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Mar 19, 2007

Crash Bang

I can’t even believe that I’m about to say the following, but I honestly forgot that LCD Soundsystem, one of my favorite bands, if not, my favorite band has an album coming out this week. I know there’s a new album. I remember listening to it at the end of December; too many late night drive homes ended with “New York, I Love You” on repeat. I remember really digging the album, a lot and making sure friends had working copies of it before they went on long road trips. Yet, now the week of the album’s release, I have to see a review in the L.A. Times to remind of its impending release. How out of the game am I or was the album leaked just too early? While I’m making an effort to keep up the blog more often, I still manage to miss a lot of things that are happening with the cool kids. It’s rather difficult to keep up, but I still can’t believe that such a solid album has managed to slip through my hands. Yet on the other end of the spectrum and using the theory that a leaked album serves as a teaser or trailer for the actual album, the album was just leaked too early on. I know that the band or record companies or management have no control over that, it’s just some music writer who wants to share a copy with his/her buddy. Still, “Sounds of Silver” never had the chance to whip the audience into a frenzy about what’s going to be like. I think they press released something about the new album, then like a week or two, it was on line.

I don’t believe that the hype surrounding the new album could have reached a “Neon Bible” like frenzy, but you know, it could’ve gotten to the levels of hype and excitement after “Yeah” came out. Not to mention that one other fairly high profile release that has been four years in the making finally comes out as well; in case you haven’t been paying attention, since I don’t know when, but new EL-P this Tuesday.

It’s one thing for Criterion to release Lindsay Anderson’s If… as well as Billy Wilder’s long missing Ace in the Hole, but it’s another thing for them to not only release WR: Mysteries of the Organism AND Sweet Movie. Sure, I haven’t seen either film, but I’ve read bits and pieces of Film as a Subversive Art and know that WR: Mysteries of the Organism demands to be seen. Also, Sweet Movie, according to the few people I’ve known to have seen it, are just left completely and utterly disturbed by the film. Now that there’s a release date for these DVDs, when is there going to be one for the releases of El Topo & Holy Mountain? Then again, one should quit while they’re ahead because there’s a bunch of movies that are criminally unavailable on DVD.

It’s hard to explain, but I’ve been having difficulty talking with people lately. I’ll make a reference from the Stern show in conversation with friends, but I always seem to forget that a)my friends don’t have satellite and secondly, they don’t like Stern. I should’ve known that my liberal use of the term, “PJ Pants” the other day would not have gotten any laughs. Sure, “PJ Pants” is funny onto self, but you know, its funnier if you know who said it and within the context. More people need to get Sirius just in order to make my social skills improve. People I work with have it, but you know, I’d feel weird talking to them about it. You know when the boss calls in and you can hear Robin’s news in the background; it’d just be weird to ask him what Robin song they played before the news? Was it “Robin’s Got a Squeezebox” or the Chubby Checker parody? At the same time, it’d just really cool if I could in passing, jokingly say, “Ahh, droppin’ loads,” and hear a chuckle.

Well, saying something like that might get a laugh just in general, but still, it’d only make things sweeter though if it was a Stern laughing at the joke.

During St. Pat’s Day, I was totally in the mood to watch The Departed but didn’t though. Could that become a tradition? People watching The Departed in addition to do over doing on the Guinness? Maybe, I just want people to embrace the film more as their go to Irish thugs movie instead of that dreadful Boondock Saints.

Probably all of the stuff he did with Cream was probably pretty killer, but I defy you to find a better piece of music by Eric Clapton than the second movement/part of “Layla”. When that piano kicks in and Clapton shuts up, it’s breath taking. Many a drive has been spent listening to that piece over and over again.

I figure any time is a good time to make a reference to the most recent episode of “Heroes”. The show finally gets interesting and it’s off the air until like basically Coachella happens. So we have to deal with our eager emotions of wanting to see what happens next to that wiener kid and if Amy Winehouse’s hair will melt in the Indio heat. I’m not sure if I could handle this; well, I think I could pass up on watching Amy Winehouse at Coachella unless she’s on in a tent before like EL-P and I might hang out in the back and take a disco nap. This is getting off topic, but it’s just like “Heroes” to get marginally interesting and watchable, to cop out and go on hiatus to only start to suck again. I don’t have super powers to remember that the show was getting interesting. Although, I totally zoned out during that Malcolm McDowell monologue, but the Syler was about to knock off that Conor Obsert guy and there was another evil, sexy teen girl on the show. Ever notice that the young, fairly hot girls on “Heroes” are always bad? They have a little sex appeal and they’re instantly Satan’s cheerleader.

Speaking of TV, can anybody actually explain what the show “Paradise City is about? My inability to understand the show isn’t similar to my inability to understand a show like say, “Engaged & Underage.” I honestly don’t understand it. There’s a hot brunette who wants to get some guy and she has a voice over, but I think there’s a blonde whose starting an on line magazine and she’s fighting with some weird looking lady who wears too much make up and lip gloss and think the both of them do a narration thing, too. Then there’s a himbo, who says he’s in a band and he also has a voice over. I just don’t understand it and there’s all this talk about how Vegas is the new heart of the entertainment industry or something. I just don’t understand it and the brunette always talks about being bunny, but she’s always wearing clothes and then they’re always at the Palms. I just don’t get understand it.

No wonder I slept on the LCD Soundsystem album, I can barely understand knock off reality TV.


At 2:29 PM , Anonymous C-dice said...

i feel the same way about heroes. it seems like whenever i get into a show it goes off the air for a while. and then when it comes back it sucks until maybe 3 episodes in. and thanks for the heads up on lcd soundsystem. i wonder if my friend has that yet.


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