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Nov 8, 2006

Everything Must Go Part 2

Hey, great the Dems took over the House. Let’s not fuck it up this time around, okay? Is any one really surprised that Arnold took the governor race in a landslide? It just seems as if Phil threw in the towel as soon as he won the primaries. The weird thing about California is that nobody is paying attention to what’s happening with our local government. We’re too focused in on saving the rest of the country to realize our own problems. Well, take that back, unless a celebrity says that we’re fucking things up locally, then we finally start to pay attention to the matter, but it can only be Conan. Only Conan or the Terminator will get California voters to wake up. Cause I got a call from The Sundance Kid about voting yes on 87 and I want to believe that many others got the same call and as it stands, 87 didn’t pass or at least at the time this was written, it didn’t pass. Enough politics. Let’s move on.

I don’t know what it is; perhaps, the movies are finally starting to get better than TV, but TV has truly been real shitty these past couple of days. I was nearly attacked by an angry classroom the other day by declaring that “Heroes,” is a show with a great storyline, but with awful characters, terrible actors and even worse direction. The classroom including one of the professors was at my throat, but they could not defend the show. Thinking about it, it’s not even a nice looking show; it just looks cheap, but I come back because I want to understand why they have to save the cheerleader. And they never get to it on the show; it’s just a bunch of bullshit about that Ali Larter character looking into a mirror. When did the show become a Sofia Coppola film? Is the show just going to about the Japanese guys on a road trip to New York and that fucking wiener guy talking about how he and his brother flew together?

Back to a point for a moment, maybe if the show had better production values, I’d take it more seriously. I’m not expecting the thing look like “Deadwood,” or even “Lost,” but come on, “Weeds” has better production values. If “Heroes” is supposedly the show that is saving NBC, then it should look like it. Spend less money on the clothes for those “Deal or No Deal” girls. “Heroes,” by what, its sixth or seventh episode has already reached that plateau “Lost” during its second season. Nothing happening for episode after episode. There’s no reason why the storyline should be dragging through the mud like it is now. Bottle rocket that shit up.

The superhero related show one should be watching instead of “Heroes” or at least in tandem with “Heroes” is Adult Swim’s “Frisky Dingo”. Consistently funny, but it’s tucked away on Sunday nights. Set your DVRs or at least torrent a couple of episodes.

“V.Mars” was pretty shitty, too. Man, I think everything in terms of TV just sucks. Everything else in the world, is pretty solid, but TV blows.


At 1:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched an episode of Heroes for the first time this week (I've followed it on twop, so I more or less understand the plot), and was basically bored senseless. So your comparison to Lost season 2 is interesting, because that had a similar feel of a show I was just no longer able to care enough about to track down every week.

Thanks for reposting that stuff yesterday.

At 5:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They used the wrong "your/you're" on that thing..

At 5:52 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

I would have recommended Friday Night Lights but you like stuff where stuff actually happens.

It's a surprisingly good, subtle, low-key show (outside of the incessant close-ups and shaky camera work) that kinda sneaks up on you.

At 7:12 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

First: the "Your/You're" thing is part of the joke on "Frisky Dingo". Seriously get into it.

Bonham: It's not that I absolutely love shows where something happens each episode. I just don't like it when a show where things have been happening and occurring on a fairly consistent basis stops all together and grinds things out like a team with a huge lead in the superbowl. I love films and what not where nothing happens. Heck, my spec script is a script for the most part is about nothing. I'll set the DVR to catch "Friday Night Lights" next week, but I think I'd rather spend my football related entertainment time reading Don DeLillo's "End Zone" if I could find a copy of it.

At 9:51 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

That was a dig at me not at you.

But remember, don't expect anything riveting, funny, or exciting to happen. The best part is, don't expect them to try to make anything riveting, funny, or exciting to happen. That's what makes it good.

Nor do I think FNL is the answer to what you're talking about in this post, but, you know, I think it's good.

At 11:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually like shows where nothing happens, or at least I like movies where nothing happens. I think the problem with the Lost phenomenon is that it's possible for a show to send a very strong signal that they've hooked you on a diet that consists mostly of plot, and now they're going to shut things down and drag it out. It's a bait and switch, and it's annoying.

I've heard pretty much only good things about FNL; I think I may check it out on DVD or, uh, something.

Also, I had never even heard of "End Zone" until just now. I can't believe he wrote a book about football. I guess that exposes me as a DeLillo fraud.

At 1:23 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Najrok: I haven't read any of DeLillo's work, but in a class of mine were doing scenes from an unfilmed screenplay adaptated from "End Zone" and it was pretty interesting.


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