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Nov 30, 2006

Selfish with the New Romance

I’m not sure why the fine folks over at Universal decided to recut or release a new trailer for the eagerly anticipated or at least eagerly anticipated by me, Smokin’ Aces. The first trailer that most of us saw before that funny movie about a foreign guy (shout outs to Andy Kaufman, unrelated though) was amazing. Some one had finally outdone Tony Scott in creating the most hyperactive and over stylized action film or at least it appeared to be. The first trailer presented its self at first as a Guy Ritchie knock off, and as I’ve said before, once the DJ Shadow song, “Artifact” kicks in, it’s a completely different animal and more importantly, a visually exciting and fun action film.

This new trailer is a pathetic throwback to the mid 90’s shit storm of Tarantino knock offs. With this trailer, they might as well call it, 3000 More Miles to Graceland. “May the Best Hitman Win,” what kind of tag line is that? Sure, Ben Affleck is in the film, but it doesn’t mean that the ad campaign has to be similar to Reindeer Games. The new music cue, what the fuck is that? A rap ‘n’ roll remix of an old Ludacris tune? Is this an attempt to be edgy while both appealing to all demos? If they wanted to use an edgy music cue, why not use “Slizzerrd” by Nump? It’s fast paced, edgy and trendy (hyphy is all the rages). Shots of Alicia Keys shooting people would probably look a lot cooler with samples of Inspector Gadget theme song and dudes shout “Slizzerrd” blasting out those Dolby Digital systems as opposed to Ludacris going, “Geek, Geek”. Or the studio could’ve used some Clipse music and get the support of that ever elusive Pitchfork audience.

I’ll still see the film because frankly I believe that American action films need to be more stylized and more hyperactive than American horror films. But it’s getting increasingly hard to support a film with a bad tag line, a shitty music cue, and oddly doesn’t want to emphasis the strong cast.

Somewhat related, can we get a moratorium in the commercial rap world on comparing the kilos aka the keys they move or know to Alicia Keys. Yeah, her last name is also slang for drugs, but come on, it’s been done to death already. Let’s think out of the box and create some new terms or look at other celebrities, perhaps ultra conservative Alan Keyes or talking about one’s customers have the sniffles like a class of third graders with the flu. I don’t know, let’s just think out of the box more.

I need to make a correction to an earlier statement. I no longer have a small degree of contempt for the film The Comebacks (produced by Fox Atomic) as I realized today that the people from their production who took over one of my school’s parking lots is used for the crew, the below the line guys. I love the below the line dudes and they can park anywhere on campus cause they’re the only guys who actually work on a movie set.

Not one, but three characters to be killed off on upcoming episodes of “Heroes”? Hot dog!.

Sorry again, dudes, but I’ve been writing all day for other stuff. I wish I was like this guy [via Spencer “I hate For Your Consideration” Sloan].


At 11:47 PM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

In reference to the blogging video.

So that's what "the office" looks like when I'm not around?

Public Access Show 2k7
Derek Doi is in.
Robin Brown is in.

At 3:32 AM , Anonymous David: Hero to Millions said...

I have to admit that the new trailer doesn't have that certain punch that the teaser had.

It was less exciting. Less quirky. No Jason Bateman which is always a no.

Nevertheless, I'm still pretty stoke on the movie. Read Joe's Q and A on Chud.com. It's an interesting read, esp on his take on Mission Impossible 3..


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