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Mar 7, 2007


I think the following might be a point that Jeffrey Wells probably hit upon last week when he talked about Quentin Tarantino’s month long Grindhouse festival at the New Beverly Cinema, but it still bears repeating. The problem I have with Tarantino and his love for these films is that he does nothing to help a larger audience discover the films. It’s one thing to do a yearly thing in Austin, Texas where he says, “Okay,” and “All right” a lot during an introduction of some kung fu flick, but it’s another thing to actually create a DVD company to restore and release these films. And granted that these films definitely appeal to a select audience, but for the most part, its an audience whose willing to drop 40 bucks on a bad bootleg of some Italian Star Wars knock off at a comic book convention. This is an audience that owns multiple DVD players because one can PAL DVDs. So, there’s an audience whose willing to spend some money on things and quite frankly, it’s just easier to put these things on DVD.

Some will say that you have to watch these films with an audience, but that’s an extremely overrated statement because you know there could be some jerk off in the front row, quoting every line and ruining the whole experience. Then again, I’m a weirdo and frequently, I go to the movies to be myself, which is an oxymoron. Also, you know, people just don’t have the time to go down to Austin, Texas at the slight chance of maybe getting into the Almo Drafthouse or trying to find parking off of Beverly and maybe catch Pretty Maids All in A Row and watch it from an extremely uncomfortable seat while sitting next to a snoring homeless guy. I know it’s apart of the experience, but at the same time, it’d just as awesome and rad watching a film like the aforementioned Pretty Maids All in A Row at home. In other words, I just wish that Tarantino would actually do something about these films instead of just talking about them. The Weinsteins love him and why wouldn’t they want to fund something that could potentially make money for them?

I don’t know I guess it’s better than watching them on YouTube.

Does anybody know if DVD Planet, the physical location not the website, has sold out of Borat DVDs yet? I know I’m being presumptuous that the thing will sell out, but you know Napoleon Bonerpart sold out when it was first released, too. And of course, nobody bought the re release, but I’ll buy all the versions of Borat on DVD though. Gotta have all those bonus features.

You’ve probably heard the song, “Us Ones In Between” by Sunset Rubdown, right? It’s kind of like that. Not that this is anything sad, but you know, just whole good that song is.

I don’t watch much reality TV anymore. Sure, I’ll watch the occasional “My Super Sweet 16 Remix,” and from time to time, I will stop by “Top Design” from time to time to see what Kelly Wearstler is wearing, but by in large, it’s been reality TV free. Which in a way made the Pussycat Dolls show such a weird egg. At first, it’s a show about cute girls dancing in sweat pants. We met some cute little white washed Asian girl Melissa R and some other girls. It’s fun and it feels like an episode of “America’s Next Top Model” except Tyra Banks isn’t talking about herself every five minutes and the girls are actually short. Then out of nowhere, some girl starts to talk about how she has a kid, then the next girl starts to talk about how she hasn’t been able to sing since her whole family died. What a fucking bummer. How am I supposed to enjoy this show when some girl is going to break up her deceased family every couple of minutes or another girl talks about living out of her car? I thought TV was a form of escapist entertainment, even if it’s reality TV. Then the show gets back on track and becomes a show about girls wearing shorty shorts with funny boots, but then it takes a hard right and becomes weird again. It stops being about cute girls in weird shoes and cute girls bumming people out and it’s simply girls throwing up. These girls aren’t throwing up because of eating disorders or anything of that nature, but actually because they’re sick. Jeff The Vomit Guy [NSFW] must’ve been in heaven. And you know a thing like a virus quickly spreading (unlike that virus known as Opie & Antony) amongst reality tv people probably happens all the time, but it never gets shown. So, it was refreshing while at the same time being disgusting. So, I’m not sure but I think I’m gonna continue to watch the show. You know watch Melissa R and Sisley dance around.

The performances in Black Snake Moan were great, don’t get me wrong. Great acting and writer/director Craig Brewer works extremely well with actors. But my problem with the film or at least the two films by Brewer that I’ve seen is that music is too much of a crutch for the guy. I’m not sure if there’s a moment in the film where there’s a quiet moment. His films are largely about music, but you know, I would’ve liked to see a moment of calm before the storm, if you will. And I’m well aware of being hypocritical because I love a film like Goodfellas which has wall to wall music, but you know it has a solid story. And that’s another problem with Black Snake Moan, it just drags in the middle. It just stops after Jackson chains up Christina Ricci.

I like talking about how I won't or at least can't update, then the next day I update. It's kinda fun. I'm just hoping that maybe, just maybe nobody will read it and I just complain to myself after wards. I'd update more often if somebody could get me two tickets for the 7:30 IMAX screening of 300 on Friday in the Orange curtain. It's sold out and somebody cool is bummed about the matter.


At 10:59 AM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

the secret of the new beverly parking...make a right at the new beverly (coming from the eastside) and at your first stop sign start looking for parking. The block that parallels Beverly just north allows parking. Not on every block but on roughly half of them. Read the signs and you shall be fine. I need to write a book on free parking in LA.

At 12:12 PM , Blogger Schneider's Bike said...

Tarantino used to do those Quentin Tarantino presents videos, Switchblade Sisters and Detroit 3000 even Chungking Express were a couple of titles. Maybe they just didn't sell so hot.

At 7:03 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Passion: A book on free parking in LA would be better than Thomas Guide. I just need to get one of those car that parrell parks for me.

Schneider: I remember the Rolling Thunder line and the dude just dropped the ball on it. Tarantino is too much of a ADD case to do anything over than make good movies. You know he could start up a new company and give the reins over to somebody like a Sage Stallone who has the love for these films but not necessarily the funds to release these films on a larger scale. And that version of Chunking Express just bums out every film professor. They love Wong Kar Wai and want their students to hate Tarantino yet here's a DVD with th most loathsome director saying, "okay" alot while praising WKW.


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