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Mar 13, 2007

What A Shame...

Perhaps, I'll get a hit put upon by the likes of Eric the Midget, but it must said, there is only one Snake Plissken and that's Kurt Russell. Sure, Gerard Butler was cool as all get out in 300, but the dude can't hang in a remake. Kurt Russell is Snake Plissken and Snake Plissken is Kurt Russell. Sure, the performance is basically Kurt Russell doing a Clint Eastwood impression, but damn it, you just can't remake it.

Neil Young at Massey Hall is out today. Best Buy run after work, dudes.

And to all the women out there, I'm still sorry. Inside matter that I want to say that only two people may get, but still, women, I apologize. It's almost as bad as the Robin Brown/Fabrice Fabrice incident.


At 1:34 AM , Blogger Najork said...

When I saw Escape From New York it was some vhs director's cut that featured, in order:
- An interview with Kurt Russell talking about how he loves that Snake Plissken is "not a very sexual character"
- An interview with John Carpenter talking about how he loves how sexed up Russell's performance was.

It was awesome. And I will never, in a million years, dignify a remake with cash.


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