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Jan 24, 2007

Nothing Is The Only Thing You Ever Seem To Have

Apparently this is the time of the year or at least according to psychologists and other stuffy suited individuals, this is the time of the year where a majority of us feel like the way Artie Lange looks. So, I don’t blame you if you can’t be stoked on a lot of stupid shit. I’m having difficult myself, but there are few things here and there. But I still don’t blame if you’re bumping a lot of stuff with Neil Young jamming on a harmonica. It’s not okay to listen “Intervention” by the Arcade Fire a lot though. That tune is the new “Bro Hymn” or at least Indie103 is playing it as it’s the new “Bro Hymn” and it’s just too much of a bummer. You know a Neil with a harmonica and acoustic guitar tune is something that you are supposed to share your bummed out feelings with where as you know Arcade Fire are like, ‘our lives are really messed up, too, but you know we’re gonna be really upbeat about it and borderline cinematic with it. They’re just jerks. Although, jerks who make pretty good music.

Please be sure to check out Bus Driver’s new album, “Roadkillovercoat” now streaming on MySpace. This album has been on repeat more often than the new LCD Soundsystem album and may be the reason why I’m so out of touch with rock music these days.

I’m not sure how much traction this concept has, but I’m starting to get serious about this idea of DJ Skeet On Mischa (holla if you hear me) and doing ironic rap nights at various bars. None of this real Hollywood bars business because who wants to be on an episode of “The Hills”? Especially if it’s an episode where that creepy Spencer guy talks about how he’s going to take Aundrea on the same exact date he took Heidi on two days earlier (what a creep!) Never the less, I think I have an idea of how this DJ thing could work out for me without learning how to mix and what not. There’s software that take care of that business, right? It’s all about song selection, which shouldn’t be that hard. A little Lil Wayne and the mixing software should be able to handle mixing like for example, “Leather So Soft,” with say a Cold War Kids tune. And I got a laptop and an iPod, so my digital crates are in order, if you will. Now a lot of mix tape DJs use various gun shot sound effects in their sets and it seems like a good idea, but you know, one has to be different from the rest. I figure instead of gunshots, I’d just use soundboards during the songs. So if I was playing “Go Getta” by Young Jeezy featuring R Kelly, I’d just smash buttons on the Karloff soundboard or smashing buttons on a Napoleon soundboard during a Giant Drag tune. You know, it’s all the same, but it makes the overall musical experience a tad more interesting. Maybe, this is actually just an admission that I want to be a wacky morning zoo type of DJ except with the options of playing aforementioned tunes by like Giant Drag.

It should be noted that I don’t know the name of the type of sirens and whistles that most DJs nowadays. I wish I knew the name of it.

Also, what happened to Goldenfiddle? I hope Spencer Sloan isn't going the way of that guy who sang that "you had a bad day" tune. Whatever happened to that dude?

I tried for a while to come up with a clever caption for this, but you know, here are some boobs, take it or leave it.

Why is it when I finally find an Andy Samberg digital short to be funny it’s not the one all over YouTube and MySpace? Did anybody else see the “Nurse Nancy” sketch? The brilliant send up of Eddie Murphy’s upcoming film Norbit where Samberg plays actor Scott Garbaciak who happens to play every single character in the film, Nurse Nancy. It was amazing; so why isn’t it all over the place like a dick in a box? I find MacGruber anywhere, but a simple Andy Samberg sketch where he doesn’t come off as the second coming of Jimmy Fallon can’t be found at all.

I don’t really have much to say on the matter of the Academy Awards for this year. Other than Children of Men was robbed as well as Sacha Baron Cohen for Best Actor. It was cool to see that Ryan Gosling was nominated for Half Nelson as well as Mark Wahlberg for The Departed but we all know that Alec Baldwin gave the film’s best performance.

And finally, I think I feel comfortable in saying that I don’t have to watch “Heroes” anymore. I watched the big comeback episode the other day and I was neither wowed nor frustrated. I kept on asking myself why I am watching this, but not in a good or fun way. You know the show was just flat out boring. Maybe I got distracted by the fact that where the Radiation Dude lives in the desert is probably the same site where they shot a few scenes for David Lynch’s Lost Highway and why isn’t that film available on DVD yet? I don’t know nothing happened that made me want to tune for next week’s episode. I felt slightly complete, if you will.


At 11:57 PM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

I've got to go. I think they are leaking.

At 12:01 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

also. babe of the week is like 6 weeks old.

At 12:05 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

I'm working up to changing the babe of the week. It's baby steps, dude. Besides, nobody is outta that control these days.

At 5:37 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

I think the reason the Nurse Nancy skit "bombed" was because the audiences of SNL nowadays are the type of people who would geniunely go see Nurse Nancy or Norbit.

And the parody was a little too good. It was spot on, so the audience got confused, didn't laugh, and that made the sketch seem dead.

It's something that has plagued SNL for years as in when the audience doesn't laugh, it makes the sketch seem awful. Even if it is genius.

People have a hard time deciphering what's funny if the studio audience isn't laughing.

See the Dr. Steven Poop sketch with Tim Meadows and Will Ferrell; hilarious sketch, dead audience, and it took a while before it caught on. Now, it's a classic Will Ferrell sketch.

At 9:43 AM , Anonymous Tha GOAT said...

Say, have you seen the new Lynch film Inland Empire? Any good?

At 11:00 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

The Dr. Poop sketch is absolutely brilliant. "I'm afraid I can't help your wife. But I can do the robot."

At 11:41 AM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

I did not make it out to see the new David Lynch film, but only because I hate the parking situation at that theaters it was playing at and I just hate the theaters it was playing at.

At 10:21 PM , Blogger Najork said...

goldenfiddle has updated like five times since you called him out. good job.


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