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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

Feb 28, 2007

Oh, Matthew Snyder...

Thanks a bunch for leaking the new EL-P album.

It's great, but I need to hear it on speakers with decent bass.

Feb 23, 2007

This Damn Needs to Burst!

I bet you that David Cross is only hanging out with EL-P so he could get a copy of "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" before everybody else. I could care less about the new Modest Mouse or Arcade Fire or Air or whatever album has leaked so far this year. Why hasn't this album leaked yet? Shit, I may have to hang around Amoeba at midnight on a Monday night in order to get my crubby hands on this thing.

Quite frankly this e-card isn't doing the job anymore. Who needs a new Portishead album when you have "Poisenville Kids No Wins"? Holy Smokes.

Between the potential of this album and that Panda Bear album, March is going to be a great month of new music.

Feb 19, 2007

Cold Toes

Can somebody please explain to me as to what happened to “Veronica Mars”? I understand that the show, this particular season is in a state of transition. It’s a new network and the producers are attempting to get a new audience. Yet the show has become so bad that I don’t even think the spill over audience from “Glimore Girls,” are going to be interested in the case of the dead basketball coach. The show isn’t really about the weekly mysteries anymore either, it’s become a weekly trade off of moping sessions either by Veronica Mars or Logan. Why can’t they just solve weird crimes instead of doing horrible impressions of Zach Braff or Ralph Fiennes in The Constant Gardener week after week? Do they do this mopey people thing a lot on shows like “One Tree Hill” and “Gilmore Girls”? I’ve never seen the show and attempting to figure out why anybody would want to do a show about mopey kids? Personally, I’ve been mopey lately and when I watch TV, I don’t watch people mope around as well. TV is supposed to be a form of escapism. I’m well aware that not TV can or has to be like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue videos nor should it be, but for pete’s sake, it should be at least remotely entertaining. Yet I should’ve read the writing on the wall when I saw that Peez character. Perhaps the worst character to enter the world of Teen based dramas since Oliver on “The OC”. As much as I’d love to see another season of the show, I’m not sure if I could stomach another episode of this current season. They need to throw some ‘D’s on that bitch.

The same goes for “24” and “Lost”. I can’t explain it, but “Lost” honestly just bores me these days. I can’t work up the interest or excitement to care about that weird British guy or that doctor lady who breaks bread with the others. You know, I’d rather fall asleep during it than figuring it all out. I have no more questions about the island. It’s not that the show is bad in terms of acting, it’s just that the questions I have, have been answered so far. It’s not like “Heroes,” where the audience can look pass the awful acting and just focus in on getting the bigger picture. That Conor Obsert lookin’ dude is still one of the worst actors I’ve seen, but I’m beginning to tolerate his character because he’s going to blow up and hopefully die.

Sometimes I wish I was famous because I could’ve probably gotten the e-vite to the 50 Cent Vitamin Water Poker tournament. Not that I would want to play poker with the likes of Jason Mewes and Eva Longoria, but simply for the insane amount of free Formula 50 flavored Vitamin Water that must’ve been on hand. Cameron Giles can release whatever diss record about Curtis he wants, but nobody can deny that Formula 50 is a beyond tasty beverage. And it’s not fair that these so-called celebrities (I’m questioning Jamie Kennedy’s fame status) get to probably walk away from the event with a free case or dare I even imagine cases and cases of Vitamin Water. It’s not fair because you know these people are at a point in their life.

Emmanuel Lubezki wins an award for his ground breaking work on Children of Men. If you still have yet to watch Children of Men for some insane reason, you could watch it on DVD since its coming out on DVD at the end of March. I mean why would you do that to yourself; watching a visually stunning film on such a small screen, but you know, whatever, HD and all.

That Panda Bear album, "Person Pitch," is easily one of my favorite albums of the year; dare I even call it my second favorite album of the year thus far. I know that the year is only a few months old, but this album is great. Although nothing a like in sound and style, "Person Pitch" reminds me a lot of the Sunset Rubdown album.

There’s a part of me that wants this picture on a t-shirt with a wacky caption like, “Come Get Some!” But mostly, I just feel bad. Nobody’s mental breakdown should be played all over the news. It’s great material for some people, but you know, this isn’t real news. This shouldn’t be a major story on the 11 o’clock news. Let the girl have her breakdown in private, get some help and hopefully clean up and become a better parent.

Feb 16, 2007

So Wait...

Sorry, I've been ignoring y'all lately. Please don't all get like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, but shit has been and will always be a hassle.

Any ways, was the whole Britney Spears is in rehab, no wait, she was in rehab for a day an attempt to get the career back on track as well as knock off Anna Nicole down a couple of stories on like TMZ? (BTW, who gave the people at TMZ my e-mail address? I get shit from them like every twenty minutes. I apperciate the e-mails when it's about Kim Kardashian sex tapes; but Anna Nicole's death, not so much).

Everybody is a mess and should just relax a bit more. Listen to that Panda Bear album all the kids are really into this week; it's like Brian Wilson met up with Lee Perry somewhere in New York and read the bible together.

Also, Worst Episode Ever of "The Office" last night and what the fuck happened on "Grey's"? Bold move by the showrunner, but really? Of all the cast members on the show that people would want to see written off they pick that one instead? Wow! "30 Rock" is still hi-larious!

Feb 12, 2007

Youth Hostels

Why isn't the fact that North Korea reaching a potential deal to close down their nuclear weapons programs a bigger deal than Anna Nicole Smith's death? North Korea is just as crazy as Anna Nicole Smith was in her prime. If not, more so.

As I keep on telling myself, One of these days it'll all make sense.

Then again, people use Windows Vista, so I'm not sure if things will ever make sense again because some window will pop up, asking you if you actually want things to make sense and there'll be some long winded explanation that if things actually make sense, you may run the risk of getting a virus or something.

Beriut's music is awesome, but listening to it out of one head phone is awful.

Feb 7, 2007

Socks & Slippers

Bullet points until my mind returns to normal.

Formula 50 Vitamin Water is perhaps the greatest 50 Cent has ever done. Way better than “In Da Club,” way better than his decision to give Young Buck his own label. It just tastes really good and most likely despite its name; it probably wasn’t good for me. I had two at lunch the other day and during the afternoon slump, I thought about taking a stroll and having a third one. It’s just grape flavored water, but it tastes really good.

You may have to click on the picture to see the bigger picture, but above is a story on that guy who kidnapped those teens in the Midwest. Any ways, I’m not sure how many of you remember the details about the dude who did the kidnappings; the dude worked in a pizza place. Now don’t you think its kind of poor taste for Papa John’s pizza to have an ad on a story about a pizza man who kidnapped teen boys who also maybe charged with sodomy? CNN’s website probably runs automatic ads without much thought or consideration, but come on, let’s think things out.

It kinda bums us out when Katharine McPhee hides her boobs and wears the same shade of lipstick as the Joker. Free the McPhee Two!

I accidentally saw a trailer/commercial for David Fincher’s new film Zodiac the other night. I had been purposely ducking trailers and commercials for the film because I wanted to watch the film cold. To me that seems like the best way to watch a movie because there’s no expectations. I’m there watching the film because I like past work by the people who made it; not because they played some cool music and had zippy after effects in the thing. Never the less, Zodiac looks good; real good.

Everybody should read "What Makes Sammy Run" and do it while they're listening to "Sun Showers" by Bus Driver.

I think I'm just doing bullet points so I can avoid watching "Heroes" and "Veronica Mars." Both shows are bumming me out. Each week at the end of "V.Mars," and to para phrase EL-P: I'm left there, scratching my head asking what just happened. I mean it's not as awful as some one attempting to interview Bam Margera, but for the gold star standard that has been established for the show, it's just really sad. I don't even want to watch it anymore because I just fear that Veronica Mars will be in the middle of some mystery about who give the vegan kids sloppy joes with real meat in them instead of solving the mystery of who blew the school bus. And for "Heroes," I'm not even sure if George Takei can keep me interested and I'm an individual who was watched nearly four hours of raw footage of George Takei for a term paper. The show is not even so bad it's good; it's so bad, it's really bad and I'm just left wondering why I spent so much time hooked into that show? There's only two shows worth watching: "The Office" and "30 Rock," everything else just kinda blows lately.

Does anybody else find hard to not listen to "Triumph" by Wu Tang when they're listening to music on shuffle on iTunes? You know if it starts to play a tune from "Wu Tang Forever" and it may be a good song, but you know, don't you feel so much better by listening to "Triumph" and geek out as you hear Ghostface say, "Yo, fuck that"?

Feb 5, 2007

Smash Time

For the most part, I spent Super Bowl Sunday quoting lines from the Jo-Jo the Valet sketch from “Saturday Night Live.” I don’t believe the Jo-Jo sketch falls victim to my over hyping like the infamous “Nurse Nancy” sketch did/has. Amy Poehler is really funny as a creepy 90 lbs man and the sketch is just filled with catch phrases. Instead of yelling ‘Whoa!” or “Wooo,” I simply said instead, “I wanna juggle your boobs.” It has the same impact. I just hope that Jo-Jo the Valet becomes a reoccurring character because the world needs more jokes about smashing boobs together.

Also on Super Sunday, I learned that betting makes meaningless sporting events actually interesting. The Colts and the Bears or as I spent most of the day, wanting to call them, the Cubs mean absolutely nothing to me and a majority of the time, football puts me to sleep. Can’t explain, but you know I just can’t get myself worked up over watching a guy run a couple of yards, fall down, then repeat with a sprinkle of time outs in the last couple of minutes thrown in to make things even more drawn out than it has to be. Yet when one has money or at least involved in a pool and bought many squares in said pool, then the Super Bowl is enjoyable. Cause the commercials aren’t as great as they used to be, so no one can watch it simply for the commercials. Gambling just makes it better and then after you’ve won the grand prize at the end of the game, it makes it even sweeter to shout, “I wanna juggle your boobs” in victory. I’m not sure if I’m ready to go out to Vegas and drop a gem at the sports book, but next time around Super Bowl time, bring on the pools. Of course, naturally, I’ll lose the second time around.

Perhaps the closet thing to an American DVD release, Lindsay Anderson’s If…. can be found on You Tube. Sadly the same can’t be said for Lindsay Anderson’s follow up film O Lucky Man!. So if you know anybody that works for Criterion or works in the home video department of either studio that holds these films North American distribution rights, you know, tell ‘em to get on the trolley and put out some DVDs for smelly nerds to geek out about.

For those who missed and quite frankly, you should feel bad about missing out on it, but never the less, the Bus Driver show at Amoeba was rather good. He did all the hits and then some. The thing about his album, “Roadkillovercoat,” which is in stores now, I dig it and all, but the thing sounds so much better while driving around. It was a duh-duh moment as I realized that a six speaker sound system is superior to a pair of headphones or lame computer speakers. I can’t speak for others, but I just think I’m doing music a giant disservice lately by listening to most of it while hearing headphones. So my apologies to Nobody & Boom Bip for sleeping on how good your production on Bus Driver’s album was.

How come nobody told me that the band, Deerhoof is like a less interesting version of Blonde Redhead? I thought that they were something special cause you know critics pee their pants all the time, but you know, they just sound like that part in Spinal Tap when Spinal Tap is performing at the amusement park.

The Real Van Halen is back this summer! Dude, I hope they do “Panama” cause that’s the only reason why to go. Other than going to drink beer in the parking lot, watching cougars dust off their leather mini skirts from the 80s, jumping when David Lee says “Might as Well Jump,” playing air guitar during “Panama” and/or “You Really Got Me,” and hopefully high five-ing every dude with a backwards hat on when some girl flashes on the jumbotron. Would be asking too much if Eddie’s son to use Michael Anthony’s legendary Jack Daniels bass on the tour? Some of us were probably too young the first time around to catch the band in the prime and missed the glory known as the Jack Daniels bass during “Everybody Wants Some!!” The Van Halen reunion tour to me is the only interesting reunion tour because there’s a part of me that wants to believe Van Halen isn’t going to charge a 100 bucks for a seat where as Sting and the Police will probably charge that much for the nose bleed seats and those dudes didn’t record “Jamie’s Cryin’” either.

The song may say that nobody walks in L.A., but if you’re running late to a function and need to make a right turn, of course you’re run into (not literally though or maybe I don’t know how bad of a driver you are) somebody walking. The chorus should’ve been about how people walk real slowly in L.A. I understand why they walk slowly because people drive like maniacs and they want to be seen by oncoming traffic. You know, safety first, but at the same time, it’s so frustrating as you sit in your car waiting to make a right turn onto Santa Monica and traffic is clear, but you can’t go cause there’s some kids in tight pants drinking Starbucks just strolling through the crosswalk as if they were walking on the beach. They may not have anywhere particular to be, so why should it matter to them if you get anywhere on time?

Feb 2, 2007

Can anybody explain why Mean Suvari is trying to steal Lily Allen’s’s look? I know that the scripts and offers aren’t coming in as they used, but that’s still no excuse for dressing up like some young British girl to generate buzz.

Feb 1, 2007

Better Later than Never: The Ten Best Films of 2006

1. Children of Men

2. Little Miss Sunshine

3. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

4. Little Children

5. 3/4ths of Babel (yeah, I'm a snob)

6. Lady Vengeance (even though it was released in Korea in 2005)

7. Monster House

8. Bubble

9. Deliver Us from Evil

10. Half Nelson

Honorable Mentions: Idiocracy, Volver & Jackass: Number 2


I feel bad because I haven’t been able to update as much as I’d want this week. Too many crazy and weird things have been happening over the last couple of days. These two look like the way I feel or at least have the potential to embody what exactly is going on. Havin’ fun, but at the same time, a lil’ sketched out and this video is the new theme song. Well, take it back, that was theme song for Wednesday, this was a theme song for a rainy Tuesday, but that’s beside the point.

If anything, I’m writing only to serve as a reminder to everybody else. First and foremost, especially for those who are L.A. adjacent, Bus Driver is doing a free show at Amoeba. Maybe there’ll be some Cory Klonnedys and Bus Driver will do his smash hit, “The Troglodyte Wins” and the aforementioned Klonnedys might dance in the aisles. Also, one could pick up that Deerhunter album cause apparently, they’re now everybody’s favorite band. Although, I liked what I heard on their myspace page.

And secondly, “The Sarah Silverman Program” starts on Comedy Central. Sarah Silverman is brilliant and let’s face facts, anything is bound to better the Naked Trucker & T-Bones show.

I know that Coachella is nearly three months away, but it’s better early than never to bring up a potential issue/problem. I don’t know how many of y’all are going; maybe you’re too cool for regular school, but cool enough for cosmetology school and going to Bonnaroo to see My Morning Jacket play for 13 straight hours, but never the less, I’m going on Saturday. The day that both LCD Soundsystem and Ghostface are playing. James Murphy and Tony Stark will be hanging out together, talking about Nietzsche and various other things. This pairing must’ve been made with the skeet on… empire in mind, but I have to, just have to worry that the individuals who make the schedules will naturally put the two artists on at the same time as each other. I’m not sure if I could be able to make a choice like Sophie’s and choose between the cold dead eyes of LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang as she sings the chorus to “North American Scum,” or “Block Rock” by Ghostface. How does one make a decision like that? Any other band against those two and it would be a no brainer. LCD or Blonde Redhead: LCD, I saw Blonde Redhead once and they blew my mind; “Melody” live gave me chills, but I don’t believe that if I saw them again, it’d be that good. Rapture VS Ghostface: Ghost all the way. These are extremely easy decisions to make, but I just hope that they go, “hey, let’s not put Ghost on at noon; maybe like 3 and maybe like LCD on 5:30, so rap nerds have a chance to catch what they like.

What wrongs have we done as a society that a show like “Maui Fever” is considered a form of entertainment?