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Dec 18, 2006

Rocky Music

Watch Little Children; it's like Happiness but with pretty people and for at least me,it has some jaw dropping sequences.

And avoid The Good German at all costs. This dude at the theater slept all the way through the thing; granted, he was already sleep when I climbed over him to get a seat during the trailer for Factory Girl, but still, the dude slept through the whole thing at the Grove. Little Children, which is about 40 minutes longer than The Good German felt shorter in comparsion. I don't know what happened to Soderbergh. I thought he was back to normal after making the amazing Bubble, but nope. The Good German is like Solaris bad.

Still got some serious x-mas shopping left to do.


At 1:05 AM , Blogger David said...

I really don't know what's going on with Soderbergh.

I haven't seen The Good German yet, but I do know a handful of people who have witness this (and I quote) "Borefest 2006".

I loved The Limey, Out of Sight, S.L. and V, and of course Ocean's 11.

But Ocean's 12 was terrible. It's average as a sequel and nasty as a movie on it's own merit. Solaris was a bomb too..

NASTY McGEE, I say! Wake up, Stephen! Don't pull a John McTieran or a Brian La Palma and all of suddden suck. (and I'm fans of these guys..)

At 9:55 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

It may be my "Smokin' Aces" but the Black Snake Moan trailer just became available yesterday and it's definitively outta control.

I went from not caring about this movie at all when I read about it on imdb about a year ago, to now wanting to pre-order tickets.

What makes it for me, I think the most, is that its a mainstream film.

Seriously, this is the film that should have all the hype that SoaP got.


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