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Feb 5, 2007

Smash Time

For the most part, I spent Super Bowl Sunday quoting lines from the Jo-Jo the Valet sketch from “Saturday Night Live.” I don’t believe the Jo-Jo sketch falls victim to my over hyping like the infamous “Nurse Nancy” sketch did/has. Amy Poehler is really funny as a creepy 90 lbs man and the sketch is just filled with catch phrases. Instead of yelling ‘Whoa!” or “Wooo,” I simply said instead, “I wanna juggle your boobs.” It has the same impact. I just hope that Jo-Jo the Valet becomes a reoccurring character because the world needs more jokes about smashing boobs together.

Also on Super Sunday, I learned that betting makes meaningless sporting events actually interesting. The Colts and the Bears or as I spent most of the day, wanting to call them, the Cubs mean absolutely nothing to me and a majority of the time, football puts me to sleep. Can’t explain, but you know I just can’t get myself worked up over watching a guy run a couple of yards, fall down, then repeat with a sprinkle of time outs in the last couple of minutes thrown in to make things even more drawn out than it has to be. Yet when one has money or at least involved in a pool and bought many squares in said pool, then the Super Bowl is enjoyable. Cause the commercials aren’t as great as they used to be, so no one can watch it simply for the commercials. Gambling just makes it better and then after you’ve won the grand prize at the end of the game, it makes it even sweeter to shout, “I wanna juggle your boobs” in victory. I’m not sure if I’m ready to go out to Vegas and drop a gem at the sports book, but next time around Super Bowl time, bring on the pools. Of course, naturally, I’ll lose the second time around.

Perhaps the closet thing to an American DVD release, Lindsay Anderson’s If…. can be found on You Tube. Sadly the same can’t be said for Lindsay Anderson’s follow up film O Lucky Man!. So if you know anybody that works for Criterion or works in the home video department of either studio that holds these films North American distribution rights, you know, tell ‘em to get on the trolley and put out some DVDs for smelly nerds to geek out about.

For those who missed and quite frankly, you should feel bad about missing out on it, but never the less, the Bus Driver show at Amoeba was rather good. He did all the hits and then some. The thing about his album, “Roadkillovercoat,” which is in stores now, I dig it and all, but the thing sounds so much better while driving around. It was a duh-duh moment as I realized that a six speaker sound system is superior to a pair of headphones or lame computer speakers. I can’t speak for others, but I just think I’m doing music a giant disservice lately by listening to most of it while hearing headphones. So my apologies to Nobody & Boom Bip for sleeping on how good your production on Bus Driver’s album was.

How come nobody told me that the band, Deerhoof is like a less interesting version of Blonde Redhead? I thought that they were something special cause you know critics pee their pants all the time, but you know, they just sound like that part in Spinal Tap when Spinal Tap is performing at the amusement park.

The Real Van Halen is back this summer! Dude, I hope they do “Panama” cause that’s the only reason why to go. Other than going to drink beer in the parking lot, watching cougars dust off their leather mini skirts from the 80s, jumping when David Lee says “Might as Well Jump,” playing air guitar during “Panama” and/or “You Really Got Me,” and hopefully high five-ing every dude with a backwards hat on when some girl flashes on the jumbotron. Would be asking too much if Eddie’s son to use Michael Anthony’s legendary Jack Daniels bass on the tour? Some of us were probably too young the first time around to catch the band in the prime and missed the glory known as the Jack Daniels bass during “Everybody Wants Some!!” The Van Halen reunion tour to me is the only interesting reunion tour because there’s a part of me that wants to believe Van Halen isn’t going to charge a 100 bucks for a seat where as Sting and the Police will probably charge that much for the nose bleed seats and those dudes didn’t record “Jamie’s Cryin’” either.

The song may say that nobody walks in L.A., but if you’re running late to a function and need to make a right turn, of course you’re run into (not literally though or maybe I don’t know how bad of a driver you are) somebody walking. The chorus should’ve been about how people walk real slowly in L.A. I understand why they walk slowly because people drive like maniacs and they want to be seen by oncoming traffic. You know, safety first, but at the same time, it’s so frustrating as you sit in your car waiting to make a right turn onto Santa Monica and traffic is clear, but you can’t go cause there’s some kids in tight pants drinking Starbucks just strolling through the crosswalk as if they were walking on the beach. They may not have anywhere particular to be, so why should it matter to them if you get anywhere on time?


At 8:27 AM , Blogger wonderyak said...

My VHS copy of a copy of "if..." is super worn out. That is a great movie, though I think America would see it and say "Columbine".

At 11:41 AM , Blogger Najork said...

Digression: I finally, FINALLY got out to see Children of Men over the weekend.

HOLY SHIT. I think you are right that it may have been the best film of 2006. The story (which I find compelling) aside, it is one of the most perfectly craftd movies I have ever seen. There are roughly two missteps in the entire thing (the Moore/Owen argument on the bus doesn't work for me, and the children laughing over the credits is just janky). I thought I had gotten to the point in my film-watching career where long takes no longer impressed me... well, I was badly wrong. Omitting Cuaron from the director nominations is a credibility-destroying gaffe... but I don't even care that much, because the film is just so good. Wow.

At 2:24 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Wonder: I'm super jealous. I tried to order a bootleg DVD a month or two ago and the order got lost in the mail.

Najork: Exactly. That's what being a great director is. Cuaron not only gets great perfromances for his cast, but he also creates a distinct visual style, world and tone to his film. The only director out of those who are nominated, that comes close to reaching that level is probably Paul Greengrass for United 93 or at least I assume because I'm not ready to watch that film yet. The oscar for best director shouldn't be about which director got the best performances for his or her cast, but it should encompass every single ascept of the film; visuals, editing, tone, etc.


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