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Nov 20, 2006

Nobody Likes Painting

Before we get started, I have to shine some light on an issue. Now, the image above is your humble narrator and no, I didn’t get all evangelical during the brief break. Former Pastor Ted Haggard parties way too hard for me, but that’s beside the point. Now, what this is, according to Goodbye Mailbox, this is me, basically freaking out on the Coachella DVD. I have yet to see it personally, but apparently and by the looks of it, I look like an absolute madman. I believe I was watching LCD Soundsystem, which would explain the slacked jawed expression upon my face. Never the less, check it out and see me spazz out this holiday season on your HD TVs and what nots.

I’m a fan of the series, “30 Rock.” The writing is solid and the cast is fairly solid as well. Alec Baldwin, check. He’s funny. Tina Fey, check. She’s funny. Tracy Morgan, check. He’s funny. Jack McBrayer as Kenneth, double check. He’s funny. Everybody on the show is funny except for one actor, Jane Krakowski. She’s the show’s single and perhaps greatest fault, besides time slot and what not. Granted, Krakowski may have been in funny Doug Liman’s criminally under rated or depending when you went to film school, criminally over rated, Go, but not even Tina Fey’s writing or doing scenes with a beautifully over the top Alec Baldwin can save her performance. This Krakowski is a comedic succubus with not only the power to make what ever scene she is in on “30 Rock” not be funny, but she also managed to make Ghost Deini seem uncool and that’s like impossible. Watching Jane Krakowski ruin scene after scene makes me beg to see Rachel Dratch on the show in the very same part. At least, Rachel Dratch is funny and can do interesting voices to save a scene. Whose idea was to replace Dratch with Jane Krakowski? I hope that person was a victim of the numerous NBC lay offs recently. And it’s not like there’s a lot of funny shows left on television or at least regular TV. It’s like this and “The (American) Office”. So, NBC needs to realize in order save a potential comedic gold mine, fire Jane Krakowski. Seriously, take a page out of last week’s “30 Rock,” and lose her or at least, have her in an episode for like a minute, talk about how she has to go back to her home planet, then like during the second act, it’s revealed that she’ll never come back or something. She’s the show’s Poochie and it’s only four episodes old.

I’m on Thanksgiving (spring) break, so it’ll probably be a lot of complaining and reviews as I’m either catching up on stuff or finally making my way to the theater. Maybe one of the eighty five year in review lists will go up this week, too. Who knows? Play your cards right. It should be noted that the “Actually Interesting People in 2006” list is taking a little time to get together.

So, tonight on “Heroes,” it’ll finally be revealed why they have to save the cheerleader in order to the save the world. There shouldn’t be any expectations for this episode to be a home run or even a solid double. That Conor Obsert lookin’ wiener kid is going to be in it, so that’s an automatic let down and we know that he won’t get killed off cause that Japanese guy said so or at least the future version of the Japanese guy implied it. None of the major characters are going to be killed off, which the show could use. There are too many characters on this show and it just seems with the characters that the feature on every episode, I.E. the aforementioned Japanese guy; it’s just hitting the same notes over and over again. Nothing new is added to the storyline each time we see him. He’s just traveling across the country, becoming more annoying and less cute. The Japanese guy is like that one hot girl in high school. From a far, she’s amazing and the conversations that you assume she has are spectular, but you know, once you have that conversation or have a class with the girl and hear her talk about stupid shit, you want to slam your head into a wall.

Hey, did you hear that Tom Cruise got married this weekend? Wild.

Did you also hear that the Zune zucks? Not to mention that the Band of Horses song that comes with it isn’t even “The Funeral”.

Babel is brilliant when nobody speaks in English. The Brad Pitt/Cate Blanchett storyline is the weakest of the four stories because, well, it’s boring. I understand that their scenes are built around romantic hope and optimism, but how interesting is it to watch Cate Blanchett lay down on the ground for fifteen minutes before moving onto another portion of the film? Granted, I admire how Guillermo Arriaga’s screenplay in the beginning, allows the audience to make their own assumptions about the dynamic of Blanchett & Pitt’s relationship, then slowly revealing their situation as the film reached it’s conclusion. It’s a smart and well crafted film. It’s not insulting like Crash is; the audience is allowed to think for themselves and make their own conclusions as opposed to Paul Haggis hitting it over the audience’s head with a fungo bat.

What makes this film work so well in comparison to the most recent film involving interlocking stories about social issues, is the decision by director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Arriaga to not base the film around stereotypes and big speeches. Sure, the Border Patrol officer is a stereotype, but it’s played so brilliantly by Clifton Collins Jr that one has to forgive the stereotype. The editing in the film by Stephen Mirrione and Douglas Crise is breath taking. The sequence in the Japanese night club nearly had me in tears.

So, in a round bout, Babel is one of the best films of the year when there are subtitles or people communicating with each other via sign language.

Why did Gwen Stefani or at least who ever produced the track, “Candyland” have to sample Ennio Morricone’s “Theme from A Fistful of Dollars”? Also, when did the Neptunes get into Grime cause that “Wind It Up” sounds like something off of the first volume of “Run the Roads”. Also, why are her vocals burried so deep into the mix?


At 12:42 PM , Blogger spencer said...

dammit. you're right. jane krakowski does vacuum the funny right out of a scene. dammit. i wasn't planning on admitting this to myself, but now look what i've gone and done. thanks a lot.

At 4:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly that Coachella scene needs to be turned into some sort of animated gif, for further entertainment.

I was watching football last night on NBC and they were tacking on the "Save the cheerleader" stage whisper onto the end of completely unrelated promos, like for ER and things.

This is insanity. On the other hand, my feelings are mixed.

A variety of changes have engineering a television climate that is rewarding serials in primetime. I think a lot of it is technological -- the advent of DVRs and popularity of releasing full seasons of a show on DVD (and, to a lesser extent, the rise of file-sharing). But there are also purely social forces at work. In the scifi world, this is all a rejection of the Roddenberry formula for television, which stressed episodic content over nearly all else. The great groundbreaker for s/f was Babylon 5, which seemed terribly innovative at the time, although the acting is so bad that it's very difficult to rewatch. Obviously soaps have been doing this sort of thing since the dawn of time, so there is no real innovation -- only a shift in what sort of stories certain audiences will tolerate at certain times.

This is getting off onto a tanget. What I am trying to say is this: I like serials and and their complex plots. I think, for the most part, they encourage more interesting storytelling. So although to me Heroes seems like a pretty bad show, I don't begrudge it its success, or the fact that NBC is over-hyping it as some sort of hugely important cultural phenomenon. It is not a crime procedural, and it's not a game show, and so its success incentivizes the creation of more shows I am prone to like. So run free, NBC, with your too many characters and their bad haircuts. Do your worst.

At 2:15 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

I'm the dude with the glasses.

At 2:16 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

I'm the dude with the glasses.


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