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Jan 30, 2007

Neon T.P.

I’ve been meaning to write about how quickly my opinion has changed for, and now subsequent love for the song, “Intervention,” by the Arcade Fire, but I think something my friend, Mark told me does a better job. He said: “Yeah, my car was broken into last night and that song has made me less angry.” From what I’ve listened to of the new album and for the most part, it sounds exactly like the last album, but never the less, it’s that powerful of an album. So, just imagine how much better the world will be when a much nicer sounding version of the album gets out to the world. It’ll save the cheerleader, the world, cure adhd, convert all TV signals into HD signals, convince Ryan Reynolds to quit acting in movies, make Jay Leno will stop rocking the denim on denim look, Oscar voters won’t vote for Jennifer Hudson, somebody will create a time machine, help Issaih Washington & T.R. Knight squash their beef, Perez Hilton will take down his website, it’ll turn coke into pepsi, it’ll remove the voice of that guy who ruined that line for me when he said it during a scene in directing class, the 405 will add a sixth and seventh lane, Californians won’t freak out when it starts to rain, Debbie Matenpolous will walk off a cliff because this album is so good.

The only other thing I have to say is please fall in love with Clark & Michael. The world will be a better place.

Jan 29, 2007

Glory Hole

The dude may not be the flashiest DJ or turntablist, if you will, but you have to admit that Portishead producer/programmer/DJ Geoff Barrow took their music to the next level. Of course, people mostly remember Beth Gibbons’ voice and rightly so, her voice is heart breaking. But let us not forget the occasional scratch by Barrow. He’s not as flashy as DJ Q-Bert or other dudes, but it’s his subtle technique and style that puts the music into that dark, icy region. Every couple of years there seems to be a rumor that comes around about Portishead making a new album, but my thing is that they shouldn’t release another album because it will be an insane let down. The first two albums absolutely sound timeless, but you know with new technology and people getting older, I’m not sure that they could return to that classic sound. Remember “100th Window” by Massive Attack? Or perhaps I’m in the minority of people who didn’t dig that album at all.

Anybody else get weirded out while watching the Lakers/Spurs game on Sunday afternoon when they saw Blake from Rilo Kiley sitting courtside with Tobey Maguire? It shouldn’t be weird, but it was. The guy who sings back up on “Pictures of Success” is hanging out with Spider Man creating some new postmodern Jack Nicholson/Lou Addler connection.

Is it surprising that I was fairly disappointed by Smokin’ Aces? I don’t know why, but I had high hopes for the film. I don’t really like big, dumb, loud action movies, but Smokin’ Aces looked as if it had took some style notes out of the pages of Michael Bay and Tony Scott and transplanted into a Taraninto knock off script that some intern tossed away 12 years ago and for the most part, that’s what Smokin’ Aces is. Writer/director Joe Carnahan basically stretched out the last ten minutes or so of True Romance and removed everything that made True Romance such a great film in the first place and replaced them with Guy Ritchie style points. The film wants to be an action comedy, but the problem is that when it’s attempting to be funny and chatty, it just drags on and on then there’ll be this weird shift in tone where the audience has to watch Ryan Reynolds brood on screen. I may have watched an episode of “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place,” but I’ve never seen a film with Ryan Reynolds in it. His performance just left me with one question, how does he consistently get work? He’s probably one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen myself act and I was voted the worst actor in my directing class, so I know a thing or two about bad acting. Why place all of the dramatic moments upon the shoulders of the star of Waiting? The film could’ve been brilliant, but it was too all over the place.

Maybe I didn’t like the film because I was in a somewhat full theater of people who appeared to be enjoying the film. I wanted to be the lone person in the audience who enjoyed it. Have you ever had that feeling?

I was talking to various people about this idea the other day and we all seem to agree that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams need to make another film together. No Notebook part 2 business, but you know, something younger and a little modern. They don’t even have to have scenes together, but a film where Rachel McAdams can finally act her age and what not.

Jan 24, 2007

Nothing Is The Only Thing You Ever Seem To Have

Apparently this is the time of the year or at least according to psychologists and other stuffy suited individuals, this is the time of the year where a majority of us feel like the way Artie Lange looks. So, I don’t blame you if you can’t be stoked on a lot of stupid shit. I’m having difficult myself, but there are few things here and there. But I still don’t blame if you’re bumping a lot of stuff with Neil Young jamming on a harmonica. It’s not okay to listen “Intervention” by the Arcade Fire a lot though. That tune is the new “Bro Hymn” or at least Indie103 is playing it as it’s the new “Bro Hymn” and it’s just too much of a bummer. You know a Neil with a harmonica and acoustic guitar tune is something that you are supposed to share your bummed out feelings with where as you know Arcade Fire are like, ‘our lives are really messed up, too, but you know we’re gonna be really upbeat about it and borderline cinematic with it. They’re just jerks. Although, jerks who make pretty good music.

Please be sure to check out Bus Driver’s new album, “Roadkillovercoat” now streaming on MySpace. This album has been on repeat more often than the new LCD Soundsystem album and may be the reason why I’m so out of touch with rock music these days.

I’m not sure how much traction this concept has, but I’m starting to get serious about this idea of DJ Skeet On Mischa (holla if you hear me) and doing ironic rap nights at various bars. None of this real Hollywood bars business because who wants to be on an episode of “The Hills”? Especially if it’s an episode where that creepy Spencer guy talks about how he’s going to take Aundrea on the same exact date he took Heidi on two days earlier (what a creep!) Never the less, I think I have an idea of how this DJ thing could work out for me without learning how to mix and what not. There’s software that take care of that business, right? It’s all about song selection, which shouldn’t be that hard. A little Lil Wayne and the mixing software should be able to handle mixing like for example, “Leather So Soft,” with say a Cold War Kids tune. And I got a laptop and an iPod, so my digital crates are in order, if you will. Now a lot of mix tape DJs use various gun shot sound effects in their sets and it seems like a good idea, but you know, one has to be different from the rest. I figure instead of gunshots, I’d just use soundboards during the songs. So if I was playing “Go Getta” by Young Jeezy featuring R Kelly, I’d just smash buttons on the Karloff soundboard or smashing buttons on a Napoleon soundboard during a Giant Drag tune. You know, it’s all the same, but it makes the overall musical experience a tad more interesting. Maybe, this is actually just an admission that I want to be a wacky morning zoo type of DJ except with the options of playing aforementioned tunes by like Giant Drag.

It should be noted that I don’t know the name of the type of sirens and whistles that most DJs nowadays. I wish I knew the name of it.

Also, what happened to Goldenfiddle? I hope Spencer Sloan isn't going the way of that guy who sang that "you had a bad day" tune. Whatever happened to that dude?

I tried for a while to come up with a clever caption for this, but you know, here are some boobs, take it or leave it.

Why is it when I finally find an Andy Samberg digital short to be funny it’s not the one all over YouTube and MySpace? Did anybody else see the “Nurse Nancy” sketch? The brilliant send up of Eddie Murphy’s upcoming film Norbit where Samberg plays actor Scott Garbaciak who happens to play every single character in the film, Nurse Nancy. It was amazing; so why isn’t it all over the place like a dick in a box? I find MacGruber anywhere, but a simple Andy Samberg sketch where he doesn’t come off as the second coming of Jimmy Fallon can’t be found at all.

I don’t really have much to say on the matter of the Academy Awards for this year. Other than Children of Men was robbed as well as Sacha Baron Cohen for Best Actor. It was cool to see that Ryan Gosling was nominated for Half Nelson as well as Mark Wahlberg for The Departed but we all know that Alec Baldwin gave the film’s best performance.

And finally, I think I feel comfortable in saying that I don’t have to watch “Heroes” anymore. I watched the big comeback episode the other day and I was neither wowed nor frustrated. I kept on asking myself why I am watching this, but not in a good or fun way. You know the show was just flat out boring. Maybe I got distracted by the fact that where the Radiation Dude lives in the desert is probably the same site where they shot a few scenes for David Lynch’s Lost Highway and why isn’t that film available on DVD yet? I don’t know nothing happened that made me want to tune for next week’s episode. I felt slightly complete, if you will.

Jan 21, 2007

Pleather So Soft

I should be excited by the fact that “Heroes” is coming back tonight because as many of you may know that my favorite Bad Religion album is “Suffer,” and that’s what I like to do when I watch TV, suffer through bad acting and horrendous dialogue. But right now, I’m not sure if my body and mind can handle watching something because it’s so bad. I’m not sure if I could be hooked back into that storyline after so long. Sure, I solved most of my problems with the show by simply fast forwarding through the stuff involving the stripper and her boring family. It may only shave off five or seven minutes off an episode, but those are five minutes in which I could use to do more valuable and important things like being disappointed by the Keely Hazell sex tape or looking for a leaked copy of the new Arcade Fire album or talking about how awesome Clive Owen is in Children of Men. More important and valuable things to do with one’s time, but if I’m fast forwarding through one particular storyline that’s bad, why not fast forward through most of it? Most of the series’ character arcs aren’t that compelling or interesting, but they fit into the overall storyline, which is why we suffer. The bigger picture of the story is good, but I’m not sure if it’s better than what’s going on with “24” this season. “24,” on the other hand in the matter of 4 episodes has turned most of Valencia and the outskirts of L.A. County into something straight out of The Road Warrior. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if Jack Bauer’s new partner from CTU is the Feral Kid or at least a variation of the Feral Kid in a Ben Sherman button up and a snazzy blazer.

I still would like to see a season of “24” where Jack Bauer and everybody else just has a normal day. Granted it would be the most boring 24 episodes of television, but it still would be pretty interesting to see the producers of the show over dramatize Chloe waiting at the Apple Genius Bar or Bill Buchanan shopping for suits. These characters have to have a life beyond saving the world every couple of months. Let’s bottle rocket things up a little bit.

Then again, my suggestions of bottle rocketing things up a little bit have never ever worked out. Then again, I’ve never known anybody to listen my suggestions in the first place.

At the time I wrote this, these bands were the only Coachella bands confirmed thus far. The official and full line up should be announced later today, but I’m wondering why Goldenvoice hasn’t embraced the hipster community’s fondness for mainstream/commercial rap. There’s been many hip hop acts on the various Coachella line ups, but don’t you think it’d be more interesting to see like Lil’ Wayne doing a set at sunset as opposed to hearing more boring power ballads from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The bookers need to think outside the box or if you will, bottle rocket things up and pick more exciting rap acts to play at Coachella. Sure, the rider for the Dip Set might be insane, but wouldn’t it be more fun to see a bunch of kids wearing Muslim scarves in 100 degree heat doing the ballin’ dance. Sure, the Roots might be great live and all, but do you know anybody that could tell you a name of Roots song outside of the song that they did with Cody Chestnutt a couple of years ago. But I bet most people could name you at least one Wu Tang song, so why not book Rae and Ghost to do a set?

Jan 18, 2007

Pay Attention!

This is getting to be re-god damn diclious. Drama & Cannon arrested for making mixtapes, what's the deal? I know one thing for certain, I'll be glued to my Sirius radio on Friday night to hear their radio show.

Unrelated, but I've finally caught up on the new season of "24"; shit is like Apocalypse Now.

Jan 17, 2007

Of Modern Measure

I never thought I’d get to this point in my life, but I’m actually starting to enjoy going to work, even if it’s just an internship. It’s still work all the same. And oddly, I want to come in more days a week even if it means spending more time stuck behind a conked out BMW in the third lane. I feel like as if I’m in Elementary school all over again and you know, the day that I don’t come into the office is the day that like the anti drug robot from the local police department shows up and like the entire fourth grade chases the robot around the school. I worry that something on that level of cool is going to happen while I’m not there. I’m not expecting rappin’ robots or anything, but I worry that I’m going to miss like somebody bringing cupcakes or some other sugary treat.

Speaking of rappin’, I think Passion of the Weiss may have forgotten to include my new favorite rapper, Hip Hop Harry on that awful rappers list. Frankly, I’d rather do the Harry than rockin’ my hips.

While on the subject of rap music, I like the “Make It Rain” (Remix) a lot. Maybe even more than the original classic; it’s the same song for the most part, but there’s something rather special about R. Kelly’s rapping/singing and that verse from the Pan's Labyrinth of rap music, Lil Wayne. I think why people all over Weezy these days isn’t due to lyrical skills, it’s largely due to the way he pronounces words. I like Wayne on the remix because he says umbrella in a comical manner. The video should be a remake of this scene though.

I missed the first hours of the new season of “24,” but I’ve purchased the DVD, so I’m about to embark on a fun game of catch up. For me, Fox releasing a DVD of the season premiere of “24” is perhaps one of the best business moves in a long time. The DVD, I assume is bare bones, but it doesn’t matter, it provides the viewing audience at large the chance to catch up with their favorite show and to get new viewers into the show. The DVR is a reliable, but it’s not the most reliable. Sometimes, there could be a recording error or it runs long and it cuts off during a tense moment. And downloading or pick up episodes off of iTunes, you know is good, but you have to watch it on your computer and who knows how long it’ll take if you’re downloading an episode off of a Bit Torrent. And watching an episode of “Heroes” on NBC’s site is good in theory, but you know the quality of video leaves more to be desired. So why aren’t more networks acting like Fox and selling DVDs of four episodes every month or so for 10 bucks. A twenty two episode season even with multiple DVD releases of four to five episodes will still net a large profit. There’ll still be the nerds like me who’ll drop the sixty bucks for the big box set, but also, think of the casual viewer who may have a crowded Monday night and would be easier for them to pick up a DVD.

Which brings up another point, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to complain about “Heroes” as often as I would starting next week. Classes until ten o’clock on Monday night and an early Tuesday morning. Not necessarily sure if missing an episode or two, is going to chance my opinion on the show. It’s great as I can fast forward through any scene involving that Stripper mom and her boring family.

It’s been a while, but never the less, Rachel B rocks that knit cap very well, but I’ve seen it done better and it was last weekend. But more importantly, we all should all be on the prowl for brilliance from the Barton Sisters, who apparently are the second coming of the Brontë sisters or dare I even say it, the Gish sisters.

Wow. I’m not sure if I could be anymore obscure with that one. Thank goodness for Wikipedia or even I wouldn’t get the joke that I was trying to make it. Not to mention, once one gets off the caption trolley, it’s really, really hard to get back into it. I honestly believe I’ve ran out of colorful ways to talk about models messing around with each other and girls from congazagas university. I have bigger fish to fry and worry about that then taking about how this girl was probably a band aid that cut out of Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous or make some statement like if Kate Hudson was like this all the time, I’d probably like her.

The other night, I was at a bar with Robin Brown, but not to be confused with this Robin Brown or this Robin and you know some crummy band was playing. Some people danced, but it was mostly drunk girls cause it was the first night of a three day weekend. After the band finally left the stage, a DJ took over and he started playing some Juelz Santana. I got really excited, figuring that the dude would be playing a set filled of ironic, or at least to the mostly hip ( for the Orange Curtain; there were a couple of Cory Kennedy wanna bees in the mix), ironic rap tunes. Maybe some Clipse and I was on the verge of walking over and making a request because I figured that the guy might be somewhat on his shit, but the whole rest of his set or at least until they yelled ‘last call,’ were mash ups that he got at some record store. There weren’t even home made or downloaded off some MySpace (Hi thereHoop Dreams). It was so disappointing and even sadder than I thought about making some requests. Is there even a protocol about making requests in a bar with a DJ? I assume that if it’s Smiths night at the bar, then it’d be okay to request some Morrisey song, but you know, do I just let the guy do his thing? Maybe, I should get that mix and match software that everybody else uses on their laptops and become a DJ. DJ Skeet On Mischa, holla if you hear me.

Give me some time and I’ll be back in the thick of it.

Jan 10, 2007

Oh, Bondage...

I know it’s been a while and I really don’t know where exactly to begin. Things have been pretty good lately. Bummer about “The OC” getting canceled, but I think, collectively, we all quit watching that show a long time. Some people sooner than others, but its okay. Some of us are a little more optimistic and hopeful and thought that maybe, just maybe they could turn things around after that second season. Somebody asked me if I was going to change the name of the blog cause the show was canceled, but I think or at least, I want to believe that the skeet on… empire has moved beyond being a blog with a wacky name and really awful sentence structure. There’s still a fair amount of run on sentences, but at least, it’s spelled correctly this time around or at least I want to believe that’s spelled correctly this time around.

With that said, bullet points (please feel free to discuss):

Local favorite Bus Driver’s new album, “Roadkillovercoat,” is probably my favorite rap or hip hop album since Ghostface’s “Fishscale”. Please check out this album at the end of month or just go to the link and listen to “The Troglodyte Wins” over and over again like I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.

One can view scenes from the restored version of Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain here. For some insane reason, neither the El Topo or Holy Mountain revival is making its way to Southern California. Shitty to the same the least.

“Phantom” by Justice may be the best song of 2007 or at least right now, easily top five songs of the year. It should be noted that I’m not saying this because the song samples a piece of the score from Dario Argento’s wonderfully bloody classic Tenebre.

I still don’t understand why Adult Swim continues to hid a show like “Frisky Dingo,” while it gives a prime time slot for a shit storm known as “Assy McGee.” “Frisky Dingo” is not only really funny, but it’s probably the best serialized super hero story on TV right now. DVRS were invented, so you can check out this show and it’s why people put shows on the internet. Get into it.

I used to love the 405. You know, it treated me okay and I never treated it bad in return. Sure, I never bought her a gift, but you know, what did I do to deserve to be stuck in the madness known as the crawl on the 405 right around LAX or Lawndale? Maybe it’s the construction or maybe it’s just this week because everybody is going back to work, but the 405 has quickly become a personal nightmare.

The new LCD Soundsystem album is pretty killer. I told a friend that it’s the best album of 2007 back in 2006.

I wish that this movie was out on DVD.

Is it me or is the new MTV dating game show, “Exposed” built entire around the concept of the ugly friend? There’s the attractive suitor and in some van, is the ugly friend asking all kinds of cockblocking. Well, I shouldn’t say, ugly friend, because, we’re all pretty foxy in our unique, beautiful way, but you know what I mean. It just seems weird that the some Abercrombie model type dude is best friends with a mutant from table 8 whose got a fistful of zingers. These shows are bad enough as is, but they don’t need to be this bad or rubbing it in the commercially unattractive person’s face. And from the few episodes, I’ve caught of the show, it doesn’t seem as if they’re going after really hot people anymore to be on the show. Does anybody recall when you’d tune into an MTV reality show and be all sorts of out of handness going on? It’s barely getting to the level of that slight rush one gets from drinking Vitamin water.

And finally, I’ve finally seen Children of Men. I’ve seen it twice and I honestly could watch a couple more times before it leaves the theaters. It was the best film of 2006. It was everything I hoped and wanted from this film. Go watch it again. Seriously.