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Jun 7, 2007

I honestly believe that the comeback, if you want to call it a comeback because i haven't hit any real home runs yet. But the real reason I think I came back is so I discuss my various issues surrounding Hostel Part 2. I don't want to support it because there are far too many scripts that just sit on shelves of various of development executives and readers that are amazing, but never get made. Yet a film primarily about tourturing people gets made and gets endless amounts of hype and publicity, mostly from duffers such as myself who cant' stand the fame that Eli Roth has gotten from making movies with crummy dialogue and awful characters. Then I heard Roth on the Stern show the other morning and I was like, he's not such a bad dude after all. He's fucked up in the same way as horror filmmaker is fucked up. And I feel suckered into seeing the film now because he went on Stern and talked about this film has the best ending of any film this summer and I'm a sucker for a good ending because I don't know how to end anything properly. I assume that I have closure in certain situations but then again I don't believe that never ever talking to people again is a healthy form of closure in today's world. I was talking to somebody at work the other day about going to watch Hostel Part 2 as if I was committing a crime. I feel like such a hypocricket.

I also believe that I came back mostly to say awesome Clark and Michael are. Have you guys been watching it? It's the best TV show that's not on TV right now. Why hasn't Adult Swim stepped up and bought the show and run it on TV like a normal person?


At 10:54 PM , Anonymous jw said...

Clark/Michael is owned by CBS. They bought it specifically to step up their online presence.

At 9:37 AM , Anonymous Capo said...

Seriously man, I'm glad you haven't called it quits; the game (ie. the internets) needs ya. Btw, do you know who directed that awesome UGK/OutKast video?

At 9:46 PM , Blogger Najork said...

It's part of Stern's power to make people sound reasonable; at any rate I believe Roth is a good guy, but I despise his films. There are plenty of good people whose work I would rather not watch.

Stay around, if you've got the time. The empire is critical to my sanity. Once you're out of school the game changes and everything seems to get a lot more tiring, but if you've got the energy, I appreciate it.


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