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Apr 18, 2007

Ghost Dog, Man...

Even if the kid does in fact finally get voted off this week, he should at least make an appearance on the Stern Show for keeping him around for so long. It’s not we’re asking him to come on and do Nick Manning impressions. Granted, it’d be hilariously creepy, but you know, he should throw the truckers who voted 200 times a bone at least and talk about his sister’s boobs or something. Make it worth all the effort and time, you know. I think it’s time to let this joke end though. It’s been funny and a good excuse to watch “American Idol,” but you know, it’s kind of mean.

I think I may have been in the minority, but I tuned out during “I Love New York,” except for the part where her and that one dude went swimming with dolphins. Yet, “Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School” is must see TV. You take the best part of “Flavor of Love,” the crazy women and remove the worst part of the show, Flavor Flav (sorry dude) and just let the girls get drunk, fight, yell and are funny all on their own. And now, there’s a greater appreciation for these girls on other level. For example, Serious aka Crisital from “FoL: Season 1,” is really funny, but you wouldn’t know with all the Flavor Flav stuff and New York talking with her eyes closed that Cristial had a great personality in additional to a bizarre spelling of crystal.

I still feel like I’m out of the loop in terms of what the cool music is. I haven’t heard any new Dizzie Rascal, then again that Dizzie Rascal album was pretty shitty, so that may explain why I haven’t heard anything yet. I haven’t heard any new Bjork either. I have listened to that Handsome Furs album and you know, it sounds an awful a lot like a Wolf Parade album just really sparse. It’s good, but I don’t know how people are talking how it’s a really dark album. Maybe lyrically, but you know, it’s just a dude and his lady on drum machines. Maybe, I’m just losing it. Next thing you know I’ll probably end up thinking that Carlos Mencia is funny or something.

Although, it would take a tremendous loss in brain cells to find Carlos Mencia funny. Is there anybody who actually finds him funny? It’s like one of those situations when there has to be somebody out there who digs it. Like with Spice Girls back in the late 90s. Everything has an explanation or a solution.

To be honest with you guys, my mind is completely focused on one thing right now, Whoachella ‘007. To be specific, two aspects, my impending car pool and planning out my perfect Friday and perfect Saturday. I’m carpooling with one babe, maybe another, which is great. Yet the issue is do I jam out to Stern on the trip or be diplomatic and listen to some of her jams for a while and stuff that would fall under the category of mutual appreciation? Or do I pull the when you drive, we listen to what you want card? I think it might easier to be diplomatic and just jam out to stuff like that A Trak mix cd. How can you go wrong with Trillville rapping over New Young Pony Club?

Now, the other problem of planning perfect days is out of our collective hands. It lies solely in the hands of the fine folks at Goldenvoice. No matter how many times you write down all the bands you want to see or at least catch a bit of their set, there will be something that will prevent you from doing so. I want to catch a bit of the Black Keys, but you just know that like Peter, Bjorn & John will be playing at the same time. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if I went to as many shows as Passion of the Weiss, but sadly, I don’t. I’m a bit of a shut in and like going to bars and listening to DJs who refuse to play my requests (DJ FUNK! “Phantom” by Justice!). So I have to make these tough decisions about watching The Black Keys or Peter, Bjorn & John. Probably Peter, Bjorn & John because most of my friends will want to watch them and girls are into them. Then again, I’ve heard that the Black Keys are amazing live and how often am I going to be a Black Keys show? You know, these are the panic attack inducing questions that keep me up at night the days before Whoachella.

I know that it’s early, but whose all going this year and who are you wanting to watch?

And finally, folks, I have a problem. I’m addicted to the song, “Coffee Shop” by Yung Joc. I’ve honestly listened to it over the past two days at least 20 times on my iPod when I’m walking in between classes and from the parking structure to the office. This song is bad, like really bad, but I can’t stop listening to it. I just hope that the video is just as good.

Also, the world is fucking crazy and scary right now. Let’s all be cool and nice to each other right now.


At 12:32 AM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

You should definitely see the Black Keys if you can. They're pretty great live. I'm getting kinda' jaded for this Coachella, but Im still stoked. I think I want to see Peter Bjorn and John perhaps most of all actually, considering I haven't seen them and one of my friends was raving about their live show at crappy Deerhunter show I was at.

At 12:43 AM , Blogger Daniel said...

Yes, my friend and I agree your view that the kid should make an appearance on the Stem Show. Still, these girls in the picture are lovely.

At 12:43 PM , Anonymous C-dice said...

i hate mencia. kinda like i hate raymond.


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