're typical bonds. I will probably also vote for 84 (the other water one), but I'm not sure about the others.

A couple notes on random props that are probably dead in the water already:

87 -- This one is funny, because it really is free money. The marginal cost of pumping more oil is so low that nothing will happen except that Chevron (mostly) will pay more to the state of CA. (The prop is written so that the cost can't be transferred to consumers.) This stinks a little bit of the classic "we're going to nationalize the industry after you build your rigs" maneuver, but other states already have this kind of tax in place, and at this point, I think big oil can QQ more, as they say. Another entertaining bit about 87 is the opposition of that firefighters' group, which has apparently declared themselves up for sale -- they've taken in a couple hundred k in donations from Chevron recently.

89 -- This is interesting for two reasons. First, they really made an effort to learn from the ways that this sort of program has failed in other states. It's a really strict (possibly unconstitutionally strict) public funding law. The problem is, any functional public funding system in CA would just drag us further into the hell that is the proposition system, since those can clearly be bought. 89 tries to cope with that too, except that they became overwhelmed by the need for revenge -- it contains a big fuck you reversal of the attempt to hamstring union/non-profit contribution power in Arnold's special election. The way it's written, non-profits get unlimited contribution rights to proposition campaigns, while individual and corporate donations are strictly limited. I find this hilarious. Anyways, it's doomed.

88 - This appears to be an attempt to make and end-run around prop 13. Intriguing.

I better stop now. I don't really care about the governor's race. I actually was more fond of Wesley as a Democratic candidate, but oh well. Also, what is up with the SF Chronicle endorsing Arnold?


At 5:52 AM , Anonymous mr h said...

That's an interesting observation about the firefighter's association being up-for-sale on prop 87.
It's dead now, but wouldn't clean air and energy independence be nice?

Still, it makes sense that California voters didn't want another bureaucracy. But check out something like the nu-NRG Plan at www.nu-nrg.org. This has all the benefits of 87 but is more fiscally responsible.


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