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Jan 21, 2007

Pleather So Soft

I should be excited by the fact that “Heroes” is coming back tonight because as many of you may know that my favorite Bad Religion album is “Suffer,” and that’s what I like to do when I watch TV, suffer through bad acting and horrendous dialogue. But right now, I’m not sure if my body and mind can handle watching something because it’s so bad. I’m not sure if I could be hooked back into that storyline after so long. Sure, I solved most of my problems with the show by simply fast forwarding through the stuff involving the stripper and her boring family. It may only shave off five or seven minutes off an episode, but those are five minutes in which I could use to do more valuable and important things like being disappointed by the Keely Hazell sex tape or looking for a leaked copy of the new Arcade Fire album or talking about how awesome Clive Owen is in Children of Men. More important and valuable things to do with one’s time, but if I’m fast forwarding through one particular storyline that’s bad, why not fast forward through most of it? Most of the series’ character arcs aren’t that compelling or interesting, but they fit into the overall storyline, which is why we suffer. The bigger picture of the story is good, but I’m not sure if it’s better than what’s going on with “24” this season. “24,” on the other hand in the matter of 4 episodes has turned most of Valencia and the outskirts of L.A. County into something straight out of The Road Warrior. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if Jack Bauer’s new partner from CTU is the Feral Kid or at least a variation of the Feral Kid in a Ben Sherman button up and a snazzy blazer.

I still would like to see a season of “24” where Jack Bauer and everybody else just has a normal day. Granted it would be the most boring 24 episodes of television, but it still would be pretty interesting to see the producers of the show over dramatize Chloe waiting at the Apple Genius Bar or Bill Buchanan shopping for suits. These characters have to have a life beyond saving the world every couple of months. Let’s bottle rocket things up a little bit.

Then again, my suggestions of bottle rocketing things up a little bit have never ever worked out. Then again, I’ve never known anybody to listen my suggestions in the first place.

At the time I wrote this, these bands were the only Coachella bands confirmed thus far. The official and full line up should be announced later today, but I’m wondering why Goldenvoice hasn’t embraced the hipster community’s fondness for mainstream/commercial rap. There’s been many hip hop acts on the various Coachella line ups, but don’t you think it’d be more interesting to see like Lil’ Wayne doing a set at sunset as opposed to hearing more boring power ballads from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The bookers need to think outside the box or if you will, bottle rocket things up and pick more exciting rap acts to play at Coachella. Sure, the rider for the Dip Set might be insane, but wouldn’t it be more fun to see a bunch of kids wearing Muslim scarves in 100 degree heat doing the ballin’ dance. Sure, the Roots might be great live and all, but do you know anybody that could tell you a name of Roots song outside of the song that they did with Cody Chestnutt a couple of years ago. But I bet most people could name you at least one Wu Tang song, so why not book Rae and Ghost to do a set?


At 3:01 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

Well they got Ghost now and Pharoahe Monch...its a start. I'm hitting up days 1 and 2. This is what I have decided in the last five minutes.

At 4:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bill Buchanan shopping for suits."--you haven't lost your comedy chops.

I think Nickel Creek ought to make a surprisingly big splash at Coachella. I saw them hen they were pushing their last album and was impressed with the show. They're a good alternative to John Mayer for the tween-age set, and likewise for Dave Matthews and the 30-somethings.


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