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Mar 6, 2007

Breastest of Intentions

I was totally planning on doing a full week of updates. I swear, but quite frankly, I'm too busy jamming out to "Badlands," by Bruce, having 8 am Jenny Lewis sing a longs (sometimes we're really fucking on), geeking out over spring break (shark attack) plans, additionally geeking out on plans to watch 300 on IMAX, eating chicken parm sandwiches from victor's jr, telling people to watch walkabout and zodiac, analyzing the various movie references in "I'll sleep when you're dead" (so far, i've detected twin peaks: fire walk with me, a clockwork orange, blade runner and two anchorman references; missing anything? bear in mind, i've only listened to the thing two or three times and i have no film studies classes this semester), feeling creeped out by tom from myspace creeping out cory kennedy (and tom, it's okay if you delete my profile for saying that you're creepy), exercising and while exercising jamming out to bruce some more, quoting and doing nick manning impressions, still hilariously mispronucing peoples names, laughing at george takei screaming on the stern show, being stoked on whatever's on passion of the weiss and the tune, "tokyo, tokyo" by arrah and the ferns.

anybody else think that craig brewer can direct actors really well, but can't write a decent second act to save his life? black snake moan is solid through the first act and most of the second, but it just collaspes mid through and gets super boring.


At 4:57 PM , Blogger Joshua said...

how can you tell that cory kennedy is creeped out? she just looks high. then again, she always looks high. like, always. her eyes always have that glazed look to em.

At 6:55 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

As a recovering creepy guy, I know the signs of a creepy guy all too well and Tom is a major creeper. Granted, Cory Kennedy looks high, but every girl around a creepy guy has that awkward glazed over look to them.


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