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Apr 9, 2007

Pastel Assassins

I’ve been trying to find the right words to describe my trip to NYC & Brooklyn, but I’m not sure if words could do it justice. Clearly, my initial reaction was that the city is a just wee bit better than Southern California. Bars and clubs close at 4 in the morning in the city where as out here in California, it’s a wrap at 2 in the morning. A lot, a lot can happen and often does happen in those two extra hours. They have this bizzaro thing in the city called the subway and people travel in tubes under the ground from place to place using this thing called a metro card; the late, great Le Tigre wrote a song about it. So take the information about bars being open until 4 and that these subways thing run all night long, you pretty much got the picture of how I spent my nights. Drinking over priced Japanese beer at the Hiro Ballroom and dancing until 3 in the morning, then walking a couple of blocks to catch the L back to Brooklyn and sleeping until two o’clock in the afternoon. Repeating the process the following night, but going to Studio B, drinking moderately priced Red Stripes and dancing until 2:30 in the morning because of the deadly line up known as Mad Decent Records. Bonde Do Role is probably one of the best bands to see live and Diplo, the dude can get a club moving like nobody’s business. The dude had this amazing remix of “Young Folks” and then he played a DJ Funk remix of Justice; in other words, my mind was blown wide open.

Speaking of DJ Funk, his remix of Justice should be theme song for the city. David Cross was right about New York City. It’s either you see the most beautiful woman or the craziest guy in the world. I was down in the village, getting off the subway with Robin Brown and we spot a model. Now, we had an extremely rough decision, do we follow the model around like a bunch of creeps or grab a couple of slices from the nearest pizza place? Hungry beat being creepy, but as we’re walking to get some slices, I see this crazy old guy who happens to have his hand digging through the fly of his pant. In other words, it looked as if he was yakking off. There are just good looking people all over the place in the city. Standing near a model on the train or walking behind an aspiring model talking to an agent as I was fighting way back to Union Square.

The bars are open late, the women are incredible, there are like American Apparel stores every ten feet, bootleg movies all over the place, the pizza is great, amazing tacos can be found at La Esquina (Carne Enchilada is perhaps the number one reason why I’d want to move to the city), MoMA, Trixie Teen/Gods Girls sightings, Vitamin Water available on every corner; especially Formula 50! It’s an amazing place and everybody just go there and hang out for a while. Take goofy photos and eat great food with friends.

The only downside of the city or at least what appeared to be a downside was the lack of cool spots to pick up DVDs and CDs. In other words, where were the Amoebas of the city? I have really terrible taste in movies; perhaps the worst in the history of the world, so I need to know if there’s a place where I could pick up an import copy of Mudhoney and a used Neil Young CD. There’s that and the A Train to Far Rockaway and cabbies.

My only regret was that I didn’t get to have a real sausage & peppers sandwich. And not hanging out with the Thigh Master.

Also, it should be noted that it was really, really, really, really awesome walking around Brooklyn listening to Biggie and EL-P. Another regret was that I listened to Nas’ “NY State of Mind” on my train to the clearport.

Also, as soon as I got back to the breast coast, I got extremely sick and lost a bunch of weight. Awesome! Tummies full of acid and sickly breads! Bad coughs and numb left arms!

Justin Timberlake kinda ruins “Give It To Me.” Sorry, Charlie. Although some may say that Timbaland ruins his own solo album.

Anybody have a clue as to when Rilo Kiley is going to release a new album? Its been far too long and these side projects don’t do the thing for me.

Anybody else beside me already pre order The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky Box Set yet? El Topo & Holy Mountain finally on DVD in May, how crazy is that? It should be noted that if you go out and pick up El Topo strictly based on my recommendation and hate it, don’t blame me. Its clearly been stated that I have terrible tastes in movies.

With that said though and not with much surprised, I liked Grindhouse quite a bit. The faux trailer for Thanksgiving is and will be the best thing that Eli Roth ever does in his career. Planet Terror is the best film that Robert Rodriguez has made thus far; it’s John Carpenter esque, there’s a bits and pieces from Street Trash in there; there’s a Re Animator esque sense of humor to it. In other words, it’s a lot of fun. Werewolf Women of the S.S. needs to be made because I don’t want to hate on Rob Zombie for remaking John Carpenter’s Halloween. Don’t is probably my new favorite film never made. And then there was Death Proof, which takes about two viewings to fully appreciate. The first twenty minutes or so of Death Proof honestly plays out like an extra special episode of “Sex & The City.” Lot of girls talking about girly stuff and frequent close ups of feet, but then Kurt Russell comes into the mix and the film gets interesting and never stops being interesting and fun and great. The only problem with the whole double feature aspect of Grindhouse was that the films were shown in the wrong order. Death Proof should’ve been shown first to work the audience into the vibe of the thing as opposed to being dropped right into the thick of it with Planet Terror.

My favorite new way to kill time: Dos & Don’ts & Friends.

Anybody else getting burnt out on Seth Rogen? There's a lot of stuff in the pipeline, but I dunno.


At 8:49 AM , Blogger Uncle Grambo said...

You shoulda hollered at your boy when you were in town, Mr. Reinhardt. Next time.

Agreed on all parts of your Grindhouse recap. "White meat. Dark meat. All will be cut."


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