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Feb 23, 2007

This Damn Needs to Burst!

I bet you that David Cross is only hanging out with EL-P so he could get a copy of "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" before everybody else. I could care less about the new Modest Mouse or Arcade Fire or Air or whatever album has leaked so far this year. Why hasn't this album leaked yet? Shit, I may have to hang around Amoeba at midnight on a Monday night in order to get my crubby hands on this thing.

Quite frankly this e-card isn't doing the job anymore. Who needs a new Portishead album when you have "Poisenville Kids No Wins"? Holy Smokes.

Between the potential of this album and that Panda Bear album, March is going to be a great month of new music.


At 9:52 AM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

Tell me about it...I've been waiting for five fucking years for this album and it refuses to leak. The shitty thing is half the bloggers and most print journalists already have copies that are so severely watermarked and filled with promos that even trying to upload it to someone is liable to crash your whole computer. Def Jux doesn't fuck around with that sort of stuff. It's now being released on March 20 too, which I could've sworn it originally was March 6.

At 2:10 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

It took me roughly 7 minutes to walk to Amoeba on Friday. You're welcome to make a mission out of it and stay at my place.

Great dinner last night. I'm thankful that your father is a very nice and generous man.

At 3:48 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

I managed to find a copy of "Poisenville Kids" and the watermark is personalized. Not sure if "Advance Copy for Matthew Snyder" will be as big as "Atlantic Records for T.I. Clearance" though.


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