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Dec 12, 2006

Rust Never Sleeps

Sometime on Monday afternoon, I had written some sprawling mess of an explanation. It was on par with an e-mail from Lindsay Lohan; very ‘adequite’ and without a point to it at all. If anything, it was a call for an end of instant analysis of stuff on the internets, but you know, that’s a bunch of bullshit. If we stopped performing instant analysis of every single facet of the world, there’d be nothing to read about on the internet. You know, it’d just be actual journalism, porn, and various sites featuring the ramblings of teenaged boys and girls along with their out of focus, yet ‘artistic’ photos of them at the park or whatever. Where would the internet be without early reviews of unmixed albums from the latest buzz bands or a wacky doodling on a photo of a famous person looking haggard at some event? How are we going to kill time while at the office or in the back of the classroom listening to a boring lecture if there wasn’t instant analysis of everything in the world.

We’re all acting as if we’ve never driven or at least been in the car when someone else drove on the wrong side of the road. It happened to me once; well, I wasn’t driving the car, this girl was and she just started to drift in the other lane cause it was late at night and we’d just seen Magnolia and that film can take a lot out of you. You know, luckily nobody got hurt and it was only for a couple of moments. Maybe, it was just too loud in Nicole Richie’s car to hear the jokes her friends were making about being British or Nicole Richie also misses Robin Brown and wants to recreate what he must be experiencing currently in London; it’s just that the 134 isn’t the best of places to do. [Mug shot via TMZ]

It should be noted that I’ve already asked for this mug shot on a t-shirt for Christmas.

Speaking of people who party hard, one has to assume that Cory Kennedy and Lindsay Lohan probably do the same amount of partying on a weekly basis. They could, in theory, of course, match up: line for line, drink for drink. It’d be one heck of a hamster cage party between them, but I just have to wonder why does Lohan look so old? It’s as if she completely skipped over being young, fun, flirty and 20 and just became a greasy faced Long Island girl who tans too much and desperate to settle down with some mook she met at Sound Factory over Labor Day Weekend. At the rate, she’s partying, Lohan is going to look as bad as Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2.

Smokin’ Aces writer/director Joe Carnahan has his own blog. It’s an interesting look at the evolution of the film’s marketing plan. It seems as if I’m on a movie strike until I see this film or at least, it feels as if I’m doing some unforced strike against movies. I want to watch Volver and all, but shit comes up when I ever plan or at least think about going to watch it. Winter break is the time to catch up on movies, but I still have a monster amount of shopping left do as well as the year end lists.

I think that’s why I haven’t updated in a couple, I’m dodging the year-end lists. Name ten great albums, I can barely name five albums that I was in love with this year. Well, take it back, probably six or seven albums that blew my mind, but you know everything else was kind of meh.

The song, "Thrasher" by Neil Young is pretty amazing. If you haven't heard it yet, then skate down to your Tower record before it closes in like 9 days. I may pop in the Tower I bought my first tape at; sorta blame them for my shitty taste in music.


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