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Mar 26, 2007

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

I love the song "We Taking Over" like a lot, but I wish this was the real video for the song and not some lamey video with guys rapping by pools and in rented cars.

Watch out cool kids, I'm totally going to ruin your scene when I visit Williamsburg this week. Maybe I'll start a fight and call some guys mooks cause they don't have "We Taking Over" in their jukebox or record crates or they belive that I'm a UCLA guy cause my new hoodie happens to be the same colors as UCLA; although it gave me the idea to cruise down to Westwood and holler at UCLA girls.

The only problem about flying that I have is that I don't really have anybody to call in case I get a panic attack right before the flight. Like I'd call people, but you know, I just figure that they're busy or something. It takes a lot of work to calm me down.


At 4:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like you finally found the aa striped hoodie. i had to order mine in the red/natural combo. twinners!


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