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Mar 14, 2007

Walking like a Spiv

Now, I usually don’t this, but I’m gonna go ahead and break you off with a clip show. I know should’ve posted the clip for R. Kelly’s “I’m a Flirt” remix, but I just like “Ignition” a little more.

I know that its out of order, but the 2nd episode of “28 Days Slater” is probably my favorite.

Like the first half of this video is amazing, but the rest of it is pretty boring.

I miss the days of A Tribe Called Quest or at least I should’ve thrown them on my iPod before I left the other day.

Fabrice Fabrice made fun of Robin Brown for talking on the phone during a show at the UCB Theater last week. It was both hilarious and embarrassing.

Speaking of Robin Brown, nothing quite like this classic.


I was walking down the stairs in the parking structure at work the other day and I started to sing this song out loud and did a little dance number down the steps. Basically, the height of unprofessionalism.

I love Clark & Michael, but I defy you to watch the whole thing.

Can anybody explain to me why this isn’t on DVD yet?

This song saved my life a few days ago. I was stuck on the 5 for like two and half hours; I went like five or six miles during that time frame and hearing Bus Driver happily sing, “I don’t need this” just make things so better.

So, the cops caught up with that little person again, but I’ll be honest with you, even I haven’t watched it yet.

While Anchor Bay entertainment will be releasing new editions of Phantasm and Phantasm 3 in April, sadly, no signs of Phantasm 2, but you can youtube it in ten minute segments.


At 9:37 AM , Anonymous mistah boston said...

speaking of r. kelly, does anybody else think chance from i love new york looks like a skinny kells?


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