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Nov 27, 2006

Homer to the Max aka Cooking with Gas

There’s a part of me that feels as if I have to defend my decision to watch the film Déjà Vu over the thanksgiving weekend. First off, Tony Scott directed it and I love me some Tony Scott movies. Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned how to appreciate quick cuts and the use of multiple film stocks and canted angles. It’s one thing to blow something up, but it’s even more interesting if it’s done from about 15 different angles, slow motion and some hand held stuff and a mess of color reversal film stock. Not to mention, the audience sees all 15 angles in a matter of 7 seconds. There’s a certain beauty that only after years and years of movie watching one learns to enjoy. Or at least, a couple of film studies classes; one learns how amazing movies are when stuff blows up as opposed to those herky-jerky silent films. Also, one of the film’s co writers went to my college, so I have to support that even though in recent years or at least ever since I’ve been there, neither the department nor Mr. Money Machine have reached out to each other and arrange a speaking engagement or just coming down to a class and delivering some words of encouragement. But that’s nether neither here nor there.

As I was watching Déjà Vu, I felt like Homer Simpson, but mostly the film made me feel like I was a 5th grader watching an episode of “The State” and a “Doug” sketch. Sure, the character of Doug may have been a rebel without a clue, but at least, we shared a name and soon afterwards, a catch phrase. Mere moments after Denzel Washington introduces himself on screen as a fellow Doug, I was hooked into the film. After an extremely long drought of cool characters named Doug, Déjà vu delivers and then some. The film could’ve been an utter mess and I’d still say I liked it because there was a cool character named Doug in it. But the film is good, surprisingly good. Tony Scott toned it a little bit. There’s still a lot of cuts, weird angles, over saturated, but it actually makes sense for this particular film. There are elements of time travel in the story, which if you know me well, I absolutely love time travel. Adam Goldberg delivers a weird performance primarily based on randomly shouting old ironic t-shirt slogans and having a hair like a Bee Gee. It’s a near perfect popcorn film and should keep any over stylized action film nerd satisfied until the release of Joe Carnahan’s epic shoot ‘em up Smokin' Aces as well as Shoot ‘Em Up are released.

This shouldn’t come as a real surprise, but the show, “The Nine” has sorta been canceled. I could see it coming, since I believe I gave up on the show after the third or fourth episode. Okay, they were involved in a bank robbery, which is interesting, but their lives post bank robbery aren’t that interesting after all. Just a lot of political mambo jumbo or something that was really boring. There goes my plan for a script about some guy after a traumatic moment in his life. Maybe, there has to be a fair amount of tension in the script. It’s all about tension.

As the post below indicates, the Nintendo Wii is a lot of fun. Although, I’ve already said, “Fuck the Wii” it’s still a lot of fun and I don’t even really like video games. The Wii makes game play a lot more interactive. Fuck great graphics, I love the fact that when I swing the controller while playing home derby, the character swings for the fences and usually misses as well. It’s much, much more interesting than just smashing a bunch of buttons to get some alien with a chainsaw. The Wii makes one work for that victory and provides for a legit excuse for an gamer to wear a sweatband while playing Super Smash Brothers or something.

As I’ve stated from time to time that I have horrible taste in music and find weird things funny. In other words, I have bad taste. I’m not proud of it, but that one My Chemical Romance song, “Welcome to the Black Parade” is pretty good and sometimes, I sing along to it if it’s on the radio or iTunes. And the only things that I laughed at it during Christopher Guest’s latest For Your Consideration of course was Fred Willard’s all too brief appearances in the film and the cameo by British comedian, Nina Conti as a wacky weather woman. It’s hard to explain why I found a woman doing the weather with a stuff monkey was funny, but I honestly laughed at her cameo for the whole rest of the film. For Your Consideration as a whole is a miss and at that point in the film, maybe I was just too eager to laugh and it was the first thing that I found remotely funny. At the same time, For Your Consideration isn’t a film that’s bad or awful. It’s just only pretty funny. I don’t know if it’s possible to release a successful comedy the rest of the year. What film is going to be able to be as funny as a certain film that will remain nameless or even Jackass: Number Two ? Fred Willard is brilliant as always, but something was just missing from it to put it over the comedic top.

Then again, we were in a theater with only 6 other people and two of them walked out at the ten minute mark, I want to believe. Maybe the film needed a larger audience to work with. The weirdest aspect of watching the film was that the theater was completely empty, yet these two old broads decide to sit right in front of us. An empty theater and a few seconds before they sat down, these two saw my dirty, smelly sneakers hanging over the top of the seat. Now, I’m no Pigpen or anything, but my kicks are fairly dirty and not sure if anybody should rest their head where my sneakers were just hanging out. Granted, it’s not right to put one’s feet up at the movies. But if the theater is completely empty, then it’s fair game. Sell out or nearly full, can’t put the feet up until the bitter end(usually ten minutes into the film); everything else is fair game. What would make someone take seats right behind somebody in an empty theater anyways? Granted, it would’ve been worse if they were sitting right next to us, but still, I couldn’t put my feet up at all.

Can anybody explain why Jay-Z is responding to Jim Jones in diss records? The only interesting thing I’ve heard in this non war of words is Jim Jones’ comparison of Jay-Z & Nas to the Golden Girls.

I was talking with a friend the other day about how its frustrating that reruns of “Arrested Development” are on G4 because you know, who actually has that channel and if they do have it, they couldn’t tell what channel it actually is. Yet on Saturday, G4 aired six hours worth of “Arrested Development”. Quality episode after episode and it was amazing. I have a new favorite episode of the show thanks in part to this mini marathon (“Shock and Aww”, in case you were wondering). It’s actually a good thing that G4 is rerunning “Arrested” because they are so devoid of quality/original programming that they have nothing better to run then episode after episode of one of the greatest comedies in recent memory. I found myself watching episodes I’d just seen a few hours earlier again because I wanted to hear some amazing line by Michael Cera. If a network like Comedy Central had the rights to “Arrested Development,” it’d be cool and all, but they wouldn’t rerun in four hour blocks. Comedy Central bought the rights to too many shitty movies from Miramax to do that. So, if you have G4 and are too lazy to break out your “Arrested Development” DVDs, then you’re going to be stoked on the weekends.


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What's up, Fat Lip

At 5:59 PM , Blogger Jack Fu said...

"Pier Pressure," man. I never get tired of it.

"They're just strippers! LOOK HOW HOT THEY ARE!!"


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