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Jan 29, 2007

Glory Hole

The dude may not be the flashiest DJ or turntablist, if you will, but you have to admit that Portishead producer/programmer/DJ Geoff Barrow took their music to the next level. Of course, people mostly remember Beth Gibbons’ voice and rightly so, her voice is heart breaking. But let us not forget the occasional scratch by Barrow. He’s not as flashy as DJ Q-Bert or other dudes, but it’s his subtle technique and style that puts the music into that dark, icy region. Every couple of years there seems to be a rumor that comes around about Portishead making a new album, but my thing is that they shouldn’t release another album because it will be an insane let down. The first two albums absolutely sound timeless, but you know with new technology and people getting older, I’m not sure that they could return to that classic sound. Remember “100th Window” by Massive Attack? Or perhaps I’m in the minority of people who didn’t dig that album at all.

Anybody else get weirded out while watching the Lakers/Spurs game on Sunday afternoon when they saw Blake from Rilo Kiley sitting courtside with Tobey Maguire? It shouldn’t be weird, but it was. The guy who sings back up on “Pictures of Success” is hanging out with Spider Man creating some new postmodern Jack Nicholson/Lou Addler connection.

Is it surprising that I was fairly disappointed by Smokin’ Aces? I don’t know why, but I had high hopes for the film. I don’t really like big, dumb, loud action movies, but Smokin’ Aces looked as if it had took some style notes out of the pages of Michael Bay and Tony Scott and transplanted into a Taraninto knock off script that some intern tossed away 12 years ago and for the most part, that’s what Smokin’ Aces is. Writer/director Joe Carnahan basically stretched out the last ten minutes or so of True Romance and removed everything that made True Romance such a great film in the first place and replaced them with Guy Ritchie style points. The film wants to be an action comedy, but the problem is that when it’s attempting to be funny and chatty, it just drags on and on then there’ll be this weird shift in tone where the audience has to watch Ryan Reynolds brood on screen. I may have watched an episode of “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place,” but I’ve never seen a film with Ryan Reynolds in it. His performance just left me with one question, how does he consistently get work? He’s probably one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen myself act and I was voted the worst actor in my directing class, so I know a thing or two about bad acting. Why place all of the dramatic moments upon the shoulders of the star of Waiting? The film could’ve been brilliant, but it was too all over the place.

Maybe I didn’t like the film because I was in a somewhat full theater of people who appeared to be enjoying the film. I wanted to be the lone person in the audience who enjoyed it. Have you ever had that feeling?

I was talking to various people about this idea the other day and we all seem to agree that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams need to make another film together. No Notebook part 2 business, but you know, something younger and a little modern. They don’t even have to have scenes together, but a film where Rachel McAdams can finally act her age and what not.


At 3:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barrow & co. would never be able to recreate the Portishead magic. I'd rather see him do the next Gorillaz album or one of those one-off projects with Dan Nakamura.

Ryan Reynolds' problem is that he needs to stop trying to stretch. Action is not for him. He needs to stick with scooping up Owen Wilson's leftovers for now. But he reminds me a lot of Fred MacMurray--his facial reactions are hilarious. He's going to be the funny dad or coach in, like, every move 10 years from now.

I'm glad that Gosling is being recognized for Half Nelson, but dude is looking more and more like the product of David and Patricia Arquette's taboo love with each passing day.

At 10:23 PM , Anonymous rose said...

Again I ask you, did Ryan Reynolds appear shirtless at any point during the film?

At 1:19 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

robin said...

Alex, I'll take Rachel McAdams and an order of animal style fries for 1000.

At 1:53 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

I felt like that at Idiocracy. Me and my girlfriend were the only people in there that weren't quite noticeably appalled. It also made me realize I hate hearing myself laugh alone in an reasonably empty movie theater. I don't exactly know why.

At 9:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't andy smith do the scratching on the portishead albums?

At 3:11 PM , Anonymous c-dice said...

smokin' aces was a stupid good time. i loved it for what it was, a quick and painless action fest with neo-nazis, card tricks and a ho train.


the best part was that ben affleck was offed in the first 20 minutes. *warm fuzzies*

ryan reynolds seems to want to be ben affleck, but without the writing skills and awesome friends to back him up. although, i did think his "i swear" performance in just friends was awesome. he should stick to comedy. no drama for that boy. and wtf being paired up with ray liotta? ryan should have died dammit.

the movie seemed to short and the guy who was all about torture didn't do shit during the film. kind of a bummer.

it was very guy richie. but you really don't give a shit about the characters. yet another reason why guy needs to come back. and no more of this casting the wifey shit. bring back the fighting, the drinking, the missing fingers and fist sized diamonds, the dags, and pot, and interweaving story lines that i love so much.


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