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Mar 26, 2007

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

I love the song "We Taking Over" like a lot, but I wish this was the real video for the song and not some lamey video with guys rapping by pools and in rented cars.

Watch out cool kids, I'm totally going to ruin your scene when I visit Williamsburg this week. Maybe I'll start a fight and call some guys mooks cause they don't have "We Taking Over" in their jukebox or record crates or they belive that I'm a UCLA guy cause my new hoodie happens to be the same colors as UCLA; although it gave me the idea to cruise down to Westwood and holler at UCLA girls.

The only problem about flying that I have is that I don't really have anybody to call in case I get a panic attack right before the flight. Like I'd call people, but you know, I just figure that they're busy or something. It takes a lot of work to calm me down.

Mar 21, 2007

Love 'Em Up aka And I was like, Hey, What's Up with That?

What’s up with Rachel Bilson having blonde hair? Why not watch this to find out?

What’s up with Redheads lately? Not necessarily actual redheads, but those who choose to go ginger of their own accord. Its not too red, but it’s just the right amount.

What’s up with the Wachowski Brothers' Speed Racer already starting to suck? Emile Hirsch as Speed? Come on! Emile Hirsch has never been in a movie that anybody liked.

What’s up with the filmmakers behind the brilliant Half Nelson taking so long to make a new movie?

What’s up with that vindictive person that never wants David O. Russell to work again? The whole The H-Man Cometh fiasco probably put a nail in his major studio career, but these clips have not only put the rest of the nails in the coffin, they put about six feet of dirt on his career. Sure, it’s got the intranets and assistants goin’ nuts, but it’s in an extremely negative light. You know, whose going to want to work with a dude that called Lilly Tomlin the sea ward? But at the same time, it’s a total bummer cause David O Russell has/had the potential to be a great American voice.

What’s up with Sanjaya’s brilliant performance on “American Idol” last night? Granted I didn’t watch the whole thing, but that ten seconds I saw, had me on the floor, on the verge of peeing my pants. We need this right now. “The Office” is in reruns for a while. “30 Rock” won’t be on for a month or two and who knows when “The Sarah Silverman Program” is coming back? So we need something funny in our daily lives. One of the few things I’ve learned in my stress management class is that laughing is good for you; it reduces stress and helps people relax. Sanjaya is that comedic bright spot in a comedic wasteland right now. I have hope that “Andy Baker P.I.” might get funnier, but right now, it’s a smarter investment to get on the Sanjaya trolley.

What’s up with Coconut Records’ new album, “Nighttiming” being available for purchase on iTunes already? It’s a fun album, but at the same time, it feels as if I’m ease dropping on Jason Schwartzman and Zooey Deschanel’s hang sessions sometimes.

What’s up with the show, “Paradise City” still? I watched an episode twice to try and understand it, but I think I left even more confused than before. There are these girls who want to sleep with these guys, but apparently these guys don’t want to sleep with these girls or they’re just going a really roundabout way in order to sleep with said girls.

What’s up with The Altered States of Juggsachuetts? If it was easier to spell and if everybody didn’t have this one already bookmarked it, I’d probably start writing over there. Maybe in a couple of months. Also, please feel free to use the term, “Juggachuetts” and “Juggsaschuetts” in conversation; its kind of self explanatory.

What’s up with the gay best friend at the bar? Is there a better slang term for the dude other than the Gay BFF? I know that there’s the other term for the woman who hangs out with gay guys, but you know, where’s the flip term? I’m not too clever to come up with the term.

What’s up with everybody with a camera making a video of themselves dancing to Peaches’ “Fuck the Pain Away”? Is it some sorta hipster right of passage?

What’s up with A Gun Called Tension? Remember them? New album out in June.

What’s up with that feeling of being out of it because I don’t listen to Modest Mouse? I don’t get it, but you know, I like Young Jeezy from time to time and people don’t understand that.

What’s up with what’s up lists?

What's up with people who may be named after popular songs and their offended faces when you say, "like the song?"

What’s up with Hostel part 2 looking like a better film than Hostel for about thirty seconds, then turning into a shit sandwich a couple of seconds later.

What’s up with Stickball and bumming out cause I’m not jamming out to the Misfits?

What's up with New York and what's cool there to do? I was planning on just hanging around 30 Rock, hoping I could run into Tina Fey and take an awkward photo with her and put it on flickr.

What’s up with everybody telling me that these clubs and bars like Cinespace and Banana Split at LAX not being so great? Those photos make it seem like it wouldn’t that be that great to begin with.

What’s up with The Search for the next Pussycat Doll finally getting rid of that unattractive blonde with the forehead? Also, what’s up with Jonathan “Bangin’ Hair” Antin finally making his cameo appearance on the show? It took him like five minutes before he name dropped the fact that his sister invented the PCD on his reality show.

What’s up with me referring to the Pussycat Dolls as PCD, let alone supporting a show that will eventually lead to the cancellation of one of my favorite shows, “Veronica Mars”?

What’s up with Look Daggers?

What’s up with street construction in L.A. where nothing gets done to improve the roads?

What’s up with all the love of Amy Winehouse still? Yeah, she has a good voice, but I don’t get it. Once again, different strokes for different folks.

What’s up with Timbaland working with She Wants Revenge & the Hives on his album? Don’t you think that he could get better bands to work with him on his big solo album? The dude knows Bjork; don’t you think that she could’ve been like, "psst, check out Lightning Bolt and Jenny Lewis"?

Mar 20, 2007

That Wonder Showzen Flow

While we may not be nuts over about the other two tunes, it’s still rather exciting that Jason Schwartzman is making music again. His Coconut Records tune, “West Coast,” has quickly become the theme song for my return flight to LBC from NYC on April Fool’s Day. It’s a grand assumption, but I think it’ll be safe to say that. The rest of the tunes sound like old Phantom Planet, which might be a good thing, depending upon your musical tastes. I just interested in seeing the dude play drums live again. Say what you will, but Phantom Planet concerts when Schwartzman was in the band had to have been some of my favorite concerts of all time.

David Gordon Green got another movie stitched up. Bummer part about it is that it’s an adaptation of John Grisham book. Never the less, David Gordon Green continues to make movies and this is a very good thing. It’s one thing to support your local scene, it’s another thing to support great filmmakers.

Does anybody else think its weird that on Heidi from “The Hills” MySpace profile about her music doesn’t feature her singing at all? There’s some crummy guy rapping, but other wise than that, it’s nothing.

Lately, I’ve been having that burning ears feeling. I remember all the way back to the very first Garry Shandling show and there was a moment on the show where he turned the camera and talked about his ear being on fire and that feeling of somebody talking about you. Then smoke started to come out of his ears. I’ve been having that feeling a lot lately. I’ve been assuming that it’s been a negative as of late; perhaps I’ve been listening to too much DJ Drama and just assume Feds are takin’ pictures.

Speaking of DJ Drama, not really, but somewhat related, anybody else the Lil’ Wayne “Top Back” freestyle? I honestly think that the dude has lost his mind and is on the verge of making a mainstream rap album that’ll sound more like the last Mars Volta album.

That new Dntel album is pretty good, too. In particular the song with Jenny Lewis. She’s no Sanjaya, but she’s still pretty cool. How come none of these hipster rags have gotten her to do an advice column type of deal? She has to give great advice and just imagine all the problems she could solve. From telling you which Willie Nelson album to start with to telling you on how to make the right move on that red headed co worker at the office. Savin’ lives and savin’ record shopping time.

You guys know your duty, right? Go out and vote for Sanjaya on “American Idol” and pick up both LCD Soundsystem’s “Sounds of Silver” & EL-P’s “I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead” (You can finally have a copy that doesn’t belong to Matthew Snyder (wonder if he’s related to 300 director Zack Snyder?) and seriously consider picking up the new Ted Leo album. I know he’s flying under the radar, but it’s a real protest album.

The only question that remains about the EL-P album is what happened to the jam with Tunde of TV on The Radio on it? I remember he was supposed to be on the last Prefuse album, but his song ended up on the b sides ep.

Mar 19, 2007

Crash Bang

I can’t even believe that I’m about to say the following, but I honestly forgot that LCD Soundsystem, one of my favorite bands, if not, my favorite band has an album coming out this week. I know there’s a new album. I remember listening to it at the end of December; too many late night drive homes ended with “New York, I Love You” on repeat. I remember really digging the album, a lot and making sure friends had working copies of it before they went on long road trips. Yet, now the week of the album’s release, I have to see a review in the L.A. Times to remind of its impending release. How out of the game am I or was the album leaked just too early? While I’m making an effort to keep up the blog more often, I still manage to miss a lot of things that are happening with the cool kids. It’s rather difficult to keep up, but I still can’t believe that such a solid album has managed to slip through my hands. Yet on the other end of the spectrum and using the theory that a leaked album serves as a teaser or trailer for the actual album, the album was just leaked too early on. I know that the band or record companies or management have no control over that, it’s just some music writer who wants to share a copy with his/her buddy. Still, “Sounds of Silver” never had the chance to whip the audience into a frenzy about what’s going to be like. I think they press released something about the new album, then like a week or two, it was on line.

I don’t believe that the hype surrounding the new album could have reached a “Neon Bible” like frenzy, but you know, it could’ve gotten to the levels of hype and excitement after “Yeah” came out. Not to mention that one other fairly high profile release that has been four years in the making finally comes out as well; in case you haven’t been paying attention, since I don’t know when, but new EL-P this Tuesday.

It’s one thing for Criterion to release Lindsay Anderson’s If… as well as Billy Wilder’s long missing Ace in the Hole, but it’s another thing for them to not only release WR: Mysteries of the Organism AND Sweet Movie. Sure, I haven’t seen either film, but I’ve read bits and pieces of Film as a Subversive Art and know that WR: Mysteries of the Organism demands to be seen. Also, Sweet Movie, according to the few people I’ve known to have seen it, are just left completely and utterly disturbed by the film. Now that there’s a release date for these DVDs, when is there going to be one for the releases of El Topo & Holy Mountain? Then again, one should quit while they’re ahead because there’s a bunch of movies that are criminally unavailable on DVD.

It’s hard to explain, but I’ve been having difficulty talking with people lately. I’ll make a reference from the Stern show in conversation with friends, but I always seem to forget that a)my friends don’t have satellite and secondly, they don’t like Stern. I should’ve known that my liberal use of the term, “PJ Pants” the other day would not have gotten any laughs. Sure, “PJ Pants” is funny onto self, but you know, its funnier if you know who said it and within the context. More people need to get Sirius just in order to make my social skills improve. People I work with have it, but you know, I’d feel weird talking to them about it. You know when the boss calls in and you can hear Robin’s news in the background; it’d just be weird to ask him what Robin song they played before the news? Was it “Robin’s Got a Squeezebox” or the Chubby Checker parody? At the same time, it’d just really cool if I could in passing, jokingly say, “Ahh, droppin’ loads,” and hear a chuckle.

Well, saying something like that might get a laugh just in general, but still, it’d only make things sweeter though if it was a Stern laughing at the joke.

During St. Pat’s Day, I was totally in the mood to watch The Departed but didn’t though. Could that become a tradition? People watching The Departed in addition to do over doing on the Guinness? Maybe, I just want people to embrace the film more as their go to Irish thugs movie instead of that dreadful Boondock Saints.

Probably all of the stuff he did with Cream was probably pretty killer, but I defy you to find a better piece of music by Eric Clapton than the second movement/part of “Layla”. When that piano kicks in and Clapton shuts up, it’s breath taking. Many a drive has been spent listening to that piece over and over again.

I figure any time is a good time to make a reference to the most recent episode of “Heroes”. The show finally gets interesting and it’s off the air until like basically Coachella happens. So we have to deal with our eager emotions of wanting to see what happens next to that wiener kid and if Amy Winehouse’s hair will melt in the Indio heat. I’m not sure if I could handle this; well, I think I could pass up on watching Amy Winehouse at Coachella unless she’s on in a tent before like EL-P and I might hang out in the back and take a disco nap. This is getting off topic, but it’s just like “Heroes” to get marginally interesting and watchable, to cop out and go on hiatus to only start to suck again. I don’t have super powers to remember that the show was getting interesting. Although, I totally zoned out during that Malcolm McDowell monologue, but the Syler was about to knock off that Conor Obsert guy and there was another evil, sexy teen girl on the show. Ever notice that the young, fairly hot girls on “Heroes” are always bad? They have a little sex appeal and they’re instantly Satan’s cheerleader.

Speaking of TV, can anybody actually explain what the show “Paradise City is about? My inability to understand the show isn’t similar to my inability to understand a show like say, “Engaged & Underage.” I honestly don’t understand it. There’s a hot brunette who wants to get some guy and she has a voice over, but I think there’s a blonde whose starting an on line magazine and she’s fighting with some weird looking lady who wears too much make up and lip gloss and think the both of them do a narration thing, too. Then there’s a himbo, who says he’s in a band and he also has a voice over. I just don’t understand it and there’s all this talk about how Vegas is the new heart of the entertainment industry or something. I just don’t understand it and the brunette always talks about being bunny, but she’s always wearing clothes and then they’re always at the Palms. I just don’t get understand it.

No wonder I slept on the LCD Soundsystem album, I can barely understand knock off reality TV.

Mar 14, 2007

Walking like a Spiv

Now, I usually don’t this, but I’m gonna go ahead and break you off with a clip show. I know should’ve posted the clip for R. Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” remix, but I just like “Ignition” a little more.

I know that its out of order, but the 2nd episode of “28 Days Slater” is probably my favorite.

Like the first half of this video is amazing, but the rest of it is pretty boring.

I miss the days of A Tribe Called Quest or at least I should’ve thrown them on my iPod before I left the other day.

Fabrice Fabrice made fun of Robin Brown for talking on the phone during a show at the UCB Theater last week. It was both hilarious and embarrassing.

Speaking of Robin Brown, nothing quite like this classic.


I was walking down the stairs in the parking structure at work the other day and I started to sing this song out loud and did a little dance number down the steps. Basically, the height of unprofessionalism.

I love Clark & Michael, but I defy you to watch the whole thing.

Can anybody explain to me why this isn’t on DVD yet?

This song saved my life a few days ago. I was stuck on the 5 for like two and half hours; I went like five or six miles during that time frame and hearing Bus Driver happily sing, “I don’t need this” just make things so better.

So, the cops caught up with that little person again, but I’ll be honest with you, even I haven’t watched it yet.

While Anchor Bay entertainment will be releasing new editions of Phantasm and Phantasm 3 in April, sadly, no signs of Phantasm 2, but you can youtube it in ten minute segments.

Mar 13, 2007

What A Shame...

Perhaps, I'll get a hit put upon by the likes of Eric the Midget, but it must said, there is only one Snake Plissken and that's Kurt Russell. Sure, Gerard Butler was cool as all get out in 300, but the dude can't hang in a remake. Kurt Russell is Snake Plissken and Snake Plissken is Kurt Russell. Sure, the performance is basically Kurt Russell doing a Clint Eastwood impression, but damn it, you just can't remake it.

Neil Young at Massey Hall is out today. Best Buy run after work, dudes.

And to all the women out there, I'm still sorry. Inside matter that I want to say that only two people may get, but still, women, I apologize. It's almost as bad as the Robin Brown/Fabrice Fabrice incident.

Mar 12, 2007

Things We Lost in the Fire part 3

It’s a weird time for movies right now because what should normally be a cinematic dumping ground for crap films has surprisingly turned out to be a great month or at least amazing two weeks of films. First, there was David Fincher’s masterful Zodiac and this past weekend saw the release of Zack Snyder’s 300 and the state side release of the Korean epic The Host and these two films are also great and demand to be seen the largest audience possible. Well, I think with 300 everybody and their kid sister have seen it, but you know, there’s three great films out there for our consumption and quite frankly, we, the public need to watch these films. Not because they’re all great and these works demand to be seen on a large screen, but so we can get more films from quality filmmakers. You can’t complain about movies like Wild Hogs unless you go out and support movies like Zodiac and The Host.

300 isn’t a perfect film by stretch of the imagination, but when the film gets down to the meat of it, it’s a work of art. It’s a marriage between Terrence Malick poetic sensibilities and Fincher esque technical mastery. It’s violent and bloody, but at the same style, there’s a certain beauty to it. I actually have faith in Snyder as a director now and perhaps owe him a re-watching of his Dawn of the Dead remake. Snyder creates a beautiful world and the fight sequences need to be watched over and over again. Yet for as great as the film is, 300 hits its stumbling blocks in the dialogue heavy scenes back at Sparta. Granted the biggest audience reaction at the screening I was at occurred during one of the political scenes, but come on, that dialogue was awful. I’m just wondering how many high school footballers are going to be into this film? I didn’t see the film as a overtly political film as some critics are calling it. To me, 300 in a weird way was a sports movie. It’s a film about the underdog who never gives up and that’s the stuff that high school football coaches love to talk about.

The Host, on the other hand, is probably the best monster movie since John Carpenter’s The Thing. It’s tense, funny, political, and I actually cared about what happened to the characters by the film’s end. Much like every film, the little you know about it, the better you’re off. Let’s just hope that the intranet hype machine doesn’t go into over drive on this film, but it’s a really special film that should be seen for the American remake, which will not work at all.

I finally figured out how to survive the L.A. bar scene the other night. Just drink until you forget that feeling of you walked into a party where you don’t belong and just pray that the DJ plays “Mother”. There’s no greater equalizer than coming together to sing the chorus of a Danzig tune then jamming together to the Ramones. The only thing that I’m wondering about the L.A. bar scene is how does get to be the fill in/replacement photographer for The Cobra Snake while he’s out of town. I know that basically any body could take those photos, but I think I could do a bang up job on the matter. Or I’ll just have to start up my site or something. I just don’t want all the effort of having to create an interesting web site and stuff.

Hapy belated birthday to Thighs Wide Shut. Gotta remember to holler at the dude while back east in a couple of weeks.

I’m not sure what exactly is happening to me, but I’m definitely skipping lately. I was watching TV with a friend the other night and this Gap ad came on and I recognize Patrick Wilson before the girl. It was so bad that my friend had to tell me that it Claire Danes was the girl in the commercial. The Prom King, I can remember from a wide shot, but Angela Chase, I need help with. And even a few weeks ago, I explained a “My So Called Life” joke to somebody. I’m slippin’ off my rocker. Perhaps, I should just drive in my car with the windows down jammin’ out to “Deep Cover”.

Best Snoop & Dr. Dre collaboration: “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” or “Deep Cover” or “Dre Day”? Discuss…

I sincerely believe that Rosario Dawson should either do a remix and or cover of Mims’ “Why I’m Hot”. The remix with Junior Reid is pretty killer though and the same goes for “Throw Some Ds” remix. Why knew that Andre3000 could still rap? I just feel awful cause I’m singing along with Nelly and Murphy Lee.

I’d like American Apparel more if I could A) find the stripped hoodie and secondly, directly link to model Genny’s photo set, but sadly, I can’t. So I can’t share anymore. It should be noted that I haven’t been to an American Apparel store in like three months. Gear shopping is just hassle onto its self these days. Perhaps it’ll be easier once those pesky H&Ms open up down in the Orange Curtain.

Anybody else believe that the Andrew "Dice" Clay reality show would be better if it was Dice Gottfried instead of the real guy? More funny that way.

Mar 8, 2007

The Hoofs

She might be scary, but Haylie Duff has the right idea for her Spring Break (shark attack). Although can one really have a Spring Break if they are not in school? Questions and theories. That’s beside the point though, I think she has the right idea though, you know, go some place warm where as I’m going back east and presumable into the cold. Then again, it’s always or at least partially sunny in California, so maybe the cold will do me some good or something. It’s a reasonable excuse to wear a pea coat.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and it needs to be said, all of these media reports that blogs are trend makers and taste setters is complete and utter bullshit. If blogs really set the trends and shaped the tastes for America and the world at large then people would be into Laura Veers instead of Norah Jones or something like that. I’ve never listened to either. But I’m saying this because people are hopefully starting to realize that America isn’t a nation of people who’ll download or sincerely thinking about purchasing albums from the bands that blogs are into, America wants to fucking rock. America is a nation of people who feel more comfortable listening to Motley Crue’s “Looks That Kill” while at a Mail Boxes Etc as opposed to smooth and relaxing sounds of like Feist. And honestly, rock music helps because normally whenever I go into that particular Mail Boxes etc its pretty empty, but once they start to jam out to some Crue, the place is packed. And look at professional sports, that ever elusive rich white people audience that was front and center for the NBA in the 80s and mid 90s has disappeared cause you know the NBA is too hip hop nowadays. I’m not sure if there’s a particular rock song that’ll work well after D. Wade hits a jumper.

I’m just honestly waiting for the day when they start to teach the classics of rock to the children of America. Sure, I may have discovered it on my own, but I think we’re getting to the point where an album like “Master of Puppets” by Metallica should be taught right next to the classics of Jack London. They teach most of this classic works of literature so we can have smarty pants conversations at dinner parties and at college parties, but you know if the kids don’t know the classics of Metallica, how are they going to celebrate touchdowns?

I think that one glass of wine I had at dinner really got me while I was writing this.

I want to say that it was a couple of weeks back that I saw a clip on “Best Week Ever where this guy had a full fledge meltdown cause he was without his blackberry for like 40 hours or something and I thought about it for a minute. Could I go without a cell phone? Probably not because I use my phone as a watch. Then I thought about maybe no text messaging and that was just a stupid premise since most of the people I talk to on a daily basis, I text. And I can’t quit the phone cause I basically answer phones all day long. Then I thought I could probably quit the internet. No e-mail, no blogs, no boobs, no looking for leaked versions of the new Bjork album. So Thursday will be no internet, even if it gets really slow at work. I’ll just have to jam out with my busted iPod headphones to Aesop Rock’s “None Shall Pass” to get through the day.

Mar 7, 2007


I think the following might be a point that Jeffrey Wells probably hit upon last week when he talked about Quentin Tarantino’s month long Grindhouse festival at the New Beverly Cinema, but it still bears repeating. The problem I have with Tarantino and his love for these films is that he does nothing to help a larger audience discover the films. It’s one thing to do a yearly thing in Austin, Texas where he says, “Okay,” and “All right” a lot during an introduction of some kung fu flick, but it’s another thing to actually create a DVD company to restore and release these films. And granted that these films definitely appeal to a select audience, but for the most part, its an audience whose willing to drop 40 bucks on a bad bootleg of some Italian Star Wars knock off at a comic book convention. This is an audience that owns multiple DVD players because one can PAL DVDs. So, there’s an audience whose willing to spend some money on things and quite frankly, it’s just easier to put these things on DVD.

Some will say that you have to watch these films with an audience, but that’s an extremely overrated statement because you know there could be some jerk off in the front row, quoting every line and ruining the whole experience. Then again, I’m a weirdo and frequently, I go to the movies to be myself, which is an oxymoron. Also, you know, people just don’t have the time to go down to Austin, Texas at the slight chance of maybe getting into the Almo Drafthouse or trying to find parking off of Beverly and maybe catch Pretty Maids All in A Row and watch it from an extremely uncomfortable seat while sitting next to a snoring homeless guy. I know it’s apart of the experience, but at the same time, it’d just as awesome and rad watching a film like the aforementioned Pretty Maids All in A Row at home. In other words, I just wish that Tarantino would actually do something about these films instead of just talking about them. The Weinsteins love him and why wouldn’t they want to fund something that could potentially make money for them?

I don’t know I guess it’s better than watching them on YouTube.

Does anybody know if DVD Planet, the physical location not the website, has sold out of Borat DVDs yet? I know I’m being presumptuous that the thing will sell out, but you know Napoleon Bonerpart sold out when it was first released, too. And of course, nobody bought the re release, but I’ll buy all the versions of Borat on DVD though. Gotta have all those bonus features.

You’ve probably heard the song, “Us Ones In Between” by Sunset Rubdown, right? It’s kind of like that. Not that this is anything sad, but you know, just whole good that song is.

I don’t watch much reality TV anymore. Sure, I’ll watch the occasional “My Super Sweet 16 Remix,” and from time to time, I will stop by “Top Design” from time to time to see what Kelly Wearstler is wearing, but by in large, it’s been reality TV free. Which in a way made the Pussycat Dolls show such a weird egg. At first, it’s a show about cute girls dancing in sweat pants. We met some cute little white washed Asian girl Melissa R and some other girls. It’s fun and it feels like an episode of “America’s Next Top Model” except Tyra Banks isn’t talking about herself every five minutes and the girls are actually short. Then out of nowhere, some girl starts to talk about how she has a kid, then the next girl starts to talk about how she hasn’t been able to sing since her whole family died. What a fucking bummer. How am I supposed to enjoy this show when some girl is going to break up her deceased family every couple of minutes or another girl talks about living out of her car? I thought TV was a form of escapist entertainment, even if it’s reality TV. Then the show gets back on track and becomes a show about girls wearing shorty shorts with funny boots, but then it takes a hard right and becomes weird again. It stops being about cute girls in weird shoes and cute girls bumming people out and it’s simply girls throwing up. These girls aren’t throwing up because of eating disorders or anything of that nature, but actually because they’re sick. Jeff The Vomit Guy [NSFW] must’ve been in heaven. And you know a thing like a virus quickly spreading (unlike that virus known as Opie & Antony) amongst reality tv people probably happens all the time, but it never gets shown. So, it was refreshing while at the same time being disgusting. So, I’m not sure but I think I’m gonna continue to watch the show. You know watch Melissa R and Sisley dance around.

The performances in Black Snake Moan were great, don’t get me wrong. Great acting and writer/director Craig Brewer works extremely well with actors. But my problem with the film or at least the two films by Brewer that I’ve seen is that music is too much of a crutch for the guy. I’m not sure if there’s a moment in the film where there’s a quiet moment. His films are largely about music, but you know, I would’ve liked to see a moment of calm before the storm, if you will. And I’m well aware of being hypocritical because I love a film like Goodfellas which has wall to wall music, but you know it has a solid story. And that’s another problem with Black Snake Moan, it just drags in the middle. It just stops after Jackson chains up Christina Ricci.

I like talking about how I won't or at least can't update, then the next day I update. It's kinda fun. I'm just hoping that maybe, just maybe nobody will read it and I just complain to myself after wards. I'd update more often if somebody could get me two tickets for the 7:30 IMAX screening of 300 on Friday in the Orange curtain. It's sold out and somebody cool is bummed about the matter.

Mar 6, 2007

Breastest of Intentions

I was totally planning on doing a full week of updates. I swear, but quite frankly, I'm too busy jamming out to "Badlands," by Bruce, having 8 am Jenny Lewis sing a longs (sometimes we're really fucking on), geeking out over spring break (shark attack) plans, additionally geeking out on plans to watch 300 on IMAX, eating chicken parm sandwiches from victor's jr, telling people to watch walkabout and zodiac, analyzing the various movie references in "I'll sleep when you're dead" (so far, i've detected twin peaks: fire walk with me, a clockwork orange, blade runner and two anchorman references; missing anything? bear in mind, i've only listened to the thing two or three times and i have no film studies classes this semester), feeling creeped out by tom from myspace creeping out cory kennedy (and tom, it's okay if you delete my profile for saying that you're creepy), exercising and while exercising jamming out to bruce some more, quoting and doing nick manning impressions, still hilariously mispronucing peoples names, laughing at george takei screaming on the stern show, being stoked on whatever's on passion of the weiss and the tune, "tokyo, tokyo" by arrah and the ferns.

anybody else think that craig brewer can direct actors really well, but can't write a decent second act to save his life? black snake moan is solid through the first act and most of the second, but it just collaspes mid through and gets super boring.

Mar 1, 2007

Sling Beaners On Patrol

I still know that it’s been a while and quite frankly, very few things make sense to me these days. “Pet Sounds” makes sense. “One Word Extinguisher” by Prefuse 73 makes sense. “Little Wing,” & “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” by Neil Young makes sense. (Dude, Neil Young at Massey Hall) That EL-P album makes sense. The Whatevs redesign & relaunch (we heart Uncle Grambo) makes sense. And oddly in the midst of everything not making any sense, “Tim and Eric: Awesome Show. Great Job” makes nowadays. Traveling makes sense. Hilariously mispronouncing peoples’ names makes sense. Talking about the Sarah Morrison with Robin Brown makes sense. Bus Driver always made sense or at least he did to me. Making lists makes sense. Fincher’s Zodiac makes sense; it’s great. Not a thriller for the masses, but a zippy art film about obsessed people shot wonderfully in HD. It’s hard to say if I liked it better than Fight Club or Se7en because Zodiac is a completely different animal. Se7en, in today’s movie savy world would be nothing more than a three episode arc leading to the season finale of “CSI: Miami,” and Fight Club was all style, technique and attitude where as Zodiac is also about style, but it’s mostly mood, atmosphere and characters. Support filmmakers who make films with a unique style and voice. “30 Rock” and “The Sarah Silverman Program” makes sense; is there any possible way that the viewing audience could get a straight shot of “The Office,” “30 Rock” and “Sarah Silverman”? It’d be the best 90 minutes of television ever.

I wish I could make a list of things that don’t make sense, but I’m not sure if the internet is big enough. Like an English language remake of The Lives of Others doesn’t make sense. Instead of remaking it, why not let the dude who directed the original do an English film? The film Dead Silence doesn’t make any sense, but the young people will be into it cause you know it’s scary. Emmanuel Lubezki not winning an Academy Award for Children of Men doesn’t make any sense at all; did the voters fail to see how groundbreaking his work was in comparison to that extremely over rated film that I’m too lazy to look up and spell correctly. Yeah, that film looked nice and it was warm in sequences, but dude, did they not see the scene that long take in the car? Probably my recent decision to eat small portions and to skip meals all together sometimes doesn’t make sense either, but you know, whatever. Its just hard for me to make sense of anything because I spent most of my time in a car or staring at the computer, hoping I could find something to write about. I just don’t want to say everything sucks. I mean it does, it really does. The world is falling apart. I’m falling apart. Well, that’s a bit over the top. Maybe a better term is I’m in need some of stiching. Just look at what’s happening with everything? Dick Cheney is nearly blown up, the stock market crashes, people are choosing to watch films like Ghost Rider and Norbit (well, I shouldn’t talk since I saw Norbit, but it was for a paper). What the fuck is going on? TV shows that used to be good now move like a small child dragging a stick through the mud.

At least If… is coming out on DVD

I wish I could say more about other things; not personal things, but work things. But I’ll say this to say that, most actresses in real life aren’t that impressive. Then again, we hold them to such a high standard. You know, they’re just normal people who wear too much foundation sometimes.