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May 14, 2007

The City of Wind

It only seems like a couple of days ago I was saying about the past four months and now, its turned into five months. What happened to my updating abilities? I dunno. Maybe I thought that if I stopped updating, I’d stop getting e-mails from TMZ and promotions people filled with the false hope of free DVDs. Yet sadly, neither has stopped filling the inbox, which probably explains why I rarely reply to e-mails these days. Then again, I’m not that popular of a person, so I don’t get a lot of e-mails to begin with. Once again, I digress. I’d make up excuses but you know, that’s just not me.

First and foremost, have you heard the Sunset Rubdown cover of Xiu Xiu’s “Apistat Commander” yet? Not that into Xiu Xiu, but at the point with Spencer Krug tunes where if he were to release an album of him singing the phone book, I’d not only download it, but I’d buy a physical copy at Amoeba. Well, I should that take back cause I’m not that sold on the whole Frog Eyes deal. This “Apistat Commander” tune is just phenomenal and hopefully an indication of how the new Sunset Rubdown album may sound. According to an interview on Pitchfork with the Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek, the Sunset album is gonna be pretty prog rock.

Now, I know I didn’t update for so long because I didn’t want to post this:

Sadly, I’m still in deep analysis of The Coen Brothers’ split with their DP of 15 years, Roger Deakins. It still seems really weird to me. Maybe they’re just taking a creative break and it makes sense for the Coens to work with Emmanuel Lubezki; since they’re going for a hand held, cinema verite style. Lubezki, as evident by the glorious tracking shots in the best film of 2006, Children of Men is the go to hand held guy other than camera operators who worked on Michael Mann’s Miami Vice. It just seems weird. Maybe Deakins is going to do the new Sam Mendes film or”
A really nerdy unfinished thought on the new Coen Brothers film. Who really wants to put it out there that they spend many hours wondering about cinematographers.

I honestly have a love/hate relationship with movies. I love movies and their potential after I watch something like The Holy Mountain or Hot Fuzz. Movies can make you think, make you laugh; in other words, movies can evoke a mess of emotions; good and bad. Yet when I saw 28 Weeks Later, I saw a trailer for something that made me hate movies all over again. I’m not the first and I’m not going to be the last person to complain about the current crop of horror films, but they just bum me out so much. Mainly the movie, Captivity. Maybe the finished product is a completely different from the trailer, but it just seems to be 90 minutes of Elisha Cuthbert being tortured and beaten. How is this supposed to be entertaining? Or at least, a reflection of what’s going with the world today? Make a political film or at least don’t pretend that torturing a pretty blonde girl is a statement against Abu Ghraib and the current administration. Or just make a smart science fiction film like Children of Men or The Host or classic George Romero or even for that matter, like 28 Weeks Later. Sure, at times, the politics in these films can be a little heavy handed, but it’s not repugnant as Captivity as well as Hostel Part 2.

I mean what happened to horror movies any ways? What happened to the days of things going bump and some sexy teen go investigate the noise, then there’s spooky sound effect and like three minutes, there’s some gruesome death? What happened to that? Has the audience got so extreme that a horror movie amounts to a girl or a guy being poked at with razors blades with awful cinematography. I dunno, I just hate movies.

It should be noted that after watching 28 Weeks Later, I liked movies again. The cinematography is breath taking. Not as solid as 28 Days Later but it’s still worth watching. Between that film and Hot Fuzz, that’s the only interesting things at the movies right now.

I don’t know what else is cool any more either. Thought that the last two episodes of “The Office” have been insanely funny. Scared to watch to the last two “V.Mars” cause it may be the last ones ever. Artie Lange still cracking us every morning on the Stern show. That Justice “D.A.N.C.E.” ep is pretty sweet. I dunno. Everything sounded so much better in my head than on paper.

Perhaps, I can't deal because I finally realized the placebo effect in Vitamin Water. It's not really Vitamins, but just sugar and food coloring.


At 12:32 PM , Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Although I almost thoroughly enjoyed 28 Weeks Later, I'm definitely with you on the rest of what passes for "horror" nowadays .. They're basically torture fetish flicks, and I can't stand them


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