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Dec 26, 2006

At The Drive In Status

I wouldn’t call it a hiatus in the At The Drive In since or even for that matter the Sleater-Kinney or the type of hiatus that has fallen upon many television programs such as “The Nine.” I feel bad about that because I was all aboard that trolley, but after the third episode, I lost interest in the story of those particular characters. With that said, it should be noted that the skeet on… empire is going on hiatus for a bit. Not sure if it’s a long while or a short while, but the writing has been on the wall for quite a while now.

Much like my favorite Diplomats song of 2006, I’ve been losing my love for this shit like Juelz Santana on “The Movement Moves On”. I’m finding it hard to get on here and to complain about stuff. You know, who cares about how shitty I think the film The Good Shepard is. (You should avoid it at all costs and I even regret watching it at a free screening [although, if you’re interested in free screenings, check out Campus Circle]). Perhaps, its burn out. I’m not sure, but I just assume that everything in the next couple of weeks are going to be fairly crazy for me. So, I’m not sure if I’ll be up to the task of writing about “Heroes” or complain about how the internet should just calm down about new Arcade Fire and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah albums. There’ll be a backlash and all, but I still think the kids are going to be a little over zealous on the matter.

I’ll come back eventually; it’ll just be later rather than sooner unless like Nicole Richie goes nuts or something like. It should be noted that I’ll probably be calling into SCEPH each week to talk about shit.

Dec 18, 2006

Rocky Music

Watch Little Children; it's like Happiness but with pretty people and for at least me,it has some jaw dropping sequences.

And avoid The Good German at all costs. This dude at the theater slept all the way through the thing; granted, he was already sleep when I climbed over him to get a seat during the trailer for Factory Girl, but still, the dude slept through the whole thing at the Grove. Little Children, which is about 40 minutes longer than The Good German felt shorter in comparsion. I don't know what happened to Soderbergh. I thought he was back to normal after making the amazing Bubble, but nope. The Good German is like Solaris bad.

Still got some serious x-mas shopping left to do.

Dec 14, 2006

The Actually Interesting People List

For me and my dollars, it’s difficult to believe that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is the most fascinating or interesting person of 2006. Sure, in November, she became the speaker of the house and all, but she really hasn’t done anything yet to make her interesting. Yeah, she’ll have the power in 2007 to make change and guess what, in 2007, she’ll be interesting and a critical figure. It’s too early, hence the skeet on… empire list of actually interesting people 0f 2006.

This year marked the transition of the Howard Stern show from the constricted confines of regular radio to censor free, satellite radio. Sure, the show is funnier than it has been in years, but at the same time, the once extremely open Stern has gone into a shell a bit. Stern doesn’t seem as open with his personal life as he was once; then again, perhaps, his personal life has really become playing chess and watching episodes of “Dancing with the Stars” on TIVO. On the other hand, Stern show sidekick and professional sidekick, Artie Lange has reluctantly turned his own personal life into radio gold. From his weight struggles to his on air admittance of his heroin problem (he’s been clean for a year) to the saga that was his break up with longtime girlfriend, Dana, Lange returned the Howard Stern Show back to the days of being a confessional. Also, in an era where many comedians attempt to market themselves as being the comedian for the work or if you will, blue collar comedy, Lange is perhaps the only true blue collar comic working today. Not to mention, the pairing of Lange and “Star Trek” star George Takei as well as the on air fights with Wack Pack member, Crazy Alice has created some of the greatest moments in the Stern show’s 20 plus year history.

In a world where people are often famous for doing nothing, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity like Cory Kennedy. It seems as if she doesn’t even know why she’s famous to begin with. Her blog has turned name dropping into an art form, but more importantly, it’s a look behind the velvet rope; example this post about a party at Paris Hilton’s house.

It’s hard to explain why some people are interesting, other than saying, the dude made me care about something other than myself for once in my life. Keith Olbermann, especially with his 9/11 editorial has brought a return to the old fashion news anchor. Olbermann may wear his political beliefs on his shelve, but it’s refreshing to see a progressive anchor on television who’ll frequently take the current administration to task. For political as Olbermann appears, he does not allow for his show to be bogged down in it; creating a blend of hard journalism with the comedic light news and pieces of popular culture.

On the complete opposite end of the journalism spectrum lies Sal Masekela, the co anchor of E!’s “The Daily Ten.” In an era of creepy male reporters and over botox’ed women, Masekela is probably the only likeable guy in the entertainment news reporting. One can tell that he could give a shit about the guy Britney Spears was seen with. Also, one has to wonder how he hasn’t attacked Debbie Matenopoulous yet.

Ashlee Simpson’s plastic surgeon is only interesting because for most people, it turned into what some may consider an 8 into a solid 9, in terms of looks. It finally or at least it should finally put over while Ashlee Simpson may have not have the best voice and seem rather fake, she’s more attractive than her sister, Jessica Simpson. Rhinoplasty works.

Officer James Mee of the Malibu Sheriff Department is the man who pulled over Mel Gibson. Indirectly, this is man whose responsible for all of those bad Mel Gibson jokes and slightly unrelated, all those Michael Richards jokes, too. Not to mention, Mee has a bold sense of fashion, rocking a fanny pack and all.

Okay, Nicole Richie with the recent DUI arrest slightly changed why skinny girls were interesting this year. Richie was extremely over exposed, but managed to display a great sense of humor on the few episodes of the bizzaro “The Simple Life,” I caught. Kate Bosworth is the most interesting of the trio, since she was one of the reasons why Superman Returns tanked this summer. Bosworth besides trying to co opt the look of Leigh of the Misshapes, she’s just unlikable. And Knightley is only interesting cause she was in Domino last year, but a film like that goes a long way with me.

Ghostface made two great albums this year that both feature equally amazing songs (“Big Girl” off of “Fishscale” and “Block Rock” off of the most recent, “More Fish”). Rap music is primarily built around a good single. Rappers just try to make great singles where as Ghostface just went out there and made good music regardless if it will get airplay or not.

Jessica Biel isn’t interesting, but her publicist is. Apparently while I was sleeping the other night, Biel became an A list celebrity and movie star without ever being in a hit film or a real success TV series (“7th Heaven” doesn’t count), so one has to hand it to her publicist for consistently and constantly putting her out there. Call me dumb but I thought in order to be a movie star, one had to have been in at least one hit movie and not just have a great ass.

Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris made a really great film called Little Miss Sunshine and they directed a bunch of cool videos, too.

On the Phone Part '93

The thing about Almodóvar’s Volver is the little you know about the film, the better it’s going to be. I thought it was going to be one thing and I was happily surprised that the film went into a completely different direction. Beautifully shot, great acting; just a refreshing break for what’s out there currently.

Also, anybody heard anything about Zhang Yimou’s Curse of the Golden Flower? Has that House of Flying Daggers vibe, but minus all the poetic junk.

Dec 13, 2006

Point Break

While the film has already been released in Europe and will even be out on DVD in February, Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men is still going to be released in America probably in limited release on Christmas and wider release in January. I presume that Universal has held the film back for Oscar consideration, but I’m never known the Academy to be cool with Sci-Fi films even they have breath taking cinematography. I started to forget about this film; the last time I saw a trailer for it was like five months ago. Films like Dreamgirls, I hear people talk about it every single day; sure it could be good, but you know, where’s the love for a dirty Sci-Fi movie with Clive Owen in it?

Since, school is sorta finished for the year, I think I’ll finally make a trip out to the movies. I just have to wonder if any body else is sick of the film, Dreamgirls. It’s about to become as over hyped as Borat was in the beginning. Can’t there be hype for another film out there currently? Or at least combine all over the over hyped things about 2006 into one, big shit storm of a film. It’s like part Dreamgirls but about celebrity babes, so you know one has that whole Suri Cruise angle covered and there could be some bit about racist character actors and I don’t know what else. I think that I’m making things worse by talking about the film, Dreamgirls, but everybody else needs to ease up on it. I thought nobody liked Beyonce any more, so why all the chatter?

Passion of the Weiss is putting shame in your end of the year list game. The dude has had a new ten best list every day since last Wednesday. Geez, I can barely find 10 people to do the actually interesting people of 2006, but that list should be coming tomorrow morning if all goes according to plan.

Any movie recommendations for the winter break?

Dec 12, 2006

Dirty Trip

If anything has been lacking in these parts over the last few months, it’s been a sense of angry and frustration. Sure, there’s the Tuesday morning bitch session about why I am still watching “Heroes” week after week, but that argument is built entirely on my stupidity. I’m the sucker who continues to watch the show week after week because I’m hooked in the storyline and yet the horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible acting and piss poor visuals haven’t stopped me yet. And I mean, the writing its self isn’t even that good to begin with. I guess, if anything, I’m just attracted to the show’s sense of structure and foreshadowing. Getting to the point, if there’s one, I believe that I’m actually mad at something for the first time in a while.

Sure, there have been moments at school the past couple of weeks that have made me upset, but that’s neither here nor there. What I don’t understand and will probably never understand is who thought the show, “Twentyfourseven” would be a good idea? I wouldn’t even want my bitter fiends, foes and enemies to watch a show like this. I was going to suggest that the US government should use this show as a form of torture for prisoners, but I believe that they’re getting together to create a four protocol for the Geneva Convention to prevent any future abuse. It’s bad and awful and frustrating and grating, but the more important question is how did these guys get their own show? I admire their conviction and ability to hustle, if you will, but at the same time, I’m still grasping to understand why they are on TV. The one guy dates Haylie Duff, so he gets to have his own reality show? That does not make any sense nor is it fair. Well, then again, it actually does make sense because in Hollywood, it’s all about whom you know and apparently, even in the biblical sense of the term. We’ve started to sink lower and lower in the reality TV food chain.

First, it was regular people, but they weren’t that interesting after a while. Famous people replaced real people, but famous people weren’t interesting enough, so they were also replaced. Famous people were replaced by famous people who hadn’t been famous in a while doing wacky stunts. Now, we’ve reached the point where it’s the boyfriend of the sister of the girl who was on “Lizzie McGuire.” I’d say, what’s next, bloggers with their own reality show, but sadly, I believe that’s happening. So, what’s next in this famous person reality TV show food chain? A show about the guy who cleans pools in Malibu or a show about the assistant to the guy who cleans celebrities’ pools in Maliboobs?

There has to be a greater justification as to why these guys are on TV other than being a reality version of “Entourage”. For the most part, the guys on “twentyfourseven” fit into the “Entourage” arch types. The singer guy is Drama, except instead of track pants, he wears BAPE knock off hoodies with a mo hawk. The main guy is E, but nowhere as likeable and relatable as E, and for the most part, the rest of the people on the show are as annoying and as useless as Turtle. What makes “Entourage” a show that one is willing to sit through is Ari Gold. There’s nobody on this fake show as charismatic and compelling as Ari. You love to hate Ari, but with the dudes on the other show, you just hate them irregardless.

Irregardless of the comparisons to “Entourage,” who are the viewers rooting for to become successful and famous? They’re never presented in a likeable fashion. Well, take it back, the filmmaker dude seems cool, but everybody else just seems like the biggest asshole on the face of the planet. They all seem like they would be the guys who in their giant truck would ride right on your trail with the hi beams on, assuming that this will make one good faster in the midst of twilight terror.

Cipes, that hippie guy, honestly just makes me want to melt the polar ice caps. You know, stand on one of them with him watching me as I take a blowtorch to an iceberg, melt it, all the while, eating one of those disgusting Philly cheesesteak hamburgers from Carl’s Jr. Actually, make it two of those burgers, while melting the polar ice caps. Sure, it’d upset Al Gore, but it’d make the hippie guy really bummed. Devendra Banhart, while me bug most people, made hippies seem cool to me; Johnny Knoxville called himself a hippie, so you know, hippies were becoming cooler, but then I see this guy talking about positive molecules in your water and wondering where the money you pay taxes on goes, I single handily wanted to bring on global warming that exact moment in time.

Also, this show just makes me wonder even more what has become of MTV. I know that they’ve stopped playing videos a long time ago; they rarely play videos on MTV2; you gotta have one of the special MTVs on digital cable in order to watch music videos. But you know, does anybody else remember during the hey day of Spike Jonze; putting MTV on, in a glimmer of hope that maybe you’d see some new video by Spike Jonze. Or being glued to the TV because there was a sneaking suspicion that they were going to show the video for “Let Forever Be” at a certain time. Granted, video watching has been easy recently, but at the same time, it’s better to see a video on a TV than shrink to fit the computer screen.

The point being, long gone are the days of hoping to catch a great video and it’s been replaced by the fear of running into the 14th replay of “twentyfourseven” that day or worse, “Real World: Denver.” Why haven’t they changed the name of “The Real World” to “Sluts in a Glasshouse”? For the next season, why don’t the producers cut through the bullshit and have the Real World house be in an actual bar and have their ‘job’ be running a bar.

Rust Never Sleeps

Sometime on Monday afternoon, I had written some sprawling mess of an explanation. It was on par with an e-mail from Lindsay Lohan; very ‘adequite’ and without a point to it at all. If anything, it was a call for an end of instant analysis of stuff on the internets, but you know, that’s a bunch of bullshit. If we stopped performing instant analysis of every single facet of the world, there’d be nothing to read about on the internet. You know, it’d just be actual journalism, porn, and various sites featuring the ramblings of teenaged boys and girls along with their out of focus, yet ‘artistic’ photos of them at the park or whatever. Where would the internet be without early reviews of unmixed albums from the latest buzz bands or a wacky doodling on a photo of a famous person looking haggard at some event? How are we going to kill time while at the office or in the back of the classroom listening to a boring lecture if there wasn’t instant analysis of everything in the world.

We’re all acting as if we’ve never driven or at least been in the car when someone else drove on the wrong side of the road. It happened to me once; well, I wasn’t driving the car, this girl was and she just started to drift in the other lane cause it was late at night and we’d just seen Magnolia and that film can take a lot out of you. You know, luckily nobody got hurt and it was only for a couple of moments. Maybe, it was just too loud in Nicole Richie’s car to hear the jokes her friends were making about being British or Nicole Richie also misses Robin Brown and wants to recreate what he must be experiencing currently in London; it’s just that the 134 isn’t the best of places to do. [Mug shot via TMZ]

It should be noted that I’ve already asked for this mug shot on a t-shirt for Christmas.

Speaking of people who party hard, one has to assume that Cory Kennedy and Lindsay Lohan probably do the same amount of partying on a weekly basis. They could, in theory, of course, match up: line for line, drink for drink. It’d be one heck of a hamster cage party between them, but I just have to wonder why does Lohan look so old? It’s as if she completely skipped over being young, fun, flirty and 20 and just became a greasy faced Long Island girl who tans too much and desperate to settle down with some mook she met at Sound Factory over Labor Day Weekend. At the rate, she’s partying, Lohan is going to look as bad as Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2.

Smokin’ Aces writer/director Joe Carnahan has his own blog. It’s an interesting look at the evolution of the film’s marketing plan. It seems as if I’m on a movie strike until I see this film or at least, it feels as if I’m doing some unforced strike against movies. I want to watch Volver and all, but shit comes up when I ever plan or at least think about going to watch it. Winter break is the time to catch up on movies, but I still have a monster amount of shopping left do as well as the year end lists.

I think that’s why I haven’t updated in a couple, I’m dodging the year-end lists. Name ten great albums, I can barely name five albums that I was in love with this year. Well, take it back, probably six or seven albums that blew my mind, but you know everything else was kind of meh.

The song, "Thrasher" by Neil Young is pretty amazing. If you haven't heard it yet, then skate down to your Tower record before it closes in like 9 days. I may pop in the Tower I bought my first tape at; sorta blame them for my shitty taste in music.

Dec 11, 2006

The Sweet Escape part 2

Still a long way to go, but it's coming back real soon, I swear.

It could be a lack of material.

It could be the panic attacks.

It could be the cold.

It's probably all three.

Or just maybe, I'm ashame of the fact that I like it when Akon sings the hook on a Gwen Stefani song.

And if you're a production company looking for an intern this spring, holla at me, please.

Also, if you're in London, make sure Robin Brown picks up some sweet Alan Partridge memobrilla for me.

Also, shout outs to Jeff Weiss for emailing the My Morning Jacket live album last week.

Dec 5, 2006

The Price is Right

Yesterday was a roller coaster of a day. So thanks to everybody who helped me out on everything. The empire isn't a place to be mushy, but shout outs to an amazing girlfriend and brilliant friends. So it's going to be really brief:

-Sure, "More Fish" is more or less an over glorified Theodore Unit album. But, it's worth the price of purchase simply for the Ghost/Madlib collabo, "Block Rock." Any chance for a Ghostlib album?

Related, the song, "Dreams" off of the new Saigon mixtape is pretty cool, too. What would be even cooler if Saigon ever released his full length album.

-Her character wasn't a major character. NBC and the producers of "Heroes" are a bunch of liars. Sure, the ending was good and all. Not to mention, the tag line is slightly compelling ("are you on the list" oh, i can see the cafe press shirts right now), but you know, the girl from Brick wasn't a major character. Unless, they did something with the stripper mom cause i just straight fast forwarded through that bullshit. I had been up for 30 hours or so at all and didn't want to fuck around with some awesome shots of a girl talking to herself in a car window.

Dec 4, 2006

Can't Keep Runnin' Away

This past weekend, 60 Minutes did a story on Netflix and it makes a rather valid point about how our collective film viewing habits have changed. People will always continue to go to the theaters to catch a movie because there’s just something about watching a Will Ferrell comedy with a large audience that make the jokes work just a bit better. And of course, it goes without saying that one must watch a Terrence Malick film on the big screen, but lately, it just seems as if every other film that I want to watch, I just shrug my shoulders, look at a couple of reviews and simply say, I’ll just wait for the DVD. Sure, the timetable between theaters and home video is getting shorter and shorter, especially in terms of smaller films (one could download the new Morgan Freeman film in a couple of days). Most normal people with the movies that they’re waiting for on DVD will check it out using something like Netflix or whatever video store. A flat fee or like a couple of bucks to check out Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny or The Fountain makes sense. Me, I don’t make sense because I just buy the films I want to watch because it’s just easier to buy a movie, have it there on the shelf and watch it when I want to or if it sucks, take it up to Amoeba and maybe trade it in for something else.

In other words, I think I’m trying to find an excuse as to why I haven’t made my way to see both Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny and The Fountain yet. Well, The Fountain can be explained rather easily; first off, how the film can be some grandiose science fiction epic at a running time of 96 minutes? The only version of Brazil that makes any sense is 142 minutes long, but the film still requires a couple more viewings for it all to make sense. Secondly, while the initial hype surrounding the film made it a must see amongst the film nerds of the world. Darren Aronofsky’s last film Requiem for a Dream was good, so in theory, The Fountain should be good. The first trailer for the film gave the impression that the film should be good; lots of quick cuts of cool shots; giving Aronofsky that false sense of being the next Stanley Kubrick, which I’m guilty of doing. It looked like a winner and I spent most of the time between that trailer and the time I saw the second trailer, avoiding any information about the film. I wanted to go in fresh. I did fairly well, but the negative stuff from the Toronto and Venice film festivals changed my feelings a bit. Yet, I saw the second trailer before The Prestige and I was just turned off to the whole thing. The dialogue just sounded bad and the visuals didn’t seem as cool as watching them on a computer. Not to mention, watching three films with Hugh Jackman in them is just pushing it for me. Maybe the DVD release of the film will actually be longer.

As for the D, irregardless of what people may say about the film actually being funny and what not, the trailer just makes the thing look rather awful. Also, the D works in small doses like the HBO shorts.

Speaking of films and this one can't wait for DVD, the release schedule for David Lynch's latest Inland Empire. I may have to break my ban on going to Laemmle theaters or at least their parking lots. I remember seeing a weird Hong Kong movie there a couple of years ago and some homeless guy just came in and snored during the thing. Granted, it wasn't the greatest movie ever, but you know, it doesn't help.

I can’t keep up with all of these cool kids trends. Are they playing drunken Jenga with the bassist of the Like? Or is it drunken Connect Four for a pair of leggings? Passion of the Weiss needs to investigate, I think.

Also, shout out to Uncle Grambo.

First, there was the Zune and now this. Microsoft just wants to lose the money, I guess as I ironically type this using Microsoft Word.

There’s no better gift this holiday season than a copy of Damon Packard’s Reflections of Evil. It’s only ten bucks and the dude also has some bootlegs of out of print classics like Lindsay Anderson’s If.....

Anybody else been to Tower Records lately and looked through the CDs and DVDs? I mean, most of the good stuff is gone, but it's kinda of interesting to see stuff that internet was going nuts over a year ago. The deals are good, but all of the good Neil Young albums are gone, if you were looking to improve your collection, like I was.

Also, anybody else prepared to be letdown by "Heroes" tonight? Call into SCEPH on Tuesday at 9pm Callifornia time to bitch about it.

Dec 2, 2006


Sorry Pitchfork, but this is better than "Hell Hath No Fury" and I'm only about four tracks into the album. The bravado, the charm, the slang, the swagger, no Akon singin' the hook and the ad libs, it all goes to 11.

Perhaps, I'm just into this album alot because it's the first time I've heard new Jeezy stuff without somebody shouting "Cannon" or "Dramatic" all through out the tune.

And feel free to question my judgement seeing as I spent a majority of my Friday watching Basic Instinct and Basic Instinct 2.