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Mar 12, 2007

Things We Lost in the Fire part 3

It’s a weird time for movies right now because what should normally be a cinematic dumping ground for crap films has surprisingly turned out to be a great month or at least amazing two weeks of films. First, there was David Fincher’s masterful Zodiac and this past weekend saw the release of Zack Snyder’s 300 and the state side release of the Korean epic The Host and these two films are also great and demand to be seen the largest audience possible. Well, I think with 300 everybody and their kid sister have seen it, but you know, there’s three great films out there for our consumption and quite frankly, we, the public need to watch these films. Not because they’re all great and these works demand to be seen on a large screen, but so we can get more films from quality filmmakers. You can’t complain about movies like Wild Hogs unless you go out and support movies like Zodiac and The Host.

300 isn’t a perfect film by stretch of the imagination, but when the film gets down to the meat of it, it’s a work of art. It’s a marriage between Terrence Malick poetic sensibilities and Fincher esque technical mastery. It’s violent and bloody, but at the same style, there’s a certain beauty to it. I actually have faith in Snyder as a director now and perhaps owe him a re-watching of his Dawn of the Dead remake. Snyder creates a beautiful world and the fight sequences need to be watched over and over again. Yet for as great as the film is, 300 hits its stumbling blocks in the dialogue heavy scenes back at Sparta. Granted the biggest audience reaction at the screening I was at occurred during one of the political scenes, but come on, that dialogue was awful. I’m just wondering how many high school footballers are going to be into this film? I didn’t see the film as a overtly political film as some critics are calling it. To me, 300 in a weird way was a sports movie. It’s a film about the underdog who never gives up and that’s the stuff that high school football coaches love to talk about.

The Host, on the other hand, is probably the best monster movie since John Carpenter’s The Thing. It’s tense, funny, political, and I actually cared about what happened to the characters by the film’s end. Much like every film, the little you know about it, the better you’re off. Let’s just hope that the intranet hype machine doesn’t go into over drive on this film, but it’s a really special film that should be seen for the American remake, which will not work at all.

I finally figured out how to survive the L.A. bar scene the other night. Just drink until you forget that feeling of you walked into a party where you don’t belong and just pray that the DJ plays “Mother”. There’s no greater equalizer than coming together to sing the chorus of a Danzig tune then jamming together to the Ramones. The only thing that I’m wondering about the L.A. bar scene is how does get to be the fill in/replacement photographer for The Cobra Snake while he’s out of town. I know that basically any body could take those photos, but I think I could do a bang up job on the matter. Or I’ll just have to start up my site or something. I just don’t want all the effort of having to create an interesting web site and stuff.

Hapy belated birthday to Thighs Wide Shut. Gotta remember to holler at the dude while back east in a couple of weeks.

I’m not sure what exactly is happening to me, but I’m definitely skipping lately. I was watching TV with a friend the other night and this Gap ad came on and I recognize Patrick Wilson before the girl. It was so bad that my friend had to tell me that it Claire Danes was the girl in the commercial. The Prom King, I can remember from a wide shot, but Angela Chase, I need help with. And even a few weeks ago, I explained a “My So Called Life” joke to somebody. I’m slippin’ off my rocker. Perhaps, I should just drive in my car with the windows down jammin’ out to “Deep Cover”.

Best Snoop & Dr. Dre collaboration: “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” or “Deep Cover” or “Dre Day”? Discuss…

I sincerely believe that Rosario Dawson should either do a remix and or cover of Mims’ “Why I’m Hot”. The remix with Junior Reid is pretty killer though and the same goes for “Throw Some Ds” remix. Why knew that Andre3000 could still rap? I just feel awful cause I’m singing along with Nelly and Murphy Lee.

I’d like American Apparel more if I could A) find the stripped hoodie and secondly, directly link to model Genny’s photo set, but sadly, I can’t. So I can’t share anymore. It should be noted that I haven’t been to an American Apparel store in like three months. Gear shopping is just hassle onto its self these days. Perhaps it’ll be easier once those pesky H&Ms open up down in the Orange Curtain.

Anybody else believe that the Andrew "Dice" Clay reality show would be better if it was Dice Gottfried instead of the real guy? More funny that way.


At 11:20 PM , Blogger Natali Hopkins said...

I have to return a phone call to H&M tomorrow in regards to my employment with them. Doing it for the discount. We'll see. I like my current job.

At 1:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

3oo is an utter waste of time. zodiac on the other hand i wanna watch over and over again.

At 9:27 AM , Blogger Thigh Master said...

u butter hollar or i'll never skeet again!!

At 9:33 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

300? Seriously?

Zodiac was awesome. And Black Snake was great too. I agree, the middle was kinda lacking but my guess is that there was probably more to do with Justin Timberlake's character but got cut because the editor saw that Timberlake was HORRIBLE and cut out all sorts of shit.

Timberlake's is the worst performance in a good movie since Ron Eldard in House of Sand and Fog. I mean really its neck and neck, but Eldard's an actual actor so he probably gets the nod.

At 11:27 PM , Blogger Douglas Reinhardt said...

Timberlake is beyond awful in the film. I just dread watching him in the new Richard Kelly film. Does he really mean that box office draw in foreign markets? It's the only way to explain why he's getting work.

At 4:13 PM , Anonymous C-dice said...

i loved 300. and i love zack snyder. and i couldn't be happier that it was only 2 hour long. i haven't seen zodiac but my friend wants me to come over and watch the host with her. we picked it up and frank and sons for her brother. i believe a movie night is in order (and some wii).
dawn of the dead (remake) was the scariest movie i'd ever seen. it scared me so badly it left an imprint on my soul.
and claire danes is adorable. always has been, always will be.

At 7:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


shit she's hot


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