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Jun 20, 2007

Saves The Day

I remember a couple of years back or maybe it was a year ago, who really remembers? Any ways, there was this story on the news about some duffer who was fired from job because of what he wrote about in his blog. And of course, there’s the great scare tactics of the 11 o’clock news promo about what your MySpace profile will say to future employers. All of these things on the intranet are out there for anybody to see with a little help from Google. Either they can hurt us or it’s just whatevs. Nine times out of ten, I take the iust whatevs attitude, yet recently; okay within the last week or two, I’ve been really regretting things that have been said on the empire only in the sense that it may hurt me in the job hunt. It’s like oh wait, I wrote what about your client or said this about your TV show/ your movie. I knew that one point or another, my words would finally catch up with me, but I wasn’t expecting it soon.

So, it’s been a struggle for me to figure out what exactly it is that I complain about. Why does anybody have to a blog to complain about bullshit that is meaningless in normal, regular life. But what’s left to complain about? Let alone being original in one’s criticism. Me complaining about traffic on the 405; not that interesting. Why don’t I just become a talk radio host if I’m only going to be interested in public affairs and politics. Not to mention, if you’re a public affairs guy, the only people that are actually going to be into it are the people that want to make prank phone calls. I could complain about music, but I really don’t know that much about music. I know what I like and I know what I don’t like and generally everybody else on the intranet pretty much has the same taste as I do. Isn’t it weird that people go on the intranet to voice their opinion, but yet they all seem to like the same thing? Then one could talk about sports, but as previously stated, I don’t know that much about sports. To be honest, I don’t know that much to begin with. Then I could complain about L.A. DJs but that’s a lost cause because anybody with a shred of fame to their name and a laptop could DJ some party. So, kids make me more famous so I could DJ nighttime model pool parties where I could play the Misfits and T.I.P. jams.

Which brings me to this point of what to write about other than time killing prose about how I don’t watch “Lost” anymore or how y’all should’ve just blind bought the Alejandro Jodorowsky box set or just talking about how awesome that Darth Nihilus guy is. So, I’m at a cross roads of what to say.

I bet you some duffer like myself started to yell “The Champ is Here!” and this girl was all like, “That’s me!” Then she got free drinks the rest of the night.

Anybody else check out Nikki Fenke’s article on Eli Roth and the failure of Hostel: Part 2? To me, the failure of Hostel doesn’t seem like such a surprise because the only people were buzzing about the film were people who hated the sequel without even seeing it or at least after watching a bootleg, unfinished version of the film. There was the failure of Tarantino & Rodriguez’s Grindhouse only a couple of months ago. Yet more importantly, the first Hostel was released in early January. All types of school kids were out for a few weeks with nothing to do. Not to mention, who wants to spend a nice summer day or evening watching some lady roll around in the blood of the girl from Welcome to the Dollhouse? I don’t believe piracy is what hurt the film; arrogance and media hype is what killed the film. Every one just assumed that it’d be a hit and anything less than a solid opening within the top 3 would’ve been a failure. Granted, Roth’s ego is beyond bruised. To go from having your car waxed by Harvey Weinstein and any dumb Czech extra to Harvey delaying, maybe even canceling his Stephen King adaptation. Roth has said that he wants to take some time off from directing, but that’s the wrong idea. Take a break, yeah, but not a year off. You gotta get back on that trolley and make another picture. He doesn’t have that body of work that will make yearn for his next film no matter how long it takes. The horror genre doesn’t have any time nor any room for a Terrence Malick type; that’s John Carpenter’s job.

Maybe it’s surprising or maybe it’s not, but Ratatouille is good. While it’s not hard to be better than Cars, the new Pixar film certainly is. As weird as it sounds it reminded me of Goodfellas; in terms of structure. The only fault with the film is that 15 minute stretch where the audience doesn’t hear Patton Oswalt, but I only say that as a Patton fan. The other problem with the film wasn’t with the film its self but with the audience I saw it with. The most condescending man in the world sat next to me. Every time there was a joke, this asshole face would turn to his niece or daughter or whatever and say, “That was funny,” or explain a plot point to the child. It maybe an animated film that is structured like Goodfellas but it doesn’t mean everything has to be explained to the child. You know how is the child supposed to develop their own sense of humor if their creepy uncle leans over tells them what he thinks is funny? This is the reason why sitcoms still need laugh tracks cause of the creepy condescending uncle.

Anybody else still sticking with “John from Cincinnati”? I still have no clue as to what’s going on. Is Ed O’Neil’s character supposed to be retarded? Is the show supposed to be a parody of “Lost”? Will every supporting actor from “Deadwood” appear on the show at one point or another? There are just too many questions that I’m not sure if I have the patience to invest another seven episodes with; two more maybe.

I don’t want to sound like a Johnny Come Lately, but I’m obsessed with No Age’s “Weirdo Rippers”. I’d easily put it in my top five favorite albums of this year. It’s dense and loud, but at the same time, it’s quiet and poppy. More importantly, it leaves you waiting more. "Neck Escaper" is probably one of the best songs ever.

Jun 16, 2007

The teaser for Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood is nothing sort of beautiful. Wish it was in a better format, but any new PT Anderson footage is better than no new footage. Anybody else getting a Days of Heaven vibe from it?

Been walking around, singing to the Moldy Peaches a lot lately. Also, that No Age album kinda shreds.

Jun 12, 2007

Students of the Game. We Passed the Classes.

I would post more often, but I can't get any sites with a blogspot.com address to load. So I'm just gonna assume that nobody else can read this and keep on listening to the Junior Reid/Cham remix of "This is Why I'm Hot". Mims, not so much, but Junior Reid, yes sir and just keep a stockpile of thoughts up until I can read Cory Kennedy's blog.

Man, V.Mars in comic book form? I'd rather see it in pog form, personally.

Jun 11, 2007

We Don't Believe You. You Need More People

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just getting up there in age even though I have no clue as to where there is, but it’s a mot point. Maybe it was the secret shame I had for leaving a baseball game early (The Dodgers were up when I left and it was top of the 8th). Maybe my brain had finally melted from the constant breaking news on the news about Paris Hilton’s prisoner status (Dear journalists, you should’ve said, “hey wiener kids, just go to Is Paris In Jail Right Now (dot) come or go to TMZ, if you actually think that this is news. Who cares about the whole G8 summit business, you know? [It should be noted that while I may joke about the G8 summit, I have no clue what happened there either]). Maybe my brain had melted for another reason, all the driving I had done that or that painfully stint on the 110 after I drank a liter of water then slugging it out on the 101 and well, having to go potty like nobody’s business. Now, don’t get me wrong because the jams I heard at the Turntable Lab anniversary party last Friday were amazing. It was Hollertronix for fuck’s sake. Diplo and Low Budget played “Never Scared,” ‘nuff said. But and there’ll always be a but with me, but that had to be one of the worst crowds I’ve ever seen in my life. There were pockets of people who were going off and dancing like possessed people, but they weren’t anywhere near me. Instead, I happened to be dancing near the people who decided to be right in front of the stage and hold conversations with each other and stand around while people are going nuts and plan their next attempt to get back on stage to do a little dance. I understand the desire and yearning to get on stage and dance. I tried it once when I was in New York, but a security guard shoved me off the stage and my dreams were dashed away. It wasn’t meant for me because I’m not somebody famous (in my own mind, I am) and I’m not a babe and I’m not that good of a dancer; I dance for exercise and to make my friends laugh. Something happened during the show, perhaps after DJ Blaqstarr’s set and the start of Hollertronix’s set, but everybody and their kid sister who managed to get a nifty fake ID with the name, “McLovin” on it no less just decided to get up on the stage and go crazy. I understand the Turntable Lab employees on stage and bringing up girls to the stage cause that’s awesome and that’s a page right of the Motley Crue handbook. Yet at certain point, it just got too outta hand like a hipster girl in pleather pants and they had to turn down the music for a while. It’s a problem if they have to turn down the jams cause some fuck in overpriced Nikes wants to be the star of the show. Then there are these people who push and shove their way to the very front of the place because they are just the biggest fans in the world. Yet they just stand there and talk with their friends and explain whom they are watching and well, just not dance. Or they just stand on the dance floor and get upset when somebody decides to dance around them.

The show seeing as I saw a similar show when I was in New York City back in March just made me realize that Brooklyn, no matter how hip or how cool or how unhip and uncool it becomes, still is a better music city than LA. Granted that they were still playing music at the Echoplex when I left at 2:15 in the morning, but most of the crowd had left. Where as in the city that never sleeps, there would be a lot more people left, still giving it all. I don’t know, but the crowd at the Echoplex just reminded me of that bit about people in LA on David Cross’ “Shut Up You Fucking Baby.” Maybe I just stood around the wrong people, but that had to be one of the worst crowds I’ve ever been around.

Echoplex is beyond nice and the show was amazing.

I managed to watch Eli Roth’s Hostel: Part 2 and I don’t want to bum Eli Roth out or anything, but the movie was way super boring. 40 minutes or so of poor character development and awful dialogue. Hostel Part 2 irregardless of what anybody on Aint It Cool News or whatever website was quoted twice in the print ad for Hostel Part 2, it isn’t the scariest or best horror films in ten years. If anything, Hostel Part 2 is a mancation movie in a slasher film’s clothing. I’m assuming that this film is no different than Wild Hogs because it’s all about guys attempting to regain the manhood and what not. And the interesting film, the superior sequel would’ve been about these old guys tooling around Europe, looking for young girls and then they end up in the hostel and women are the ones doing the torturing. Roth could’ve made a semi subversive women’s empowerment film, but instead just made an ugly, unnecessary and tedious film that wastes the talents of everybody involved. Roth can direct; it’s just that he can’t write or at least he can make really awesome trailers. Anything longer than two minutes and he loses me. And that scene with Heather Matarazzo was even too graphic for me and I’m a man who can’t wait to see a movie like Sweet Movie.

David Milch, really? You have to be kidding, right? No more “Deadwood” for this show? A bunch of surfers swearing ion a show that’s trying way too hard to be like “Twin Peaks,” come on. Yeah, I’ll probably tune in next week, too. It’s not awful, but it’s not brilliant either, but it’s also not okay either. It’s somewhere between bad and okay, if such a middle ground exists.

Jun 7, 2007

I honestly believe that the comeback, if you want to call it a comeback because i haven't hit any real home runs yet. But the real reason I think I came back is so I discuss my various issues surrounding Hostel Part 2. I don't want to support it because there are far too many scripts that just sit on shelves of various of development executives and readers that are amazing, but never get made. Yet a film primarily about tourturing people gets made and gets endless amounts of hype and publicity, mostly from duffers such as myself who cant' stand the fame that Eli Roth has gotten from making movies with crummy dialogue and awful characters. Then I heard Roth on the Stern show the other morning and I was like, he's not such a bad dude after all. He's fucked up in the same way as horror filmmaker is fucked up. And I feel suckered into seeing the film now because he went on Stern and talked about this film has the best ending of any film this summer and I'm a sucker for a good ending because I don't know how to end anything properly. I assume that I have closure in certain situations but then again I don't believe that never ever talking to people again is a healthy form of closure in today's world. I was talking to somebody at work the other day about going to watch Hostel Part 2 as if I was committing a crime. I feel like such a hypocricket.

I also believe that I came back mostly to say awesome Clark and Michael are. Have you guys been watching it? It's the best TV show that's not on TV right now. Why hasn't Adult Swim stepped up and bought the show and run it on TV like a normal person?

Jun 6, 2007

Last Exit To Brooklyn

It's probably said countless times already, but it demands to be said again and again though. Not only is UGK & Outkast's jam, "International Players' Anthem" one of the best songs of the year, but it's one of the best rap videos in a while. Shit, it's one of the best videos in a very long time, period, end of story. Maybe it's the beat by reality TV superstars Juicy J & DJ Paul, which is beyond infectious or it's really good verses by everybody on the damn record. Hip Hop does not crank enough tunes like this one. Less "I don't want cake for my birthday, i want it every day," bad thinly coke metaphor stuff and more grown up tunes.

Speaking of grown ups, I assume that you've heard the new Beastie Boys album already. Have to admit that I like it; not in love with it, but then again, it's an album that you just hang out with. You put it on in the background while cleaning the house or while making a phone call where you explain to your friend that everything doesn't suck but it certainly feels as if everything thing does in fact suck. Music has gotten interesting lately just as long as we're not slaves to whatever the cool kids in Baltimore are into. Stay true and stay free.

Harry Knowles, personal friend of Eli Roth reviews Roth's new film. Wow, it's a positive review, what a shocker. I can see how some people get offended by the term, "tortue porn," because they're just making a scary movie. Then they could make a statement about the violence in films like Hostel Part 2 is no less graphic than say the violence in Miike's Audition or even to a lesser extent the classic horror genre films like say any of my beloved Argento films. The difference between a Suspiria and its graphic violence and let's say the first Hostel film's violence is that Argento makes his film look pretty. Roth, I don't know, his stuff is just ugly and not fun to look at. There's no artstic style to it. It's just for shocks and even then, it gets boring after a while. Also, I just think I have a problem with these types of film because well, over the last couple of months, I've seen the movie making process first hand and how hard it is to get something that's a good script turned into a movie. I dunno, it just bums me out that something Hostel Part 2 gets made in little over two years.

Then again, Bijou Phillips did the film, Eli's most mature work to date.

I'm trying to think of interesting things to write about without having to talk about how awesome "Rob & Big" is. It's a really good show. Well, one could talk about "On The Lot", but if you didn't go to film school or make backyard movies or work in the film industry, then who really gives a shit about the show? Some people are making interesting things, but it's mostly crap.

Jun 5, 2007

The Long and Winding Road Part 2

Granted, I'm not the most political kid out there. I do wear them on my shelve and one of the most attractive traits in a person can be a solid voting record. It should be a major question asked on the second date, but I degress. As much as America needs to make a change and will make a change next year, but isn't a way too earier for all of this campagining by both Republicans and Dems? Look at all those Democrats, sure I could ask, how many of them do you know other than Hilary and Obama, but more importantly, how many of them are actually going to make into the primaries next year? These guys are over hyping themselves like they were the anxious marketing team behind Transformers. It's not even the fact that it's too soon, have they given any thought to the fact that maybe around this time next year, things have the potential to be completely different. Although what are the chances that things in Iraq are going to get any better or Bush will actually throw a bone to the working class? So, there's a good chance that things will stay quite the same. But it's just too soon, man. Too soon. I mean all of the premature debates have the registar of voters already asking me if I could work the primaries in February of 2008. The only thing that I plan out far out in advance is where I go to lunch and that's usually at 11am. Why not make the big push and have even more debates in the fall.

A friend of mine has been asking me for the past couple of weeks to go LAX, but I've been like "Nah, I want to read my book," or "Nah, I want to watch "60 Minutes." Then another friend of mine is like LAX is awful; ugly people and dumb girls who want to take pictures of DJ AM dj'ing, but now, I'm not so sure cause it looks like you could sneake off into a corner and have a cooler party than the kids in the overpriced Supreme gear with too much early 90s nostalgia.

By the by, if we're in the midst of hipster early 90s nostalgia, are Zubaz pants going to come back? Isn't Jeremy Scott doing a similar thing with his gear? I mean I don't know much about fashion; I may wear a high end pair of Levi's, but it's still Levi's. How much longer until we see some story on the channel 11 news about an emerging underground scene with rich kids who are sorts of drugged up but you know they have a photo blog, so their irrational behavior is all apart of their artistic temperment but these kids are newsworthy cause they wear old school oakleys and zubaz pants and have affairs with fat Italian guys who work at auto body shops. If you're gonna claim 90s nostalgia as your beyotch, then go all the way with it.

Speaking of fat Italian guys, until Monday morning, I had been in a funk for nearly two weeks. I haven't been fully be able to explain the funk to anybody who doesn't have a subscription to Sirius. It can't be explain unless you spend four hours a day listening to the Howard Stern show. I have yet to fully recover from the stunning announcement that Artie Lange may leave the show in January of 2008. Yeah, I know, that's a long ways a way, but if Artie wants to get some help, why doesn't he do it now as opposed to putting it off. That's sorta like your high school friend telling you at the start of the summer that she wants to break up at the end of summer, but still wants to have fun with you until then. Either shit or get off the pot. I know it's just a radio show, but I became a more die hard fan of the Stern show during the Artie era. And if the Stern show loses Artie even for a couple of months, the show will still be interesting, but it's going to be mostly Howard talking about his engaement and chess while a Rev. Bob Levy tries to crack some shitty joke.

Jun 3, 2007

Yes, the City Wants You Gone

It seems only fitting that the moment I finally decide to call it a wrap for the empire, a there's a nerdy triumph. Please be advise that there will be far too many spelling errors in this because if we're going to go out, then we're going to go out the way we came in. Run on sentences and frequent mispelled words. I say triumph because look at the success of Judd Apatow's Knocked Up. An R-Rated comedy starring most of the cast of two brilliant yet canceled tv series with oddly the same type of humor has a 30 million plus openning weekend. It just makes me wonder would a "Freaks & Geeks" have survived if Bill, Neal, and Sam could've used some swear words? Would more people be in love with 'Undecleared" if Marshall and Ron were allowed to openly take tokes from the bong? The Apatow film formula isn't really that different from the TV formula except maybe that in the TV world, nerdy guys gets the girl who isn't out of his league in terms of looks; the girl is usually on his level. Knocked Up is a funny film; is it as funny as the infamous Variety review from SXSW makes it out to be? No, but it's one of the few films out there that actually works; thanks in large to the casting. I remember reading some place where the writer compared Apatow and his stock cast of actors to the great Preston Sturges' stock cast of character actors and it's a far better comparsion than the Wes Anderson/Sturges comparsion. Apatow has this great knack for plugging in the right comedian or actor in there for a great monologue. For me, the biggest laugh in the film was the monologue delivered by Craig Robinson as the bouncer. Maybe another actor would have take the thing over the top, but Robinson is just pitch perfect and another example of Apatow's great eye for casting.

And here's the problem I'm having with updates. I started to write this a couple of hours ago, then I got distracted by a phone call and then there was a commercial for the iPhone during "60 Minutes," then like the MTV Movie Awards were on and I just complete lost my focus on this thing. I lost the focus to finally wrap things up. Perhaps, I'll have to do a farewell tour, then finally hang up the laptop.

Probably another reason why I'm hanging it up aside from the fact that I'd be really embarrassed to write endless paragraphs about my new favorite tv show being "Rob & Big", but I feel so out of the loop about other things. I missed the memo, but apparently Baltimore is the new Brooklyn and we're supposed to be into these tunes by Dan Deacon or somethng. I just can't keep up. I still think that Brooklyn is super cool and I'd much rather awkwardly sing "What A Waster" in a staircase with some random lady walking behind me, then sing the song the rest of the day while at the office. I don't know what's going on anymore. I didn't go to any of the Arcade Fire shows at the Geek theater. I'd rather watch Fitzcarraldo and go drinking with Robin Brown and try and I mean, try really hard to not lose my shit over laptop DJs who stop Harry Nilsson jams way too early.

Then I'm watching the MTV Movie Awards and you know, I'm laughing at Sarah Silverman's jokes, but it feels weird cause you know, she's all foxed up and rehearsing the jokes in front of large black & white photos feels a whole lot different than ripping them right in their face. Then Rhiana perfroms and I didn't even know she had a new jam out, but I was kind out the door as soon as I saw Jay-Z's corny face. And I don't understand why MTV has to do a reunion series of the Real World. You know why doesn't the music industry get on MTV's ass about playing some videos again. Music is good, MTV, so why not play some instead of another show about kids in bandanas fighting with each other and drinking with reckless abandon? Why not have the Beastie Boys on the air and have them do a full fledge jam session and blow some kids' minds. Kids, these days don't care about shredding, but they know that when you're arguing, you should wear a bandana and probably a hoodie and knowing these kids, it'll be a $200 hoodie from the Supreme store. I understand that there's a need for a groups like Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes; they help you realize how much better music can be when you first listen to "Pet Sounds" by the Beach Boys.

And Eli Roth shouldn't be the most important voice in horror movies. Granted, I loved the trailer for Thanksgiving, but that was roughly a minute and half. There was another few minutes that were great in Hostel. Roth knows what he's taking about and he's passionate about film, it's just that he can't direct actors. Eli Roth would make for an amazing film professor and if he was a place like USC, he could be jamming co-eds during the summer breaks, but I'm not sure if directing is Roth's strong suit.

I dunno anymore. I just hope that you're watching Clark & Michael.